Jerry and His Women

by SW MO Hermit

Copyright© 2014 by SW MO Hermit

Romantic Story: Young man meets and finally marries a Preachers daughter. He finds the old cliche is true about Teacher's and Preacher's daughters. His marriage ends and he changes careers where he finally meets the true loves of his life.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Revenge   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   .

My Thanks and Gratitude Goes Out to My Editor "Wires" for His Assistance With This Story. Once Again He Has Improved My Offering.

Jerry was still in high school when Preacher Rowe and his family moved to town. Reverend Rowe was the preacher for the largest non denominational church in the southwest part of the state. To give the devil his due he was a charismatic bastard. By the time he had been in town four years he was well thought of and a member of all the civic organizations. He had tripled the membership of the church and presided over construction more than doubling the size of the church building.

Angela, Preacher Rowe's daughter, was an only child. She had all the traits of a preacher's or teacher's daughter. She was outgoing, personable, kind, helpful and well thought of by the adults in the congregation and town. She was also high maintenance and very aware of what she considered to be her high status in the community. She had the better than thou attitude down pat. If you weren't a member of the church and/or the town's elite you were nothing in her eyes. If she spoke to you at all it was in a very condescending manner.

The first time Jerry saw Angela he fell in love with her. Unfortunately for him he was NOT a member of the town's upper crust and he was not a member of her father's church. Therefore, Jerry was beneath Princess Angela's notice. He tried several times right after she moved to town to talk to her but was ignored and put in his place rapidly by her and her elite following.

Time passed. Jerry dated and learned about women. The beautiful ones and teacher's and preacher's daughters went with boys from the town's upper crust or the athletes. Jerry could only dream about the teacher's and preacher's daughters and the wild time they were rumored to give those lucky enough to date them or spend an evening with them for some other reason.

Jerry's father was not a member of the country club. He was not rich and he did not have a high profile job. Jerry's father made good, nay excellent money as manager of the medical repair and calibration department of the local medical center. To most people in town he was a nonentity in spite of the high salary he commanded and the very responsible position he held. To others he was merely a repairman. He was ignored much as you would an auto mechanic or other menial laborer and so were his children.

Angela was the perfect Preacher's daughter. She attended all church functions as expected. She served on various committees as expected for a child of the preacher. She was in many of the clubs in high school and dated the appropriate boys from the upper crust families. Angela never did anything to sully her or her family's reputation. She was the epitome of proper behavior. The dictionary had her picture in the definition of 'prim and proper'. There was something about Angela, though. The boys sensed it and her inner cabal of friends knew it. Angela oozed sexuality. Her desire for men simmered just barely underneath her cool façade of personality. She drove boys and men wild with her desirability, teasing and occasionally flirting and innuendo.

Jerry was smart. He was very smart. He got a full ride scholarship to the state university. Unfortunately as it turned out he was not smart enough to truly realize what Angela was. After high school he left town for his higher education as did many of his peers and as did Angela. He was not even missed by anyone except his immediate family and a handful of friends who more or less forgot him within a few months. Angela, on the other hand, also got a full ride scholarship. She went to her father's alma mater, a well known theological college, where she followed in his footsteps and took a degree in theology. Jerry and Angela both turned 18 shortly after graduating high school. They both attended their respective Universities in the same town. In fact, the University Jerry attended and the Theological Institute were only three blocks apart. The students sometimes even took a few courses at both institutes of higher learning while they attended college. They shared many of the same student hang outs.

While he was in University Jerry not only saw Angela from time to time he began hearing rumors, unsubstantiated to be sure but credible based on what he saw personally, that Angela was one hot momma. He knew from personal experience that she enjoyed hoisting a few with her friends. On many occasions Jerry saw Angela drunk on her ass in the local bars and allowing her flavor of the day fellow personal liberties with her wondrous charms. Jerry began to hope he too might one day sample her wondrous body.

