The Cousin

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: At a family gathering it becomes known that a marriage breakup of a member has come about. At first the family refuse to consider there could be a fault within their ranks, till it becomes clear that the wife of the cousin is beginning to play the field, this later includes a another wife, who at first saw no fault with her 'family' - read on

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It was only at the birthday of the youngest members of his wife's family did Warren hear of the break up of one of the families younger members. He had only been married for two years, but the system had fallen apart. "I don't understand it", his wife said as they drove home later that afternoon. "Jim was very good to Jenny, he did everything for her. He has a good position in a city law firm and they were considering building in a suburb closer to his employment. I have no idea why she would just up and leave. It certainly wasn't anything he had done. He came from a good religious family, so the reasons for the breakdown would have come from her". Warren didn't immediately reply. He knew that his wife never openly criticize her family, in fact she would defend them, no matter if there was evidence to question her fanatical belief that 'her family' were the pillars of society.

"He did have a bit of a drink problem", he replied as they reached the outskirts of their suburb. His wife turned, her lips quivering and her reply was one more of shock to have to answer such an allegation. "He ... he did not".

"Come on it Wendy, whether you believe it or not your cousin was a drunkard. Take for example that gathering, not long after they were married, he was so drunk that he couldn't stand up and fell head long into the garden and his wife and her father got him to his feet. He had been consuming the brown ale almost in a continuous motion since we had arrived. I know I counted eight schooners he consumed".

"He ... he was tied and he slipped. He wasn't drunk and to say he was is a false allegation and you should be ashamed of yourself. My family wouldn't lower themselves to publicly embarrass themselves in public". He knew that to push the subject any further would only make his own marriage even a little more intolerant. Her cousin's marriage had broken but he didn't have need to do that, not because his wife was a fantastic sexual partner, she wasn't but because he was content to let the present situation plod along; he didn't have another woman that would have made him consider doing what the cousin had done, his women were the casual type. He got his satisfaction through the contacts in his 'black book'. The book had been created or came into existence years before when he realised that he had made a heck of a mistake, but a mistake that could at least be made bearable with the use of his 'black book'.

No further comments were made about the cousin but it was something that Warren began to think about and began to recall little episodes that, for an individual like himself who had travelled in the shadows of human existence, especially in that hidden sexual world, he had noticed but not mentioned, even though at the time he had smiled to himself. Unbeknown to him his wife's cousin's wife and he would collide in that shadowy world of sexual desires in the not so distant future.

Jenny was fed up with her husband constant drinking. She had no argument with him regards his employment or their financial situation for when he was sober he was the ideal husband. He willingly did his share of the maintenance that needed to be done and as far as sex was concerned he was all right, but certainly not to the extent that she really longed for. The problem was that 'being sober' was becoming more of the exception. The rot set in the day he had fallen into the garden in the park and she and her father had to rescue him, that was bad enough but when she had to get a perfect stranger to help her get him out of the car, once they arrived home and man-handle him into the spare room was the one straw too much. "Well I guess he will sleep it off", the man had said after throwing a blanket over him. "I'm ... I'm so grateful", she replied. "If you hadn't come along I would have found it impossible to manoeuvre my husband out of the car and inside. Oh! I'm sorry I should have introduced myself I'm Jenny".

"Samuel, but my friends call me Sam", he replied. "I just bought the house that was for sale just down the road".

"Oh! I was wondering when it would be sold for the 'for sale' board was up for some considerable time", she said.

"I know. I liked the place but at the same time I was interested in another property, but finally settled on this one and now that I have met you I'm sure that I haven't made a mistake". Those comments made her flutter a bit but stirred in her being a hidden and dark desire, a desire that her husband didn't even know about, a desire to be fucked as a whore. "Would you care for a coffee, at least a small avenue for me to say 'thank you', she smilingly asked. She put the kettle on and excused herself. It didn't take her long to remove her bra and panties and she was sure that if given the opportunity he would be up her like a 'rat is up a drain'.

"Milk and sugar?" she asked as she poured the coffee.

"Both". She put the cup in front of him and a plate of biscuits and dropped one. She bent down and to retrieve it and in so doing revealed her naked tits that were almost falling out of her very loose blouse and they were not small. "Maybe I can help", he said as he bent down and deliberately slipped his hand inside her blouse and gripped a tit, moving onto a nipple that grew immediately he touched it. The biscuit was forgotten. While he played with those glorious melons, she reached for his thigh, unzipped him and while he pulled and squeezed both tit and nipple, she withdrew his now growing and throbbing cock, lowered her head, opened her mouth and began to suck. He held her head hard, pushing it down into his groin why his cock disappeared into her mouth; she sucked till he pulled her up and gasped. "I would love you to suck me dry but I would love a fuck, it has been ages since I was up the cunt of a woman".

