Frank and Maxine

by Just Plain Bob

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Sex Story: Keewping the family together.

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I sat on a folding chair and watched the twins as they played field hockey and I couldn't help but wonder how the coming upheaval was going to affect them. Knowing them as well as I did I thought that they would probably handle it better than I was. They were pretty resilient and a lot more mature than you would expect a pair of sixteen year olds to be. As I watched Michelle execute a pass to Melanie I thought back to the night that my world crumbled and fell on me.

My wife Maxine and I were at a party the previous Saturday. It was a company thing to celebrate her company buying out one of their biggest competitors. The party was held at the country club probably because the president of Maxine's company was on the country club's board of directors.

A cocktail hour was followed by a pretty good dinner which was of course followed by several speeches and then the band fired up and the drinking and dancing began. I'm not much of a dancer while Maxine would never leave the floor if she had a partner and at this party she had quite a few of them. They were what she called 'her duty dances' as she danced with her supervisors and other company big-wigs.

About an hour into the dancing the smoke in the room began to affect me and I went outside for some fresh air. I found a bench to sit on and was sitting there looking up at the star filled sky when my attention was caught by someone saying Maxine's name. Two of her coworkers had also come out for some fresh air and apparently didn't see me because of a large potted plant that was between us.

I recognized the voices as belonging to Roger Barnes and Sam Wickman both of whom I'd met at other social functions put on by Maxine's company. At first it didn't occur to me that it was my Maxine they were talking about, but then Sam said:

"I'd dearly love to peel that sexy red dress off of her."

Maxine was wearing the only red dress at the party that night. I instantly turned my full attention to their conversation. Roger said:

"No problem getting her out of it. All you have to do is give her a drink, flirt with her a bit and she'll take it off for you."

"You can't be serious."

"Bet your ass I am. I've fucked her a dozen times and I know that Bill over in Procurement has fucked her several times. Terry in Finance has nailed her three times that I know of and Phil in Quality Control says he has fucked her in her ass a half dozen times. I can believe that because I've taken her ass a couple of times myself. Once I packed her shit while Ralph Means had his cock in her mouth."

"You've got to be shitting me."

"Not the least little bit. We tried to two hole her but she wouldn't go for it."

"Two hole her?"

"Yeah, you know, one in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time."

"I don't believe it. She acts so prim and proper around the office."

"An act Sam. Remember about three months back when we all hit the bar at the Marriott after work? Most of you left after a couple of drinks and by nine the only ones of our group still there were me and Maxine. I was getting ready to leave when a slow number began playing and Maxine pulled me out onto the dance floor. We had all ready danced four or five times, but not like that last dance. She pulled me close and half way into the song she pulled my head down and kissed me. Shoved her tongue down my throat and her hand slid down my body and she started rubbing my cock.

"I ain't no dummy so when the song ended I asked her if she wanted to leave and she said yes. We didn't say a word all the way out to my car and she followed me straight there even though she was parked several rows over from me. I opened the back door of the car and without a word she got in, took off her panties, sweater and bra and laid down on the seat.

"That woman has some beautiful tits and they have really big, hard nipples. I started playing with her tits and nipples and she closed her eyes and moaned and I swear that she got off from just my working on her boobs. Then I leaned back and without a word she unzipped me, took out my cock and gave me the best blow job of my life. I warned her that I was going to cum, but she never stopped and when I shot she swallowed it all.

"I heard a noise and looked up and saw Ralph standing there and watching us through the window. I rolled the window down and he told me he would get a room and that we should meet him at the elevator. I looked at her and was about to ask her what she thought of the idea, but before I could ask she put her bra and panties in her purse and said, "Lets do it."

"Once in the room she stripped off what she still had on, got on the bed and asked:

"Who goes first?"

"I wasn't fully hard from the blow job she'd given me so Ralph went first. He fucked her doggie while I pushed my dick into her mouth so she could work at getting it fully hard. Then the two of us took turns fucking her until we couldn't get it up any more. Ralph had to go home, but me and Maxine stayed the night at the hotel. She woke me with a blow job in the morning and we fucked one more time and then had to hurry to get to work on time."