As they kept running into each other Jerry and Angela began talking with each other more and more. They had a certain common ground being from the same town and graduating class. Jerry found himself looking for her when he went to the bars he knew she frequented. Finally, they began arranging to meet each other, and then they began dating. Jerry found out Angela was indeed a hot to trot female. On their first arranged meeting she got loopy and not only initiated a deep French kiss but she grabbed his not insubstantial package when she did it.

Jerry gasped when he felt Angela squeeze his cock and she gasped when she felt the size of the monster he kept in his pants. The remainder of the evening while dancing or even in the semi privacy of their booth Angela rubbed Jerry's cock at every opportunity. He tried to get her to go somewhere with him to relieve his need but she giggled and refused. She said, "Jerry, as much as I would like to do that I can't. We aren't a couple and I only allow my boyfriend to take that kind of liberty with me."

It took Jerry two more months before Angela agreed to an official date and another month before she agreed to be his monogamous girl. The night she agreed they were going steady however, she rocked his world. He got the best piece of ass of his life. Jerry was in love with Angela again or, perhaps, still. The remainder of that year, the summer at home, and all their sophomore year of higher education Jerry and Angela were a couple. He was beginning to think of marriage when his world crashed down around him.

Jerry once again began hearing rumors that Angela was seen on her campus with other men doing things that would not pass the boyfriend test. She was seen alone in town being too friendly with other boys. One Monday evening Jerry and some of his friends went to a favorite hang out for supper instead of eating in the cafeteria on campus. They were walking past a student bar they did not normally patronize when he saw Angela inside. She was walking across the floor with a boy on either side of her, her arms around them. They got to a circular booth in the corner by the window. Angela slid in with one of the boys on either side of her. To his surprise she kissed each one of them. He saw their hands go under the table. Angela jerked slightly and looked like she was giggling.

Jerry and his friends walked into the bar and stood in the front where they could see Angela's booth. Her legs were spread slightly and each boy was rubbing the thigh nearest him. They were turned slightly toward Angela. They talked and she giggled alternating kisses with the boys. Jerry took a couple pictures with his cell phone and he and his friends left. As they went out the door Angela caught sight of him. Her face turned white and she quickly pushed her admirer's hands off her thighs. By that time the boys had their hands far enough under her skirt they were gently rubbing her moist pussy lips.

The last Jerry saw of Angela she was trying to get out of the booth. He ignored her when she called his name and followed his friends out of the bar. A few minutes later his cell rang. It was Angela so he ignored the call. It was nine days before Angela finally caught up with him in one of the hang outs they frequented. She walked up to Jerry and laid her hand on his forearm. She said, "Jerry, I'm sorry you saw me the other day. Can we please talk so I can explain?"

"No. I saw enough. I thought we were exclusive. Now I know we're not and I don't want what you're offering. I don't want to be one lover among many. Now that I know the rumors are true I want nothing to do with you. I should have known to stay the hell away from a preacher's daughter even before I started dating you."

"Jerry it's not like that, Honey. I know I shouldn't have done what you saw me doing. I was drunk, Honey. You know we had a huge test in Theology that Monday. Those two guys were in the class with me. We were so relieved we were done with it and that we passed that we went out to celebrate with some of the other kids. Somehow we got separated from the gang and ended up in that bar. I just took my attention off myself and I guess I let them get a little too friendly. I'm sorry and I apologize."

"Ya think? I understand now. That's ok," Jerry said. Angela began smiling and wrapped her arms around Jerry's then leaned her head against his shoulder. He felt his cock twitch when he felt her breasts against his arm.

Angela looked up at Jerry and said, "See, Honey, it wasn't so bad now was it? Come on. We have some make up sex to get out of the way now hummmm?"

