by Lyndon Brown

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Flash Sex Story: Cheaters never prosper!

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Revenge   .

I rose to my feet as the ball approached the goal. The forwards, twin sisters in blue, worked a set pattern as they broke over the line. One defenseman, in red, had fallen. My son, the remaning defenseman, covered the girl on the far side. He cut the angle to block a shot on goal, but couldn't prevent a pass to his sister cutting across the center of the field. The goalie came out to hurry her shot. He dove, catching the ball at the far post, sprawling on his face.

The shooting forward picked up a yellow card for kicking the ball from his hands, long after the whistle. It wasn't fair. She was pissed: there never should be a rule against kicking your brother, even in under-eight-league soccer.

"They're yours, aren't they Bob"

"You know they are Dan. Twin girl forwards and defenseman and goalie twin boys. You're starting to piss me off with all these questions. If you want something from me, just ask, But after the game. Allright? Quit beating around the bush. Ask and I'll answer yes or no. OK?"

Dan and his wife are more Jen's friends than mine, but we usually get along. Today he was driving me nuts. I don't get to see the kids play all that often. I wanted to concentrate on them, but he never stopped talking.

Halftime, and the teams were busy with oranges and juice boxes. We found a quiet corner. I tried to get him to spill whatever was on his mind.

"You know how much Ali and I want to have kids. We found out this week we can't. That is, I can't. I'm as near sterile as doesn't matter. We want your help."

"Whatever you want. A loan? A sperm donation? Whatever. I know how much those procedures can cost."

"No procedures, We have religous restrictions."

"What then?"

"Birds and bees, Bob. The way you made the twins!"

"What the fuck? Medicine is prohibited, but adultery is OK?"

"I know about you two in college. Your sin has already been committed, and forgiven."

"I can't give you the instant answer I promised. I need to talk to Ali, and I need to give this serious thought"

Ali and I had our time together freshman year. She was well away from her father, the deacon, and Dan her affianced husband. I was, I am, a horndog. If pussy is offered, I'll be near the front of the line. I admit I seduced her, but once the seduction was done, there was no further resistance. She could flat wear me out, drain me dry.

Jen replaced Ali's dorm mate sophomore year. Jen and I were polar opposites: the petite virgin and the football stud. She was going to be a virgin till marriage, or die trying. I loved her and did wait for her. It nearly killed me. Luckily, I had a string of friends with benefits, including Ali, to keep me sane and healthy till then.

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