Pam and Nancy

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2014 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A tale of getting even.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

I met Pam in my junior year at college. She had taken the seat next to me on the first day of Managerial Economics. As far as meetings go it was not an auspicious one.

I glanced over at her when she sat down and that glance turned into a long appreciative look. She was a sexy looking ash blond, but what caught my attention were the long legs sticking out from under the short skirt and the pair of four inch 'come fuck me' heels on her feet. I have always been a leg man and high heels have always been a turn on for me. What my attention got me was a:

"What the fuck are you looking at asshole?"

That of course pissed me off and so I said, "If you are dumb enough to have to ask that question you obviously aren't smart enough to understand the answer."

Before it could go any farther Professor Smythe called the class to order. When class was over I was on my feet and rushing out the door. My next class was in ten minutes and Carlyle Hall was on the other side of the campus.

At twelve I was sitting at a table in the Student Union cafeteria having lunch and reviewing my afternoon class schedule when my attention was pulled away from what I was reading by someone pulling out a chair and sitting down at my table. I looked up and saw that it was the leggy ash blond.

"Just what the fuck did you mean by your smart assed remark this morning?"

As they had in class her words and tone of voice got to me. I looked at my watch and said:

"It has been two hours and twenty minutes since I said it and you still haven't figured it out? Well I did say you were dumb and stupid didn't I."

She reached over, picked up my glass of water and tossed it in my face as she said "Fuckhead!" and then got up and stormed off.

Managerial Econ was a Monday/Thursday class and the next time I saw the ash blond was at the Thursday class. I waited in the hall until I saw her enter the classroom and take her seat and then I walked in and tipped the cup of water I was carrying so the water ran down the back of her neck. It got a predictable reaction and a "What the fuck?!!" out of her. I just smiled at her and said:

"Surely in one of your high school classes you must have learned of Newton's Third Law. That for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction? Or maybe you have heard the modern day equivalent. What goes around comes around."

"Fuckhead" she snarled as she got up to go to the girl's lavatory to dry off or whatever.

When she came back class was already in session and as she took her seat Professor Smythe said:

"Class starts at 9:05 Miss Stewart. I would appreciate it if you would be in your seat by then and not create a disruption by coming in late."

This got me a look from the ash blond (other than hearing Smythe call her Miss Stewart I still didn't know her name) that should have killed me on the spot. A glance or two during the class showed that she was still steaming and no doubt was waiting for the end of class so she could get at me, but the same as Monday as soon as class was over I was up and running to my next class.

As I hurried to class I was trying to make up my mind on whether or not to take lunch in the cafeteria. The odds were pretty damned good that Miss Stewart would be there expecting to see me or at least hoping to. Did I want another confrontation? Then I smiled as I realized that of course I did. I was getting a kick out of tweaking Miss Stewart's nose.

As I carried my tray to an empty table I looked around the room, but I didn't see the sexy ash blond, but that meant nothing as she could arrive at any minute. I chose a table close to the wall and sat in the chair that put my back to it so she couldn't sneak up on me. I was joined at the table, but not by Miss Stewart. Billy Neubert sat down across from me.

I'd known Billy for years. He had been my next door neighbor for years until his folks had moved. We reconnected on the football field in the tenth grade when my school played his school. He was a wide receiver and I was a middle line backer and I didn't know it was him when I tackled him. When I offered him a hand to help him up he said:

"Damn Rob; that ain't no way to treat an old friend."

After that we had kept in touch. He was a better receiver than I was a line backer and he was attending school on a full athletic scholarship while my way was being paid by a trust fund that my grandparents had set up when I was born. After Billy sat down he said:

"I saw Snake throw water in your face the other day and I heard that you got back at her today."

"Snake? Who is Snake?"

"That's the nickname we hung on Pam Stewart in high school."

"Why would you call her Snake?"

"Because she was like a snake in the grass. If you did anything to her that pissed her off she would lie in wait until she could strike back at you. I've seen her wait a year to get back at someone who pissed her off. Behaved like sugar and spice until she could get even. Just giving you a heads up bud. Keep an eye on her."

I didn't see Miss Stewart that day and guessed that it would be Monday before we crossed paths again.

I was wrong.

I didn't belong to a fraternity because I didn't have the time. Summers, weekends and a couple of times a week I worked at my Uncle Mike's brake shop or on construction with my Uncle Jim. My parents had given me a car on my sixteenth birthday with the caveat that I was responsible for plates, insurance, upkeep, and of course that gas to make it move. That meant job.

