Frank and Mary Beth

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2013 by Just Plain Bob

Fiction Sex Story: "But it was only some meaningless recreational sex honey."

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Our story is like so many others. We met in college, dated off and on and then one day I realized I didn't want to date other girls. I wanted to spend all my time with Mary Beth. Apparently about the same time she decided that she wanted to spend her time with me. We were a steady couple the rest of the way through college and we were married three months after graduation.

Mary Beth never did put her college education to go use. Three weeks after we married we found out that she was pregnant. She had Gloria and eleven months later she had Alexander. She decided that she would be a stay at home mom and I had no problem with that. One year after the arrival of Alex Melanie arrived on the scene and Mary Beth decided that three was enough and she had her tubes tied.

We lived in the house that my parents left me in their wills. They met an untimely death when a deputy sheriff involved in a high speed chase lost control of his patrol car and hit them head on,

The house was a hundred year old farm house on eight hundred acres. The house had been built by my great grandfather and had been passed down through the family. Each generation had added modern touches to the place so even thought the house appeared to be very old on the outside the interior was quite up to date.

The property had a large barn and an equipment shed which was really a large six vehicle garage. There were also several other small out buildings like the milk shed that wasn't used as a milk shed any more and they were instead used for storing things. The place was free and clear thanks to a settlement from the County and my parent's life insurance.

I never wanted to be a farmer like my great grandfather, my grandfather and my dad so I leased out the acreage to the Martins who were our neighbors to the south. The closest I came to farming or ranching was keeping horses. At one time we had five. Mine, Mary Beth's and each of the kids had one. When the kids left we sold off theirs, but still had the two that Mary Beth and I ride.

We put all three kids through college and they are all married now and are away from home. Mary Beth has never had to work unless she wanted to and she never wanted to until the last kid left for college and then she decided that she wanted to go to work. She decided that she wanted to be a nurse and she went back to school to get a nursing degree. She worked as a nurse for a couple of years before finding out that she could not stand being around sick people all the time.

Mary Beth has never wanted for anything. Clothes, jewelry, car, you name it and if she wanted it I got it for her. We had what I considered a good, solid relationship. We made love often and it was always exciting. She is a very beautiful woman and I have always showered her with compliments, attention, love and affection,

All of which makes what happened so hard to understand.

It was a Tuesday and after breakfast Mary Beth and I enjoyed a cup of coffee out on the patio and talked about what the day had in store for us. Mary Beth said that she was going to run into town and buy groceries and other than taking care of the horses she wasn't planning on doing anything else. All I had going was just another day at the office.

I drove toward town and when I got to the railroad tracks about a mile south of town I found a stopped train blocking the crossing. I sat there for maybe fifteen minutes and then I got out of my pick up and headed up the track to see if I could find out what was going on. I found a guy checking a coupler between two boxcars and asked him what was going on. The train had hit a cow and they were waiting for the sheriff and he was apparently on the other end of the county. They couldn't move until he arrived.

I got back in my truck and turned around and went back home. When I got home I went into the house and Mary Beth wasn't there. Her car was still there so I figured that she was down at the barn taking care of the horses. The barn is about two hundred yards from the house and I headed down to it. As I got closer to the barn I saw the tail end of a pick up truck. It looked like my friend Mike's truck and I wondered what he would be doing parked behind my barn at that time of day. I walked down behind the barn and checked and sure enough it was Mike's.

The door to the tack room was right there so I opened the door and went in. As soon as I was in the tack room I heard the moans of a woman being fucked. I moved quietly to where I could see into the barn proper and what I saw ruined my day. Mary Beth was naked and lying on a horse blanket on top of some hay bales. Her legs were up on Mike's shoulders and he was pounding away at her. She was moaning and gasping out:

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

I could feel the heat building in me. A burning rage to get my deer rifle and shoot them both. I noticed a hay fork hanging on the wall and I smiled at the thought of driving it through Mike's back and pinning the two cheating shits together. I was reaching for the fork when I came to my senses and remembered what happened to Bill Miglio when he killed the guy he caught fucking his wife Mae. He got life without the possibility of parole. I didn't want that. I'd make Mike and Mary Beth pay, but I would plan it out in a way that wouldn't send me to prison.

I turned and left the barn and as I came out the door I noticed the water hose that Mary Beth used to fill the horse's water tanks. On a whim I picked it up and stuck it in the filler tube of Mike's gas tank and turned the water on. I filled the tank, turned the water off. And then, cooled down a bit, I went back in the barn.

