Airbag Thanksgiving

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2013 by StangStar06

Sex Story: This story was inspired by the ending of one of JPB's classics. It's not a continuation or an alternate ending for his story. It's a new and unique story but I loved his ending so much that I wanted to do my own version of it.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Revenge   2nd POV   .

Hey folks. This is this year's Thanksgiving story and it's a little bit different. I broke the pattern a bit with this one. It's also the first Thanksgiving story I've written without that epic everyone gathered around the table food fight. I figure two or three of those was enough. Thanks to Sir Charles for his usual editing magic. I'm sure that both he and I missed a few things here and there. And I'm also sure that those of you with sharp eyes will point them out to me. Thanks very much for that. And thanks even more to the people who notice those errors, don't care and just enjoy the story. Lastly be warned some of you are going to hate the ending here. If so please feel free to rewrite it or to just imagine it the way you want it to be. This is my version, it's not nice, there are loose ends, there's a lot of miscommunication and I like it. SS06- Happy Thanksgiving

Life is complicated. The more we think that we have it all down and everything is fine, the more surprised we are when shit blows up in our faces. Trust me. I thought that I had it made until everything just fell apart. I had to resort to desperate measures and give away a part of my soul to put things back to square one.

As the police officers swarm around the car, I'm grateful ... perhaps thankful for a couple of things. I'm thankful that we weren't driving my Mustang, which as usual for this time of year in Michigan, with snow on the ground is snug and safe in her garage. Her wheels are off of the ground. Her fluids have been drained and her battery is connected to a tender. My baby is safe.

The other thing that I'm thankful for sends my mind back an hour ago in time. There were eleven of us gathered to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a truly odd collection of people. My wife and I, our two children, our next door neighbor and his wife, my wife's sister and her husband, my brother in law and his partner and of course, my wife's lover. It was an odd gathering to say the least.

It was also more a case of a captive audience than anything else. The mood was slightly less than festive, but we were trying to make the best of it. I don't think that anyone outside of my wife and her lover, Johnny, were really happy to be there.

My next door neighbor was there because he and his wife were in their late forties and had no children and no remaining parents. Neither of them had any siblings who lived in-state and they didn't like to travel. They were nice enough people, they often baby sat for us back when Melissa, my wife, and I were still happily married.

My brother in law, Ted, is a good looking guy. He's very outgoing and very popular. He looks like the kind of guy who could someday run for president, but he lacks motivation. His lover, Ed, is pretty much the same but not so outgoing. The two of them wouldn't exactly be welcomed at very many holiday gatherings so they're stuck here with the rest of us misfits trying to make the best of it.

My sister in law, Selena and her husband Todd also have no offspring. Melissa loves throwing things in her older sister's face. So Selena and Todd are here so Melissa can torture them in our home.

Things got off to a pretty shitty start. I got to the house at about nine this morning. I don't live in my house right now because Melissa and I are getting a divorce. We've been married for eight years and have two kids. My daughter Piper is eight and her brother Steve is seven. I'm pretty sure the word, "trapped," is going through your mind right now and you're right. But at twenty years old and halfway through college on an engineering scholarship, I wasn't thinking about how conniving some women can be.

Even in college, I showed flashes of brilliance. I got an internship in the engineering department of a major auto manufacturer in my freshman year. So by the time I met Selena, in my sophomore year, my future was bright and my head was pretty big to go with it.

Selena was a typical nerd girl/engineering student. She didn't wear makeup. She was maybe twenty or thirty pounds overweight. She wore giant thick glasses and she spoke three languages fluently. Those three languages were English, Geek and Profanity. She could talk Star Trek or Star Wars with the best of them. At the same time she was on pace to be a very good engineer in her own right. Selena and I would have been a great couple, but it just wasn't in the cards and events kind of tripped us up.