Even though I didn't belong to a frat I did know plenty of guys who did and as a result I got invited to a lot of frat parties. It was Saturday night and I was at a party at the Pi Kappa Alpha house when I saw Pam Stewart come in with a guy I didn't know. I didn't know him, but I knew of him. He was a fullback on the football team and he had a reputation as a hot head and I could just see me getting into it with him if Miss Stewart and I continued our little feud and he decided to back her play.

I wasn't afraid of him, but as an invited guest I didn't want to be part of a ruckus that might cause a problem for the fraternity. A fight could mean cops which could lead to God only knows what as far as the college administration was concerned. I decided to do my best to avoid Miss Stewart and her escort even if it meant leaving the party.

My best wasn't good enough.

About forty-five minutes after I saw Miss Stewart arrive I had to take a potty break and when I came out of the bathroom I found her standing in the hall just outside the door. She put her hands against my chest and pushed and I stumbled backward. By the time I caught my balance she had stepped into the bathroom and closed and locked the door. I don't know what her plans were, but it was obvious that she didn't expect me to do what I did.

I stepped forward and put both of my hands against her chest – one hand over each boob – and pushed her back against the door as I said:

"You are apparently a slow learner. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The 'what goes around comes around thing' you know."

"Get your hands off my tits" she snarled.

"No fucking way lady. You invited my hands on your chest when you put yours on my chest. Besides, thy feel pretty damned good."

She tried to bring her knee up into the family jewels, but I expected it and my legs were clamped together and I was standing too close to her and almost pushing my cock into her. Then I thought "Why not?" I pressed my body into her and I saw her eyes widen when she felt my hard cock pressing into her. Hey; I did say she was a sexy looking babe right?

"Get away from me asshole or I'll scream rape."

"Do it and get laughed at you stupid cunt. You were so intent on what you were planning for me that you didn't notice Billy Neubert and Harry Short standing in the hallway. They saw you ambush me, shove me back into the room and then follow me in."

It was a lie, but one I thought I could get away with.

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm giving some serious thought to bending you over the sink and fucking you."

"You wouldn't dare!"

The words and tone pissed me off – something that Miss Stewart excelled in – and I laughed and said, "Oh no? I guess we will just have to see about that."

She wasn't expecting it so it wasn't all that hard to do. I let go of her tits, grabbed her and pulled her over to the sink and bent her over it. She struggled, but it did her no good. She was a little thing, not much over five feet if that, and with my hand in the middle of her back holding her down the pointed toes of her CFMs were barely touching the floor so she couldn't get any leverage.

With my free hand I pushed up her mini-skirt and exposed the black thong she was wearing. I pulled my zipper down and I felt her tense up as she heard it. I pulled the thong aside and said, "Here it comes" and I pushed my thumb into her pussy. She was dripping wet! She wanted it! She really wanted to be taken right then and there. She thought my thumb was the head of my cock starting into her and she moaned.

I laughed, took my hands off of her and stepped back. She got her feet under her and turned to see me smiling at her as I sucked my thumb. "Not bad" I said as I gave it another lick. "Not bad at all" and I turned, unlocked the door and left her standing there in the room. As I walked down the hall I figured that it was probably best that I get the hell out of there.

As I headed for Managerial Econ on Monday I wondered what was in store for me. Not class wise, but from Miss Stewart. She was already there when I took my seat and she ignored me. Didn't even look my way once. At least not as far as I could tell. I did look at her though. And often. Short skirt leaving a lot of leg hanging out. Four inch heels on her feet. Oh yeah; I looked.

I remembered the taste of her pussy and of course it made my dick hard. I was starting to regret not fucking her while I had her bent over that sink. I was remembering her taste on my thumb and how sexy her ass looked with her skirt pulled up and not paying attention to what was going on around me so it caught me by surprise when everyone started getting up and leaving the room. Before I could stand up and join them Miss Stewart plopped down on my lap.

"You aren't running away on me this time. I want to know what you meant on that first day."

I mentioned that looking at her and remembering the party at the frat house had given me a hard on right? I still had it, she was sitting on it and I was wishing that neither one of us ad clothes on. Usually her bossy attitude and the tone of her voice pissed me off, but for some reason (probably the little head's influence) this time I didn't flare up.

