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Erotica Sex Story: Sullen impoverished young man is pushed to his limits and falls in with his new stepmother

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Black Male   .

Six strikes hit against the matchbox and the match head finally flared into incandescent life.

He lit up the Raid coil and blew on the on the burning tip. Its orange glow briefly lit up his face and shiny semi naked torso as tendrils of smoke swirled around him in the hollow dark.

A chorus of cicadas chirruped in concert with the toads outside his window in the bushy garden outside. They kept in an odd rhythm with the dull drone of a distant generator that lay at about 800 yards from the small colonial boys' quarters, sending electricity solely to the well-lit modern white mansion gleaming brightly in the dark another 1000 yards apart.

He pressed his sweaty forehead against the archaic windowpane and peered out to the far away mansion.

"Keep your enemy close and your bastard son closer. Genius plan, father". He muttered and smiled acidly at his dull reflection.

The skies rumbled in agreement.

But he knew he was trapped here in this old BQ as certain as his father was similarly bound through a gallant but misguided oath to his dying former mistress. His recent move here to this BQ a month ago on his 25th birthday was to fulfill his deceased mother's request that he mend fences with his estranged father. A man he had only seen once since he got here. He appeared very sickly but pleaded with him to stay in the BQ for reasons he could not divulge.

"Mother, you had excellent taste ... in weak rich men."

He wondered how long he would have to wait in the BQ. At least it was a move up from that hellhole in Mushin. He'd stick it out till he found a way to get money from the old man and satisfied his mother's request.

He quickly shook his off any teary sentiments and turned to the comfort of his make shift bed complete with patched mosquito net.

And then the cicadas stopped their noise.

"Hello. I hope you're enjoying your ... palace"

He whirled around to the soft voice at his open screen door.

A silhouette stood outside his doorway framed by the pale moonlight.

"Who is it? Who are you?" – His steely voice masked some alarm.

"Why don't you come outside and see?" Whispered the form

The rumble got much louder and the wind whipped through the trees outside the BQ.

He stepped hesitatingly towards the door.

"Are you scared little boy? Don't want to know who put you here?" Taunted the voice softly.

Hackles rising, he strode to the mosquito screen door, grabbed the handle and flung it open.

He stepped into a maelstrom.

He was almost bowled over by the force of the gale outside. He struggled to step forward, his singlet flapping furiously against his chin. But there was another force of nature outside that almost brought him to his knees. Just ahead was the beauty and earthy voluptuousness of his night visitor.

She was a tall and full figured woman very elaborately attired in a full length gray dress that was supposed to hide her curves though the winds molded the light fabric to her sumptuous body. Her thin braided hair danced about her face and fell on her shoulders; framing her light oval face ... she looked almost innocent though he guessed her to be in her mid 30's. That oval innocent seeming face was paradoxically pasted on the body of a well-endowed stripper.

He shivered from the cold winds beating at his naked chest, but felt growing warmth in his boxers. He didn't believe in female ghosts or any of the mythical women but this attractive apparition was unsettling.

The lightning flashed again and lit up the entire landscape and afforded him the view of her entire naked body through the clothes.

She stepped closer to him and he realized that she was quite tall. A full head taller.He realized that his face was eye level with her heavy breasts.

"Funny. You don't look at all like the old man" She sneered.

"I won't repeat myself. Who are you?" He stepped forward so he could hear her.

"Feisty. Even when he knows he has no idea of whom he's dealing with," She retorted.

He stopped just short of bumping into her. She was stirring up all sorts of emotions in him. But he tuned out any sort of intimidation. He had survived the mean streets. This uppity prettified bitch was not going to threaten him. In fact he knew how to deal with women like her

"I have another question for you then. Do you know where you are?" He said

The winds brought moisture to his face and his lean muscled body. He noticed with satisfaction that her gray dress was getting wet. Her bodice was soaked now and her nipples were on show.

She cocked her head questioningly, curious at the turn around in the conversation. She slowly smiled never blinking those innocent looking eyes.

"Speak ... bastard. Tell me"

He smiled and looked deep into her eyes. She took a long hard look at him and saw that his deep black eyes seemed to have orange embers behind them.

She realized that she had overplayed her hand.

He took 2 rapid steps towards her and seized her behind her head. Curling his fist in her braids, he pushed his hot face near her ears. Her giant hoop earrings dangled before his quivering lips. He ground his hardness against her hips.

"You're in my territory. You're here ... in my trap...

Her iris magnified as she realized her predicament.

He slid his left foot underneath her platforms rapidly and dislodging her balance making her fall flat on her bottom. Her knees slowly came up and the winds blew them over her thighs.

He looked down her and scowled.

"That's better. I hated having to look up to you" Shaking with rage, she made to get up.

He put his foot on her stomach and pushed her back gently. She fell back again with a splat legs in the air. He could see her exposed panties now. He hardened in

"My. My. You must be a clumsy woman." He snickered.

The clouds suddenly released a torrent of rain most of it blowing onto the open veranda.

She got up on her hands and knees and reached for the wall. Her large round rump presented a target he couldn't pass up. He quickly knelt behind her and grabbed her generous apple shaped behind.

"Thanks for offering"

She shrieked "No" and tried to turn but he thrust his face into the crack between her legs. He adjusted her pink panties to the side.

His tongue stretched out and licked furiously. His large palms held her struggling hips firm and he lapped at her centre, slowly wetting her, causing her to erupt with her juice.

The struggle became less frenetic and more rhythmic. Her liquid began to run off his lips to his cheeks. She was deliberately thrusting her ass into his face. Moaning softly she would grind her hips into his face, rubbing the clit over his tongue. Her hands reached back and grabbed his head to pull him in.

He smacked her hand off his head and reached down for her breasts. He sought the thick nipples and he squeezed it roughly. He hips jerked spasmodically once twice and thrice. She came with a keening wail.

"That was just the first course" said the man.

She cursed him in a stream of vernacular obscenities.

"You f****king bastard. How dare you put your hands on me!! She protested halfheartedly.

Your father will hear about this immediately.

"So who are you"?

He moved up and unzipped his shorts. His 9-inch penis fell out with a plop. He grabbed her hand and placed it over the base of the shaft. He saw her eyes widen at his girth as well as length.

"Never mind you'll talk later'

He pulled her back over his crotch but with her face toward the wall. He positioned the large black head of his over her sopping entrance and smiled as he thrust himself all the way in.

"Her breath got cut short.

He was going to show this who he was ... slowly and extensively.

He rotated his hips and let her feel the full length of him; He smacked her full wet cheek making her gasp. He now started the rhythm of slow, short deep strokes that cut off her breath every time his cock bumped her cervix.

Their cadence increased to faster slapping punctuated by their moans and grunts. Flesh smacking flesh, both opponents lost to their lust, reasons and motives forgotten, only thing that mattered now was slaking their desire for each other. The lighning flashed around them and the storm howled for their attention to no avail.

Her mind was turmoil of sensations and warring sentiments, but as her body rocked back and forth on her hands and knees against his body enclosing on his shaft, one voice echoed forth "I have needed this. I have been waiting for this for so long. Needing this, wanting this, wanting this..."

The he suddenly stopped.

"Uuhh! Don't stop, now you bastard"

He leaned over and licked her ear and then whispered.

"Who are you?"

She answered him a moan and breathed back

"Haven't you heard that you don't keep a lady waiting"?

She responded with a twist of her hips. He felt a ripple of her inner muscles tighten around his cock. She shoved back at him forcefully whilst gripping him tightly and he realized that he wasn't in control anymore.

"You're not the only one with a rough background. I know a trick or two"

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