While the Cat's Away

by The Heartbreak Kid

Copyright© 2014 by The Heartbreak Kid

: When a god gets angry....

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Johnny McNair was a rock star ... no, that's not true ... to his fans he was nothing less than a god! He had all the trappings: big house, nice cars, etc. He also had Karen, his wife of ten years. When they were first married, Karen used to tour with the band: all the other band members' wives and girlfriends did, too, and it was just like one big family! But over time some wives got pregnant, others tired either of the touring lifestyle or their relationships, so now it had reached the stage where Johnny and his band were all in their mid-thirties and the rock and roll lifestyle was more or less gone ... they still toured extensively, but wives stayed home with their kids. Johnny and Karen had no kids: Johnny had problems in that area that no amount of money or fame could cure.

And then Johnny started to hear the whispers and the rumours about Karen and what she did while he was on tour for months at a time: and being wealthy and a man used to organising things on a big scale, he wanted to know if the rumours were true. The first indication that they might be, was when a letter to Karen found it's way to him by mistake. He opened it without realising the mistake until he saw the name. Reading the contents, which were very brief, only served to fuel his disquiet, three words in particular: pregnancy test negative. Now with Johnny's ongoing infertility issue, he could only draw one conclusion, so he had to decide on the best way to get conclusive proof of Karen's infidelity. He needed the proof, because, in his own words: 'I love her, but if she's screwing around, there's no way that bitch is getting her hands on my money!'

Johnny considered hiring someone to watch her and the house's coming and goings the next time that he was away: but he rejected that because he didn't want to involve a third party any more than was necessary; and he also wanted to see things for himself. So Johnny arranged for Karen to be away from home, just before the band's next tour, at which time experts installed hidden security cameras throughout his home, together with the means to record what they saw. Johnny duly went away on tour again, and what he discovered when he returned home is the basis of this story.

Johnny McNair let himself in through the front door: he had rung Karen from the airport, as he usually did, to let her know that he was on his way home. He kissed his wife in the hallway, then he said:

"I need to shower and change, Babe, then I'm going to crash! I'll be down in a couple or three hours to eat! You're looking good, Babe ... I hope you're horny!"

And although Johnny was tired after travelling, he wanted to review as much of the surveillance recording as possible before he actually relaxed. The people who had installed the equipment had showed him how to fast forward the recordings, and then how to record anything that he found 'interesting'.

It was nearly four hours later that he emerged from his so-called 'rest': looking dour and more tired than he did when he'd arrived home. Karen looked at him:

"Couldn't you sleep, Love; you still look beat!"

"No, jet lag, I guess!"

"So what do you want to eat ... I've got some nice, fresh steaks sitting in the fridge!"

"To tell you the truth, I'm not that hungry ... maybe just a sandwich and a beer will do me; then maybe an early night!"

Karen looked at her husband with real compassion, but she had been with him long enough to know that there was always a resettling period when he came home from touring, so she wasn't unduly worried.

Johnny had always been a skilled and considerate lover, but in bed that night Karen was shocked by how rough, almost brutal he was with her, and by the time that he finally stopped and fell asleep, she was sore and felt well-used. In the morning she lay beside him, still aching from the relentless rough treatment that she'd received.

"What's the matter, Babe: that wasn't like you last night: it was like you were deliberately trying to hurt me!"

"Sorry!" he said, some of his pent up anger now released, "I suppose I got carried away: I guess that was months of abstinence needing an outlet!"

"So have you got any plans for today, Baby?" Karen asked him.

"No, not really ... how about you?"

"No, just lunch with Janie, but I can put her off!" Janie was Karen's younger sister, who lived several miles away

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