Summer Vacation

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1996 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Erotica Sex Story: Michael Kent expected the summer he spent at his Aunt's to be quiet and uneventful. It turned out to be anything but.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Size   Big Breasts   .

"Great, just freaking great!" Michael Kent said to himself as he finally gave up trying to get his old 88 Escort to turn over. "This is the perfect end to a perfect night!"

A frown on his face, the eighteen year old locked up the car and set out on foot. It could be worse, he told himself. It could be raining and he could be much more than a half mile from his destination.

"I guess everything this summer couldn't go right..." he reminded himself as he ran his hand across his short sandy hair.

Actually, up until tonight, just about everything had gone right this summer. A lot better than he could've envisioned last June. That was when his parents, both professors of history at Midwestern, had announced that they were going to spend July and August as volunteers at a New Mexico recreation of a old frontier town. Despite his father's opinion that it would be a great learning experience for him, Michael wasn't thrilled at the prospect of spending a few month as part of 19th century America. The recreation was planned to be as authentic as possible. No modern convinces at all. If it wasn't part of the 1877 western frontier, then it wouldn't be available.

He had tried unsuccessfully to convince his parents that he was mature enough to be on his own for those two months. After all, he had argued, he would be turning 18 in the middle of August. Still they hadn't been convinced. A few too many stunts during his senior year of high school had caused them to doubt his ability to stay out of trouble without supervision.

His vacation months had seemed bleak indeed until salvation had come in the form of a phone call between his mother and her former sister-in-law. Janet Kent had casually mentioned her son's reluctance to join them on their expedition, noting that she could see his side of it, but also agreed with her husband that they weren't comfortable with leaving Michael on his own for most of the summer.

Karyn Gray had listened to Janet's problem and after some thought, offered to have him spend the summer with her. The small town of Eaglestone might not be the college town he was used to, but she was sure that Michael would enjoy it. At least he would still be in the modern world. Janet had thanked her for her offer and said that she would talk it over with her husband and get back to her.

Janet had always liked Karyn Gray, ever since the day her brother had introduced her to the family as his fiancée. She and Jack had been married for 12 years when he died of a heart attack at 45. That had been 7 years ago. Their marriage had produced no children but together they had started a business that left Karyn well provided for. In fact, she still ran it and had almost doubled its value in the years since. Janet felt she'd have no problem with letting Karyn look after her son.

At first, Michael hadn't been too keen on the idea. He barely remembered his Aunt, having last seen her at the funeral for his Uncle when he was only 11. He knew his mother still kept in touch with her, but not much more. He only agreed when it became apparent that his older sister didn't want him staying with her and her new husband. It was either Eaglestone or the old west. At least Eaglestone had cable TV.

One extra goodie he had gotten out of the deal was that his father had paid for the tune up of his car. If he was going to drive it 300 miles to Eaglestone, it was the least he could do. Michael had suggested that he could take the Jeep Cherokee instead, but his father suggested that he was pressing his luck. Instead he had been handed a AAA card and a cell phone to call them if he broke down enroute.

Michael was unsure what to expect when he got to Eaglestone. Like he'd noted before, he knew very little about his Aunt. He knew she was 47 years old and hadn't remarried following his Uncle's death. He remembered that they had always been nice to him when he'd been young, never forgetting a birthday or Christmas. In fact, even after Jack Gray passed away, his widow had continued to send him those gift checks. It was something, she had mentioned in one of her cards, that Jack would've wanted her to do.

Still, he entered the small town with a certain sense of trepidation. For some reason, the image of old lady Wilson, one of their neighbors, kept coming to mind. Like his Aunt, Martha Wilson had lost her husband at a relatively early age. From what his parents had told him, she had been a very pleasant person to be around prior to that.

In fact, she had been a rather attractive women. It was a shame, they'd said, she hadn't tried to find some happiness after her loss. Instead she'd become a bitter woman who let herself go. She was the type of person who hated the idea of anyone enjoying themselves. Michael knew from personal experience that Mrs. Wilson loved calling the police whenever she spotted any teenagers parking with their dates in the open fields behind her house.

