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Erotica Sex Story: A lonely woman hears of a man with an unhappy marriage and seeks to seduce him, not realising that he is already sexually active and experienced - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Swinging   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

Rick didn't want to attend the social get together that his wife attended. They were very good at the emotional hipe regards moral issues; especially with the 'poor refugee' that was generally their main item of conversation. He didn't like the refugee and consider them more economical than persecuted and they would use every trick in the book, naturally supported by organizations that his wife was so passionate about, to gain entry to the freedoms, especially welfare handouts that Australia was renowned for; it really pissed him off.

Out of the meetings and individually the men were a good bunch and even the women in the odd one or two's were not that bad and quite good at having a conversation that wasn't anchored to their moral code, but it was the men that Rick associated with and one in particular he thought was more in line with his own interpretation of the refugee and it was a break in one of the social do's that they got talking about their relationships with their wives. "You and your wife don't seem that close Rick", his friend said. Rick put down the beer and picked up a nibble. "You are right Greg", he said. "My wife and I are like two people travelling in the same direction but on different tracks, we tolerate each other but that is where it ends. I don't even sleep with her, she goes her way and I go mine", he concluded. Greg was silent for a few seconds and then said. "You know June. Her husband walked out on her a year ago. She isn't that bad in appearance, a nice figure why don't you chat her up?"

It was a suggestion that Rick just stored but wasn't going to investigate; June after all belonged to this moral organization and he knew often talked to his wife. However, he wasn't to know that Greg would mentioned their talk and his relationship with his wife to another male member and although without any intention of passing the information any further, especially to the women, June did here snippets of it and as her husband had walked out on her for another woman she didn't consider it wrong if she could wrestle a man away from his wife, especially one who was unhappy with his marriage.

Her attempts were awkward as she had never attempted to seduce another man. She deliberately touched him and even stroked his fingers while talking, she had no idea if these amateur attempts were working, however, she didn't know Rick nor did she know that he frequented 'the ladies of the night' to obtain the satisfaction that his wife denied him; so her actions were noted. The opportunity to test her came as they were saying goodnight after another meeting. It was accepted that the men give the women a peck on the cheek. Rick gave June a peck at the same time giving a tit a nice feel and whispered in those seconds. 'Don't wear a bra and I could get interested'. He then broke contact and joined his wife with a farewell wave.

No woman was as flustered and confused as June was. It took will power to control the fluttering in her stomach and to control her shakes. She dropped her bag because it just fell as she reached for it, but thankfully her discomfort wasn't observed and it was a relief when she sat behind the wheel of her vehicle and could let her emotions break free. She had thrown the bait and it had been taken, but the fish that she caught was bigger and more experienced that what she had imagined. She really expected a polite refusal not a challenge and she had been given that challenge. She was still shaking when she entered her home and maybe it could have been for a dozen reasons she stripped and stood naked before the full length mirror and wondered what her husband had against her to up and leave. Her tits were not melons but were a decent size; her stomach was firm and didn't show too much fat or crease lines, the triangle of hair at her groin was thick and dark. She turned sideways and her bottom didn't stick out but was in proportion to the rest of her. 'I wanted this encounter', she muttered. 'I accept your challenge Rick, I will go braless at the next meeting and ... and I will fuck if that is what you desire'. She smiled as she muttered the word 'fuck' for Rick had ignited an urge that had lay dormant for her husband, maybe because he didn't like her had ignored her and that was especially when it came to sex. She certainly hadn't been 'available' as a number of senior girls at school had been. Sure she had sex but it was rare, maybe because she didn't flaunt her sexuality and because there were girls who did she wasn't worth the trouble or time to seduce

As for himself he didn't think June would accept his suggestion. He had fired a shot across her bow, letting her know that he was open to her activity and generally women would cut and run. They were a tease but when faced with an opportunity would quickly fold up and hide, so he wasn't expecting June to be without her bra and it was a pleasure as he gave her the welcome kiss to feel the wobble of her tits. The first throw of the dice had fallen; it was now his turn. It only took seconds to tell her he would make an excuse to return to his vehicle and if she was still interested to follow him a bit later.