I sat there stunned by what I was hearing. When Roger first started talking I was thinking he was full of shit and just trying to make Sam think he was some kind of stud. But Maxine did have big, hard nipples and I had gotten her to climax just by working on her tits.

Roger was still bragging. "And that was only the first time. The next time was the very next day. After work I asked her if she would like to pick up where we had left off the night before and she said she would love to."

"Give me a break Rog. At least give me credit for some brains. She had a husband to get home to and kids to take care of and you expect me to believe she spent a night with you and was ready to do it again?"

"Her old man travels a lot on business and he was on a trip and wasn't due back for another two days and it was spring break and her kids were spending a couple of days with her parents. Anyway, she told me to follow her home and she would fix us dinner and then we could play all night. It was one hell of a night. I even fucked her while she was talking to her husband on the phone. I had my cock buried in her ass and she wouldn't let me pull out; just made me slow down a little while she talked to him.

"I'm not kidding you at all Sam. If you want to fuck her just stop with us the next time we stop for drinks and after she's had a couple make a move on her. I'll bet you a dollar to a candy bar that she goes for it."

Just then a woman's voice asked them what they were talking about and Sam said they were talking sports and they all went back inside leaving me there wondering "WTF?" And right then it occurred to me that I hadn't seen Maxine in over an hour. I went back inside and looked and Maxine was not in the room so I went looking for her.

I went room to room looking for my wife. I'd settled down somewhat and was all ready into denial. Max would never do that. The asshole was lying through his teeth. He was just trying to make Sam think he was some kind of stud.

The last room I came to the door was locked. I went into the room next to and saw there were connecting doors, but they were also locked. I turned to leave when I heard through a shared air duct:

"Oh God; that's it Max. Just like that. Nobody sucks cock like you do girl and I do mean nobody!"

There was a door leading out onto the patio and I went outside to see if I could see into the next room and I was in luck. I edged up so I could look into the room around the edge of the doorframe and there was my 'loving wife' in her red party dress and she was on her knees in front of John Bartrom, the Vice-President of Sales, and she was sucking the bastard's cock. As I watched he pulled her up, bent her over the back of the chair that was next to him and pulled up her red dress. The bitch wasn't wearing any panties and he stuck his cock in her and fucked her.

I wanted to storm in and kick ass and take names, but a more rational section of my brain was telling me to cool it. She made as much as I did so in a divorce she wouldn't get alimony as long as she had her job. If I did what I really wanted to do it would no doubt draw a crowd and it could end up with Maxine and her fuck buddy getting fired.

I went back inside to see if I could hear anything useful through the air duct. What I heard almost made me sick to my stomach.

"Get ready girl. I'm going to shoot."

"Do it lover; do it. Fill me up."

They must have finished because I could hear his zipper being pulled up.

"I need to get back to the party because my wife is probably wondering where I am and we need to get home so the babysitter can leave."

"Frank is probably wondering where I've gotten off to."

"See you Monday? Take our usual long lunch?"

"I'm all ready looking forward to it."

I got out of the room and went back to the party. I let Maxine find me about five minutes later and we left the party. We made small talk on the way home and I did my best to keep my anger under control. She said it was a fun party and then she asked me if I had enjoyed myself.

"It was okay. There were a couple of nice slow dances there toward the end that I wanted to dance to with you, but I couldn't find you."

"That was probably when I was in the bathroom. I got to talking with Sally and I guess we let time get away from us."

She said that with a smile on her face and I so wanted to backhand her lying mouth, but I kept myself under control.

Normally after a night out we made love, but this time when we got home and before I normally made the move she said:

"I really tired tonight and I'm going to go straight to sleep" which I took to be 'slut speak' for:

"I'm full of another guy's jizz and I don't want you finding out."

It was a disappointment in a way. As far as I knew I'd never had sloppy seconds before and it might have been my only chance to find out what it was like.

