Frank's Decision

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2013 by Just Plain Bob

: What should he do?

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

Debbie was a slut. She'd been one the entire time I'd known her and that had been almost ten years. Since the eleventh grade. For some strange reason known only to God my wife Tammy and Debbie have become best friends.

Even though Debbie was a round heeled slut I'd never fucked her. Not that I didn't want to because the girl was hot! Seriously hot!! But just before I turned sixteen my dad sat me down and talked about the facts of life. Not the birds and bees talk, but about life. The good, bad and the ugly and I listened because I figured dad knew what he was talking about.

During that talk I found out that dad and mom got married because they had to. Dad had gotten mom pregnant and when the families found out they forced the marriage on my parents.

"You know that I have never bad mouthed your mother in front of you, but in order for you to understand where I'm coming from I'm going to have to do it now. Your mother was a slut! To be honest about it that is why I was with her. I was a horny guy and your mother was easy pussy. I knew she was a slut, but I didn't care because I was getting laid when most of the guys my age weren't. I wasn't thinking steady girlfriend let alone marriage. All I was thinking was pussy.

"Oddly enough your mother stopped fucking other guys when she started fucking me so when she hit me with the pregnancy shit about four months after we started playing there was no question that you were mine. I dropped out of college and her father got me into the tool and die program at Kelsey.

"I guess I was a little naïve. I thought that once she got married your mother would change into a housewife and a mother and for a couple of years she did. But there is a saying that "Once a slut always a slut" and the saying proved true where your mother was concerned.

"It was three years after we married and I was working the swing shift. I was turning a piece of stock on a lathe when the piece shattered and a chunk of it flew into my arm. They ran me to the hospital where they removed the piece, stitched up my arm and sent me home. I walked into the house and found your mother in bed with one of my so-called friends. He jumped out of bed, grabbed his pants and bailed out the bedroom window.

"There was a lot of crying and begging. She had gone out with your Aunt Ruth and a couple of girlfriends and they had done a lot of drinking and I let her convince me that he had taken advantage of her while she was drunk. We worked by it, but six months later I caught her again. There was the same begging and pleading as the first time, but that time I kicked her out of the house. Then both families went to work on me and I got weak minded and took her back. One year later I caught her again and tossed her out again and again both families went to work on me to take her back. I got some backbone that time and told them that she wasn't coming back into my life and if they didn't butt out they would be out of my life too.

"Three months later she left town with some guy she met in a bar. One year later I divorced her for abandonment. A couple of years after that I heard that she died of Aids some place in Nevada,

"I've always told you that she died of cancer because I didn't think you should know the truth about your mom while you were so young. My point here is that you are at the stage in your life when your hormones are going to be running wild. Learn from your daddy. If a girl is too easy to get you don't want her. If a girl is too easy to get stay as far away from here as you can. Let some other poor dumb ass ruin his life over her."

I listened to what dad said and I took it to heart. I did ignore some of it and a couple of times I did dive into a girl who was easy, but I always wore a rubber to protect me from disease and keep me from becoming a daddy. That is I did right up until Fred Ingram had to marry Barb Beeler because the rubber broke. After that easy pussy was off limits as far as I was concerned and that is the reason that I never fucked smoking hot Debbie.

Why this discourse? To set the scene. Because Debbie was in my living room sitting on the couch.

It was a Friday night and Tammy was spending the night with her sick mother and wouldn't be home until her dad got home from his business trip sometime Saturday morning.

Tammy was gone and Debbie was sitting on my couch and doing her best to tempt me into sinking my cock into her. Why did I think that? Call it an educated guess. A guess based on the fact she was wearing a mini skirt, CFMs with four inch heels, a low cut blouse with no bra and sitting across from me on the couch, legs spread wide with no panties to cover her shaven pussy. And let us not forget that Debbie was a slut.