"Get serious girl. There isn't a female over the age of twelve who doesn't know the effect she has on the opposite sex. You come into class dressed to attract male attention and then you get pissed off when you get it? I liked looking at what you were showing and you get hostile with me? Of course I got hostile back. You don't want guys looking at you like I was looking at you then you need to tone things down a bit. Longer skirts and tennis shoes instead of heels. But right now you need to get off me or I'll be late for my next class and you get marked down for being late. Then, in what I could only believe was a flat out invitation she said:

"And as I recall you did seem to like the taste."

No dummy me I said, "Damned right I did and we can discuss the topic over lunch at the cafeteria, but right now I need to get to my next class."

"Till then" she said as she got off my lap and walked away. I had to run as fast as I could to do it, but I did get to Carlyle Hall on time.

On my way to the Student Union cafeteria I was asking myself if I was reading things wrong. Was Miss Steward just flirting and playing some sort of female game or had she in fact invited me to sample some more of 'her taste.' I had to admit that I wanted that taste. Miss Stewart was a very sexy looking girl and I was in a long dry spell. I hadn't been laid since my girlfriend Bonnie broke it off with me some nine months before.

I still got pissed when I thought about it.

We had been a couple since the eighth grade and had already started planning the wedding that would take place when we graduated from college. I'd already put an engagement ring on her finger and I remembered seeing it sparkle when she told me that she had to break our date that night.

"I met a guy in one of my classes and he is taking me out tonight."

"Let me get this straight. You are breaking a date with me, your fiancée, to go out with another guy?"

I reached over, took her hand and pulled the ring off of it. Then, without another word I stood up and walked away from her. She called me two or three times a day for over a month, but I wouldn't talk to her. She tried to catch me at home, at work and at school, but as soon as I saw her I took off in the other direction. She called my parents and tried to get them to make me talk with her, but when they did I told them what had happened and they stopped pushing me to get in touch.

Once she caught me sitting in a booth at a local pizza joint and she slid in next to me. With a wall to my left and her to my right she thought she had me pinned in place so she could finally talk to me. I did the only thing open to me. I shoved her out of the booth and onto the floor and then I stood up, stepped over her and walked out of the place. She eventually gave up trying to get me to talk to her. I still saw her around the campus from time to time and while she did smile at me I ignored her.

Miss Stewart was not in the cafeteria when I got there, but she did get there just as I was sitting down at a table. She joined me and as soon as she sat down she said:

"Tell me some more about how you like looking at me."

"Why? When it obviously pissed you off when I did it."

"I guess I need to apologize for going off on you like that. I went through a nasty breakup with my boyfriend and I've been down on men in general since then. They all – most of them anyway – act like pigs. Always looking at me as if I'm a piece of meat meant for their use. When I saw you looking at me I thought Oh boy; just what I need. Another pig and I'll be stuck sitting beside him all term."

"If that's the case why did you keep after me after I snarled back at you?"

"Because you did snarl back. I'm so used to guys backing off when I try to put them in their place that I was intrigued when you didn't back down and instead fired back."

"You may change your mind on me because I am a pig. I was looking at you with thoughts of what I would like to do with you."

"I doubt that. If you were a pig you would have done the deed when you had me over that sink. The fact that you could have but didn't just intrigued me more."

I just sat there and looked at her for a bit and then said, "You wanted it didn't you. You were already wet when I pushed my thumb in you. You were wet and you moaned and it wasn't a moan of pain."

She looked away for a second or so and then she turned back, looked me right in the eye and said:

"At that exact minute yes I did want it. I didn't go into that bathroom with it on my mind and I wasn't thinking of it when you had your hands on my boobs, but something in the way you bent me over that sink coupled with the fact that I'm a very sexual person and hadn't been laid in over six months did something to me. There was a war going on in my head between a part of my brain screaming "Do it" and another part yelling back "Stop it. Don't let it happen."

"If you would have walked out of the room when you pulled back we probably wouldn't be sitting here right now. But you didn't walk out of the room. You stood there smiling at me while licking your thumb and saying that you liked the taste. All I've thought about since then is giving you more of a taste. Brazen hussy comes to mind along with easy slut, but I don't care. Something about you grabbed me and I just have to find out if there is something there. Betting that you wouldn't come after me it had to be up to me to make the first move. Ergo, your lap after class."

"You really think there is something there?"