Jerry carefully peeled Angela's arms from around his. He gently pushed her away and said, "No, Angela. I thought you got the message. We're not a couple any longer. I do understand though. The rumors I've been hearing about you were true. You were stepping out on me. I understand now I can't trust you. I understand you are still a self centered socialite bitch. I understand the old saying about teacher's and preacher's daughters is true, that they, or you in this case, are wild sex crazed bitches. Hell, it looked as if you were going to take both of those boys on at the same time. I understand, I just don't want anything to do with someone who is like that."

Jerry turned and walked away. Angela stood watching him in shock for a moment then turned and went back to the booth where her other friends were sitting. Abby looked at her and said, "Well, did it work girl?"

Angela shook her head no and said, "No. The sanctimonious shit brushed me off. Said it was over and he couldn't trust me. Shit. What am I going to do now? I don't have the money to party like we have been. I guess I'll just have to tighten my belt until I get someone else on the string. I thought Pete or Darren would fill the gap but neither of them have the money Jerry had. I guess it's going to get a little thirsty out for a while girls."

The next time Jerry saw Angela and spoke to her was after they graduated from college. They both returned to their home town and began working in their respective careers. Angela became the youth minister at her father's church. Jerry took a job for a local building supply company as yard manager.

One day Angela brought some of the older boys from the youth group to purchase some building supplies for a youth fair. She and Jerry began talking while they waited on Jerry's men to load the purchases for Angela. Just before they left Angela laid her hand on Jerry's arm and said, "Jerry, I am really sorry for what I did to you in college. I have prayed about my slip ever since. You were the only man I ever felt that close to, you know. I think I was falling in love with you. Can you ever forgive me for doing that to you?"

Jerry stared at Angela. She was so sweet. She seemed so repentant. Jerry felt himself falling into her blue eyes. Without thinking he reached out and brushed a string of her honey blond hair out of her face. "I forgave you long ago, Angela. I know how you feel. I was thinking about asking you to marry me back then."

Before Jerry could say anything else the men loading the truck finished and one of them brought the load ticket to Angela. Jerry smiled and said, "Well, looks like you're ready to go. See ya."

Angela smiled and turned to get into the truck. Jerry held the door and said, "Angela, do you think you would like to go out to supper with me Friday night?"

Angela looked at Jerry again and smiled. She said, "Yes, Jerry, I think I would like to do that very much."

This time Jerry's and Angela's love exploded from a gently glowing ember to a full fledged inferno in the blink of an eye. Six months after their first date Jerry and Angela got married in her Father's church. The only problem the young couple had this time around in their relationship was Jerry's refusal to attend church with Angela during every service. He did consent to attend the major sermons during the year such as Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas and so on but he refused to go otherwise. His refusal to attend services almost killed the romance. Finally, after tearful counseling with her father, Angela agreed to forgo Jerry's attendance at services. They agreed to say he believed differently than they did and worshiped in his own way. Of course, most of the congregation knew what that meant. Jerry was a nonbeliever, an unsaved heathen, or at best a backslider.

Three years after they married, Angela's father died of a massive heart attack. It was said the matron he was counseling when he had the heart attack was hysterical. He had allegedly been standing over her while she sat on the couch in his office when he keeled over on top of her. He pinned her to the couch for several moments before she could get him off her and call 911. There were many snickers over the rumors going around. The first responders laughed at how the matron's blouse was improperly buttoned with her braless breasts showing. There were obvious bite marks on them. When the doctors took off the Reverend's pants they found his cock damp and smelling of female secretions. His cock was zipped into his zipper. No one knew for sure why the matron and her husband divorced a few months after the Reverend passed away. Snicker, snicker.

Angela was offered and she accepted the position of Minister when her Father died. She hired a new youth minister to fill her old position. Jerry thought the new Youth Minister looked familiar but he shrugged it off. Probably someone I saw at college or somewhere if I do recognize him, he thought.

Over the course of the next two years Jerry began to notice a strange coolness coming from Angela. She seemed more demanding, less concerned with his thoughts and feelings about things in general and their life together in particular. When he questioned her about her attitude she would apologize and blame her actions on problems at church.