I believe that our downfall came from three sources. The first of those sources was perception. I truly saw Selena as one of the guys. If a group of us got together to work on a project or to hang out she was always there. She also joined in on every conversation, even when the conversations turned to women. Selena just never registered to me as a potential mate. I didn't find out until much later that the reason Selena was around so much was that she liked me.

The second thing that worked against us was conniving bitches, one in particular. Selena had told her parents all about me. I'd been to their house on several occasions and although we were, in my mind, firmly in the friend zone. Her parents really thought that Selena and I made a great couple. Melissa, Selena's younger sister, who was nineteen at the time, had other plans. Every time I visited Selena, Melissa got bolder. She started out pretty innocently. She'd ask for my help on a math problem that she was having difficulty with. It would always end up with her and I huddled over a table while I tried to explain the problem to her multiple times. And every time we huddled, I got glimpses of that nineteen year old cleavage or she'd rub that fresh young ass against me.

That eventually led to me "accidentally" catching her in her bikini on a few occasions. And then I caught her naked a few times. Of course those were "accidents," too. At least she claimed they were. After that, she made her move. And I was too stupid to realize that I'd been set up from the beginning.

She called me to tell me that Selena wanted me to come over. It was so casual and unplanned sounding that I never gave it a second thought. I went over to the house, the same way I always did. When I got there the door was open but none of the cars were in the driveway. I stepped inside, calling out as I did.

"Come on back," replied Melissa, to my greeting. I went into the game room and found Melissa there in front of the play station wrapped in a blanket. She was playing one of my favorite games, Soul Calibur.

"Where's Selena?" I asked.

"She's going to be a little late," she said, smiling. "Can't we play for a little while without her? She went to my little brother, Ted's little league game with our parents. They should be back when the game is over."

"Sure," I said. Selena's family was always so nice to me, that I didn't mind being nice to any one of them in return. Besides, Melissa was clearly the hotter one of the sisters. She was the kind of girl that nerds never got. So if she wanted to play a game with me, I was all in.

We played for about twenty minutes and I noticed that the blanket was starting to slide a bit.

"Melissa, are you cold?" I asked.

"No baby, I'm hot. But you already know that. You've seen me naked," she said.

In a display of smoothness that belied my mere twenty one years, I replied, "Buh uh ah ba da ba da uh uhm ... duh!"

She started laughing and wrapped her arms around me which showed me that she was naked under the blanket. "Maybe I am just a little cold," she said. "I think you should warm me up."

"I'll get you another blanket," I said.

"Ian, a blanket won't work," she said. "You're an engineer or a rocket scientist or whatever you guys are going to school for. I need something that can warm me up from the inside out."

"You mean like microwaves?" I asked. My mind was already spinning with ideas of how to accomplish what she asked.

"Is that what you call it? You call it your crow wave?" she asked, smiling. "Let's see if I can make it wave." She reached for my pants and I went into shock. I just stood there while she fished out my rapidly hardening dick and started to suck it. My greatest asset, my mind, had no frame of reference to draw from. I'd had quickie sex a few times with some nerdy or unattractive girls. There were even a few regular girls who'd let me fuck them in exchange for homework or tutoring services. But Melissa was hot. She didn't even go to school. After high school she'd gotten herself a job.

That afternoon Melissa fucked me until I couldn't get it up anymore. She did everything that I'd heard of but never experienced. Every time I came, she took it in a different place. She let me cum inside of her pussy and neither of us ever thought about condoms. She also took a load on her face and swallowed one. When I left, I was exhausted and I thought my dick was broken. She promised me anal the next time and we swore to keep what had happened, our little secret. I figured that she didn't want any of her friends to know that she had screwed one of the nerds. But I was also glad, because I had no idea how I would have told Selena that I'd had sex with her baby sister.

The funny thing was that Selena and I were a year older than Melissa, but we had a lot less sexual experience. I was so happy at what I'd gotten, it felt like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. But I never thought about what Melissa was getting out of it.