"I saw interest in your eyes while you were checking me out on that first day of class. I am a very outspoken and sometimes forceful girl and I believe in going after what I want and a girl like me needs a guy she can't walk on and I think you have shown that you won't put up with my shit."

"You are definitely right about that part, but I don't know about the rest. I'll admit that you grabbed my attention on the first day of class, but I like my women to have a softer edge than what you've shown."

"I can do soft. The hard edge you perceive is because of how I was feeling about men in general at the time I caught you looking at me. I told you about breaking up with my boyfriend, but I didn't go into detail. The asshole gave me a social disease. Two of my girlfriends also got STDs from guys they were going with. All in all it didn't put men in a good light so I have been pissy to guys. When I saw the way you were checking me out I reacted the way I reacted to other guys. How was I supposed to know that you were different from the other creeps who were always coming after me?"

I listened to her talk and I thought 'pigish' thoughts about her. To be bluntly honest about it I wanted to fuck her, but I didn't want to get into a relationship with her. I know it sounds strange, but I was getting bad vibes from her. Just a bad feeling, but I always tried to pay attention to my feelings.

On the other hand from the way she was talking and behaving my long dry spell could come to an end if I even half tried. But I didn't even have to do that. Half try I mean."

"Like I said" she went on, "I've spent every night since that party thinking of giving you more of that taste you seemed to like. Hell, I might as well be totally honest about it. If you liked the taste it means that you have eaten pussy which is something I love, but that my last two boyfriends refused to do. They were happy as hell to get oral from me, but to return the favor? Not on your life. Besides being the number between 68 and 70 does the number 69 mean anything to you?"

Again – no dummy me – I asked "When?"

"I get out of my last class at four."

"It can't be tonight because I have to work until nine, but I'm off work tomorrow and I get out of my last class at two fifty-five."

"I don't have any classes tomorrow" she said and then she gave me her address. I told her I'd be there by three-fifteen and we got up and headed for class.

She was a tiger in bed. She turned me every which way but loose. She loved to be eaten and she was damned good at giving head. Doggie was her position of choice, but what she really craved more than anything else was anal. She was my first. I'd never taken a ride up the Hershey highway before, but I had always wanted to try. Never had a girl who would even think about it let alone do it until I met Pam.

She came when I ate her pussy and she came when I fucked it, but her orgasms when doing those two things were mild compared to the ones she had when I was buried in her ass. The first time I panicked because I thought she was having an epileptic fit and I had no idea of what to do. I was actually getting ready to pull out and call 911 when she asked me what I was doing. I told her and she laughed and told me what I had just witnessed was her cumming.

I witnessed that event a couple of dozen times over the next couple of months and I don't know how long the relationship would have gone on if my uncle hadn't closed the shop early one Thursday night. Pam was constantly bitching about my having to work three nights a week and I thought I would surprise her when Uncle Jim told me he was closing early.

I was the one surprised when I got to her place just in time to see her get in a car with some guy. She slid over next to him and they exchanged what looked like one hell of a passionate kiss. I pulled up along side them, stopped and waited to be noticed. When after a minute they still hadn't come up for air I honked my horn twice. That got their attention and they split apart and looked over at me. The look on the guy's face was one of irritation, but he blocked my view of Pam so I've no idea of what her facial expression was. She looked around the guy to see who was honking the horn and when she saw me I waved 'bye-bye' and drove off.

As I was driving away I was remembering the 'bad vibes' I'd sensed way back when and I chastised myself for not paying attention to the feelings I'd had at the time.

The term still had a month to go and it was assigned seating so Pam was going to be sitting next to me for that long. It could be awkward to say the least. I made it a point to be in my seat before Pam got to class and when she got there I did look over and acknowledge her presence. If she intended to say something she never got the chance because Smythe called the class to order.

I never looked over at Pam during the class and as soon as class was over I was up and rushing for Carlyle Hall. I skipped lunch in the cafeteria so the next time Pam would see me would be in class on Monday morning unless she made an attempt to see me over the weekend. She didn't call me and of course I didn't call her.

Monday I was running late and Pam was already in her seat when I got there so I loitered in the hall until Professor Smythe arrived and I waited until he reached the front of the classroom before I entered the room and took my seat just as he called the class to order. I ignored Pam and once again as soon as class was over I was out of my seat and running for my next class.

I figured that my avoiding Pam since seeing her in the car with that guy would send her the message that I no longer wished to have anything more to do with her. With that thought in mind I figured that she would stay away from me so I took lunch in the cafeteria. I'd no sooner sat down at the table when Pam appeared and sat down opposite me. She cut right to it.