One of the things that bothered Jerry the most about Angela's new position was the time it took away from home. She always seemed to have some meeting or another to attend. She kept regular office hours in her large plush office at the church. She also attended committee meetings in the evenings, met with the Deacons twice a month, and, of course, did visitations with ill and grieving church members. She also officiated at weddings and funerals as required. Jerry found himself seeing her less and less. Many weeks he did not see her awake for two or three days in a row.

Jerry began to hear rumors again about Angela. The rumors whispered about her being overly friendly with her Youth Minister and some of the Deacons. One day he saw Angela having lunch in a restaurant with the Youth Minister. They were sitting on the same side of the booth looking at some papers while they ate. From time to time they would feed each other from their plate or look deeply into each other's eyes and one or the other would touch the other's thigh. The touches were over the clothes admittedly but Jerry still found them to be inappropriate. He decided to investigate.

Talk about clichés, Jerry thought. Hell, they all fit don't they? A leopard doesn't change its spots, once a cheater always a cheater and, of course, the one I always knew about Preachers and Teachers daughters being wild.

As he thought of all the other clichés that fit the situation Jerry continued with his self imposed task. While he worked he continued to think about his life up to now. He admitted to himself that he got what he deserved. He got what he knew or should have known he would get when he married Angela. Now, in addition to all the heartache he had to look forward to he had to figure out some way to navigate through a divorce where the cards would be stacked against him. Almost all the movers and shakers in town were in Angela's camp and would make times tough for him during and after the divorce.

Since Jerry was Yard Manager at the building supply center he was responsible for the yard, deliveries and drivers. Part of his job was to supervise deliveries as well as load outs in the yard itself. Since that was the case he decided to see what he could uncover about Angela personally before he took any action against her. His first task was to secrete audio recorders and video recorders in her office at the church. He also made more personal trips to job sites to supervise his delivery drivers and check on customer satisfaction. On each of those trips Jerry made it a point to drive past the church and check on Angela. Many times if there were cars there that he did not normally see he would go inside to check on Angela. He normally recognized the vehicles of the day care workers and others who worked there daily. On these visits he made sure he was not seen by anyone.

A month after he decided to check on Angela, Jerry parked his work truck two blocks away from the church. He walked to the church grounds and quietly entered through the back entrance. Jerry carefully moved closer to the doorway into Angela's office at the church. He could hear her moans and the loud laughter of one of the church's Deacons through the closed door. He knew he shouldn't be there but he had to confront the assholes once before figuratively calling down the wrath of God on their heads. He almost giggled to himself and admitted perhaps the wrath of God was the wrong word to use in this case. He would call down the wrath of the allegedly godly, however. The two video cameras in her office and the recorder on her phone plus the one in her car were well worth the money he spent on them. He now had several hours of videos of Angela and her lovers during her evening meetings. He even had some video of clandestine meetings during the day. One surprise he had was finding out Angela was Bi. She was having sex with several of the churches matrons as well as her Deacons and Youth Minister. Tonight he was going to take some still photos with his camera and confront the man he expected to find inside, his boss from work.

Jerry would have been much better off if he had looked at the recording before opening the door, however. Or maybe he wouldn't have. When he stepped into the room with his camera up he stopped in shock. Instead of his boss, the senior Deacon, alone with his wife he found all of the church's Deacons and the Youth Minister. They and Angela were all naked. Angela was airtight, one cock in her ass, cunt and mouth. Three other men were standing apparently waiting their turn with Angela.

After his initial shock Jerry managed to begin taking pictures. When he opened the door the men with Angela saw him almost immediately. They all stopped in shock for a moment. With a loud yell the Youth Minister announced, "Get him. He has a camera."

Jerry began to move back when the standing men started for him. He laughed to himself when he heard Angela scream. He even caught a pretty good shot of the man in her ass pulling from it leaving it gaping open. The Deacon underneath her pushed her off him and began struggling to his feet also.