As she made some meaningless chatter I let my mind wander back in time. Debbie had tried to get with me several times. We had dated a time or two and had it been pre-Fred and not post-Fred she would have been successful, but it was post-Fred and so I ducked her. Deb went back east for college and I stayed local and went to State. In my second year I met Tammy and by the end of our junior year we were engaged to be married.

Debbie had a death in the family that necessitated her transferring to State to finish college. State had a requirement that you had to earn a minimum of thirty credit hours at State in order to get a degree from them, but Debbie had a very influential family and they had good lawyers and they managed to get that number down to twenty. Debbie was determined to graduate on time so during summer school before senior year and during senior year she carried that twenty hour load (I said she was a slut. I never said she was stupid).

Tammy, my fiancée, had been a bit of a party girl during her freshman year and had let a couple of classes slip. Being determined to graduate with me she also took classes prior to our senior year. I spent that summer working as an intern at an engineering firm in Dallas and when I came home just before the start of senior year I found that in my absence Tammy and Debbie had somehow bonded and were fast friends.

I'd be lying through my teeth if I said that it didn't bother me. I spent many a night wondering if Tammy had gone out with Debbie in the evenings. It had been a few years since I'd last seen Debbie and she could have changed, but I remembered her as a slut and remembering my daddy's words "Once a slut always a slut" I assumed that she still was one. The question was "Did she do it while Tammy was along with her?" Fuck yeah I was worried. I snooped and sniffed around, but I never found out anything that clued me in one way or the other.

We made it through our senior year and Tammy and I married. One year later Debbie met Dennis Fraser and they married and Debbie seemed to change. Debbie and Tammy maintained their friendship and we had Debbie and Dennis over for barbecues and we went to their place for pool parties.

About a year after Debbie and Denis married she was back to her slutty ways. I didn't know if Dennis knew, but I had doubted it and if Tammy knew she kept it from me. I only knew because I saw Debbie and Mark Mosser going at it on the back seat of Mark's Impala in the parking lot at The Landing Strip the night of Gene Greniger's birthday party. When I asked Mark about it later he told me that he'd caught her doing Phil Reed during a party at Mike Mattson's house and thought he might give her a try. Mark told me I should give her a go if I ever got the chance.

"That's prime pussy hoss. Never had better and don't expect to ever find better."

After that I kept a close eye on Tammy's doings whenever she was around Debbie.

I finished my musings as Debbie said, "We've known each other a long time Frank and I have a problem that I need your help with."

"I'll help if I can Deb. What's the problem?"

"It is really, really personal, but you have known me a long time and you know how I used to be in high school and if I was still that way I'd do what I did then and just hook up with some guy. I can't do that now that I'm a married lady."

"What is it that you need Deb?"

"It is something that I need for my mental health Frank. I'm coming to you because I know I can trust you. I know what happens here will stay here."

"Stop beating around the bush Debbie. What do you want?"

"I want you to make love to me."

"Are you nuts?! My God Deb; Tammy would kill me and Dennis would probably try to do it before Tammy could."

"Tammy would never know and Dennis wouldn't do a thing even if he found out. He would be too busy cowering."


"That's what this is all about. Getting even with Dennis. Dennis had an affair with one of the girls he works with. It is over now and he doesn't know that I know. I'm not happy with him right now, but I do love the schmuck and I see no reason to ruin the marriage over it. The problem is that the way I wired I can't let him get away with it without doing something to even the score even if he never knows about it. I have to get even, but it has to be with someone who I know will keep quiet about it.

"How about it Frank? I know you wanted me when we were in school and I know you are interested and have thought about doing me. When we have gone out clubbing with Tammy and Dennis and you danced with me I've felt that interest against my leg. Our secret Frank; just the two of us."

Something here was rotten in Denmark. Debbie and Tammy were as close as sisters and there was not any way that either of them would betray the other. It suddenly occurred to me that Debbie was trying to set me up. She wanted to get me to fuck her so Tammy would have something to hold over my head. That meant that Tammy had either done something or was going to do something that she might need a "Get out of jail free" card for if I found out and the only thing I could think of that she might need it for was cheating. It would be what Debbie said she wanted for Dennis. "You did it so I can do it too." In my case it would be:

"What? You can fuck Deb and I can't do somebody? Oh no Frank; no double standards in this house."

