Afternoon Submission

by AngelJon

Copyright© 2014 by AngelJon

Romantic Sex Story: An afternoon to remember with a friend's wife.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Cheating   DomSub   Light Bond   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Double Penetration   .

I find you at home one all alone. I grab you in my arms and lay a big kiss on you. I tell you that if you trust me, you will have one of the best sex days of your life. You bow your head and tell me that you trust me.

I take you in the bedroom and tell you to strip very slowly showing me your sexy body. You are only wearing a sleep shirt with tiny panties. You take of your shirt finally showing me those perky beautiful titties with nipples just straining to be touched. Then you slowly slide your tiny panties down your legs, showing me that lovely ass. Once your panties hit the floor, you kick them aside – all the while staring into my eyes. Then, turning around and bending over, your hands reach back to spread your cheeks open ... showing me everything. I can see that you are very wet. I take you in my arms and tell you that I will be using you fully, but in a gentle way. I tell you to undress me. As you undo my pants, you realize that I am going commando. As you push them down off of my hips, you notice with delight that I'm clean-shaven. When my cock pops out, I tell you to kneel, kiss it, and show me how well you can suck a cock. Your eyes look up at me in submission as you engulf my thick cock into your hot mouth. I only allow you to suck for just a short time, and then I tell you to close your eyes and bow your head.

Producing a silk blindfold, I wrap it around your head, completely covering those beautiful eyes. I say, "Angel Lynn! You are now mine! Do you still trust me?"

Quietly, you whisper, "Yes."

Hearing this, I tell you for the rest of the day I am "Sir" and, if you forget to address me as such, I can punish you as well.

I see you shiver as I speak, but you immediately reply, "Yes, SIR!"

I then take you over to the bed and restrain you in a spread eagle position. Your arms are raised up and stretched out to each corner of the bed, making your breasts taut to your chest. Each leg is restrained to a corner, leaving you completely exposed and vulnerable to whatever I have planned for you. Indeed, you must trust me to have allowed yourself to be restrained in such a totally vulnerable position!

I tell you that I have to go out to the car and get some toys. You ask me what I am going to do and I tell you wait and see.

I leave the room and I stay gone far longer than I need to be. I want the tension to build in you as you contemplate what may be in store for you. Of course, in your position, you're helpless to do anything to prevent what is about to happen, and that powerless feeling is making you so wet that you feel your juices leaking from your open pussy.

You hear me return, but I say nothing. You realize that you really have no idea if it is me, or if I'm even alone. Suddenly, you feel my touch on your bare skin. The sudden sensation after being left alone so long makes you tense up reflexively. Finally, you hear my soothing voice assuring you that you need not worry ... it won't hurt TOO much!" I laugh out loud at those words, and I see your entire body become taut, pulling at your restraints ... unsure now if your trust may have been misplaced after all!

You feel the bed depress as I move onto the mattress next to you. First, you feel my hot breath, then my soft lips against your bare neck. As I kiss, lick, and nibble on your neck and ears, my hands slide slowly across your chest and across your amazing breasts. As I do that, your nipples respond as expected and rise up as hard buttons. My hands circle your nipples, making them even harder, until I find them with my fingers and roll them, then pinch them roughly. You begin to cry out at this sudden pain, but decide against it and bite your lip to prevent from making further sounds. Then my lips move down from your neck, across your chest, and feast on the hard nipples that I had been pinching a moment earlier.

As my mouth replaces my hands on your tits, my hands continue their journey down your body, across your soft belly, until they run over the bony part of your pubis and down into the crease of your pussy, falling into the hot wetness between your legs.

Your hips start to rise to meet my exploring fingers. I know that you are most definitely my possession now! So, to maintain control, I withdraw my hand from your wetness. You can't help but let out a moan of protest! Not realizing what else I have in store for you, though ... you wait. Then you feel the light touch of a feather against your skin. Starting on your face, it travels down over all of your body teasing you mercilessly. You are squirming and begging me to stop. I tell you that if you use your safe word "ELEPHANT", then this will stop and I will leave immediately. You don't say a word just moan.

Once again, my hands return to your body. I start fingering your pussy, then my fingers follow your dribbling juices down to your puckered little asshole. I had planned to add some lube onto your ass, but I find that your copious juices are a very sexy, natural lubricant. I penetrate your ass my finger, lightly and not too deep at first. I continue fingering your cunt and massaging your clitoris as I also probe deeper into your tight ass. You are really squirming now, breathing heavy and starting to moan. I tell you that something bigger than my finger will be penetrating all of your holes today. You moan loudly and shove yourself down on my fingers.

I then take a small vibrating dildo about the width of 2 of my fingers and start twisting and pushing it into your open ass. Your sphincter muscles grip it tightly. I turn it on low, at first. Your cunt gets hotter and wetter, my fingers on your clit are dancing on and off of it very fast. I can tell you are close to cumming. I ask you if you are ready to cum. You scream, "Yes!" You certainly seem ready! Just as you are about to reach the crest of the wave and are looking forward to crash over it ... I pull my fingers away and turn off the vibe and tell you that you aren't ready to cum yet. You are begging to be allowed to cum, begging me to return my fingers to your body. But, I tell you that you must be quiet, or it will be a long time until you cum. Realizing that you are at my mercy for the relief you so badly need, you follow my orders and become quiet.

I then pull out a butterfly vibe and place it on your clit and turn it on low. Once again, I turn the vibe on that has been resting in your ass. I start running my fingers in and out of your cunt. After a couple of minutes of this exquisite torture, your body is bucking wildly against the restraints and your moans fill the room. The smell of your natural wetness fills my nostrils, and I sense that you are – again - ready to cum.

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