The sound of the shower woke me up in the morning and Maxi must have figured that she'd got enough of her fuck buddy out of her so that I wouldn't notice because when she got out of the shower she got back in bed and her mouth headed south to capture my cock ... I was pissed at the cunt, but good head is good head no matter what the circumstances so I decided to suffer through it.

It almost came to an end when she twisted her body to get into a sixty-nine and I pushed her away. No way was I going to eat a pussy that some other dude had been in even if it was eight or nine hours before and had been washed since. Pushing her away got ma a:

"What did you do that for?"

"I have a foul taste in my mouth from the booze last night. When I munch on your muffin I want to enjoy the taste."

Even to me it sounded lame, but it satisfied her and she went back to polishing my knob. When she had it as hard as she wanted it she swung over me and lowered herself down on me and began to ride. I looked up into her face and I wanted to scream out "You cheating fucking whore!" and push her off of me, but of course I didn't. For one thing the 'little head' wouldn't let me and for another in all my formative years the mantra had been "Pussy is pussy and none of it is bad" and I came from a generation that believed you should take what you can get whenever you can get it. Besides, who knew when I'd come up with another source when I kicked her cheating ass to the curb.

And that was a definite!

She was gone as soon as I could get all my ducks in a row. She made as much or maybe even a little more than I did so alimony wouldn't be an issue. The house was free and clear and mine before I married Maxine, but that didn't mean anything. A guy I worked with had been in the same situation, but the courts ruled that since his wife had worked and her money had helped maintain the residence she had some equity in the house. He had to sell the house in order to give her what the courts said she had coming. Even if I could keep the house the divorce wouldn't be totally painless. There were the twins to consider.

While I'd been doing my thinking Maxi had gotten off twice and I figured that it was now my turn. I rolled her over on her back and fucked her fast and hard until I got off. I got up, showered and dressed and then went downstairs to find my girls ready to go. It was the weekend and tradition had it that we went out for breakfast. Maxi begged off saying that she wasn't hungry which didn't upset me in the least since it meant that I didn't have to sit across from her at the table and look at her cheating ass.

We had an enjoyable brunch and when we got home the girls got ready to go to a birthday party they had been invited to and that left me home alone with Maxi. I did my best to avoid her as the anger was still too fresh and I wanted to lash out at her, but at the same time I needed to keep from her that I knew what she had been doing. When I made my move I wanted to catch her unrepaired. However Maxi managed to pick up on my mood.

"You seem out of sort's honey. Is something wrong?"

"Just a work problem" I said not telling her that the problem was at her work and not mine.

That night after the girls had gone to bed I sat in my basement workshop and thought about what to do. I'd spent some time thinking on it during the day and divorce, while still ahead on points, was not as foregone a conclusion as it had been when I went to bed the night before or when I got up this morning. What was more important to me than Maxine's fidelity was what would happen to my girls? By the time I went to bed I had decided on what my first step needed to be. When I got to the bedroom Maxi was naked on the bed waiting for me. "Take it while you can get it" I told myself and I stripped and climbed on.

The next day the girls had hockey practice and I drove them over to the field and watched as they went through their routines and wondered, and not for the first time, if I would have had twin boys instead of girls would they have been as active athletically? Soccer, field hockey, basketball, volley ball and softball kept the girls busy and gave them a confidence in themselves that belied their years. They both had the attitude that they could do any damned thing they put their minds to.

When practice ended I drove us over to the Dairy Queen and when they had what they wanted we went outside and sat down at one of the tables. I took a deep breath and then said:

"Girls; dad needs some advice and I'm asking you for it because it concerns you as well as me."

I had their attention and I went on. "Night before last I found out that your mother is cheating on me and I don't know what to do."

Melanie looked at Michelle and Michelle shrugged and then Melanie said:

"We had hoped that you would never find out."

"You know?"

"We've known for almost two years" Michelle said.

I sat there stunned as Melanie went on, "We talked it over and decided not to tell you. We felt that as long as you didn't know the family wouldn't break up. We have friends whose parents have divorced and quite frankly we didn't want to end up living like they are.

