The Road Not Taken

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Intrigued by the sexual exploits of her tenant, Jennifer Sutherland explores the road not taken.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Female   White Female   Oriental Female   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   .

Jennifer Sutherland stared out the kitchen window as she took another sip of her morning coffee. Mentally, she made a note to call the lawn service to trim the grass out by the back fence. The paper was calling for rain this afternoon but looking at the clear morning sky she thought they were wrong once again.

"I guess she's not coming this morning." the 38 year old brunette said to herself as she placed her now empty coffee cup down on the table.

"She" was Sally Yee, the 25 year old emergency room nurse who had rented the basement apartment for the last few months. Jennifer and Sally usually had coffee every Friday but this morning she'd found a note saying she'd been called into work late last night and might not be able to make it. Still, Jennifer had come to enjoy their weekly chats so much that she had hoped Sally could still make it.

Rinsing out the cup in the sink, Jennifer remembered that at first she'd been reluctant to rent out the tiny basement apartment. They'd converted the small room into living space when they'd first bought the house fifteen years ago so that her widowed mother could live with them. She had passed away six years ago and her oldest son Chris had inherited the apartment. Then Chris went away to college a year and a half ago and his brother Bill took it over.

Eight months ago, right after his 18th birthday, Bill had enlisted in the Navy, deciding that it was a good way to spend a few years while he decided what he wanted to do with his life. It wasn't a bad decision but it had left Jennifer with an empty house.

It had been both a new and very strange feeling to the mother of two. A little over 20 years ago, Jennifer had gone right from her father's house to her husbands. It wasn't how she planned it though. Originally there had been plans for college, maybe a career. And if she was totally honest with herself, she wasn't 100% certain that her future plans involved Jack Sutherland. But what was that phrase from the song, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

"Oh it happened all right." Jennifer said to herself as she stepped out onto the kitchen porch. "Did it ever."

Her thoughts drifted back to the night some six weeks after the senior prom when she became all too aware of two of life's harsh realities. The first was the fine print on the side of a box of condoms, not that she ever read it, which stated that while effective, any form of birth control was only 99% or so. The other truth was the fact that yes, you can lose your virginity and get pregnant at the same time.

It could've been worse. She and Jack had already graduated High School and he had already gone to work at his father's hardware store. Two decades later, Jack Sutherland had taken over from his father and owned four hardware stores in four different towns.

If only their personal life had been so successful. At 18 they'd been very much in love, but as they grew older, it became very apparent that they had matured in opposite directions. Jack had immersed himself in the business and Jennifer in her sons. The only problem was that while Jack still had the business, looking forward to the day when Chris got his degree and followed in his footsteps, Jennifer now had a big void in her life.

A void that was becoming filled more and more with the what-ifs of her life. What if she'd gone to college? What if she'd been married to someone other than Jack? What if she simply led an adventurous life, leaving behind a trail of lovers. It wasn't too late to pick up the loose threads of her life and start anew, but she found that she lacked the spark to rekindle her fires. "Morning Jennifer." called out a soft quiet voice as its owner walked up the driveway.

"Hi Sally!" Jennifer called out, her mood improving immediately.

"Sorry I couldn't make it this morning." Sally said as she climbed the steps up to the porch "But I didn't finish my shift until 2 A.M. and decided to crash on one of the couches in the lounge rather than drive home tired."

"That was a good idea." Jennifer agreed. "Can you sit for a while or are you on your way out the door again?"

"Well I was going to run a few errands, but I guess they can wait." the black haired woman said as she dropped into one of the large cushioned wicker chairs that filled the porch.

"Great." Jennifer said with a smile as she settled into her own chair. Sally Yee was a few inches taller than Jennifer's 5'6" with a round pleasant face that made her seem even younger than her 25 years. Long straight black hair was tied up into the bun she wore while working. Hair that stretched down to her waist when undone. Sally had a slim but well developed build. A tight waist and taut stomach supported small round breasts that were firm enough not to need additional support. At least Jennifer had never noticed Sally wear a bra, even when she only sported a T-shirt.