The third thing working against Selena and me was timing. After a pretty big party that we held to celebrate beating a team from MIT in a robotics competition, Selena and I tumbled into bed together. When we woke up after the alcohol in our systems had faded, I had taken Selena's virginity.

It was a guilty moment for me because by that time, I had been screwing her sister for months and things between Melissa and I were only getting hotter. Selena had none of her sister's moves, but emotionally there was something far more satisfying about what we'd done. There was definitely a connection forged between us.

When we got dressed the next morning, barely remembering where we were, Selena was all smiles. I on the other hand was mortified. One of our also drunken classmates had the answer.

"What happened at the party ... stays at the party," he said. "There's no way we should be held accountable for things we did while we were drunk. Everyone needs to blow off a little steam from time to time." Several hung-over future engineers agreed with him.

"I wasn't drunk," said Selena. "I knew exactly what I was doing." I went into shock. Selena had told me several times during the night that she loved me. I felt like shit. Things were even worse. The next two months were the worst time of my life. I worked really hard at my internship. I really had to. Being at work was the only place that I could relax and be myself.

While we were in class, I had to worry about Selena. I had feelings for her too, but I couldn't let what happened between us go any further until I had worked out things with her sister. And that was even worse. Whenever I wasn't in class, Melissa was on me. The problem was that Melissa was like a drug. She would walk into my apartment and simply drop all of her clothes and we'd start. She never refused me anything. She seemed to especially get off on other people knowing what was going on.

There was one time when a classmate of mine had come over to watch a movie. Melissa played the part of girlfriend perfectly. She invited him in. Showed him where the DVD player was and even served us beer and ordered pizza. She invited a friend of hers over as well. I thought that she would hang out with her friend and leave the two of us to our nerd movie, but Melissa saw it differently. She sat my friend in the recliner that was near the TV and sat her friend next to him. Then she went and got a blanket for her and me to sit on the couch with. It was a long movie. About twenty minutes into the movie she repositioned us on the couch so we were spooned under the blanket.

Our friends occasionally looked at us, but thought nothing of it. Nor did I until I felt her hands on my dick. She pulled my hands onto her breasts and I noticed then that she had managed to slip off all of her clothes under the blanket.

She raised one leg and started rubbing my dick against her hot wet opening. She pressed back against me until it slipped in. She moaned as quietly as she could and smiled at our friends who'd turned around to see us.

"Sorry guys," she smiled. "It's just so warm and cozy under here with my Ian. Her friend smiled jealously. My friend barely looked away from the screen.

But even as she spoke, Melissa was pushing her ass back against me very slowly. She had a knack for squeezing my dick with her pussy muscles. It was like being in a warm, slippery vise.

Over the next few minutes, things ramped up. She pressed against my hands to make me squeeze her breasts. I rolled and pinched her nipples which really turned her on. She moaned loudly and started rocking her hips more wildly. It was almost as if she forgot where we were and what we were doing. As usual, once she started there was no stopping her. I could only hold on and enjoy it."

Both of our friends turned and watched us, wide eyed. "Jesus Melissa!" exclaimed her friend. "You're just going to let that guy fuck you right here in the living room with us watching?"

"Of course not," spat Melissa without losing a beat or a single stroke.

"Well what are you going to do?" asked her friend.

"I'm going to fuck him right back," said Melissa. "I can't let him think he can out fuck me. Just watch the movieeee ... ohhhh!"

Since the cat was out of the bag, Melissa was set free. She ducked her head under the blanket and sucked me back to life and then climbed on top of me and rode me to another orgasm.

"You guys watch the movie," she said as she dragged me up the stairs. She was tired of being restricted to positions that allowed us to stay covered up. When we were spent we simply fell asleep.

When we awoke just in time to quickly take Melissa home, our friends were gone. I kept trying to break things off with Melissa, but I was simply not able to. After a few months, Selena suddenly changed the game. I think she must've heard someone mention me and another girl.