"Why haven't you called?"

"I didn't want to cause problems for you and your new man."

"He isn't my new man."

"Okay. I didn't want to cause problems for you and your new fuck buddy."

"He isn't that either."

"Whatever. He is something. That kiss the two of you exchanged wasn't a sisterly peck on the cheek and the quickness with which you got into his car and slid over to him to do a lip lock on him pretty much told me that it wasn't the first time."

"It wasn't, but it didn't mean anything. He was just a guy to date while you were working."

"Well now you can date him fulltime."

"I don't want to date him fulltime. I don't want to sit at home in front of the TV and watch junk when you are working so I date Chuck. It gets me out of the house."

"You couldn't go out with your girlfriends? It had to be a guy? I'm sorry Pam, but for me it won't work. That kiss you gave him told me everything I needed to know. You don't kiss like that unless you are doing other more intimate things."

"What are you saying?"

"Simple Pam. I saw you and him so I'm not interested in you any more."

She stood up so quick that her chair tipped over. She snarled, "Fuck you asshole" and she stomped away.

As I watched her walk away I thought that it was too bad. She was a marvelous piece of ass and I would miss it. But a marvelous piece of ass is all she had been to me. I'd had no plans of ever making her more than a girlfriend with benefits. Great benefits, but that is all there was to our relationship. At least as far as I was concerned.

We managed to get through the rest of the term without speaking to each other and then it was June and no school until late August.

I worked full time for Uncle Jim and dated some. I had one what I guess you could call an affair with a woman whose car I'd worked on. She was a good ten years older than me, but so what? She was good looking and she loved sex. It lasted five weeks and ended when she told me that her husband would be coming home from an overseas assignment. I'd never even known she was married.

School started back up and being that we were both business majors it was inevitable that Pam and I would end up in some of the same classes. I sat as far away from her as I could and we didn't speak to each other. From time to tine I did notice that she kept an eye on me and the look on her face was what I thought was contemplative.

Three weeks into the term I was having lunch in the Student Union cafeteria and Pam walked up and sat down with me. I just looked at her in silence until she said:

"We need to talk Rob."

"Go ahead; I'm listening."

"There was nothing going on between Chuck and me. He wanted to get something going, but all I was interested in was having someone to get me out of the house. I admit that I led him on with some kissing and some mild touching, but it was only so he would keep coming around and asking me out. He never got anywhere and he was never going to get anywhere.

"I know from the way you reacted that we will never get back to what we were, but I want to at least try and stay friends. I miss being able to talk with you as much as I miss the other. Can we stop avoiding each other? Can't we at least be friends?"

I had never been interested in a long term relationship with Pam anyway so the way we separated didn't bother me at all, but I could see her point. Because of school we were bound to be thrown together and it made no sense to make it any more difficult than it had to be. I think I surprised her when I said:

"I can do that."

From then on until the end of the term she would join me for lunch, study with me at the library and we even formed a team for an assigned project in Production Management. Toward the end of the term she was making subtle moves to get something sexual going again. I ignored them. For one thing I still had my job and I knew I couldn't trust her not to go out on the evenings I worked. To be fair, at least as far as my thoughts were concerned, she could have been telling the truth about her relationship with Chuck. But what if she wasn't? I didn't know Chuck and who he ran with and I'm sure that by now everyone has heard the saying:

"When you have sex with some one you are having sex with every one they have had sex with."

In the old days when gonorrhea and syphilis were all you had to worry about a couple shots of penicillin would take care of them. But now? Aids could kill your ass. And did I know that Chuck was the only one?

There was also the fact that for the last couple of months I had been dating Nancy Neubert and I was considering Nancy for the long term and she seemed to feel the same toward me. Sex with Nancy wasn't as hot and nasty as sex with Pam had been, but it was a lot more loving and intimate if you know what I mean.

End of term came and there were two weeks before spring term (the last one before graduation) started and I spent the two weeks dating Nancy and working for Uncle Jim.

When spring term started I found myself back in the same situation with Pam. She was in three of my classes and we resumed the relationship we had in the previous term. As the term progressed I kept getting those subtle hints that Pam wanted to rekindle our sexual relationship. I kept ignoring them and I could see that it was irritating Pam, but she tried not to show it.