Jennifer, on the other hand, had full bodied breasts which had developed early and caused her to have to start wearing a bra long before most of the girls in her class. They had almost been too large for her to make the cheerleader squad in high school.

Mrs. Johnston, the faculty advisor, had felt that Jennifer stood out too much from the other less endowed girls and caused too much of a distraction when she wore the short and tight cheerleader outfits. It took a petition of over a hundred signatures, almost all belonging to boys, to make the principal overrule Mrs. Johnston. The petition said it was a matter of upholding Jennifer's rights, but no one really believed it was anything other then a lot of horny young men's desire to see Jenn doing splits in the red and white cheerleader's uniform. "So how was your night?" Jennifer asked, always interested in the interesting life Sally led.

As the young Asian woman told the tale of the injuries to some police and firemen battling a four-alarm over by the edge of town, Jennifer thought about how much she liked having Sally around.

Despite the difference in their age and backgrounds, the two women had found enough in common to become friends. Jennifer had been amazed to discover that Sally had gotten married even younger than she had. At 17, her family had pressured her into marriage with an older man. The union had lasted less than 2 years and Sally had found herself divorced at 19.

Her family, being very old world, had never forgiven her for what they perceived as an insult to their family honor. Sally hadn't told her exactly why she'd left her husband but it was obvious from the way she talked about their brief marriage that she had never loved him from the start. In Jennifer's case, at least she could say that at least in the early years, her case had been different.

So at 19, disowned by her family, Sally had stopped using the name her family had given her, Yee Sau-ling, and had gone back to school for her nursing degree. Totally immersing herself in her goal, she had crammed a normal course of study into less than 3 years.

Currently, she worked at Metropolitan Hospital only a few blocks away. She had been overjoyed to find an apartment so close that she could walk back and forth to work.

As Sally finished her story, Jennifer remembered something she wanted to ask her younger friend.

"We're having a barbecue Sunday night." Jennifer said. "I was wondering if you could come?"

"Well, I'll have to check my schedule." Sally replied. "I'm on call this weekend."

"I hope you can." Jennifer said. "Jack's cousin Michael is coming over and I really think you'd like him. He's a paramedic so you should have something in common already."

Sally didn't immediately respond but the look on her face told Jennifer that she wasn't exactly excited by the prospect of meeting Jennifer's relative.

"Jenn ... I..." she began.

"No, you don't have to say it." Jennifer cut her off. "I guess I should have asked you first."

"Well ... it might've been a good idea." Sally replied.

"It never occurred to me that you might not be interested." Jenn continued. "I should've considered the idea that you might not want to date non-Asian men. I mean the fact that I've never even heard you mention one should've been a clue."

Sally seemed to be considering something for a few moments as her eyes took on a far-away stare. It lasted only a few brief seconds but when her attention returned it was clear that she had something to say.

"Jenn, I need to tell you something." she began. "I really wasn't planning on bringing this up but I once made myself a promise not to lie to myself or other people for that matter."

"I'm all ears." Jennifer laughed.

"It's not that I don't date non-Asian men." Sally said in a calm, even tone. "I don't date men, period."

"Sally, I know you had a bad marriage." Jennifer quickly replied. "But that's no reason to shut yourself out from relationships. I'm sure that there are plenty of men that..."

"You don't understand." Sally cut her off. "I don't have relationships with men. Jennifer, I'm a lesbian."

For the first time since she'd met Sally, Jennifer was speechless. "I really hadn't planned on telling you that." Sally went on. "But I think if I didn't, you'd be going out of your way to match me up with every unmarried Chinese man in town."

"I never would've guessed." Jennifer finally said. "I mean, I don't know what to say. Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Sally grinned. "This isn't something that I just decided you know. I've known it since I was 13 years old. It soon became obvious to my parents as well. That's why they were so quick to marry me off. I lived a lie every night for two years until I couldn't do it anymore. That's when I promised myself that I'd never lie to myself again — whatever the cost. I don't wear a sign around my neck, but I don't try to hide it either."