Five minutes after pulling up to Aunt Karyn's house on the far edge of town, Michael was delighted to find that all of his fears had been unfounded. Karyn Gray was a person full of life and enthusiasm who wasted no time in making him feel welcome. She insisted that he call her Karyn since, after all, he was an adult now and they had never really been related, except of course by marriage. She quickly got him settled in and told him to consider her house his for the next few months.

The only awkward moment of his settling in came that first Sunday morning after his arrival when Karyn had come down to breakfast. Michael had thought to thank her by making pancakes. Lured by the sweet smell of freshly made cakes, Karyn had come right down in her nightgown.

Sitting down at the kitchen table, bathing in the early morning sun, the red haired woman's modest nightwear became almost transparent — to both Michael's delight and embarrassment. Karyn Gray had a full body that Michael's art history teacher would've described as rubenesque. Unlike most of the girls his own age, who starved themselves to look skinny, Karyn carried her figure well, creating a look that was both healthy and sexy. It was all Michael could do not to stare at the large nipples pressing through the material of her nightgown. Karyn seemed to ignore the entire incident and instead commented on how wonderful the meal was. From that day however, she never came down to breakfast without first putting a bathrobe on.

Over the next week, Karyn again surprised Michael by inviting him to a few social events and taking pains to introduce him to many of the town's teenage girls. It was at one of these events that he met Cindy Stanton.

A few months younger, Cindy had also just finished high school the previous June. She was 5' 6', only two inches shorter than Michael, brunette and blessed with a 32D bust. She was easily the most sought after girl in her senior class.

To his amazement, she was the one who first approached him, mentioning something his having the most striking blue eyes she'd ever seen. If he had bothered to use those eyes, Michael would've seen the angry look of the young man who had escorted Cindy to the dance. Instead he only had interest in Cindy's charm, her warm smile, and of course those gorgeous tits.

Michael and Cindy quickly became an item over the next few weeks, getting a little more serious each time they went out. By the fourth date, Michael had gotten an even better look at those grand mounds and how soft they could feel. By the sixth date, she had given him a hand-job and a week later had let him put his hand down her panties and get her off as well. He had tried to get her to give him a blow job, but she said that wasn't the sort of thing she liked to do. To help alleviate her date's obvious disappointment at that little piece of news, Cindy had promised to make it up to him soon with something even better. Michael was sure that by his birthday he'd get to screw her. Not that he was a virgin or anything, having done it with two girls back home.

All this time, Karyn encouraged his pursuit of Cindy, saying there was nothing like a summer fling at his age. At the same time, she admonished him to keep a level head about him. Adding with a smile she didn't want to have to try and explain any 'accidents' to his mother.

During the times when he wasn't with Cindy, it became obvious to Michael that his Aunt was a well respected member of the community. She was on the town council as well as a number of church committees. In the few weeks he had been there, however, he had never seen her interested in any kind of personal social life. He supposed that people might reach a point in life that they were no longer interested in having sex and stuff, but personally, he couldn't imagine it. After all, she kept encouraging him with Cindy, so she was far from being a prude.

It was the following Tuesday that Michael learned just how wrong he'd been about his Aunt. Cindy had cancelled their afternoon date, saying that she wanted to go shopping with some of her girlfriends instead. Seeing that his birthday was less than a week off, Michael assumed she wanted to shop for a gift for him and said he understood.

Stopping by his Aunt's business office, he learned that she had left early for the day, saying she had some work to get done at home. Michael was surprised that Karyn hadn't mentioned it to him at breakfast, then figured that it must've been something that just came up. With nothing else to do, he decided to head home and offer a hand. It was the least he could do after all the great things she'd done for him.

Arriving home, Michael saw a delivery van in the driveway. The sign on the side of it identified it as belonging to Salvatori's Deli and Meats. Remembering that Karyn had a large freezer in the basement and usually ordered food in bulk, he thought she must've come home to wait for a delivery. If she'd asked, Michael would've been happy to have taken care of it for her. There was no need for her to have left work.