"We didn't want to be bounced back and forth between you and mom and we didn't want to have to make choices between you guys. We love you both and no matter what we chose one of you would have been hurt by it."

"I know about choices sweetie. That is my problem right now. The courts are loaded in favor of the woman so if I choose divorce I'm basically choosing to give you up except for whatever visitation I am allowed. Giving up your mother is going to be hard especially after being together almost twenty years, but I honestly believe having to give you two up would come close to killing me."

"What did mom say when you found out?"

"She doesn't know that I know."

"So don't tell her that you know" Michelle said. "She has been doing what she has been doing for at least two years, at least two years that we know of, and you guys have been getting along fine."

"It isn't that simple sweetie. When I didn't know I looked on your mother as a loving and faithful wife and I was happy in my marriage and our relationship. Now that I know what she has been doing I don't see her the same way anymore. Now I see her as a backstabbing, cheating whore and I have to practically force myself to be around her. You say you have known for two years? How did you find out?"

"You were on one of your trips and we were spending the night at Angela's" Melanie said. "It was a PJ party and there were six or seven of us there. Angie's mom and dad got into an argument over something to do with credit cards and the argument got kind of loud and made us uncomfortable so we left and came home. We could hear what was going on in the bedroom all the way downstairs.

"We were naturally curious so we tip-toed upstairs. The bedroom door was open and we peeked in and saw mom with one of the guys she worked with. Roger something. We met him at one of mom's company picnics. We snuck back out of the house and went back to the pajama party. After that we noticed that mom always went out when you were on trips and sometimes came home with her blouses mis-buttoned, runs in her stockings, smeared makeup and stuff like that."

Michelle jumped in with, "You wouldn't have to stay married to mom forever. You could just hang in there until we go to college."

"It is way more complicated than that sweetie. When I look at your mother now I'm asking myself why is she doing what she is doing. Did I somehow cause it? Am I inadequate in some way? I want to grab her, shake her and scream "Why? Why have you done this to me?" And there are other considerations. You have both heard the birds and bees speech and I know that you have learned some things in health classes at school.

"Your mom isn't just having an affair with one man. I know of at least five she has been with. I'm going to have to get myself tested for social diseases and even if she hasn't given me one yet as long as she is bouncing from man to man she is exposing herself and also exposing me if I keep on having anything to do with her. My only option would be to have nothing to do with her and quite frankly there isn't any way I can live in a sexless marriage for as long as it would take for the two of you to go out on your own."

"There has to be some way to make it so we can stay together as a family" Melanie said.

"I'll have to think on it some, but for now let's just keep this talk to ourselves."

The Gods were smiling on me that day. I didn't really want to fuck Maxi. I wouldn't refuse if she was the aggressor, but I wasn't thinking good thoughts about my wife just then. After the girls had gone to bed and Maxi and I were sitting on the couch watching TV Maxi said:

"I hope that you don't have your heart set on making love tonight. Aunt Flo showed up a day earlier than expected."

"Damn! Ain't that just my luck! I've been waiting all afternoon and evening to get you in bed so we could play."

"I can give you some oral loving. That will take the edge off for you."

I didn't really want to fuck her, but I wasn't going to say no to a hum job. We took it upstairs and Maxi did indeed take the edge off for me.

When Maxine's time of the month came around it was usually four or five days before she wanted to make love again. That gave me some breathing room. Time to think on my problem.

Over the next four days I got myself tested for STDs, got some legal advice and thought hard on what to do. In the end I decided to take it head on and let the chips fall where they may. The conversation started when Maxine asked me:

"Would you like to play tonight? I'm ready if you are."

"I suppose, but you need to know that my eating your pussy is a thing of the past. I'll chance sloppy seconds, but I'll be damned if I'm going to taste them."

Maxine's face showed anger as she said, "And just what the hell do you mean by that?"

"Simple. I have no way of knowing if you took on one of your fuck buddies before you came home so while I'm willing to follow them in I'm not willing to put my mouth where their cocks have been."