It was two weeks before graduation when Pam came right out and said:

"I'm horny as hell Rob. Help me out. We were always good together so I know that you can cure my problem."

"It is a tempting offer Pam, but I don't think my wife would approve."

"Your wife?"

Nancy wasn't a college student and as far as I knew Pam didn't even know Nancy existed. I had proposed to Nancy and she had said yes. We planned to be married the week after graduation.

"My wife to be to be in three weeks. I'm sure she would take a dim view of my straying so close to the wedding."

As I said that I saw something pass over Pam's face and it wasn't something that I associated with sweet and kind thoughts.

Graduation came and I went to work full time for Uncle Jim while I looked for a job where I could put my degree to work.

"Why are you looking for another job" my uncle asked. I always assumed that you were going to stay with me. I'm planning on opening another shop on the other side of town and having you run it."

We talked about it and I decided to stay with him.

Nancy and I were married in a civil ceremony with my parents and uncles as witnesses. Nancy had no family to speak of. She was an only child and both of her parents were dead. What relatives she did have were on the other side of the country and she hadn't had any contact with them in years.

The next four years rolled by and life was good. The job was going well and the marriage was great. With our combined incomes Nancy and I were able to buy a three bedroom ranch style in a pretty good neighborhood. We went for a three bedroom because we were planning on having kids only not right away. Our plan was to wait four or five years until we were a little better off financially and also give us some time to enjoy ourselves before taking on the responsibilities of parents.

Every Wednesday night since I'd met her Nancy had been stopping off work for drinks with the girls she worked with. After a couple of months of being married I decided that instead of sitting at home in front of the idiot box watching drivel while waiting for Nancy to get home I'd find something else to do.

One of the mechanics who worked at my shop asked me if I bowled. I said that I did and he told me that one of the guys on his team had been hurt in an accident and couldn't bowl anymore. They bowled in a men's house league on Wednesday nights at seven and would I be interested in filling the open spot. I was.

I met the guys on the team and we seemed to get along so every night while Nancy had her girls night out I bowled. After bowling I usually sat around with the guys and had a couple of beers before heading home usually getting there about an hour before Nancy. On most of those nights I was in bed and asleep when she got home. Not that she stayed out all that late. I went to bed early so I could get up and be at the gym at five when the doors opened.

On a Wednesday night a week after our fifth anniversary after bowling none of the guys could stick and I didn't want to drink alone. I didn't know any of the guys on the other teams well enough to join them so I got the bright idea of stopping in and having a drink or two with Nancy and her friends.

The lounge where Nance and her friends usually stopped was only ten minutes from the bowling alley although it was in the opposite direction from going home, but I figured "What the hell! It will probably only be a one time thing so why not."

The Alhambra Lounge was a pretty big place and it was arranged in sections. There was a bar that ran down one side of the building and then a row of booths that ran alongside a chest high divider opposite the bar. On the other side of the divider were a large dance floor and a bunch of tables and booths. The dance floor was lit up, but the bar lights were down low. The result was that unless you had really sharp eyes and knew what you were looking for you really couldn't see what was going on at the bar from the dance side.

Conversely if you were on the bar side and looking out at the dance floor you could see almost everything except what was going on in the booths alongside the chest high wall. The entrance leads into the bar and you have to walk half the length of the bar to get to the entryway to the dance floor side.

I came in the front door and looked left toward the dance floor to see if I could spot Nance and her group. I spotted her, but she wasn't with a group. She was sitting in a booth with another woman and that woman was Pam Stewart. I don't know what it was that made me stop and take a seat at the bar but I did. I chose a seat that would let me watch Nancy and Pam.

There was no way I was going to believe that Pam didn't know that Nancy was my wife and knowing Pam the way I did there was no doubt that Pam had told Nancy about what we had done with each other, but Nancy had never mentioned Pam to me. I sipped my Coors and watched the two women and one thing I noticed was that Pam laughed a lot and smiled a lot, but Nancy had a sour look on her face. She did not seem like she really wanted to be there in the booth with Pam.

I'd met quite a few of Nancy's coworkers at her company picnics and Christmas parties and I didn't see any of them as I looked around the room. Maybe five minutes after I got there and man joined them. He sat next to Pam and talked with her while Nancy just stared down at the table. After a couple of minutes the man got up and Nancy got up with him and they walked out the side door that led to the parking lot. To say I was curious would be a massive understatement.