Then in a moment of embarrassment, the young man realized that the first thing he had said to her this morning was that he was meeting Cindy for lunch and then they were going shopping. It might've been her intention but he never gave her the chance to ask.

Feeling a bit guilty, Michael decided to head around to the back porch where deliveries were usually made. At least he could lend a hand carrying everything down to the basement.

Rather than try to squeeze by the van, he walked down the narrow path between the side of the house and the fence. Michael had to turn his body sideways to get by some of the bushes. In doing so, he couldn't help but look into the large side window that faced the back of the living room. What he saw almost sent him into shock.

The van outside belonged to Salvatori's all right, in fact it had been driven out there by Mr. Salvatori himself. Only it wasn't just deli he had been delivering. The 55 year old store owner was sitting back on the large plush couch, his sport shirt wide open, revealing a very hairy chest and slightly paunchy stomach.

What immediately drew the teenagers attention, was the fact that the older man's pants were also open and pulled down to around his knees. On display to anyone who happened to look, as Michael now was, was the largest cock he had ever seen outside of one of those adult films they used to watch over at Billy Smith's house back home. Up to this moment, Michael had always thought cocks that size were faked somehow, some kind of trick photography. But there, less than a dozen feet away was the longest, thickest example of manhood he had ever seen.

What was even more incredible, in the young man's eyes, was the fact that this monster was currently sliding in and out of his Aunt Karyn's mouth. Transfixed, he held his breath as he watched Karyn's head move up and down, taking as much of Mr. Salvatori's manhood into her mouth as she could.

It actually took a few moments for the startled young man to realize that his Aunt was in as much a state of undress as Mr. Salvatori. Her bra and dress were tossed on the floor, leaving her with only a slip and panties. From his angle of view, Michael would barely make out Karyn's large breasts, but then she shifted and he got more than an eyeful.

In a moment of curiosity, Michael had looked at the tag on one of Karyn's bras when he was sorting the laundry — it was a 38DD. From similar examinations growing up, he knew that his sister wore a 34C and even his mother who was a big beautiful woman, as his father always said, was only a 36C. Cindy, who's breasts he had so recently been hypnotized by, almost paled in comparison to this woman over twice her age. Pressed back against the bushes and the fence, Michael hoped he couldn't be seen from the inside. A small part of him said he should get the hell out of there, but an even larger part told him to stay. He could feel his own cock growing harder, straining against his pants and causing him to reach into his empty pocket and rub it from the inside.

Meanwhile, unmindful of his presence, Karyn had finally released Mr. Salvatori's cock from her mouth and had stood up from the couch. As she paused to remove the last of her clothing, Michael got his best look yet at the older woman's body.

The nipples which has so held his attention that Sunday morning were even bigger than he had imagined. Surrounded by dark pink circles as round as a soda can, the stiff nubs had been excited to a very visible length. The center of her body was very pale, made much more so by the dark tan covering the rest of her. Evidently, Karyn didn't go in for nude sunbathing or even a two piece suit. It was the first time Michael had ever seen a woman's body like that and the found it very erotic.

As she spread her legs, Michael saw that the soft patch of hair resting there was a mixture of white and red, the only example of her age on her body — at least in his opinion. Later on in retrospect, he would realize that he was seeing her in an idealized view, but at this moment, who cared.

Taking Angelo Salvatori's manhood in her hand, Karyn carefully positioned it at the entrance to her womanhood. In an act Michael wouldn't have thought possible, she began to slowly lower herself onto it. Pausing every few inches to slide up a little and then continue downward once more, it wasn't long before she'd taken it fully inside herself.

Mr. Salvatori was content to let her control his entry into her, preferring instead to play with her large breasts. Playfully he ran his fingers across her mounds, rubbing her nipples and taking them between his fingers. At the same time, he kissed her neck and when she turned her head, her lips as well.

