A Joke - Change Beginning

by Harry Carton

Copyright© 2014 by Harry Carton

Drama Story: This is a variant of Agena's "A Joke". It spins off from somewhere at the end of the beginning (if that's not too confusing). If you haven't read "A Joke," you should -- and some of the alternate endings thereto, also. But you don't really need to read it to follow what happens in my story. --- A quick note about the codes: 'rough' does not apply to the sex. This is not a happy ending story.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Cheating   Revenge   Rough   Caution  

[[NOTE: This is take off on Agena's "A Joke," and she should get the credit for the originating idea. Others have provided endings for her story. You can read the original and suggested endings when you've got a moment. I have modified the start of the story – well more like the end of the start. I've noted where my version has differed from her original. Thanks to her for providing the idea that tickled my muse. – HC]]

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