"I can't imagine having that much courage." Jennifer said, a touch of admiration in her voice. "To walk away from everything in your life and start over."

"It wasn't easy." Sally admitted. "But every new life begins with a single step, eventually the steps become easier as you build on your life a little at a time." A silent pause hung in the air. It took Jennifer a long minute to understand what Sally had told her.

"I hope this won't make a difference in our friendship." Sally said, breaking the silence.

"A difference?" Jennifer repeated.

"Well, some women have a hard time dealing with lesbianism." Sally went on. "They tend to ignore every other thing about you and just assign some stereotype image."

"What kind of image?" Jennifer asked, genuinely curious.

"Well that you spend your days trying to seduce lonely housewives away from their husbands." Sally explained. "Or when you're not doing that, you're trying to recruit your daughters into some secret society."

"Well are you?" Jenn asked in mock seriousness.

"When I was a lot younger, I wished there was some kind of secret society." Sally said. "Somewhere I could go to talk to someone. You have no idea what it's like to grow up a lesbian teen, and a Chinese lesbian teen on top of that. Imagine having your own parents look down on you as some kind of abomination."

Jennifer thought for a moment of her own parents reaction when she had told them she was pregnant. Her father had been angry enough that night to call her a slut. But in the end they had calmed down and there had been socially acceptable solutions to her predicament. Marriage that early in her life might not be ideal, but at least Jack had a future with his father's company and it would give the baby a name. In fact, since both her mother and mother-in-law were quick to spread the story that Chris was premature, few people knew she had walked down the aisle pregnant.

"No, I can't imagine what it must've been like." Jennifer responded. "But you don't have to worry about our friendship. This isn't going to affect it."

"Are you sure?" Sally asked again.

"I'm positive." Jennifer repeated. "I don't believe in judging someone based on who they share their bed with. After all, look who sleeps on the other side of my bed." she laughingly added.

"I've always thought Mr. Sutherland was a nice guy." Sally noted.

"Oh he is, I'm only kidding." Jennifer replied. "But while we're on the subject, I don't think this is the kind of thing you should mention to him. I hope you're okay with that because I'm really not sure what kind of reaction he would have."

"It's okay." Sally agreed. "As hard as the subject is for some women to come to grips with, it's even harder for an even greater number of men."

"Good." Jennifer said, letting out a deep breath.

"I'd really better get started on those errands." Sally noted as she looked at her watch and began to rise from her seat.

"Please try and come to the barbecue." Sally said. "I'm sure you'll have a good time anyway."

"I'll try." Sally said as she stepped off the porch and waved good-bye.

Sally did come to the barbecue and she had a great time. In fact everyone had a lot of fun. One thing bothered Jennifer though. When the two women were changing into their swim suit, she suddenly felt very self conscious being nude next to Sally. It wasn't that Sally did anything different. In fact, she barely glanced in the older woman's direction. Jennifer just couldn't get the thought out of her mind that exposing herself to Sally was just like letting any of the men outside see her naked.

It was a stupid idea of course, she thought. After all, she was over ten years older than Sally and while she looked good for her age, she definitely didn't have the same body she had back in high school.

That night, long after all the guests had gone home, Jennifer found herself standing nude in front of the bathroom mirror and taking stock of herself. Her hair was still the rich brown color it had been since she was a child, no sign of even a single gray strand. A few lines showed in her face, but there were a lot less than many of her contemporaries. She could chalk that one up to good genes, both her mother and grandmother had aged gracefully as they liked to say.

The large 36C bust that had been so popular back in high school had suffered some of the effects of age and gravity, but serious attention to her physical well-being over the years had helped reduce the negatives there as well. Her small pink nipples were still immediately noticeable, popping to attention as the cool evening air hit them. Absentmindedly, Jennifer ran her middle fingers over each of them.