She started to dress and behave more feminine. She started wearing makeup and dresses and everyone noticed. She, although bigger than Melissa, was every bit as pretty. Then things got worse. Selena started working out and dieting to lose weight. Every one of our friends noticed her all of a sudden. I especially noticed her.

All of my hard work had paid off though. I was hired by an automotive company before I graduated. Since they were hiring me as a degreed engineer, they allowed me to leave the plant in order to continue attending classes. I started looking for better apartments.

It all fell apart on a sunny Sunday morning. If my timing had been better, I'd have arrived five minutes later and avoided the entire conflict. But a short time after I sat down and started telling Selena's parents about how my new job was going it got hectic. Their dad, after finding out that I made more money than he did, asked me what I intended to with it. As we talked, he was shoveling food down his throat at an alarming rate.

"I'm going to get a better apartment," I said.

"You'd probably be better off forgetting about that. A house is probably a better idea," said Melissa.

"Melissa, Ian is MY friend," said Selena. "If it was one of your friends, your opinion would matter. Ian can do anything he wants."

"I think my opinion in this, matters quite a bit Sis," smiled Melissa.

"That's stupid," said Selena. "Why would Ian care what you think? You two barely know each other."

"Oh we know each other pretty well," smiled Melissa.

"Not as well as we know each other," said Selena. "We've shared classes for three years in college. We've been lab partners in every class for the past two." Selena spat the last part out as if she was sure that she was right.

"Okay, you've got me there," said Melissa. "That lab partner thing is hard to beat. I mean, all I have is the fact that he got me pregnant."

At the same time that Melissa's almost quietly uttered words came out of her grinning mouth, four people went into shock. Our reactions were all very different. Her father spat out his food violently and then on his next inhalation started to choke. Her mother dropped the entire stack of dishes she was about to place on the outdoor table, shattering them on the tile of the pool area.

Selena looked at her sister and then at me, to determine if Melissa was telling the truth. Then she ran into the house, crying her eyes out. I was too shocked to do anything other than stand there with my chin on the ground.

Melissa calmly sat down at the table. She took my hand and sat me down at the table too. Then she gestured for her mom to join us. Her mom stood there looking down on the tile at the shards of her dishes. She seemed torn between picking the dishes up and finding out what Melissa had to say. She slowly came over to the table. She was shell shocked. "I ... I ... I don't understand," she said. "How did you get pregnant?"

"Come on Mom," said Melissa. "You've been pregnant three times. I think you know what goes where and how it works."

"But, Ian is Selena's boyfriend and ... And you work at the Dairy Queen," she said. She looked at us to see if any of what she'd just said made sense.

"Ian is not Selena's boyfriend!" spat Melissa angrily. "If he was, none of this would have happened. They're classmates but that's all. They're friends. She's been bringing him over to the house for more than a year and they've never even kissed. They've never gone out on a date or anything."

I wasn't so shocked that I didn't recognize Melissa working her magic on her parents. Over the year or so that I'd been a part of their family's get-togethers, I'd seen her use the same tactics whether she and Selena were arguing over clothes, chores, where to go for dinner or any other thing. I guess she figured that if it worked for everything else, it might work for this one too.

"Okay, maybe he's not her boyfriend," said their father. "But you know she likes him."

"Dad, we're sisters. It's going to happen. We were raised in the same house, by the same parents. We have the same upbringing and very similar tastes. Is it really a stretch to think that we might like the same guy? And she has the advantage when it comes to meeting guys. She's in school all the time. She's always around guys our age. All I see, all day long are snotty nosed brats who have a dollar and fifty cents for a single cone. And Ian is here all the time, is it any wonder we'd be drawn together?"

Neither of her parents could refute her logic. And Selena, sensing that she was on a roll, pushed onwards.

"Dad, you like, Ian. I've heard you slip and call him your son in law several times. He's in shock right now, because he didn't know either. We didn't plan this, it just happened. But he's going to marry me. He makes enough money to support me and our baby. So the question that this really brings up is why you don't want me to marry him?"

