The Nymphos

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A wife leaves for a holiday with a liberated friend. Her husband takes the opportunity to add another name to his black book when he is confronted by a woman in the seedy areas of town - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Orgy   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Size   .

Harry gave a wave as his wife left with her friend for a three day holiday at the friend's beach house after saying to Wendy who was giving his wife the holiday, 'Couldn't make it a month, could you?". He now had three days not only to indulge himself in his ancient research, but also to delight in the adventures his list of 'names' in his 'black book' could create.

Harry had been married for decades, but it wasn't a happy marriage, held together because of obligation and responsibility and because he had no woman of real interest on his radar and also because of the financial loss that would be associated with a 'break-up' he remained in the marriage arrangement. His association with his wife, especially on the intimate chart was non existent and had been for many, many years; that's where his 'black book' comes in handy.

'I can't get involved with my acquaintances today', he muttered to himself as he prepared for that mornings class at the old seniors building in town. The old building was in that part of town that was on the plans for re-development with the result that only a few buildings were occupied and used. The old senior's building was still in use by a couple of community organizations of which the class he took on the ancient world was a resident. He washed up the breakfast dishes, gave the paper a quick glance, picked up his briefcase with his notes and closed the door.

Because of the re-development and the emptiness of many shops, the place had a seedy look about it, it was a place that maybe you wouldn't wander around after dark, for a number of the alleys were now just rubbish dumps and home to those off with the fairies, either because of the bottle or some drug, even in daylight it was an area that a woman would avoid, especially if she was walking, therefore he got quite a shock to be confronted by a woman as he turned the corner into the street where the old building was. It was difficult to gauge her age, she wasn't attractive in the facial area, her dress attire had certainly seen better days; she was plump but not overweight, her hair looked as if it hadn't seen a brush or water for quite some time. However, she had one advantage that he did take notice of and that was her tits. He loved women with large, sagging melons and this woman by the way they wobbled had a magnificent set and they were not hemmed in by a bra.

"Would you buy me a coffee?" she asked. It was extremely odd for a woman to approach him in such a manner; he got on well with women, but only as colleagues or acquaintances. Regards the intimite side of things he was pretty well a dead loss. One day, during a work 'happy hour' he was told by a woman, true she was a bit tipsy, that he had the 'sex appeal of a piece of concrete'. The sort of description that no man wanted to hear, but he knew she was right; it was a curse that he had always carried which was very evident in his marriage. Other wives in the circle of friends that he and his wive associated with were always hovering or hanging onto their husbands and certainly would always be sitting with them. However, in his wife's case she would be as far away from him as possible and as far as showing any form of intimacy that was as alien as the man from Mars.

The thought that radiated in his mind in the seconds after she had made her request was 'she must be desperate'. It was that description of her, created in his mind that resulted in his response. "I have a better suggestion", he said. "Say I give you twenty dollars, you suck me off and then I'll get you that coffee". Whether such a request or suggestion was standard in her life or whether she was so eager for some sort of companionship and nourishment, he had no idea but her reply did take him back a bit. Without hesitation she said. "All right!"

He was very good at hiding emotions so he showed no surprise at her answer and just told her to follow him. "I have to open up for a class I'm doing", he said as he unlocked the door of a building that certainly needed a touch of tender loving and care. "I'm quite early so we have time for what I have suggested and your request". He locked the door after she had entered and then he opened the door of a small storage room just off the main entrance. He put down his brief case and undid his belt and dropped his trousers. His cock arched up, very erect and very hard and not exactly small. "I think your mouth knows what to do with this", he said. She dropped down, gave her mouth a wipe, took hold of his length that gave him a shudder as she gripped it, opened her mouth and began to suck.

Out of all sexual activities that he has associated with over the years, being sucked off was generally his favourite. In his black book he had besides each woman's name what her speciality was. There was Nicki whose mouth did wonders. There was Cathy who loved to be taken on the table, legs wide apart and with a comment always before he drove his cock up her cunt 'Give it to me hard'. There was Marlene who always made sure her bum was available and she had a very attractive backside and he even had a 'mistress' in his book who made his teeth chatter as she worked on his balls, her name was Karen. However, this woman was certainly equal to Nicki and it amazed him where women could put the cock they were sucking. Nicki could take his entire length, not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth and when he emptied his load her head was pulled into his groin so her nose was buried in his cock hair. "Fuck that is nice", he gasped as he pulled this woman's head into his groin and felt his balls throbbing just before they exploded. Whether she knew he was about to discharge, he didn't care but as they released their load, he crushed her head against him and held her, despite cum and saliva sweeping from the corners of her mouth till she had drained his balls.