From the brief glance she had taken before she felt a little foolish, Jennifer remembered that Sally had small very dark brown nipples. She idly wondered if the younger woman's nubs were as sensitive.

Jennifer's stomach showed she should get back to the gym, a long lazy summer had let a few pounds collect there. It wasn't obvious as the bulge that was wrapped around Jack's belly, but even a few too many pounds on a woman stood out.

Her hand slid down to the hairy bush between her legs and gently stroked the center of it. Once upon a time she used to trim her hair regularly, but it had been so long since Jack had noticed she no longer went to the trouble. Oh, they still had sex now and then, but it had been reduced to the occasional wham, bam and thank you ma'am. Long gone were the days when they went at it all night, and if they boys were away, into the next day as well.

The next week passed quickly for Jennifer and she only saw Sally for a few minutes on Friday. Even so, the young Asian woman was never far from her thoughts. She just couldn't get the idea that she was a lesbian out of her mind. What was it like she kept asking herself, making love to another woman? What would it be like to even just kiss one? Of course she'd kissed other women over the years, relatives, girlfriends and such, but they were always safe sexless kisses. How different would it be if backed by passion?

One quiet afternoon, she actually dug out one of those old porno tapes that Jack kept in the basement and watched it. It had been over ten years since she'd watched one of them with him and she tossed aside boxes until she found the one she remembered. She fast forwarded past all the male and female scenes until she got to images of girl on girl sex. She must've watched that five minute segment a half dozen times. By the last time she watched it the young Chinese woman in the film had metamorphosed into Sally's twin. It was quickly becoming an obsession.

Saturday was the busiest day of the week and Jennifer thought it would never end. About ten o'clock, she crawled into bed and fell asleep. About midnight, she woke out of a listless slumber. Something was nagging at the back of her mind. Then it hit her, she'd forgotten to set the washing machine after she'd put in that last load. Normally she would run it overnight to take advantage of the lower electrical rates. She knew that it would keep her awake the rest of the night if she didn't go down and run it now. It was a silly thing really, but that was the kind of person she was.

Slipping out of bed as quietly as she could, Jennifer was careful not to wake Jack. Listening to his heavy breathing for a moment, she doubted that he would've woke if she jumped up and down on the floor.

Down the back stairs she went, carefully opening the door to the laundry room. It took less than a minute to set the machine and she was about to start back up the stairs when she heard a soft bang from the front of the basement. The bang repeated itself a moment later, this time loud enough for Jennifer to identify it as coming from Sally's basement apartment.

Not sure what to make of the noise, Jennifer stepped back from the stairs and tip toed instead into the small storage room that was situated between the laundry room and the basement apartment. Once inside the tiny room, Jennifer could hear voices from Sally's apartment. Curiosity overwhelmed her and she pressed her ear against the wall to hear more.

It was hard to make out exactly what was being said through the sheetrock, but it was very obvious that Sally had company in her room. Based on her recent revelations, it didn't take a second for Jennifer to realize that it was another woman.

"They're making love." Jennifer said to herself as she pressed harder against the wall in order to hear more. "This is exciting." she added as she realized that her heart was beating at a much quicker pace.

Jennifer regretted Jack having done such a good job with the wall insulation as she could only hear parts of what was going on just a few feet away. One thing that she had been able to make out was that the other woman's name was Amber.

"God, I wish I could see what was going on." Jennifer thought as she squeezed her breasts through her nightgown. "I can't remember the last time I was this excited."

Then it came to her in a sudden memory. A few years back, her youngest had drilled a hole in the wall in order to spy on his older brother. She had found it by accident one day and really thought it was rather silly. That was until she had looked through it one afternoon when she had come home unexpectedly and saw Chris standing naked in the center of the room. It came as quite a shock to her. Her oldest son had grown into a handsome 6 footer with blue/green eyes and short blonde hair.

His nakedness wasn't as startling as the fact that his girlfriend, Joyce, was on her knees in front of him, equally naked — her mouth wrapped around his cock. Intellectually, Jennifer knew she should've immediately turned away from the image but the eroticism of it held her at the peephole.