Mary Beth was begging Mike to fuck her harder. He was banging her hard and I heard him tell her that he was going to cum. She grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into her and he grunted as he came. He pulled out of her and reached for his pants and Mary Beth said:

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

He dropped his pants, knelt in front of her and started eating her pussy and sucking his dick snot out of her. Mary Beth had an orgasm as he did it. They were kissing when I left, got in my truck and headed to work. The train was gone and I went into work and explained my absence and they told me that they already knew about the train and figured that was why I wasn't there.

After work I headed home and on the way I passed a wrecker towing Mike's truck. I laughed and thought "That's only the beginning asshole – only the beginning." The rest of the drive home was spent thinking about what to do to Mary Beth. She had to pay. I wouldn't be able to rest unless I made her pay.

As I pulled up at the house I steeled myself to act normal around the cheating whore. Over dinner I asked Mary Beth if she had talked to Alice (Mike's wife) lately.


"Why what?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"Just curious. We used to have her and Mike over quite often and I haven't seen her in a while. I just wondered if something was wrong. Anything come between the two of you that I don't know about?"

I saw something pass over her face as she said, "No. As a matter of fact I talked to her this afternoon. She told me that someone had damaged Mike's truck by putting water in his gas tank."

"Maybe he got caught fucking some one's wife."

Mary Beth got a funny look on her face and I went on, "Rumor has it that Mike is fucking some slut and has caught an STD. I sure hope that whoever he is fucking is making him use a rubber."

At that point Mary Beth turned pale and I left the kitchen. I laughed to myself and headed down to the equipment shed to work on a thirty year old John Deere that I was restoring.

I worked for a couple of hours and then went back to the house. Mary Beth was in the living room and I could hear her talking on the phone so I moved quietly to where I could listen in.

"Are you absolutely certain? Damn it Mike; if you have anything then you gave it to me and I'll end up giving it to Ralph. Once that happens he will know and God help us then."

"And how did the rumors start? Are you bragging about doing me?"

"No, I don't want to stop, but I do want to be safe."

"Okay. Same time?"

"See you then."

I walked into the room just as she was hanging up.

"That was Alice. Mike's truck has been fixed. I asked if they would like to come over for a barbecue on Saturday. She said she would check with Mike. Is that okay with you?"

"Fine" I said and went into the kitchen to get a beer. I drank my beer and thought about Mary Beth. She was going to be put on the street very soon, but I wanted some measure of revenge first. And Mike had to suffer also. Shit! If Mary Beth wanted to fuck around maybe she should have asked me first. I might have agreed to let her. I'd never been unfaithful, but there was this little sexpot where I worked that I could have easily talked myself into trying. I might have said yes if Mary Beth would have asked just so I wouldn't feel guilty going after Amber.

After the phone call Mary Beth seemed to be a little out of sorts. She acted very sweet around me and even came up to me and rubbed my dick through my pants and asked me if it gave me any ideas. It did and as we headed for the bedroom I wondered if she had cleaned herself after Mike left or if maybe I was going to get sloppy seconds.

Our sexual episodes usually included me eating her pussy, but no way was I going to munch on her muffin not knowing whether or not she cleaned up after Mike. I wondered if the fact that I didn't eat her made her wonder why. I fucked her and she was as active a participant as usual and after the first time she did go down on me and get me up for a second go.

She woke me up in the morning with a state of the art blow job and then rode me cowgirl until we both got off, I thought we were done, but she climbed in the shower with me and I took her as she leaned against the wall. We ended up back in bed for one more round and then she jumped up and ran to fix me breakfast while I dressed for work.

On the drive into town I wondered if she would clean herself before her meeting with Mike that morning or if she would give him sloppy seconds and then make him suck the both of us out of her snatch.

At work I flirted a bit with Amber. With any luck at all I could have her interested by the time I kicked Mary Beth to the curb.

Late that afternoon Mary Beth called me and asked me if we could go out that night for dinner and a couple of drinks. I figured why not? If I kept her happy with any luck I would get enough pussy before I tossed her out to last me until I could find another source.

Usually when we go to town Alice and Mike join us. Mary Beth said that she thought it would be nice for a change for it to be just the two of us. When we walked into Dusty's and headed for our usual table we found Alice and Mike all ready sitting there. I saw the looks exchanged between Mary Beth and Mike and I just smiled and acted like the clueless twit they thought that I was.