I told the barmaid that I had left something in my car and asked her to watch my drink until I got back. "Why" she asked, "Is it going to do something?" I gave the expected chuckle and went out the front door. I walked around the building until I found a place I could scope out the parking lot from the dark shadow of the building where I hoped I wouldn't be seen.

It took a minute, but I finally spotted the guy sitting in a jacked up Dodge Ram. He was leaning back on the seat and looking up as if there was something on headliner he was trying to read. But he was alone. There was no sign of Nancy. I figured that she must have gone back inside while I was working my way around the building. I took another look around the lot to make sure I hadn't missed her and was just getting ready to turn and go back inside the building when I saw the guy in the Ram make a sudden motion and a second or so later I saw Nancy pop up.

At first it surprised me and I wondered what the hell was going on, but then I realized that you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know what she had been doing down there. My wife was sucking a cock in a bar parking lot. I felt a sudden red hot anger and was a milli-second away from storming over to the truck and going berserk on the two of them. Her for being an unfaithful whore and him for fucking with another man's wife. Not just any other man's wife, but with my wife although I wasn't all that sure of how much longer she would be wearing that title.

I'd already taken the first couple of steps before I caught myself. I needed to know how long it had been going on. I needed to know if the guy in the Ram was the only one. I needed to kno ... Shit! I didn't even know all of what I needed to know at that point. I decided to save my need to vent until I could find out more.

I hurried back inside and took my seat. The barmaid told me she had kept a close eye on my beer, but that it had just sat there and behaved itself. I gave her a smile and a chuckle, but even as I picked up the beer to take a drink my eyes were on that side door. It opened and Nancy came in and she was alone. She wasn't smiling and she didn't seem at all like someone who had just finished doing something that she liked or enjoyed doing.

She walked over to the booth where Pam was sitting, said something that from her facial expression that I figured wasn't too nice, grabbed her purse from where she'd left it said something else and then left the booth. As she headed for the bar side I turned so that all she would see if she looked my way was a man hunched over his drink. I finished my beer, left a tip on the bar for the barmaid, and headed home.

About six blocks from the lounge I spotted Nancy's car in the Conoco station and she was getting something out of the trunk. As I drove by I saw her with a small suitcase in her hand. I wondered about it for a block or two and then it occurred to me that she was probably using the gas station bathroom to do some clean up before coming home. If I were up when she got home it just wouldn't do to kiss me with sperm breath now would it.

I was in bed and pretending to be asleep when Nancy got home and she got under the covers, snuggled up against me, kissed my shoulder and whispered "I love you" and in seconds I heard the steady breathing that told me she had fallen asleep. Loved me? Then why the hell was she cheating on me?

Thursday morning I told Mike I would have to miss bowling on the next Wednesday because of something personal that I had to take care of and then I spent a good part of the rest of the day thinking on what I was going to do,

It was a chore trying to act normal, but I think I pulled it off. I had no problem with making love with Nancy on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday and I was able to act like a loving husband. Which in a way I guess I was. Loving husband I mean. I had fallen in love with her the day I met her and I still loved her, but was love enough to keep us together now that I knew what she was doing on her girl's night out? I doubted it. I sincerely doubted it.

Wednesday found me parked where I could see Nancy's car in the parking lot where she worked. When she came out at five-thirty, got in the car and drove off I followed along behind her. When she pulled into the lot at the Alhambra I continued on around the block. I didn't want her to see me pull onto the lot behind her. I pulled over and parked a block away to give her enough time to get out of her car and go into the lounge and then I drove to the lounge and parked. I parked in the back by the dumpsters where it wasn't likely that Nancy would see my car and recognize it if she came out into the parking lot.

I put on my disguise, a baseball cap, horn-rimmed glasses with the lenses removed and a jacket that I had picked up at Goodwill and Nancy wouldn't recognize. I went around to the front door and it had already closed behind me when it occurred to me that I might have just fucked up. I had assumed that Nancy would go to the dance floor side. If she sat down on the bar side she would see me come in and my disguise wasn't going to work close up so all my sneaking around and spying on her would have been a waste of time.

Luck was with me. She was sitting alone in a booth on the dance floor side. I took a seat at the bar and the barmaid came up to me and said:

"Same as last time?"

Surprised that she remembered I nodded a yes and she brought me a cold Coors. I picked it up to take a sip and she said:

"Your wife?"


"Your wife" she asked as she pointed to Nancy.

"How did you know?"

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