Jerry ran from the church and headed for his truck. To his surprise he was not even out of the parking lot when all the participants exited the church. Angela had pulled her dress on but it was still unbuttoned. The men were in trousers but otherwise undressed except for shoes. Angela rushed to her caddy and jumped into the driver's seat. Three of the men got into the car with her and two followed Jerry on foot. Angela screeched out of the parking lot following him. Jerry beat the men to his truck and took off toward his home. He intended to pack his remaining clothes and move away. Angela was supposed to be served the divorce papers the next day. Jerry was doing 55 in a 30 when he flashed through a light just after it turned red. He laughed to himself knowing Angela would be caught by the light and he would gain enough time on them to get safely back home and locked inside.

Jerry watched in his rear view mirror with a huge grin on his face waiting for Angela to screech to a stop. To his horror her car continued to roar through the intersection. He lost sight of her as a Semi Trailer moved into the intersection. Even from almost a block away he heard the loud crash when Angela's car impacted the truck.

Jerry quickly turned around and drove back to the intersection. He pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store on the corner. He walked into the street and looked at the accident. Angela's car was trapped underneath the semi. Jerry stood for over an hour as the car was first pulled from underneath the truck then carefully cut open with the Jaws of Life until all four lifeless bodies could be pulled from it. He felt many sorrowful glances as it became evident to the first responders, firemen and ambulance crew what had been going on. Angela was naked underneath her dress. The dress was unbuttoned to her waist. She had sperm draining from her pussy and in her hair. The men with her were only half dressed. Oh, yes, they knew what had been going on.

Finally the evening's ordeal was over. Jerry was told he could pick up the accident report in four days at the main police station. Angela and her deceased Deacons were taken to the hospital for official pronouncement of death. Jerry went home alone.

Almost immediately the phone calls and visits from church members began. Strangely, about two hours after he got home the calls and visits almost stopped completely. The next week was a blur as Jerry made funeral arrangements and said good bye to his wife the Right Reverend Angela Stringer.

One surprise for Jerry after the funeral was being fired from his job. His boss had been one of the Deacons riding with Angela. His first day back at work after the funeral his bosses wife called him to the office. When he entered she looked at him and hissed, "Close the door, Jerry."

After the door was closed Jerry started to sit down. With her eyes flashing and shooting sparks Mrs. Tuttle said, "You don't need to sit down you little shit. I know what you did that afternoon. It's your fault my husband and those other people are dead. I've already had the office prepare your last check Jerry. You're fired. Because of your antics I've lost my husband and this town has lost three other fine citizens. There's no place for you here. You need to move on. Now get out."

Jerry was so shocked he almost just left. He was turning when the anger hit him. He turned back to Mrs. Tuttle and said, "I don't know what you think happened that night but it damn sure wasn't my fault. If Angela hadn't been cheating on me with her Deacons I wouldn't have caught her. If they hadn't wanted to catch me and take my camera from me so they could delete the pictures I took they wouldn't have had the accident. None of this was my fault at all. I'm the one who got shit on here."

"Bullshit. The Youth Minister filled me in on your antics. He said you left in a jealous rage making threats against Angela and those men for having so many meetings. They were trying to stop you and explain things to you when they had the accident. Now just get out of here."

Jerry started to say something else then just decided fuck it and left. He picked up his last check and returned home. To his surprise when he got home there were three cars in the driveway. He was met at the door by the Youth Minister and two surviving Deacons. The minister sneered at Jerry and said, "Jerry, I've been appointed minister in Angela's place. Since this is the church provided parsonage I need you to get out of my new house immediately."

When the new minister moved toward Jerry he finally recognized him. He said, "Now I know you. You were one of the assholes Angela cheated with in college."