Joyce was a pretty enough girl, but rather skinny Jennifer had always thought. She had small breasts, no more than a B-cup, which always made her wonder why Chris dated her. In the past all of his girlfriends had been rather well endowed. As she watched her son's hardness slide back and forth between her lips, she no longer had to wonder why.

Never having double-dated back in high school, Jennifer had never actually seen another woman give head. From what she could see now, Joyce was a first class cocksucker. In a way, she envied her. Back in high school Jennifer had always found the idea of actually taking a guys cock in her mouth a little repulsive. But then again, there was a popular saying among many of the girls — "No one ever got pregnant giving head." How many times over the years had she wished she'd followed that advice.

She watched fascinated as Chris's young manhood exploded into the 17 year old girl's mouth, sending droplets of shiny white cum dripping down her chin. Joyce continued to run her tongue up and down his now milky coated cock, wiping it clean.

The entire spectacle had only lasted a few minutes but the memory had lasted years. She had spackled over the hole the very next day, both to preserve her son's privacy and to remove her own temptation.

"The hole was right about here." Jennifer said to herself as she ran her finger across the wall in the dark.

A smile filled her face as she discovered to her delight that she lacked her husband's home repair skills. Most of the spackle had dried into a fine powder, the rest was easily chipped away with her nails. A few moments later she had fully exposed the small hole.

In hindsight, the image of herself, a full grown woman, sitting in the dark and spying on her tenant might seem ludicrous. But such was the fire that spread from between her legs that she never gave the idea of how embarrassing it would look if caught a moment's thought.

Thankfully, Sally appeared to be one of those people who liked to make love with the lights on and it was very easy to see into the brightly lit room. In fact, the spy hole was situated almost exactly across from the Asian woman's bed, giving Jennifer a perfect view.

And what a view it was. Facing Jennifer was a young woman in her late 20's with short blond hair and green eyes. As she was on all fours, it was hard to guess her height but Jennifer thought she was about as tall as she was. The young woman was wearing the remains of a green teddy.

Kneeling behind her, Sally was dressed in a very attractive and sexy white nightgown. Her breasts were fully exposed, giving Jennifer the clear view of her dark nipples she had been denied during their party last week. Sally had her hands wrapped around Amber's large breasts, playing with them as she pressed her pelvis against the woman beneath her again and again.

Between Sally's legs, almost hidden from view was something Jennifer had never seen before — not even in Jack's porno films. Of course she knew what a strap-on dildo was even without having seen one. It was all but buried in Amber's pussy as Sally pushed and pulled it in and out.

"Oh baby, do it! Do it to me good!" Jennifer heard Amber cry out as she arched her head back. The sound now carried a lot better though the tiny hole. "Fill my pussy with your cock!"

In response, Sally drove forward with a powerful thrust, at the same time pulling Amber's face to her own, pressing their lips together.

"Oh yessss!" Amber purred.

This was too much for Jennifer. She slipped her hand down into her own panties and found her mound so very wet. Never taking her eyes off the two women in front of her, she began to play with her clit.

Ever since she was a teenager, Jennifer has masturbated almost daily. She remembered all the silly names people called it. Flicking the switch, beating the bush and caressing the kitty were her favorites. Yet in all those years, she couldn't remember her finger dancing to have been this pleasurable.

Faster and faster Jennifer moved her fingers, keeping time with the thrusts of Sally's dildo. In her imagination she could put herself in Amber's place, enjoying the hardness of the artificial cock.

Normally, Jennifer liked to close her eyes and drift in the pleasures of masturbation, but not this time. The spectacle before her was just too exciting.

Sliding her free hand beneath the soft material of her nightgown, Jennifer took each breast in hand and rubbed them vigorously. The motion of her fingers felt good to her and always added to the rising tide between her legs. Playing her nimble fingers over her nipples, she quickly brought them to a full hardness.