"You bastard!" she cried as she swung at me to slap my face, but I was expecting it so I grabbed her wrist and said:

"Spare me the phony indignation bullshit. I know all about Terry from Finance, Bill in Procurement, Phil in Quality Control and let us not forget Roger. Granted that I've never seen you fucking them, but at the last party I did get to watch you suck and then fuck Bartrom."

Her face lost color when she heard that and she suddenly deflated like a balloon the air had just gone out of.

"So back to where this conversation started. If you want to fuck tonight I'm all for it, but my doing oral on you is a thing of the past."

I left her sitting there and went up to bed. I was not surprised when she didn't follow me up nor was I surprised when I woke up alone in the morning.

When I came down in the morning Maxi was fixing breakfast and the twins were helping her. I gave out a cherry "Good morning all" and got myself a cup of coffee. I added cream to it and then went out and sat at the picnic table on the patio to watch the sunrise.

After a few minutes Michelle brought me a plate with eggs, bacon and toast on it and then she and Melanie joined me. Maxi didn't come out.

"What happened last night" Melanie asked. "When we got up this morning mom was sleeping on the couch and she looked like she had been crying all night."

"I confronted her with what I knew about her cheating and then went to bed."

"What is going to happen?"

"I don't know. It is pretty much going to be up to your mother. For my part I decided to let her know and then come to an agreement to exist as a couple sharing a house, but I don't know what your mother will want to do. I'll just have to wait and see."

"Keep us in the loop okay" Michelle asked.

"Of course" I said and they got up and headed off to school.

When they were gone Maxi came out and sat at the table with me. She was silent for maybe half a minute and then asked:

"What are you going to do?"

"Nothing. I don't want to give up the house and go and live in an apartment and I don't want to become a part time father to the girls. What I want to do is co-exist here in the house and pretend to be a loving couple to those around us. That is what I want, but you might have other ideas."

"What do we tell the girls when we start sleeping separately?"

"We don't sleep separately. We slept together the entire time you were cheating on me and it didn't kill me. Whether we have sex or not will be up to you, but if you do decide to keep having sex with me you need to remember that my doing oral on you isn't going to happen. I will not be a cocksucker by proxy."

"You mean that? Keep living together? Why in the world would you want to do that?"

"I just told you. I want to be a full time father to Melanie and Michelle and I can't be that if I'm divorced and living somewhere. Also from a financial standpoint it makes sense. Lawyers cost money and one of the things a divorce would cause would be our having to sell the house as part of the asset split. That would probably put you and the girls in an apartment. Co-existing just seems like the sensible thing to do. Like I said earlier; living together while you were doing what you were doing hasn't killed me."

"The girls are bound to notice a difference in our relationship. What do we tell them?"

"Why would they notice? The only change would be in the bedroom and they wouldn't be privy to that. I haven't treated you any differently since I found out about you and I see no reason for you to treat me any differently than you have since you started making love to other guys."

"I'm not making love with other guys. I fuck them. The only man I make love with is you."

"Whatever. You need to think about what I've proposed. We can talk more about it when I get home from work tonight."

"I don't need to think about it. It may come as a surprise to you, but I don't want a divorce either. I love you and I want to stay married to you."

"Given what I know about what you have been doing you are going to have a hell of a hard time selling that to me."

I got up, got some coffee in a travel mug and headed off to work. As I drove down the freeway I was thinking of the legal advice I'd gotten. What would happen with the house would depend on the judge we drew if I went the divorce route. Of the seven sitting judges that presided over divorce cases four would bend over backward to see that the wife got everything out of the divorce she could possibly get. Two always leaned toward the man in cases where the wife was unfaithful and one was strictly a 'middle of the roader' in all cases. The odds were not in my favor.

One suggestion that the attorney gave me would give me all the proceeds if I sold the house and then did something with the money before going for a divorce, but that would only do what I wanted to avoid. I didn't want my girls living in an apartment somewhere and probably not in as nice a neighborhood as the one we were now in.

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