With saliva dripping from her mouth, she stood up and totally removed her blouse and undid her skirt, letting it drop and stood naked before him. "Oh! Fuck", he said. "I love woman with a forest of hair between their legs". He fumbled with his trousers, till like her skirt was crumbled up on the floor. Now with his cock pointing skyward, she lowered herself over her goal and dropped, filling her cunt with the item of her pleasure and began to ride. Up and down she went, taking with each drop further cock till not a fraction was out of her; the only thing separating them was a mass of hair. She pushed her tits into his face delighting in the sensation of a sucked nipple. It was her actions that made him give the thrust that sent gush after gush of cum from exploded balls up deep inside her. She remained, with his cock jammed tightly up her till every drop of cum had been squeezed from his balls, only then did she get up. His cock fell limp; covered in cum and her womanhood. "Fuck I wanted that", she said. "I think another coffee would be in order to counter any exhaustion". As for his part he just gave a grunt.

Following similar occasions her husband apologized for his behaviour and following the same pattern was the ideal husband, till again the 'brown ale' took its tole, however, now Jenny didn't really care and in fact welcomed the drunken behaviour that always led to a long bout of sleep. That was the time when her neighbour gave her what she craved – a fuck, but not just an ordinary fuck but one that would satisfy the most hardened whore. He took her across the outdoor table, he doggied her on the lounge room floor and while her husband slept in the spare room he ravished her in the main bedroom. He fucked her as a whore; she begged to be called a cunt. "Fuck my cunt, fuck it hard; call me a cunt, fuck me as a whore". She gasped in his ear as his cock filled every cavity of her crack. Requests he filled with a vengeance. She did things to his cock that made him shudder as her mouth drained his balls, filling her mouth with so much cum that it flowed down her chin and onto her tits. She squeezed his balls while he smacked her tits till both were swollen and blue. It was after one of these sections that he asked her if she would be willing to accommodate a friend. "Not here of course but at my place", he said. "I can guarantee you will be satisfied. You want it rough well my mate will make sure of that. In fact we will put you in a double dip, give your bum the same treatment as I have given your crack".

Jenny had never been fucked up the bum but when that cock was plunged between the cheeks of her backside and her arse was opened, her cry of passion echoed around the room. Her whole being vibrated and shook with such force that a vase on the near by coffee table tipped over. Fucking and sucking at the same time was new, but that was too change, for another man joined in and with a drunken husband sleeping it off she is sandwiched between two men while a third is crushing her head into his groin as her mouth again performs its magic and drains his balls.

The break up of the cousin was not mentioned again; it was as though it didn't exist but Warren did here through a lapse of thought, in a general conversation that Jenny was noticed in the company of another man and the interesting thing about that, it was only days after the news of the break-up was told to them. He didn't comment but again smiled for he wasn't surprised. 'She must have had another bloke on her agenda', he muttered to himself. 'She just, unless she deliberately made it her policy to be picked up, wouldn't have another man on her calendar to immediately fill the gap. Maybe Jenny has a dark side and I think that could be the case and the family are now beginning to recognize that so she is 'not to be mentioned again'.

"Warren I have been invited to Marion's beach house for a few days" his wife said after breakfast a few months after the break-up news. "That is fine Alice", he said. "When are you going?"

"I thought around the fifteenth of the month, that is a Thursday and I could come back on the Sunday evening. You will have to pick me up and take me to the station. Marion will meet me when I arrive", she said. He gave a nod and the conversation ended and would not be aired again till the day before she left and that was just to organize the time he was to pick her up on the following Sunday evening.

It wasn't long after she had left that he consulted his 'black book'. "Now which of these cunts is the best cock sucker", he muttered as he flipped through the names. He had marked off each woman that specialized in a particular sexual fantasy. "Marlene is a fantastic ball yanker; Karen loves it 'doggie' style, Mavis likes it up the arse and Nicki can suck one of the planet, not that she doesn't fuck, she does. Yes I'll give Nicki a go. I just love the way she sucks my cock and I don't have to have her suck me off, just lubricate it and then shove it up her hairy cunt and boy is that hairy."

"Hello Nicki", he said. "It is Warren, are you working today?"

"Yes I am Warren. It has been awhile since you were last here; it will be good to service you. What have you in mind?" she asked.

"Oh! Your speciality for what you can do with your mouth makes my teeth chatter. However, I thought a nice fuck as well would be icing on the cake", he replied.

"I will be happy to accommodate you in both regards. However, I have taken on another woman, only part time, that suits her as well as me. She was recommended by one of my clients. He told me that this woman wanted sexual work and she is really your type of woman Warren, she is a real slut".

"That I would be interested in Nicki, but I suppose her appearance would turn one to stone", he replied.

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