Apparently Debbie did not know that I knew she was out playing the slut again. If Dennis was doing a woman where he worked it was probably because he was trying to get even with Debbie. Either Tammy was cheating on me and she wanted some insurance in case I found out or she was planning on cheating and wanted some insurance. I didn't know which one it was, but I was damned sure going to find out and the way to do it was to play along.

"That is one hell of an offer Deb, but I can't take you up on it. At least not tonight. My cousin Lou is on his way over to help me reline the brakes on my truck. He should be here any minute now and then of course there is Tammy. I have no idea when she will walk in. I can't help you out tomorrow because I'll be helping my dad re-roof his barn. Call me some time Monday afternoon at work and we will see if we can set something up, but you need to make damned sure that Tammy never finds out about it."

"Don't worry about that Frank. She'll never know."

I walked her to the door and as I watched her back down the drive I didn't know which pissed me off more; The fact that my wife thought that I'd fuck around on her or that Deb thought I was a cheater like she was.

When she was gone I headed for the garage. Two years earlier Lou suspected that his wife was cheating on him and he asked me for help in finding out. Lou wasn't handy with tools. Hand him one and he would find a way to hurt himself with it. I went on line and found out how to tap a telephone line and then set up a tap on his home phone line. It turned out that Martha wasn't cheating on him and when the dust settled I removed the tap and I still had the recorder.

I got the tools I needed out of my tool box and twenty minutes later I had a tap on my home phone. I doubted that Deb would call Tammy at her mom's house and risk my mother in law overhearing something and Tammy was currently without a cell phone. She had dropped hers in the toilet (don't ask) and we had ordered a replacement from AT&T, but it hadn't arrived yet so any talking between Deb and Tam would have to be face to face or on our home phone.

Once I got the tap in place I got myself a beer and went out to sit on the patio and drink it while I considered what to do if my loving wife was straying or was planning to.

Tammy wasn't home by the time I left for the golf course. I had a standing golf date with my cousin Lou and two friends. We had a ten o'clock tee time and I figured that Tam would get home around eleven or so and if the day was normal it would be four in the afternoon before I got home. Plenty of time for Tammy and Debbie to get together on the phone and if they didn't talk that day there was always tomorrow since I wasn't fibbing when I told Debbie that I was going to help my dad on his barn roof. By the time I left the house for work on Monday I should have some idea of what was going on.

I had a good day on the course and almost shot par for the first time in my life, but a nine iron into the sand trap on the eighteenth hole screwed it up. It took me two shots to get out and I was so pissed at myself that I three putted and ended up with a three over par seventy-five. Still, not a bad day for a weekend duffer.

Tammy was home when I got there and I was not surprised when she drug me into the bedroom. We were used to a pretty good love life and she had been gone for three days. We had an exhausting romp and then I took her out to dinner. When we got home she wanted to play some more so I of course obliged her.

When she fell asleep I got out of bed and went down to check the recorder on the phone line.


"Hi. It's me. I just got home. Frank is out playing golf so I'm home alone. How did it go?"

"He was interested, but wouldn't do it because his cousin was coming over and he wasn't sure about when you might get home. He told me to call him at work Monday afternoon. The way he was looking at my girls and my shaved pussy did give him a boner so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get him. You really sure that you want to do this?"

"I'm sure. I've never had a really big cock before and I want to try one at least once."

"You do know that there is no guarantee that even if I do fuck Frank he will go along with the "You did it so I can too" scenario."

"He will go along. He loves me and he knows that I love him. Things may be a little sticky for a bit, but we will be okay."

"He's your hubby so I guess you know him better than I do, but the Frank I knew before he married you wouldn't go along with what you hope he will. I'm not trying to talk you out of it Tams, but you have a damned good man there. Are you sure that you want to risk it?"