We joined them and sat and talked until the band got set up and started playing. I noticed that Mike was drinking more than usual and I wondered if he was feeling guilty having to sit there and look at me. I also noticed the looks being exchanged by Mary Beth and Mike. Bob and Merrie Hopkins joined us and that eased the tension just a tad.

There was a nice slow tune being played and Alice tried to get Mike to dance with her, but Mike said that he didn't feel like dancing. Mary Beth suggested that I dance with Alice so I stood up and escorted her out onto the floor. I figured that suggesting I dance with Alice was Mary Beth's way to get Alice and me out of the way so she could talk to Mike. I guess I was right because in a minute I saw the two of them on the other side of the floor.

I wondered just how clueless Mike and Mary Beth thought I was. Over the next two hours Mary Beth danced with Mike about twice to every time she danced with me. I didn't care because I knew something that the both of them didn't and that was that two of them were going to pay a price for their actions and it would be sooner rather than later.

Besides, dancing with Alice wasn't a chore. Her tits were bigger than Mary Beth's and on the slow tunes I held her close and those puppies pushed into my chest. When Mary Beth and Mike were history I thought I just might pay Alice some attention.

Mary Beth wanted to leave about half an hour before last call so I hit the bathroom to take a whiz before the drive home. Mike was in the john, more than a little drunk, and he was running off at the mouth to a couple of other guys. I did my thing and then left.

As we were driving home I told Mary Beth that Mike was in the bathroom and he was bitching to Maury Phillips that there was a woman there that he wanted to take out to the parking lot and fuck, but her husband and Alice were there so he couldn't.

"I jokingly asked him if he would share if I could distract the husband and Alice. He just laughed and said that the woman was a whore and I wouldn't like her loose cunt."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a change come over Mary Beth's face as she considered what her lover might be saying about her when he was drunk. Hopefully I was on the way to poisoning the well.

Once we were home Mart Beth changed into one of her sexy gowns and came into the den where I was checking my email. Her nipples were hard and sticking out and I wondered what a drunken Mike had managed to do to get her hot. She spun around in front of me and asked me if the gown gave me any ideas.

"Silly girl. Of course it gives me ideas. We need to take this to the bedroom."

I started sucking her tits (and I admit I was thinking of Alice's) and then I worked my way down her body until I got to her snatch. She was moaning and she had her legs spread wide. She was very wet and if I hadn't kept a close eye on her all night I would have suspected that the wetness was Mike's leavings. I wondered what Mike had done to get her so wet. It pissed me off and then I looked up at her and asked if she was all right.

"Why would you ask that now?"

"Your pussy smells bad and it looks all reddish."

She jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom. I watched as she put her fingers in her pussy and then smelled them. She pulled her pussy lips apart and looked at them. She told me that it was my imagination, but she would make a doctor's appointment and get herself checked out. She came back to bed, but her mood had changed and she didn't want to make love anymore. I told her that it wasn't fair that she get me all hard and stiff and then say no.

"It's all your fault. You're the one who said there was something wrong with my pussy."

"Maybe. But there is nothing wrong with your ass" I said as I rolled her over."

"I don't want to do that."

"And I do" I said as I started to work my cock into her ass.

She tried to get away, but I held onto her and kept working my cock until I was all the way in. Once I got to stroking she couldn't help but get into it.

I knew when it was over she would be pissed and things might be a little frosty around the house for a day or two, but I didn't really give a shit. Her days were numbered; she just didn't know it.

I talked with a lawyer on Wednesday and he told me that I would need irrefutable proof if I was going to divorce Mary Beth for adultery. We were a no-fault state, but the local judges were known to take a hard line against the adulterous party.

Thursday as I got ready to go to work Mary Beth reminded me that she was going to go visit her cousin and might be late in getting home. I told her that I remembered.

I had arranged a day trade with one of the other guys and so when I left the house to go to work I drove around to the back of the property and parked so a clump of trees was between me and the house. I made my way to the barn and entered the tack room. There is a ladder from the tack room up to the hayloft and I got up into the hayloft and positioned myself where I could see the house and get a good view of the action in the barn and not be seen.

It was a long wait and I began to wonder if I'd miscalculated then around eleven I saw Mary Beth heading for the barn. I always come down early and let the horses out of the barn and into the corral. When Mary Beth comes down they go to her because they know she is going to feed them. She gave them some oats and then mucked out their stalls. Once that was done she arranged four bales of hay, spread a horse blanket over them and started to undress. As she was pulling off her boots I heard a truck pull up behind the barn.