Once she was comfortable with him inside her, Karyn began to shift her body and pump his cock. Her entire body soon got into it as she began to gyrate in a powerful motion, back and forth as well as up and down. Mr. Salvatori was satisfied to lean back and let Karyn control events. Faster and faster she moved, the look of rapture on his face reflected in hers. Then, in what seemed like no time at all, Angelo Salvatori let out a series of large gasps as he emptied himself into the woman atop him.

Karyn continued to pump Angelo, until she too had been satisfied. Then she leaned back and kissed him one last time. They sat there for a few minutes, just enjoying the warmth of their recent coupling. Karyn then shifted her body and let him slide out of her. From his vantage point, Michael could see that even spent, it was an impressive symbol of manhood.

Carefully, Michael continued on his way to the back of the house. He wasn't surprised to find no delivery piled up by the back door. Wanting not to arrive home until after Mr. Salvatori had gone, Michael went out past the house and took a long walk in the woods out back. The walk had lasted almost two hours.

While he had walked, Michael tried to put what he had just watched in perspective. Why had Karyn needed to sneak home to meet a lover. It wasn't like they were doing anything wrong. His Aunt was a widow and from what he had learned about the people in this small town, Mr. Salvatori had never been married. Why didn't they simply go out on a date. No one would think it strange that they had a relationship.

Then it hit him. It wasn't that Karyn was looking for a new husband, or even a boyfriend. It was simply that she was horny. She had been living alone for seven years now and liked it that way. Simple, uncomplicated sex was how she preferred it. It was funny in a way, he thought, that people her age could be just like people his age. It gave him something to think about.

When he got back to the house later, he quickly said hello to his Aunt, who was sitting there reading the mail, and then rushed up stairs to clean up. He needed a change of underwear. While watching his Aunt get laid, the excited teenager had come in his pants.

The final footnote to the whole episode came a few days later when Michael went with his Aunt to Salvatori's Deli. There, standing among many of the towns most upstanding citizens, Karyn complimented Mr. Salvatori on the quality of the sausage he given her the other day. In turn, the slightly balding man behind the counter said he would be happy to get more of it for her anytime she wanted.

Michael had to bite down on his lip hard as not to laugh at the private joke between the two of them. Especially when Mrs. Nelson, the self appointed guardian of morals for the community, told Mr. Salvatori that she wouldn't mind a good piece of sausage herself. The one her husband usually brought home never really suited her taste.

Yes, it had been a fun and exciting summer. Even with tonight's disaster, Michael was going to be sorry to leave for college next week. When he'd left his Aunt's house a few hours ago, he fully expected tonight to be the night when he finally got to screw Cindy. She had been hinting about it for the last two weeks.

Originally he thought it would be his birthday present, but Cindy hadn't even come to the small birthday party Karyn had thrown for him, saying she wasn't feeling good. Then when they'd gone out last weekend, the brunette had told him that it was a bad week for her to do something like that. Michael had taken the hint and settled for a hand job once again.

Tonight though, was going to be the night, he had been sure of it. He had taken special care to get ready for tonight's date, going so far as to stop by the barber's for a quick trim. Dressed in his best, he had said good-bye to his Aunt and told her that he expected to be home rather late. In an almost encouraging tone which he could never had imagining coming from his mother, Karyn had told him to have a good time.

Somewhat reluctantly, his car had started and Michael was on his way. Cindy lived on the other side of town and the trip took about ten minutes. Pulling up in front of her house, Michael had to take a few minutes to compose himself. After all, it would be bad form to show up on her doorstep sporting a raging hard on, no matter how useful it might be later on.

After all the time he had spent getting ready for their date, Michael experienced a sudden feeling of disappointment when the door opened and there stood Cindy in a simple blouse and jeans. The look on her face told him immediately that something was wrong.

"Mike, I really should have called you earlier," she began in an apologetic voice. "I really meant to."