She looked at her dad. She was about to turn the corner on him. We all sensed it. We just didn't know what direction she was coming from.

"So let me work myself through this," she said. "You like Ian. You know that he's a good guy and he'd never hurt me. He makes enough money. He has a good career ahead of him, probably better than any of you think. So it's not Ian is it?" She scratched her chin dramatically and then continued.

"Daddy wasn't Selena born before the two of you actually got married?" she asked. She continued before he could explain. "So it must be me then. You don't think I'm good enough for your chosen son in law because I chose not to go to college, that's it isn't it?"

"No, baby, that's not it," said her father. "It's just ... it's like you said. It's just so surprising. We're all in shock. Look at your mom. Look at Ian. And he knew more about this than we did."

"But Daddy, that's exactly why we didn't tell anyone. We kept looking for a way to tell everyone, but it's hard. We didn't want to hurt anyone. But today when Selena started telling me how Ian didn't want my opinion ... well ... it just popped out. I was angry. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry, baby," he said. "We'll find a way to work this out. How far along are you? Maybe..."

"Daddy, are you crazy? There's nothing to work out. I want my baby and I'm having it. And I want to marry Ian. That was the plan all along. Maybe we're ahead of schedule. But this is what I wanted from the beginning."

"I never thought about planning a wedding this soon," said her mom. "I guess I always expected it to be Selena first. And I did kind of think she'd be the one marrying Ian, but as long as my girls are happy, I'm good."

So there was a wedding. All of those people out maneuvered by one conniving nineteen year old girl. And it took a few years but I in particular learned that there was far more in her head than I ever thought.

Melissa and her mom planned out the wedding. Melissa got everything she wanted. She had eight bridesmaids and all of them smiled and nodded their heads every time they looked at me. I felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter or a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Selena never said a word to me. But every time I saw her, the pain in her eyes hurt me. It also made me realize that I had always had feelings for her too. A few weeks before the wedding, she accepted an internship in another state and transferred to a college there as well. She claimed that she was too busy to attend the wedding, but I knew otherwise.

Although marrying Melissa wasn't in my life plan, I was brought up to accept my responsibilities and make the best of them. I had been fucking Melissa for months. I was so busy having fun that I had never considered a possible pregnancy. I had to pay for the pleasure I'd received. I vowed to be the best husband and father possible.

I could tell that Melissa was happy about the whole thing. She positively glowed. She picked out our house and everything in it. She clearly loved the role of young wife and she excelled at it. If I had thought that we had a lot of sex while we were doing it on the sly, it was nothing compared to what happened once everyone knew about us.

She assured me that nothing we did could hurt our baby, so we had sex three times a day, during the week and more often than that on the weekends. Selena did everything she could to bind me to her, physically, emotionally and every other way she could think of. And it worked.

From talking to some of my friends who were involved in long relationships and even some who'd been married for a while, they all seemed to agree that the sex would taper off. But it didn't. After the wedding, things got even more intense. We were together every second that I wasn't working. She even showed up at my job to have lunch with me several times a week. My mistrust of her motives went away. Maybe I hadn't planned on anything happening between Melissa and me, but she clearly loved me very much. I began to realize that I could have ended up with a much worse person to marry.

After the birth of my daughter, we settled into being the perfect young couple. Melissa took care of everything. My daughter, Piper, was named after my mother. We both doted on her. No baby was ever so loved. I wasn't shocked when Melissa started our sex life up again barely after coming home from the hospital. The doctor had told us that we needed to wait a while before resuming relations, but Melissa had other ideas.

"Let's find out if he's right," she said. "If it injures me, we'll stop. But I'm craving my husband." The first few times we did it, I could tell that she was in pain. But she drove us onward. A few weeks later we were back doing it more than ever. We were also trying new positions and acts. If it was possible to do sexually, we tried it. The only things we didn't try we're things that involved more than two people. So it was no surprise when only a few months after Piper was born Melissa was pregnant again.