"Now that was a very enjoyable cock suck", he said as he handed her a tissue from the box that was on another table. He wiped his own cock before redressing. "I'll show you where the conveniences are so that you can rinse you mouth and then we will go and have that coffee", he said. She wasn't long in the conveniences and it was only a short distance to the nearest coffee lounge. "I'm a loose wheel for a few days", he said as he finished his coffee. "If you having nothing on your agenda I have a suggestion for I wouldn't mind fucking you". She didn't say a thing so he continued. "Oh! Here is what I promised you", he said as he slipped the note across. "I can greatly increase that if you are interested. I finish my class near midday, I then have a few items to attend to, however, if you would be interested in furthering our association I will be back at where we just were at one this afternoon'" She didn't say anything till they left the shop. "I think I could be back by one this afternoon", she said. "Thanks for the note, if you are considering the same arrangement for later, you can fuck me off the planet".

To be honest he didn't think she would front so he did get a bit of a surprise to find her sitting on the bench just outside the building, this time he had driven down for he wasn't interested in going into the building but if she was there to take her home and continue their affair in better conditions. "You are on time", he said showing no sign that her presence was a surprise, totally unexpected. "You did say one and I have nothing better to do", she replied as she got into his vehicle. "Do me a favour and take your panties off, put the gear sticks between your legs so I can give you a good feel as we drive and I'll tell you what I have in mind", he said. Without any ado she lifted her bum up, pulled down her panties and left her dress up so he could admire one of the hairiest triangles that he had observed on a woman. "I love women with a hairy cunt", he said as he changed gear and fingered her and he changed gears a lot of times before pulling into his drive.

Sure she was licking her lips from the consent fingering that had made her give off gasps of pleasure but it was also the financial figure that he had mentioned for 'entertainment' to be given by her for full three days. "Are the arrangement satisfactory?" he asked as he gave that throbbing cunt one last finger. "Very, very, very", she responded. After entering he said. "First have a shower and give yourself a good soaking. I will wash your clothes. You are about the same size as my wife so you should find something in her wardrobe to wear. We will be going out for a few meals so I would like you to look 'stunning'. With that he pointed to the bathroom; she undressed and handed him her clothes. He licked his lips, she may smell but her figure was certainly the type he liked. "I'll join you as soon as I duck your clothes in the laundry trough to soak", he said.

They took it in turn to share the soap. He would soap her, lift and soap her tits and cover that hairy triangle with suds so it was more white than dark brown. She in turn pulled and massaged his cock and balls till he was so hard that it was beginning to hurt. Dried they manoeuvred themselves into the bedroom. "Lubricate it", he gasped. She went down and sucked till his cock was covered in saliva. He then lifted her up and pushed her onto the bed. Her legs automatically opened and as he thrust his length into her crack, her bum rose to accommodate it and they then began to fuck in rhyme. It was only then that they introduced themselves to each other. "Oh! I'm Harry", he said as he drove his cock to the limits of her cunt. "K ... Kay", she stammered as she bucked from the thrust.

At that precise minute his wife and Wendy reached their destination. "Well this is it Alice", Wendy said as their vehicle came to a stop. However, before she could reply there was a call from the neighbour. "Wendy it is great to have you visit us again. Oh! You have bought a companion; my brother will be very pleased". Wendy got out of the vehicle and embraced the neighbour and Alice had to blink and then dismissed it as imagination for what she thought happen was that not only did the neighbour give Wendy a very substantial kiss but a feel of her breast and a very decent grip of her groin for she was wearing very skimpy shorts. Wendy made no attempt to pull away at least for a couple of minutes and then almost reluctantly introduced her to the neighbour. "Amo this is my friend Alice".

"I'm so pleased to meet you", he replied. There was no doubt that Alice was in a state of pure bewilderment for Amo was as black as night; yet his smile showed perfect white teeth. "I'll give you a hand to get your gear inside", he said. "When we got your phone call we thought that we would put on a meal for you and your friend Alice".

"Oh! Amo that is so thoughtful of you", Wendy purred. "It would certainly cut out making a dinner tonight for I was just thinking of going down to the local fish and chip shop", she replied. She paused and then asked. "What time would you want us for dinner?"

"Around 5.30 or so", he replied. "We can have a few drinks and nibbles before the main course", he replied

"That's sounds terrific", Wendy purred. "In that case me and Alice will duck down to the beach, get a bit of sun and have a swim and then come back up and over to your place". With that she grabbed Alice and danced into her cabin while Amo lugged their luggage.

"I ... I don't have a swim suit", Alice moaned.

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