It was then, looking over her shoulder, that Michael saw the young man standing in the living room. He didn't know him, but the face was familiar. Then it hit him. That had been the guy who had been with Cindy the night he had met her. His name had been Bob something or other.

"It's just that I've really begun to think that we've been going a little far too fast." Cindy had been saying. "After all, you're leaving next week and I don't think I'm really cut out for a long distance relationship."

"Not while you have old Bob handy," Michael thought but didn't say.

"So I hope you'll understand why I can't go out with you again," she concluded.

Michael didn't say a word, he just turned and walked back to his car. There was really nothing for him to say. This time, thankfully, his car had started right up and he quickly pulled away.

As he drove down the semi-dark streets, Michael wondered if Cindy had ever really been serious about him. Or had the whole summer relationship just been a ploy to make her boyfriend, for that was what he was sure Bob had been, take more notice of her. He supposed he should feel angry or something, but all he felt was a sense of disappointment. In a way, for whatever the reason, Cindy had been right. Next week he would be gone, and to be honest with himself, he hadn't ever considered their relationship to have been anything else but a summer fling.

The block Karyn lived on was at the bottom of a small hill, so when Michael reached the top of it, he could see her house in the distance. Making his way down the street, he noticed a dark green car sitting in the driveway — evidently his Aunt had company.

A wide smile came to his face as the teenager remembered the last time he had come home a little early and found someone parked in the driveway. The memory of Karyn riding Angelo Salvatori's massive cock brought a sudden stirring to Michael's own. A reminder that he hadn't gotten laid tonight as he planned. A visit to the bathroom before he turned in tonight was definitely in order.

When he was less than a half block away, the car became more identifiable and any thought that Karyn had been more lucky than he'd been tonight went out the window. He'd seen the car every week when he'd gone with his Aunt to the local church. There was as much chance of his walking in and finding his Aunt screwing the Right Reverend Joshua McKenzie as there was his getting the chance to screw a Hollywood starlet.

Aunt Karyn was on many local committees and the Reverend had undoubtedly dropped by to talk to her about some function or other. It wouldn't be the first time.

In fact, it was the sudden recollection of Reverend McKenzie's last visit that make the sandy haired youth decide to walk around to the back door and come in that way. If he was lucky, he could grab a soda and a snack and head up to his room after a quick hello. He really wasn't in the mood for one of the man's never-ending lectures on what was wrong with young people today. Which in his opinion, Michael had quickly learned, was that they didn't look at the world in the same way that he did.

Skirting around the house, Michael saw that the only lights on where in the living room and the kitchen. Since there was no one in the kitchen when he came in the back door, they had to be in the outer room. The shades had been drawn when he passed the window so he couldn't tell who else might be attending the meeting. He knew there had to be someone else, the Reverend would never put himself in the position of being alone with a woman other than his wife.

Michael quickly made himself a snack tray, raiding the refrigerator for leftovers, and poured himself a glass of soda. With luck he would be up in room in a few minutes where he could relax and watch the TV up there.

Backing into the swinging kitchen door while he held onto the serving tray, Michael turned as he walked. He got two steps into the living room before he spotted Karyn and her guest on the couch.

"Holy Shit!!" Michael called out as he looked at the couch.

The shock of what he was looking at was such that he let go of the heavily laded snack tray, causing it to drop to the hard wood floor with a loud, resounding crash.

Time stood still for a brief moment before anyone could react to Michael's outburst or the shattering impact of glass bowls and tumblers. In that instant, the young man's mind took in every aspect of the image a few feet in front of him.

He noticed the two half empty bottles of wine on the coffee table, as well as the crystal goblets that went with them. Tossed across the table as well, was the dark blue dress Karyn had been wearing when he'd left on his date. At the moment, his Aunt was wearing little more than a smile as she leaned back on the sofa, her legs raised high and wide in order to give her guest a clear access to her pussy. Her head was tilted back and her eyes closed. She had clearly been enjoying the oral ministrations of the equally naked figure kneeling in front of her.