My son Steve was born thirteen months after his older sister. He was named after Melissa's dad and made us even happier. We were the envy of all of our friends. It was about that time that I changed all of our lives. I invented a process for controlling airbags that made our company billions. Their intention was to license the process to all of the other auto companies.

My reward for the invention was twenty million dollars. After that I continued to work but only because I was still enjoying it. We bought a newer bigger house and everything else we could think of. We travelled and tried everything we wanted. It took a few years, seven to be exact, for the truth to come out.

I came home to find Melissa on the internet, looking at luxury apartments. "Honey, why are you looking at apartments?" I asked. "Are you leaving me?"

"Of course not," she said absent mindedly. "It's for Johnny. He got thrown out of another one. I'll never leave you, Ian, you're my husband. We're going to grow old together."

That made me feel better. "Who's Johnny?" I asked, as I kissed the back of her neck.

"My dumb assed boyfriend," she said. Even as the words came out of her mouth she stopped and stiffened.

"Your what?" I asked. She turned to face me nervously.

"Oh God," she said. "I am clearly not thinking well today. I never wanted you to..."

I erupted. "So after seven years of marriage ... seven happy years, you've started cheating on me?"

"Ian we need to talk about this," she said. "You don't understand anything." There was nothing she could say to take away the hurt. I just shook my head and walked away. I left the house and went to the airport. I flew to Chicago. I had a friend who worked for Thompson-Ritter industries. I called him as soon as I got in. I went to visit him at work. He took one look at me and pointed towards a small cubicle at the end of the hall. All of their engineers used several community labs and each had his or her own cubicle for other things. They saved money on office space and forced their team to work together that way.

I walked up to the cubicle and saw her working on a design for a bracket of some kind. She was using some sort of 3-D CAD software. Her hair was longer and thicker than it had been when we were in college. She dangled one shoe off of her foot as she worked. She had no idea that I was behind her. I watched her, enjoying the vision. After not seeing her for seven years what made me think that I could... ? I realized then that I couldn't. I turned to leave.

I wondered then, why I'd dropped everything and flown to Chicago. What right did I have to intrude in her life? I turned to leave as silently as I'd walked up behind her. But something had other plans.

Her head snapped around suddenly. "Caught ya' pervert," she said over her shoulder. I think that she thought that I was one of her coworkers at first. She looked up at me and recognition flared along with anger. "Get the fuck out of my office!" she screamed.

"I'm sorry. I don't know why I came here," I said.

"Wait!" she said. She looked at me, up and down. "I knew it!" She was smiling as she said it.

"That bitch finally hurt you didn't she?" she asked. "She spent most of our lives taking all of my stuff and wait a minute ... you're crying. Ian, where are you going?"

"Get the fuck back in my office!" she yelled.

"It's not really an office," I mumbled.

"Whatever it is, get your ass in it," she growled. I noticed the resemblance to Melissa. Selena and Melissa were, of course, sisters. Melissa looked a lot like Selena but there was a maturity and a look of sadness to Selena that Melissa didn't have.

Without another word we were hugging. "What did she do?" she demanded. Her voice had the sound of a mother protecting her young.

"No Selena," I said. "This isn't your problem. I'm the one who screwed up. I should've..."

"Wait, let me help you there," she said, twisting her face into a grimace.

"You should have done so many things. You should have told me that you were screwing my sister. I know the little bitch seduced you. You should have given me the chance to compete with her. I would have done anything for you that she would. Ian, I loved you. And towards the end ... you know, after I waited years for you to make a move on me, I finally got you drunk and gave you my virginity, you loved me too didn't you?"

I nodded. "But you didn't say anything. You were just enjoying my sister force feeding you her skanky pussy too much. You dummy, she was trying to get pregnant. That bitch was always way smarter than either of us when it comes to real life."

"But I'm just as guilty as you are, Ian. The problem with people like us is that we're too God damned nice to go after what we want. I loved you so much, I should have fought for you ... and you should have fought for us too." Then I was holding her in my arms. She felt too good to believe.