It was during supper that he mentioned to his wife and a few others that he didn't think he had locked his vehicle and left; his wife really didn't take much notice, just have a nod and continued talking. It was quite crisp outside; he gave a shudder for he had left his jacket over a chair in the kitchen. He proceeded down the drive and stopped in the shadows of the shrubs and waited. Whether she would appear was the question he asked, if she didn't, well so be it. He was about to give up when the front door of the home opened and she appeared. He waited till she was level and gave a slight whistle, she came across. "I was about to return, thought you got cold feet", he said as he pulled her against him and began to undo the buttons on her blouse; it only took seconds to bare her tits. "Nice", he muttered as she gave a low gasp as his mouth closed over a nipple that had began to rise the moment her blouse was undone.

Time really was not on their side, there was no foreplay, he lifted her dress and went for her groin, slipping under the elastic of her panties into a forest of hair and as he fingered her, her utterances were 'Ahhhh!' or 'Ohhhh!' but she made no attempt to stop the activity that was giving her a pleasure so long denied. "Let's fuck", he said. Without waiting for her response he turned her around and pulled down her panties, revealing a smooth and lily white backside. "Bent over", he said and her next response was a cry that he had to lean across and tell her to shut up as he drove his cock up to his balls in her now throbbing crack. It wasn't the first time he had taken a woman in what was termed a 'quickie', it wasn't what would be classified as an enjoyable fuck, but it was a fuck. He thrust and she grunted and finally emptied his balls with his cock buried to the hilt in that hairy crack. He pulled out, wiped his cock over her bum and told her to make sure she dressed so as not to give an indication of what had happened. "Oh! just in case you would like a repeat June for I think in the right situation you would be a fantastic fuck, here is my mobile number", he smiling said as he felt her still with her panties around her feet and that triangle of hair still on display.

His wife was still in conversation with the other women so she didn't ask about the car or the fact he was away for longer than would be expected; it was clear she wasn't interested. June arrived, again without any body questioning her; she joined the other woman and was like his wife involved in general chit-chat. Eventually the time to depart arrived, like usual the women were given a peck on the cheek and June got that as well as a feel again of her now aroused tit with its extended nipple.

Days passed and Rick didn't really expect a call. It was a good although hurried fuck but whether June would want a repeat depended on how desperate she was for with time it could have been very memorable. He had just put away the garden tools when his phone rang. At first he didn't recognize her voice but it didn't take long for the conversation to zero in on why it was made. "I want it again", she said. There was a pause a period of hesitation before she snapped. "I want another fuck but a nice slow one"

"That can be arranged", he replied. With that settled she asked when he could get to her place. "I'm finished what I was doing and the wife is going around to a friend of hers so if you give me your address I'll change my clothes and set off".

It was just after two in the afternoon when he parked outside her nicely kept garden. She opened the door on the first chime of the bell; she was wearing a nice dressing gown. "Tea or coffee?" she asked. He smiled before replying "How about opening your gown, revealing what is on offer", he said. She undid the belt and totally removed the gown and his comment was "Fuck you are very attractive. We could forget the drinks". However, she had already prepared the drinks so while they were poured out, he stripped and this time it was she who gave the compliments. "I love your cock" and without another comment sank down and took it into her mouth, something that only once in her marriage she had done, however, she had certainly sucked more that one boy and man off since her school days.

They didn't finish the drinks nor did she suck him off. He carried her into the bedroom and then with her thighs spread wide, he sank his cock into that available cunt and the fucking began. She worked in rhyme rising and falling to accommodate his thrusts and as he sucked on her nipples or massaged her tits she rolled her head from side to side, dripping saliva from a mouth that continued to voice her pleasure. He paused, his cock buried to the hint, only the muscles of their respected sexual apparatus were working. Hovering above her she smiled up as he said. "You are fucking fantastic. Your cunt is magnificent" With that he thrust again, working quicker so that he was in and out with speed that she tried to work in conjunction with. She knew he was coming when he rose so that his cock was almost out of that gripping and throbbing cunt. His explosion matched her organism and both gave utterance to their matched climax.

He rolled off, both covered sweat. Slowly she got up, her tits, although not melons still wobbled. "A shower?" she said. He gave a nod of acceptance. He had never showered with his wife and she hadn't with her husband so now together they soaped and explored each other. He fingered her and pulled her nipples; she pulled his cock and massaged his balls. They romped as much as the cubical would allow till the hot water began to cool and then they dried each other and by now his cock was hard and erect. "Suck it June, suck me off". She didn't need a second invitation and sank down and for the next seven minutes did wonders to his cock while squeezing his balls. He gave a grunt and dragged her head into his groin while thrusting himself forward so that his entire cock was down her throat and emptied his nuts.

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