From where he stood, Michael wasn't able to make out any features, but the short curly blond hair was a dead giveaway. He hadn't considered the idea that the car out front might be driven by someone other than the Reverend McKenzie. There was no mistaking the woman eagerly licking his Aunt's open pussy. It was Bernadette McKenzie, the Minister's wife.

"Michael!" Karyn yelled as she opened her eyes in response to the sound of shattering glass and saw her nephew standing there.

"Oh God!" Bernadette McKenzie gasped as she jumped up and turned in the direction of the noise as well.

As she stood up, Michael got a good look at Mrs. McKenzie. In her late thirties, she had a pretty good body, he thought. Her breasts were small and well rounded with bright pink nipples. Had Michael known her as a teenager, he would've noted that she had kept much of her figure. A figure that had drawn the attention of many young men.

"Oh my God!" she repeated again. "Oh my dear God!"

"Calm down, Bernadette," Karyn said to her reassuringly as she instantly sized up the situation. "Everything's going to be all right."

That seemed to calm the excited woman down a little. She sat down on the couch, picking up the blouse she had dropped to the floor earlier and wrapped it around her naked form.

"Michael, get something to pick up that glass," Karyn said as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Automatically, the eighteen year old obeyed, stepping back into the kitchen. His mind, however, was racing. His Aunt was also into women, ... and with the Minster's wife no less. Glancing down, he saw that his cock was as rock hard as it had ever been.

It only took a moment to get a hand broom and dustpan and come back into the living room. As he cleaned up the mess, he couldn't help stealing looks at the two women. Bernadette McKenzie still had the unbuttoned blouse wrapped tightly around her, but his Aunt Karyn surprisingly had made no effort to cover herself. Her large breasts were just hanging there for him to see.

As he stood up, he could swear that Mrs. McKenzie was staring right at his hard on. His imagination of course, but it made his blush a little as he disappeared back into the kitchen. "Don't worry, Bernadette honey," Karyn said as the older woman put her arm around the blonde's shoulders. "My nephew's not going to tell anyone about what was going on here tonight."

"I trust you, Karyn," she said as she snuggled against her lover. "But can I really trust your nephew?"

"I trust him," Karyn replied. "And that's enough."

"Maybe for you, but I need something stronger," Bernadette added.

"I don't understand," Karyn said, a look of confusion on her face.

"What I mean is," Bernadette explained. "I'd feel a lot better about trusting your nephew to keep his silence if he had something to lose if he didn't. I'm sure you can keep him in line for now, but what's to keep him from going off to school next week and telling everyone about his dyke Aunt getting her pussy licked by the Minister's wife?"

Karyn was taken a little aback by Bernadette's language. In all the years she had known her, she had only heard her use profanity when she was in the heat of passion.

"I'm not sure what you mean, Bernadette," Karyn said. "Do you want me to threaten him or something?"

"No, not that," she answered quietly, her eyes on the door to the kitchen as she watched for Michael's return. "I was just thinking that if Michael were more involved with what was going on tonight, then he'd be more reluctant to tell anyone about it."

"What?" Karyn said in disbelief.

"Think about it," Bernadette said.

"I don't need to think about it," Karyn quickly replied. "He's my nephew."

"But he's not mine," Bernadette said as she smiled. "And technically, he's only yours by marriage — and you're not married to his Uncle any more."

"This is insane," Karyn insisted.

"Well then I could just involve him myself," Bernadette suggested. Then it hit Karyn, that was the point Bernadette had been steering her to from the moment they'd turned around and saw him standing there. Her lover wanted to fuck her nephew. The tall redhead looked into her lover's eyes and saw that she was dead serious. The whole situation was incredible. She didn't feel jealous at the suggestion. After all, she had an ongoing sexual relationship with Angelo Salvatori as well as occasion flings with other men in the community.

She hadn't really planned to start an affair with Bernadette a year ago when she had come over looking for support after a devastating fight with her husband. It had just sort of happened.