She ran her tongue across her lips as she pressed her face against the wall, her eye never wavering from her vantage point. Her entire body felt warm as she pushed two fingers up within herself, imagining them to be Sally's strap-on. It'd been months since she'd been this worked up.

Faster and faster she worked her fingers, matching her penetrations with the gasps of Amber's breaths. The older woman was no longer worried about making any noise — not that the two lovers would've heard her if she screamed.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum!" Amber called out as Sally once more planted her toy between her slender legs. "It feels so good."

"No, not yet!" Sally called out as she grabbed the base of her "cock" and pulled it out of the blonde's pussy. "Not yet!"

As fast as she could, Sally rolled Amber over and replaced her "cock" with her mouth. She drove her tongue up inside her lover, covering it with the sweet juices her efforts had brought forth. Her long slender fingers pressed against Amber's ass as she pulled her crotch tight against her face.

It began as a flicker. Then a touch. Finally a long loving caress. She could feel Amber's body react to each stroke as she ran her tongue across her clit over and over.

Amber began to buckle and spasm as Sally increased the intensity of her tongue's attack. She slid her free hand down between her own legs and slid first one, then two and finally three fingers within herself. She quickly matched the tempo of her fingers to that of her tongue.

Sweat ran down the blonde's body as she shook with each new ecstatic jolt. She could feel the rising crest within her and knew that her orgasm was oh so very near.

Sally darted her tongue in and out of Amber's tunnel of love, causing the waves of pleasure cascading up and down the younger girl's body to double. The harder Sally moved her tongue, the faster the waves repeated.

Faster and faster the waves washed over Amber, each bringing her closer to an explosion. Tears ran down her cheeks as she tried to delay the fire within her so that she could enjoy each second.

With a yell, Amber climaxed loud enough that it caused Jennifer to momentarily jump back from her spy hole. Amber's small body shook for endless seconds as she took in every aspect of her rapture.

Sally followed with her own orgasm seconds later as her fingers covered her wetness. A much softer cry was on her lips.

Almost in time with Sally, Jennifer also climaxed with an intensity that she hadn't enjoyed in oh so very long. Her body trembled as her mouth formed a silent O. Her legs and arms grew weak and repeated waves of delight rippled up and down her near naked form.

For long moments after her bodyquake had ceased she just drifted there, listening to the rapid beating of her heart. She always loved to savor the first moments after an orgasm. One of the sad truths of her life these days was that the orgasms she enjoyed by her own hand were much more enjoyable than those produced by her husband. This climax in particular, had been quite memorable to say the least.

Twenty long minutes passed as Jennifer sat there in the dark room, waiting until the lights went out in Sally's apartment. She couldn't believe what she'd done. Yet at the same time she was so glad she'd done it. Never in her life could she have imagined that it could be so exciting to watch two people make love — and two women at that. What was it that they called someone like that, oh yes — a voyeur.

Quietly as she could she made her way back up to her own bedroom. Jack was still dead to the world as she crawled back into their bed. Despite her recent climax, Jennifer was still horny and reached under the thin sheet and stroked Jack's cock. It didn't take long to bring it to a familiar hardness. Despite this she couldn't seem to get him interested.

"Come on Jack." she whispered as she ducked under the sheet and slipped the head of his cock into her mouth.

"If this doesn't wake the dead, nothing will." she thought as she ran her tongue along the underside of his balls.

"Mmmmmmmm." Jack finally stirred as the pleasant feeling finally woke him up.

"Hi honey." Jennifer purred as she let his cock slip from her mouth and climbed on top of him. "I am so, so horny." she said in her sexiest voice.

Before Jack could respond, Jennifer had guided his cock to the entrance of her moist mound and was pressing hard against it.

"Fuck me baby!" Jennifer said as she felt his hardness fill her. "Fuck me hard!"

Jennifer began to move up and down on his cock, enjoying the sensations that grew in intensity with each motion. Bracing her hand against the sides of the bed, Jennifer rose and dropped with an ever increasing frequency. Faster and faster, she pumped, creating a suction that was drawing the life out of his cock.