The minister smiled and moved to Jerry. He hit him in the stomach. When Jerry bent forward a Deacon took each arm. The minister placed his arm around Jerry's shoulders and said quietly, "You might look at it that way I suppose. Angela was my woman then and she has been my woman ever since. None of us had enough money to party like we wanted to so she hooked up with you. Didn't you ever wonder how she managed to drink so much beer and whiskey between your visits to her apartment? Hell, you kept us in booze for over a year until we got drunk and fucked up and you caught us. We've been friends with benefits ever since but you'll never prove anything." He laughed and continued, "We came in the night Angela died and got the pictures off your camera. Now it's just your word against ours as to what really happened the other night. We're fine upstanding pillars of the community so who do you think they will believe? We have all the movers and shakers in this little hick town covered so you really need to move on now Jerry."

The minister hit Jerry once more in the stomach and then he and his Deacons walked off laughing. Just before he got into the car the minister said, "You have three days to get your personal possessions out of the house asshole. Remember the furniture belongs to the church too buddy."

Jerry staggered into the parsonage. Now at least he knew what happened to the pictures on his camera. He thought he erased them by mistake in the aftermath of the accident. Jerry rested until his stomach stopped hurting then he began to pack. He had intended on leaving anyway because he knew they lived in the parsonage. He just hadn't intended to leave as soon as he was. At least he had an apartment to move to over his parent's garage. Some of his belongings were already there.

Thankfully Jerry was able to get all his remaining personal possessions in his F150 Super Crew. He left everything he considered Angela's where it sat. He was out of the house headed for his parent's home outside of town by 6:30 that evening. On the drive he had a sick little thought. He thought, at least I didn't have to go through a divorce and lose half our savings. It was quick and relatively painless, at least for me.

Jerry decided to take a couple weeks off before hunting work. Three days after he got to his parent's house he received a phone call from an insurance company. He didn't even know the church provided life insurance on the Pastor. He was informed the church had filed the claim for the death benefit. Because the death was accidental and Jerry was listed as spouse and beneficiary of the policy he would be paid $400,000.00 for Angela's death. The policy was for $200,000 with an accidental death indemnity that would double the original policy in the case of an accidental death such as Angela's.

Jerry received the money by bank wire transfer six days later. Five days after that Jerry received a phone call from the Minister of Angela's old church demanding he turn over the money from Angela's insurance policy to the church. Jerry laughed and hung up on the man.

A week later Jerry received a letter from an attorney who he remembered was a church member demanding the insurance settlement money or face a lawsuit. His letter informed Jerry that the policy beneficiary was supposed to have been the church and a clerical error caused his name to be entered as beneficiary. Jerry didn't know if that was true or not but his name was listed as beneficiary and he intended to keep the money. This time Jerry contacted the insurance company and they told him they would handle the matter from their end. Jerry never heard another word from the church.

A couple of weeks after he received the settlement Jerry was driving around on the back roads one evening heading for an old friends home. He drove through a small town called Wilson's Mill. Heading out of town on the road toward his friends house he drove past the mill that had been restored and turned into a restaurant, café and still operating mill. About half a mile past the mill he saw a sign advertising 40 acres with river frontage for sale. Jerry stopped and looked over the land for a moment then moved on down the road.

When Jerry got to his friends house they began hoisting a few and tripping down memory lane. During the evening Jerry asked if he knew anything about the land. He said, "Yeah, it's a pretty nice little piece of ground. Pete and Jenny Ficke own it. Their house burned down several months ago and they decided not to rebuild. They took the insurance money and bought a place in town. They're both in their 70's and quit farming several years ago. It's a pretty good buy I think. There is still a large three car detached garage on the place and a couple of old barns about to fall down. I think he even plans to let his old worn out machinery and tools go with the place when it sells. The house and buildings were on a bank about 200 feet from the river in a bunch of trees. Some of the trees were killed by the fire but most of them are still alive."