Unknown to their parishioners, the relationship between the Reverend and Mrs. McKenzie had been deteriorating for years now. The source of their problems, then and now, had been their inability to have any children. After almost ten years of trying, Bernadette had become resigned to never getting pregnant. Joshua on the other hand had become more obsessive about the subject as the years went on.

Several times, Bernadette had suggested that they look into medical help to get pregnant. That idea had gone over with Joshua as badly as her other suggestion that they look into adoption. To seek help would to be to admit he was somewhat less of a man in his eyes. It hadn't mattered how many times she told him that he was being ridiculous.

It had gotten to the point where Joshua barely touched her anymore. Except of course on those days when she was stood the best chance of conceiving. Then he would climb on top of her and pump away for a few minutes until he emptied himself into her. Days latter, when it began apparent that it had been a wasted effort, he would go once again into a sullen state. — until the next time.

"Bernadette, do you know what you're asking?" Karyn said.

"Oh yes, I know." the blond replied.

Karyn looked into her lovers eyes and saw a mixture of lust and desperation. Despite the sexual release she got from her frequent trysts with Karyn, Bernadette really hadn't cut loose sexually in well over a year. A few times, Karyn had offered to set something up for her. An encounter similar to those she enjoyed. Each time the thirty six year old adamantly refused. The fear that someone would find out later or that the man would brag to someone about bedding the minister's wife was greater than her need to be laid.

Since Michael was going to be gone in a few days, there was little chance of that. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more her thinking paralleled Bernadette's. She could certainly use the experience and it wasn't like it was going to hurt Michael. After all, she had invited Bernadette over tonight in the expectation that her nephew would be shacked up with Cindy Stanton most of the night, fucking her brains out.

"All right, Bernadette," Karyn said as she reached down and picked up her dress off the coffee table. "I'll leave the two of you alone and whatever happens, happens."

With that, the younger woman's face lit up. It was a sight Karyn had seen much too rarely. She hoped she was making the right decision. Slipping the dress over her body, she stood up and called Michael back into the room.

Michael waited a few moments to respond to his Aunt's call. He still couldn't get the image of the two women out of his mind. It didn't take a glance down to his crotch to know his dick was long and hard, and was going to stay that way until he was able to jerk off. When Karyn called him a second time he headed back in to the living room and hope neither of them noticed.

The young man was a little disappointed to find that his Aunt had finally covered herself up. He would've liked one more look at those huge breasts. Mrs. McKenzie was still sitting on the edge of the couch and Michael was now sure that she was staring at his hard on. Only this time, however, he didn't feel as embarrassed. In fact, he felt kind of proud.

"Michael dear, I'm not going to try and explain what was going on here tonight," his Aunt said in a calm voice. "You're old enough to realize that there are many different kinds of relationships, and I trust you enough to know that you'll never mention this to anyone else."

"Of course Karyn." he quickly replied, surprising himself at how much he meant that.

Suffering his Aunt's disapproval would be harder for him than keeping the secret.

"Good." Karyn simply answered, a slight smile on the corners of her mouth. "Then that takes care of that."

A wave of relief swept over Michael. It was an awkward situation and he was glad that it was suddenly over.

"Can I go up to my room now?" he asked, wanting to run into the bathroom and take care of his now aching member.

"In a few minutes." Karyn said. "But first Mrs. McKenzie would like to talk to you for a few minutes if you don't mind?"

"Of course not." Michael answered, wondering what that was all about. If he was Mrs. McKenzie, he'd want to get out of here as fast as he could.

"Thank you." Karyn said. "So the two of you have a nice private chat and I'll be out in the kitchen cleaning up if you need anything."

As he watched his Aunt retrace his steps into the kitchen, Michael wondered why she had stressed the word 'private'. Or had that only been his imagination running wild again?

"Sit down, Michael." Bernadette McKenzie said as she indicated the empty cushion next to her. It was the first thing he had heard her say since her almost hysterical omigods a little while before.