"Oh Yes ... Jennifer!..." Jack called out as he matched her familiar motions.

At the rate she was moving, Jennifer knew that he would cum quickly. Even as a young man, Jack had little self control. A few minutes later she felt his body tensing. Lifting herself higher so that his cock nearly fell out of her, she drove herself down on it with a fury. Up again she raised and then down with the same abandon. Twice more was all it took as she felt the first hot burst erupt inside her.

Finally it was done and her hot, sweat covered body collapsed upon his. Too exhausted to even lift herself, she just laid there, his cock still within her. Eventually it began to shrink to its pre-aroused state and slipped from within her...

Drained, Jack quickly fell back asleep, leaving Jennifer to ponder what she had done. It'd been years since they'd fucked in the middle of the night. In fact it'd been months since they'd fucked at all.

It had been sex, pure and simple. Jack had been nothing more than a warm blooded dildo used for her pleasure. Truth be told, Jennifer knew she would have traded it in a moment for the lifeless hard rubber one that Sally had worn, as long as the young Asian woman was attached to the other end of it...

It was that thought that filled Jennifer's mind as she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next Friday morning came quickly and with it Sally and Jennifer's morning coffee. It was hard for Jennifer to keep her mind on the more mundane topics of discussion. All she could see when she looked at Sally was the image of her half naked, screwing the life out of that blonde woman. Four times that week, Jennifer had masturbated to that memory and each climax had been as rewarding as the original.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?" Jennifer asked as casually as she could, trying not to sound too interested in the answer.

"Why yes, I was planning to go out with a friend." Sally replied as she sipped her coffee. "Why?"

"Oh no reason, I just thought if you had no plans we might watch a movie on cable or something." Jennifer explained. "No big deal, maybe another night."

"Sure, why not." Sally said. The moment Sally said she was going out, Jennifer knew that it would be with that blonde again. Silently she hoped they would find their way once again back to Sally's apartment, because if they did, she knew she would be there also. The temptation was too hard to resist.

During the week, Sally had left the keys to the basement apartment with Jennifer because the exterminator was coming by. The older woman had taken the opportunity to check on the peep hole from the other side. To her relief, it was practically invisible. The hole was part of a small piece of chipped wallboard where a wall light had been installed. When the wall light was on, you couldn't look directly at the hole from Sally's side. Jennifer had eliminated the possibility of light from the utility room sided by covering that hole with a small piece of tape.

Jennifer stared at the ceiling as she waited for the clock to reach twelve. She assumed that Sally would be home at the same time as last week. The brunette was too excited to sleep and she ignored Jack's snoring as she ran her finger up and down the slit in her mound. Finally she couldn't wait any longer and got up. Following the same pattern as last week, she made her way to the utility room.

Carefully she removed the tape and saw that the basement apartment was still dark. A small frown of disappointment filled her face. Did they go somewhere else? Perhaps the blonde's home?

"I'm here, might as well give it a little time." Jennifer thought to herself as she got comfortable.

She'd fixed up that corner of the utility room earlier in the week, making a little platform out of some heavy wooden boxes and topping it with one of the boy's old bean bag chairs. It gave her a comfortable place to sit.

It was almost too comfortable as once she'd sat there a while, Jennifer fell asleep. It was only the sound of voices through the wall that woke her up. Sally was finally home.

Excitedly, Jennifer pressed her eye against her spy hole. Yes, it was Sally, and she was in much the same state of undress that she'd been the week before. The Chinese woman was kneeling on the bed, straddling another woman whose face was pressed between Sally's legs. It was obvious from the look of contentment on her face and the soft moans from Sally's lips that the partially obscured woman had her tongue up and within Sally's pussy.

"This is so exciting." Jennifer thought as she slowly caressed her own pussy, imagining the feel of a willing tongue on it. "Come on Amber." she silently added. "Do it to us!"