I turned on the video camera and waited. Mike came into the barn and walked over to Mary Beth, took her in his arms and kissed her. They swapped tongues for a minute or so and then pulled apart and started undressing. When both were naked Mary Beth turned and bent forward over the hay bales and Mike moved up and took her from behind. I hate to admit it, but my dick got hard watching the two of them.

They went at it for about ten minutes and then Mike pulled out of her. He was limp so I know he came in her. She turned and went to her knees and took him in her mouth and started sucking on him. It took her about five minutes to get him back up again and then she laid back on the bales, spread her legs wide and waited for Mike to move into her. He fucked her hard and steady for about fifteen minutes as she wrapped her legs around him and clutched his ass with her hands.

Finally he stopped and held still for a bit and then when he pulled out his cock was limp. Mary Beth said something and pointed at her cunt. Mike knelt and started sucking up his mess. Once he had her cleaned out to her satisfaction she started sucking on him to get him up for another go. I had enough evidence so I turned off the camera and then quietly climbed back down into the tack room. As I slipped out of the tack room I noticed the water hose and I just could not resist. It might make him wonder about his truck not running right following his visits to Mary Beth, but so the fuck what? Let him wonder if I was onto him. Let him start looking over his shoulder.

I drove into town had a few beers to kill time and then I went home arriving at my usual time. I fixed myself a bite to eat and sat down to watch some TV. Mary Beth came home around eight and told me that she was horny and said that she wanted to go to bed early. I almost told her I wasn't feeling good and really wasn't up to it, but then I decided that once I tossed her out it might be a while before I got laid again. Once again I skipped doing oral on her and after sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy for a bit I got right to it. After a pretty active fuck I came and was surprised when Mary Beth went immediately down on me to get me up again. I guess fucking Mike kind of charged her up.

Friday on the way to work I dropped off the video tape at the attorney's and made the necessary plans for ruining Mary Beth's day on Sunday morning. When I got home Mary Beth was all hot to trot again and I wondered if Mike had been by again. I wondered when the boy worked. Whatever. I gave Mary Beth what she wanted and then we had a late supper and watched some TV. When we got to bed she wanted to go again and I didn't fight her off.

I had to work every third Saturday and it was my Saturday to work. As I got ready to leave for work Mary Beth reminded me that we were going out with Mike and Alice that evening and they would be there at six-thirty to pick us up. I told her I remembered and then left the house.

Mary Beth was dressed and ready to go out when I got home. Even as pissed at her as I was I had to admit that she was one beautiful and sexy lady. I wanted her right then and there, but decided that it wouldn't be right to make love to her and then kick her out.

Mike and Alice showed up just after I had showered and changed. Mary Beth was hustling around trying to get us out of the house, but I told her to slow down. I told them that I needed them to come into the den so I could show them a funny video that I had gotten earlier in the day.

They came into the den and I told Mary Beth to hit the 'play' button on the VCR. The video was very clear and Mary Beth got very red in the face. Mike paled and Alice was stunned. I just stood there and watched. Alice recovered first and she hollered "You rotten son of a bitch" and kneed Mike in the balls and then said:

"You aren't riding in the car with me. You can walk home for all I care and don't be surprised if when you get there the doors are all locked."

She stormed out of the house and I took Mike by the shirt collar, pulled him to the front door and pushed him outside. Mary Beth had followed me and when I closed the door she said:

"I guess we need to talk. We can do it in the living room."

I sat in the easy chair across from Mary Beth who was sitting on the couch and I told her:

"I'm going for a divorce using adultery as grounds and I want you out of the house. You have until Monday to gather up your stuff and leave."

"I'm not going anywhere. Do you really want to divorce me?"


"You going to tell me that you don't love me?"

"No. I can't tell you that. I love you, but I can no longer live with you. Not after seeing what you did with Mike."

"Well I love you and you are stuck with me."

She uncrossed her legs, opened them wide to show me that she didn't have any panties on. She stuck a finger in her pussy and then licked it.

"Only a fool would give this up" she said as she stood up. "I'll be up in the bedroom waiting for you."

She walked over to the stairs, stopped and turned around and looked at me. She blew me a kiss and went up the stairs.

She was going to have a long wait. I slept on the couch and made my plans for moving her things out of the house and once all of her stuff was out she would be gone even if I had to pick her up and carry her out. As I nodded off I was thinking of Amber and wondering what an acceptable waiting period should be.