"Ian, I did a really dumb thing," she said.

"Welcome to the club," I snickered. "What did you do?"

"I got married," she said. I dropped my arms and pushed her away from me.

"It's not a good marriage," she said. "I just did it because I was lonely. I was on the rebound. We've been together for less than two years and we're already on the rocks. He can't keep a job. I don't know what I ever saw in him. I wish I could move home."

"You're being transferred home tomorrow," I said.

"How do... ?" She began.

"I kind of own a big assed chunk of this company," I said. "We'll find time to talk when you get home. Maybe both of us can get out of the messes we're in."

I flew back home then. It was nearly midnight when I walked into the house. And Selena was waiting for me.

"I waited up for you," she said. "You could have returned my calls. I was worried. Are you hungry?"

"I just want to go to bed," I said.

"Great idea," she smiled. "Are you sure you don't want me to warm up something for you to eat first? I don't want to exhaust you on an empty stomach."

"I'm not really hungry," I said. I turned and headed for the back of the house.

"Ian, it's too cold for us to do it outside, Honey," she laughed.

"I'm just headed for the guest room," I said.

"No, you're not," she said. "You're going upstairs to our room. We're going to have sex. We're going to do it two or three times. And then we're going to talk."

"Let's skip the first part," I said. "We're not going to be doing that anymore." She looked at me in confusion.

"So where did you meet him?" I asked. "How long have you been cheating on me?"

"I haven't ever cheated on you, Ian," she said. "I told you that you don't understand what's going on."

"Then you need to explain it to me," I said. "Do you love him?"

"Of course I do," she said. But the look on her face wasn't as convinced as her words. "Okay I have to admit that right now is a really confusing time for me. This isn't really the way it was supposed to be. But I swear to you we can make this work."

"No we can't," I said. "Tomorrow I'll be seeing an attorney."

"For what?" she asked. "You have everything you want. I gave you anything any man would want. We have the perfect marriage. None of your friends, or mine, are as happy as we were before I opened my big assed mouth today. I'm sorry about that but I was really pissed at him."

"So you love him more than you love me, obviously," I said. Suddenly I realized something and my mouth dropped open. "This is all, my fault. I'm so stupid."

"What are you babbling about now?" she asked.

"Over the past seven years, I've told you that I love you thousands of times, but you've never said it to me. Not once," I said. She looked away then. "God I'm a fool."

"Ian you're one of the smartest kindest men I know," she said. "I've been the perfect wife for you. We have a beautiful family. Why do we have to ruin it? A lot of people will be hurt and..."

"And it was all fake, wasn't it?" I yelled.

"Ian, keep your voice down. You're going to wake your kids," she said.

"When we get divorced they'll find out that their mother is a cheating conniving whore anyway," I said.

"We're not going to get a divorce, Ian," she smiled. "I have never cheated on you, Ian. I cheated with you. Johnny has been my boyfriend since I was eighteen year old. I knew even then that he wasn't going to amount to shit. But I loved him. I knew that I'd have to be the one to take care of him. I saw a life full of waitressing jobs and working my ass off while he sat home playing video games and drinking beer. Meanwhile two of the smartest people I knew were both heading for great careers. It just wasn't fair.

All I wanted was a chance for a good life without having to work myself to death. But everything I did was to make you happy. It was an exchange and you always got the best end of the deal Ian. First off, you got me. Of all your friends, who has the hottest wife? You do Ian. Sure, once you got rich you could have scored some chick that looks like a model or a porn star, but she'd have been after your money. She wouldn't have wanted to make you happy. All I've done since we first got together was to give you whatever you wanted Ian.

When we met I was nineteen years old and you were twenty. What does every nineteen year old boy want? He wants wild sex with a hot girl right? I did it anytime you wanted it; however you wanted it, whenever you wanted it. I decorated your house. I went to your work events with you. I gave you the children you wanted. Ian we have never had a single argument. I have made making you happy my highest priority. You still have more sex than any other man you know. Is your life really that bad?"