It wasn't until both Sally and Jennifer had their first mini-climax that the woman beneath Sally climbed out from under her lower and Jennifer got a good look at her face.

"That's not Amber." Jennifer started to exclaim out loud, catching herself only at the last moment.

Sure enough, the woman in Sally's bed wasn't the same blonde that had been there a week before. She was just as blonde but her hair was long, stretching down to her waist. The light was bright enough for Jennifer to see that unlike Amber, this new love had blue eyes. Finally, it was obvious that this blonde was in her mid-thirties. Listening carefully, Jennifer heard Sally call out her name. It was Susan.

The night ended much as it had the week before, with Jennifer sharing Sally and Susan's climax. The only change was that when she went back upstairs, Jennifer was more willing to stop at the bathroom and satisfy herself with her vibrator rather than try to repeat last weeks late night fuck with Jack. The final result was the same with fewer problems. Seven days quickly passed and during them Jennifer's thoughts turned many times to the question of who she would find with Sally when she looked though the hole on Saturday night. At least once a day she masturbated to the images of the last two weekends and the anticipation of what was to come. She no longer cared that Jack had started working later than he normally did and that she slept alone more and more. It just gave her more time to think of Sally.

"Oh Sally, tes seins sont si magnifiques. J'adore les sucer." said the small long haired brunette who was sucking eagerly at Sally's breasts.

"C'est l'attention de ta langue merveilleusee Marie-Josée, qui fait ressortir leur véritable beauté." Sally replied as she gently stroked the side of her lover's face.

From her hidden view, Sally could easily hear the words of love but her own limited high school French was two decades behind her. The most she could make out was that the girl's name was Marie. She was a small woman, 25 years old and only 4'11" in height. What she lacked in stature she more than made up in passion.

As she had the two weeks before, Jennifer shared in that passion.

"Who will it be tonight?" Jennifer thought as she made herself comfortable in the beanbag chair. "The suspense is killing me."

She didn't have long to wait, and the answer wasn't who but how many. Sally was laying across the bed, her head nestled between the ample breasts of a plump, dark skinned Philippine woman. Jennifer guessed she must've weighed about 160 lbs., but was nevertheless an extremely sexy woman. Her breasts were at least 38D and rested on each side of Sally's head.

Across both women's feet lay another Asian woman in her early 20's. As pale skinned as the first was dark, she had small rounded breasts and a tiny black patch between her legs. In her hand she held a small white vibrator, which at the moment was half buried in Sally's pussy.

"Oh my God!" Jennifer gasped as she took in the appearance of the blonde propped against the headboard of the large bed, her wet pussy growing wetter under the gentle caress of Sally's tongue. "I hope she's legal." added the 38 year old as she admired the small firm breasts that bounced up and down as the girl met each stroke of Sally's tongue with a thrust of her own.

The girl was 5'3" with a face that didn't look more than 16. All the girl was wearing was a bright red bra, pulled down to expose her mounds. The matching panties were somewhere on the floor. Her skin was tanned from head to toe, giving her an even more juvenile appearance.

The girl had a familiar look to her. Jennifer knew she had never met her before, but there was something about her. Then it came to her. The girl was almost a dead ringer for a teen actress that had appeared on a sitcom when Jennifer was younger. The Bradley Group or something like that. She couldn't remember the actress' name but she remembered that all the teenage boys in the neighborhood had been hot for her. Jennifer remembered overhearing her older brother tell one of his friends that she was the girl they most wanted to fuck.

It caused Jennifer some concern to think that her boarder had seduced an underage girl. But not so much concern that she failed to bury three of her fingers within her cunt, frantically rubbing her clit.

Five weeks, six different lovers — it was too much for Jennifer to fully absorb. Her whole world now seemed to revolve around that small utility room and the visions of delight just beyond it. That she was invading the privacy of others no longer came into play. All she knew was that nothing in her life had caused such a reaction within her. In her dreams, she became the women in Sally's bed — the object of her considerable lust.

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