"It will be okay Deb. He won't find out. I just need a hook in case he does by some weird chance find out."

"Okay kiddo, but it is on your head. I've tried to warn you."

"Hey girl; this is all your fault to begin with."

"My fault? How do you figure that?"

"If you had hooked me up with a big cock or two before I married Frank I wouldn't have this curiosity to know what a big cock is like."

"That's not fair Tams. I didn't even know Dennis back then and until I met him you had every cock that I had."

"Still your fault. You should never have let me know how hung Dennis was."

"That's on Dennis not me. He's had the hots for you since the day he met you and he has pushed and pushed for me to find a way to get the two of you together."

"You get Frank to do you and Dennis will get his wish. Call me and let me know how Monday goes."

"You sure you want to wait? Frank said that he would be gone all day Sunday to help his dad. That would give you all day to satisfy your curiosity while Frank isn't around."

"No. I'd rather wait until next week. Frank said something the other day about possibly having to fly to San Diego for a training seminar next week. If he goes he will be gone a couple of days and that's when I want to do it."

"Okay. I'll call you after I talk to Frank."

I went back to bed a troubled man. If Tammy went through with her plan we were toast. I wouldn't live with a cheating wife. I'd grown up without a mother because of cheating and it was just something that I could not live with.

I spent so much time thinking of what I should do about the situation that it is a wonder that I didn't fall off the barn roof because my mind was elsewhere and not on what I was doing. As I drove home from dad's I knew what I was going to do. I was going to go at it head on.

When I got home Tammy wanted to play before dinner so we did and then while she fixed dinner I went down into the basement and checked the recorder. Tammy hadn't talked to Debbie, but she had talked to Dennis.


"Hi there sexy."

"You shouldn't call here Dennis. What if Frank had answered?"

"Deb told me that he would be gone all day."

"What if there had been a change in plans? What if he were sill here?"

"He isn't so what's the harm? I know he's gone because I'm parked at the end of the block and I saw him leave. I can be walking in your door in less than a minute."

"No Dennis. It isn't going to happen until next week."

"Come on sexy lady; you know you want to feel my throbbing eleven inches inside you. We can have today AND next week."

"I said no Dennis. Yes I do want to feel it, but not until I have a few things in place."

"Oh come on se..."

"I said no damn it and no means no!" and she hung up on him.

After dinner Tam wanted to play some more and I figured that I'd better take advantage of it since after Monday things would more than likely be a little frosty around our house.

Monday at work was pretty busy and I was pretty much on the go until lunch time. Work is only ten minutes from the house so at lunch time I made a quick trip home. The mail is usually delivered between nine and ten and UPS and Fed-X usually deliver our neighborhood in the morning. I was in luck. AT&T had sent Tammy's replacement phone UPS and the package was sitting on the porch. I grabbed it and headed back to work.

Tammy wasn't allowed to take personal calls at work and without a cell she was limited to face to face with Debbie or the home phone. I guess Tam could have stopped somewhere and used a pay phone, but I just couldn't imagine Tammy in a phone booth talking about personal stuff.

At two o'clock I got the phone call from Debbie. And after exchanging greetings I went straight at it.

"We won't be getting together Deb. I know that your story about getting even with Dennis is bullshit because I know about you doing Phil Reed at Mattson's birthday party and I personally saw you go at it with Mark Mosser on the back seat of his Impala and I know of several others that you have done. I don't know what kind of game you are playing, but I'm not going to be one of the players. So thanks for the offer, but no thanks."

I guess she didn't take rejection well because she hung up without saying another word.

I beat Tam home by ten minutes and had opened a bottle of Merlot and was sitting at the kitchen table with two glasses poured when she walked in. She came in, saw the set up and asked:

"What's the occasion?"

"Just need to clear a few things up. Sit down and take a sip while I tell you a story."