He sat there for a few silent moments, trying hard not to look at her. It was impossible for him not to be aware that she was still naked underneath the small blouse draped around her shoulders. It hadn't helped matters any that she had loosened her grip on the blouse, letting it open enough to give a fairly decent view of her cleavage.

"You must think me a truly horrible woman if you can't even look at me," she said in a soft voice.

Michael turned and looked at her, realizing immediately that turning to the right had been a mistake. Bernadette had once again shifted position, her blouse now hanging fully open and her small rounded mounds exposed to the world, or at least one oversexed young man.

"I don't think you're horrible," Michael managed to say, his eyes never leaving her breasts.

Bernadette smiled now that she had his full attention. He'd spent so much effort trying to see Karyn's breasts when he'd walked in on them, he'd barely noticed hers. Now he had to appreciate the fact that they were beautiful in their own right.

"That's good," Bernadette said, continuing her smile. "For reasons you might not understand, that's important to me."

Thinking that was that, Michael began to get up. Only to be restrained by the soft touch of Bernadette's hand.

"You know you took Karyn and I quite by surprise," she continued, as if sitting here naked with a young man was the most natural thing in the world. "We really expected you to be out most of the evening with Cindy Stanton."

"She changed her plans," he said, a sense of sadness in his tone.

"Poor baby," Bernadette replied. "What happened?"

For a reason he didn't quite know why, Michael told her exactly what happened.

"Oh, that must've been Bobby Lee," Bernadette said as Michael described the young man he'd seen in the living room of Cindy's house. "He and Cindy have been going out, on and off, since Junior High School."

'Figures," Michael said.

"And she was so inconsiderate as to make you go all the way over there, just to tell you that it was over between the two of you?"

"Yeah," he muttered.

"My word, that girl can be such a cock-teaser!" Bernadette exclaimed.

Michael was shocked hearing a statement like that from Mrs. McKenzie. Even after seeing her with his Aunt, it still was hard to imagine her talking like that.

"That's what she is, isn't she?" Bernadette asked.

Michael nodded in agreement.

"Why don't look so shocked," she smiled once again. "It's not like I was born a minister's wife. I'll have you know there was a time when I was well aware of how a pretty young woman could draw young men like flies to honey. And I was even aware how easily it was to get them worked up. Some of my girlfriends used to even brag about how they sent their boyfriends home with a case of 'blueballs.', that's the term isn't it?"

Michael again nodded.

"That's what Cindy did to you, isn't it?' Bernadette asked as she looked down at the still large bulge in Michael's slacks. "It's not right for a girl to get a young man all excited and then leave him cold, is it?" she further asked.

Unsure what to answer, Michael remained silent. Then he almost jumped off the couch in even greater surprise when he felt Bernadette's small hand come to rest on his cloth covered cock.

"And I'm sure walking in here and finding me and your Aunt Karyn on the couch didn't help matters either," she went on as she ran her fingers up and down the length of his cock, taking it's measure. "So I guess part of this is my fault."

Still dumbstruck, Michel exhaled loudly.

"You know, I've often wondered," Bernadette said as she cupped her hand around his young manhood, assessing a thickness to go with her previous measurement. "Does it hurt when your cock gets so hard, stuck as it is in all that tight clothing?"

"A little..." Michael said, not being able to really believe he wasn't dreaming all this.

"Well then we should let the poor dear free!" Bernadette exclaimed.

In a quick motion, nimble hands pulled down the zipper of his pants and reached in to take hold of his enlarged member. A second movement brought it out in the warm night air.

"My, that's a cock to be proud of!" Bernadette said in admiration.

Michael knew from the secret comparison that most guys did in the showers back in high school, that his cock was of average size. Still, hearing this older, more experienced woman praise it sent a warm rush through him.

"Now that we've freed this neglected baby, we really should do something about relieving the other pressure behind it," Bernadette said as her fingers closed around the base of his cock and began to slowly pump it up and down.

"Oh yeah!" Michael moaned as her soft touch glided against his skin. "That feels nice."

"I knew it would," Bernadette grinned.

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