I just looked at her.

"I was only happy because I thought it was real," I said. "I really thought that we loved each other and we were going to grow old together."

"Ian what is love?" she asked. "A woman who loves her husband cooks for him and cleans for him and bears his children and has sex with him. I do all of that."

"Yeah but she's not thinking about another man while she does it," I said. "And she doesn't sneak off to have sex with the other man while her husband is at work or whenever you do it. He's the one you love."

"Ian, how do you know what I think?" she asked. "And all of this is harder on him than it is on you. He knows that I'm with you and what we're doing. How do you think he felt while I was carrying your children? We almost broke up both times."

"How do I even know that they're mine?" I asked.

"Because I've always made him wear a condom," she said. "I also had DNA tests done on both of them. We have enough money for you to have them tested again by an independent lab, but trust me. I'll never have anyone else's children but yours. We're not even thirty years old Ian. We could have a couple more if you want. And that's just another sacrifice that he's going to have to live with."

"Don't worry about it," I said. "The two of you can start popping out babies left and right as soon as we're divorced."

"I don't want to have kids with Johnny, Ian. I wouldn't do that to you. I have too much respect for you to do that," she said.

"Thanks for that," I said. "Goodnight. When you get a lawyer, email me his contact information so we can get the ball rolling."

"Ian, you don't want to do this," she said. "It won't end well for you. You have more money than we can ever spend. What does it matter to you if we're giving Johnny a place to live? And does it hurt you at all that I have sex with him a couple of times a month? That's all he gets, I swear it. None of this hurts you Ian. You have a perfect life and you're going to throw it all away for stupid male pride."

"Yep, I am," I said. "And when you're gone, I'll find someone who really loves me. We'll argue and make up and make love and spend the rest of our lives together making each other miserable. But every time I look in her eyes, I'll know that the way I feel about her is returned. I'll know that she's with me because she loves me, not just as a meal ticket for herself and her dead beat boyfriend."

The next day I started the divorce proceedings. She begged me not to do it. She hired a very good lawyer who fought harder than hell to keep us together. They ran the whole gamut of legal tricks. We did counseling and everything else. I fought equally hard and I lost.

Melissa always was far smarter than me in a practical sense. Every day up until the day we went to court she begged me to forget about the divorce. But once we got to court she lowered the boom on me. During the months that the divorce had run, she'd built a very good case against me. She also went into court and lied through her teeth.

She cried on the stand and got the judge on her side. When the judge asked why I wanted a divorce I told him that she was cheating on me. He asked me what proof I had of that and I told him that she'd told me so herself. She started crying and told him that she was only trying to shock me into stopping my own cheating. She told him that it had failed and I'd continued.

He asked her what proof she had and she laid it all out for him. There I was repeatedly visiting a woman and not just any woman, her own sister, who was herself married. Although she had no proof that I was having sex with her sister, she knew for a fact that I had gotten her sister's virginity, while I was also having sex with her. She believed that Selena and I had never given up our feelings for each other. The judge asked me if it was true or not and I admitted that it was.

Having an affair is one thing. When it appears you've had an affair with your wife's married sister, it's far worse. And the fact that I had slept with both sisters enraged the judge. He gave Selena the kids, the house and seventy five percent of our assets. All I got was my personal possessions and some investments that were valuable but not liquid. Melissa started crying after the judge made his decision.

"Why are you crying?" he asked. "You won."

"I don't want a divorce," she cried. "I never did. I just want my husband back. I'll forgive him." The judge was so moved by her words that he gave us a year to work out our differences. If we came back and cancelled the divorce within one year, we could stay married. If not the divorce went through under the terms he'd laid out.

As I left the courtroom, Melissa pulled me to the side. "What do you want for dinner tonight?" she asked, as if nothing had happened.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked angrily.

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