She sat down and I said, "I've misled you. Well, to be honest I lied to you. I told you that my mother died of cancer when I was a young boy, but it was a lie. I told it because I was ashamed of the truth. My mother didn't die of cancer; she died of Aids."

I told Tam what my dad had told me and then I said, "I can not abide cheaters Tam. My mother cheated on my father and as a result I grew up without a mother. He forgave her twice, but when it happened a third time he kicked her out. I have no room in my heart for cheats. Why am I bringing this up now? Because I need to clear the decks so to speak.

"Debbie paid me a visit Friday night" and I went on to recount what the visit was about and what was said. "It was all bullshit Tam. I don't know if Dennis is screwing around on her or not, but if he is it is to get even with her."

I told Tammy what I knew about Debbie and Mark and Debbie and Phil Reed and then said:

"Debbie was a round heeled slut in high school and she still is one and that is how I knew that the story she told me was absolute bullshit! That brings up the question of why would she come here and lay that load of crap on me. I'm not stupid Tam. I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but stupid I ain't! You and Deb are as thick as thieves and I do not believe that either of you would betray the other. That leaves me with the inescapable conclusion that you knew about her visit. I asked myself why the two of you would pull such a stunt and I came up with another inescapable conclusion.

"You were setting me up.

"You wanted me to fuck Debbie so you would have something to hold over my head and the only reason I could see for you wanting that was that you either did something or were planning on doing something that you felt that you might need a get out of jail free card for. That thought led to the question of what that might be and that brought me to my third inescapable conclusion. You have already cheated on me or you are planning to cheat on me. If I would have taken Deb up on her offer and if you had cheated and I found out you would have said something along the lines of "You did so you can't bitch at me for doing it too."

"Not going to happen Tam. I won't live with a cheat. You are a grown woman and I can't tell you what you can or can not do, but I can tell you what I will do if I find out that you have cheated on me. I will toss you on the trash heap so fast that it will take your shadow a week to catch up with you."

As I talked Tammy's face had gotten redder and redder. She was boiling mad and couldn't hide it.

"How dare you speak to m..."

"Can it Tammy" I said to cut her off. "I've already told you that I'm not stupid. No amount of bluster and indignation is going to change things. I've given you my position. What you do with the knowledge is up to you. I'm going down to Bud's Bar for a burger and a beer. That will give you some time alone to digest what I've said and make up your mind as to whether you want a life with me or not."

I left the house and headed for the bar.

Damn! Wouldn't you just know it. The first person I saw when I walked into Bud's was Dennis. My natural urge was to walk up to him and smash him in the mouth, but of course I couldn't and I couldn't ignore him because of our supposed friendship. I couldn't let him know that I was onto him because that most likely give up the fact that I had a way of getting information and that would probably give away the phone tap.

I sucked it up and went over and settled onto the bar stool next to him. We made small talk as we watched the Avs skate against the Red Wings on the TV hung above the bar. After a bit he bought a round and got up to leave saying that he had to get home before Debbie got pissed at him.

He left and I wondered if Debbie would get pissed at him if he couldn't get it up for her. If he ended up fucking Tammy I'd do my best to fuck him and his package up big time.

Around ten I called it a night and headed on home. When I got there Tammy was already in bed so I went down into the basement and checked the phone tap.


"Hey girlfriend; the news is not good. When I called him he shut me down. He knew my story was bullshit because he knows I'm out screwing other guys."

"It's worse than that. He figured out why and warned me that if I got caught cheating on him he would throw me out."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Not get caught."

"Are you sure that's wise? If he is suspicious he is going to be watching you like a hawk from now on."

"How is he going to find out? I'm always over at your place visiting anyway. The only people who will know will be you, Dennis and me and we sure aren't going to talk to anyone else about it. He will watch me on my girl's nights out and check on me when I'm away from home, but he won't suspect a thing when I'm over at your place. Maybe if I was out with you, but not while I'm at your house. He would know that I wouldn't do anything with Dennis being there."

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