Saturday Morning at the Fights

by Percy Sugden

Copyright© 2014 by Percy Sugden

Sex Story: Married Betsy finds her lover in bed with another woman. And the winner is...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Cat-Fighting   .

My name is Betsy. I am a thirty two year old mother of two boys, 10 and 8. I've been married for twelve years to Bob, whom I love very much. For the past two years, though, I've been having an affair with the man next door who is four years my junior.

It started at a pool party that Danny, my lover, and his wife Caroline were having. Things got a bit out of control when some of us women took off our bikini tops and Caroline, who is a bit of a prude, ordered us off the property. We went next door to Bob and my place and continued the party. Danny came with us, much to his wife's anger. Later that night I found myself on my hands and knees behind our pool house with Danny's huge cock in my cunt. It was the best screwing I'd ever had.

Don't get me wrong. I don't love Danny but I'm in love with his gorgeous cock. It's only a little longer than my husband's but much thicker and uncircumsized, with a head the size of a plum. I spend hours licking around the inside of the foreskin and sucking on his big balls. I find I let Danny do things to me I'd never let Bob do like come in my mouth and all over my face, and even screw me in the ass.

I feel a bit guilty sometimes because I'm sure Bob is completely faithful to me. Anyway, if I ever caught him with another woman I'd probably kill him and the bitch he was with; I've got a bad jealous streak and a nasty temper.

One Saturday morning not too long ago, Bob and two of the neighborhood men took the kids to a double header in the city. They left at nine so they could get a good park and good seats. About same time Caroline, who has a job in a boutique at the nearby mall, left for work. I waited for half an hour to make sure nobody came back unexpectedly, then put on my skimpy red string bikini, the one Bob won't let me wear in public, or when the kids are around, and went over to Danny's house. With a short terry cloth robe over the very revealing swimsuit I walked across his driveway and through the gate of his eight foot high fence. The neighbors know I often use Caroline and Danny's pool because ours has sprung a leak and we're currently in litigation with the contractor who built it.

Once through the gate I doffed my robe and went over to the back door which, I knew, was not locked. I took off my sandals and quietly slipped into the kitchen. I know Danny likes to sleep late on Saturday mornings and my visit was going to be a surprise. My cunt was already wet and juicy in anticipation.

I crept through the kitchen and dining room, through the hall and up the stairs. On arriving upstairs I heard noises coming from the master bedroom. I froze; at first I thought Caroline must still be home but then distinctly remembered her leaving.

The bedroom door was partially open so I carefully took a look inside. Danny was naked and on the bed on his hands and knees. Behind him was Louise, the wife of one of the guys who had gone to the baseball game with Bob. She was also nude. She had spread Danny's ass cheeks apart and was giving his tasty little brown asshole a thorough tongue bath, something he has me do because Caroline absolutely refuses to. By the noises they were making they were both enjoying themselves immensely.

I stood in the doorway for a few moments in shock. Then I began to see red. I heard myself say, "What the fuck's going on!"

Lost in their sexual reverie, neither Danny nor Louise had seen me come in, Danny because he had his eyes closed from the pleasure he was receiving and Louise because her face was buried in the crack of his ass. They both jumped, probably thinking I was Caroline returning unexpectedly.

Louise is a tall, skinny blond with big tits and is a couple of years younger than me. She was the first to respond. "What are you doing here? Get the fuck out!" she said as if I was a piece of shit.

"What's the meaning of having this skinny, bottle blond, silicon titted slut in bed with you?" I shouted at Danny, ignoring Louise.

"I thought you went to the ball game with Bob," Danny tried to say, but Louise drowned him out.

"Silicon? Silicon? These are real!" she shouted at the same time, grabbing her tits. "And Danny likes them big, not like the two zits you have on your chest."

"At least mine don't flop about and hit my knees when I walk down the street braless!" I shouted back.

"At least no one ever pointed at me and said, 'Who's that short-ass man over there'."



"Ass sucker!"

"Dog fucker!"

It was too much for me. I went over to the bed, grabbed the bitch's bleach blond hair and pulled her onto the floor. I kicked her in the stomach, causing her to double over into a foetal position. "Now get the fuck out," I screamed. "Danny's mine."

Thinking that was that, I looked over at Danny who sat on the bed stroking his cock with a crooked grin on his face. The words, "What the fuck are you grinning at," had just left my lips when I was knocked off my feet by Louise.

I landed on my back with the wind knocked out of me. Louise was on top of me, straddling my stomach and pinning my arms high above my head. With my teeth I grabbed the inside of her left tit, which was dangling in my face, and bit hard. She screamed and sat up straight. I tried to roll her off me but didn't succeed. Instead, Louise pummelled my face with her fists. I tasted blood from a cut lip.

The only thing I seemed to be able to grab was her left nipple. I twisted it hard and she toppled off me. I was up quickly and kicked her in the tits. She caught my foot the second time I tried to kick her and wrenched it, causing me to fall to the floor. We both jumped up at the same time and warily circled one another, calling each other the filthiest names we could think of.

Louise made the first strike, swiping at me with her long fingernails. I thought I had moved back enough but her claws scratched my right tit, tearing one of the strings holding up my bikini top at the same time. Quickly I shucked the top so it wouldn't get in my way. Feigning to the left, I kicked at her and caught her between the legs, lifting her several inches into the air and bruising my foot on her pubic bone. We grappled, our tits pressed together as we applied bear hugs on each other. It wasn't working so I, being a good four inches shorter than her, suddenly pushed up, the top of my head hitting her in the face. Blood from her nose splattered everywhere.

Heartened by this turn of events I tried the coup de grace. I backed away and punched her hard in the stomach. When she doubled over I swung my knee into her face. Unfortunately she saw the move and caught my leg which she pulled high in the air, trying to tip me over. I twisted and got out of her grasp. As I scrambled away on my hands and knees I felt her fingernails scrape down my lower back. Her fingers caught hold of my bikini bottoms and she held me until the thin string finally parted and I got away.

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