Jerry took down the name of the real estate agent and their phone number on his way home that night. Three weeks later Jerry owned 40 acres of riverfront property with a three car garage and two falling down barns on it. The well was deep and gave sweet water so he was all set. He only had to pay $100,000.00 for the land also. Even after he turned the garage into a small house by adding a bathroom on one side Jerry had nearly $280,000 left from the insurance settlement. Jerry still had almost $7000 in his checking account also.

Jerry invested the insurance money in conservative investments. He bought some utility stocks, some high yield bond mutual funds, and splurged on 100 shares of Apple Computer Company. His investments were paying him a monthly income of about $1,600.

As his friend said, part of the purchase price of the farm included some old nearly worn out machinery. It still ran but was 20 to 30 years old and too small for current large farming operations. Jerry used the bush hog to keep weeds cut and the tractor and plow to put in a garden. He even increased his income slightly by putting in a crop of wheat on the tillable acreage.

One of the last things Jerry did before leaving town for good was exact his final revenge against the men and women he knew to be Angela's lovers. He purchased enough CD's to send a copy of everything he had recorded of her trysts to everyone on her mailing list. He also sent copies to the local radio and TV stations and the local paper. Many of the largest business owners as well as other important people in town received the CD's.

Within three weeks of his leaving town all the remaining Deacons and the Minister were replaced by the church. Everyone who starred in the orgies was in the process of divorce and the scandal was spreading. Apparently, Jerry did not get pictures of all Angela's lovers but those who he did get threw their friends to the wolves. By the time it all ended there were 19 divorces in the church hierarchy caused by the fallout of Angela's wanton behavior.

Jerry became next thing to a hermit. He didn't know anyone in Wilson's Mill, Steelville, or Prineville with the exception of the one friend he had visited when he found his place. He didn't make much effort to meet his neighbors. He had been born and raised in Joplin where he and Angela had lived. All his friends were there but he had no interest in returning to the town where he had known so much heartache. He also had no interest in moving to Centerton where he and Angela had gone to college.

Three years after he moved to the farm Jerry was a changed man. His hair was cut in a buzz cut and he constantly had a three or four day growth of beard. He had not purchased any clothes since he moved to the farm. His wardrobe was looking rough and worn, threadbare. Jerry worked on his small farm, raised his wheat or soybeans and a large garden. He raised his own chickens for meat and eggs. Every year he purchased two or three weaning pigs and a couple of bottle calves for his pork and beef. He sold what he didn't eat himself. If he wasn't working in his garden or field he was either fishing or lying around on the stream bank or inside if the weather was not good enough to be outside. He cut wood for the majority of his heat. He was actually saving money on his small monthly income. His garden, animals and the small profit on his crops normally paid his yearly living expenses.

If you asked Jerry he would tell you he was fine, ok, pretty happy. If you looked in his eyes you would see a dead empty look, the look of a defeated man, one who just existed. Jerry read voraciously, both printed books and on the internet. He even traded stock off and on but not much. He had a gravy train from his death benefit and didn't want to chance losing it because of a bad trade. Other than reading, his one extravagance was a trip to a local beer bar every few weeks to pick up a barfly for a piece of worn out pussy. He would show up around midnight usually and hit on one of the better looking drunk women who abounded in the bar. Most times he would fuck them in the back of his truck or their car and be home before the bar closed. It usually only cost him a couple of beers and a little begging.

The summer Jerry was 29 his life changed again. Jerry didn't know it for a several months but it began changing when the local outfitter began their first guided rafting trip of the year. One of the female guides took to waving at Jerry every time they floated past his farm if he was outside and in sight. When he was close enough to the river for her to talk she would say hi and they would yell conversation back and forth until she had floated far enough away that conversation was impractical. To his surprise Jerry found himself looking forward to the conversations. On busy days sometimes she would pass twice in a day.

One day in late July, instead of paddling the raft past Jerry's place, the woman and her charges guided it onto the gravel bar by his house. Everyone jumped out and they pulled the raft from the water. Jerry walked down to the group and the woman walked up toward Jerry. She said, "I'm sorry we stopped and bothered you sir. We hit a broken off tree branch wrong just up the stream and punched a hole in the raft. If it's ok with you I need to patch it and then we'll get on down the stream and leave you alone."

"Yeah, sure," Jerry said. "Can I do anything to help?"

"No, all I need is the gravel bar and a few minutes for the glue to dry after I patch the hole."

While the woman worked and waited for the patch to dry she and Jerry talked. To his surprise he enjoyed every moment of the conversation and hated to see her leave. Perhaps happy was not the correct word for how Jerry felt; content might hit the nail on the head however. Jerry lived in his own home even if it was a converted garage and one room to boot. He had more money coming in than he spent; he was healthy and only did whatever the hell he felt like doing.

Most of the next month what Jerry felt like doing was keep up with his garden during the cooler early mornings and then lounge around the river bank between dips in the cool water during the remainder of the day. When his new friend came by he would wade out then float in the deeper water and visit with her and her charges as they slowly floated past. Occasionally, another of the guides would be with her and all of them would visit.

One Sunday afternoon to his surprise Jerry heard himself inviting Brittany, "his" guide, back to his place for a BBQ after she got off work. She had told him she normally had Monday and Tuesday off and was lamenting the fact she had no plans for her upcoming "weekend" off. She smiled and said, "I would love to. Would it be ok if I brought Tessa also? She and I usually hang together on our time off. We've been best buds ever since we started grade school. We're even taking the same major in college and have all our classes together."

Jerry and his guests had a blast. They did BBQ beside the stream and had tater salad, baked beans, coleslaw, and the obligatory beer with it. By the end of the evening Jerry realized he had more fun than he had since before he married Angela. It seemed like he and the women were always laughing. They spent almost as much time in the water as they did on shore. Between the swimming, the food, and the beer, they were exhausted by ten p.m.

The women insisted on helping clean up after the party. They staggered into his house giggling all the way and placed dirty dishes in the sink and left over food in the refrigerator. Brittany staggered up to Jerry and placed her extended arms on his shoulders then looked him in the eyes. She said, "Thanks for the good time and the food Jerry. We gotta go now though. It's bedtime." Brittany giggled and moved back from Jerry before continuing her conversation "Gotta get our beauty rest ya know. 'Sides, a girl's gotta get something to relax her before she can go to sleep, don't ya know."

Tessa gasped and grabbed Brittany's arm when she said that. Both women blushed slightly and Brittany staggered slightly when Tessa pulled her away from Jerry. Tessa looked carefully at Brittany and said, "Damn, girl, we're both sloshed. How we gonna get our asses home without getting in trouble? Guess I'll haveta drive. I dint have as many beers as you did."

Jerry stood in indecision for a moment and then said, "Look, you two, I know you don't know me very well but I think you should stay here for the night. I don't want you driving while you're drunk and getting a ticket or injured. We shouldn't have had so much to drink but I let things get away from me, too. Guess we were having way too much fun. You can use my bed and I'll rack out on the couch."

The women giggled again and staggered toward Jerry's bed. To his surprise they began taking their clothes off as they walked. By the time they stood beside the bed they were both nude. They turned to him and caroled, "Good night, Jerry." He watched as they crawled into his bed and pulled the sheet over them.

Jerry opened up the sleeper sofa and got out a couple of sheets for it. He turned the lights off and crawled into his bed. Jerry was drifting off to sleep when he began hearing soft giggles and smacking. He heard movement on his bed, springs creaking and whispers. Things quieted down for a moment. Jerry was drifting off to sleep once more when he heard light moaning. A feminine voice moaned once more then he heard "Ahhhhhh." He heard a short scream that was cut off almost in the middle. Finally he rose up and looked toward his bed. The sheet was off the bed and his two guests were in a 69 munching on each other's pretty little pussy.

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