In the morning I was in the kitchen making the coffee when Mary Beth came into the kitchen.

"You didn't come to bed last night."

"Slept on the couch."

"You aren't really going to divorce me over my having some recreational sex are you?"

"Of course I am."

"You aren't really thinking to clearly honey. This is a no-fault state and you know as well as I do that in a divorce I will get half of everything we have."

"We don't have anything Mary Beth. Everything we had in savings paid for the kid's college education. You will get your car, your clothes, half of the household goods and your horse. And if you look into it you will find that the three judges in this county have never, not once, given alimony to a cheating wife."

"You will have to sell the farm and given me half."

"I know your memory sucks Mary Beth. You forgot your wedding vows and you also apparently forgot the prenuptial agreement that you signed when we got married. It exempts the family farm from any and all legal actions that you might bring against it. You need to start figuring out where you are going to live Mary Beth because after that man, and I pointed out the window at the car that was coming up the drive, gets done you will be out of here."

"You bastard! You won't get away with this. I'll get a shark for an attorney and we will break that pre-nup."

"You are welcome to waste all the money you don't have on an attorney if you want to, but I'll tell you right now it won't do you any good."

"We will just have to see about that."

The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I opened the door to Bill Neubert and said good morning to him. He walked over to Mary Beth, handed her an envelope and said:

"Sorry about this Mary Beth, but you have been served."

He turned and left and I said, "Want me to help you load your stuff in your car?"

"Fuck you Ralph! This isn't over. Not by a long shot."

"I'll take that as a no" I said and I walked away from her.

Mary Beth loaded her clothes in her car as I watched from the living room window. When she got in the car to leave she gave me the old one finger salute and then backed down the drive,

She hadn't been gone forty-five minutes when I received a visit from Mike's wife Alice. She wanted to know if she could get a copy of the tape I had of Mike and Mary Beth playing in the barn,

"I was going to try and work by it, but ten minutes ago Mary Beth called and he left to go meet her somewhere. I'm done with him."

"Come on in and have a cup of coffee while I make you a copy."

She came in and sat down and I poured her a cup. While she waited I went into the den and used my double VCR setup to make her a copy. When I gave it to her she asked me what I was going to do.

"All ready done it. I had her served and tossed her out of the house a little before you got here."

"No hope?"

"Nary a tad."

After Alice left I poured myself another cup of coffee and sat down to do the next disagreeable task. I needed to call the kids and let them know what was going on. Better that they got it from me than Mary Beth. I was almost positive that if I left it for her to do she would somehow make me the bad guy.

I managed to get in touch with Gloria and Melanie, but I had to leave a message to call me on Alex's answering machine. Once I had the calls out of the way I called Ryan at Acadia Locks and arranged for him to come out and change all the locks on the house. I didn't trust Mary Beth not to make visits to the house while I was at work and take whatever she wanted.

I'd done the bank and credit card thing the previous day knowing when Mary Beth was going to be served. I wasn't totally heartless. I'd left a thousand dollars in the checking account for her, but it wasn't going to last her long.

I went around the house and gathered up everything that was Mary Beth's and put it in boxes and bags and then moved it all down to the barn. By the time I'd finished that Alex had called and I gave him the run down on what was going on. He took it better than the girls had. They wanted to know why I wouldn't try to work things out so I could stay married to their mother, but Alex had been cheated on by a couple of girlfriends and he had an idea of how I was feeling.

After talking to Alex I went through the kitchen and made a list of what I needed from the store since I would be cooking for myself from then on and I usually ate differently when I cooked than when Mary Beth cooked.

Having nothing better to do I drove into town and did some grocery shopping. When I got back home Mike's truck was sitting beside the house and Mary Beth was trying to get in the front door. I got out of my pickup and walked up to the front porch.

"What are you doing here Mary Beth? You don't live here anymore."

"I came to get the rest of my things, but I can't get in the house."

"That's because I changed the locks to keep you out. The rest of your stuff is in bags and boxes down in the barn. And you need to move your horse. If she is still here a week from tomorrow I'll be charging you boarding fees. Now I would suggest that you get in shitheads truck, drive down to the barn, get your junk and then get off my property. And Mary Beth? Stay off."

I walked towards Mike's truck and when he saw me coming he rolled up his window and locked his door. I had to smile at that. I leaned down and said, loud enough for him to hear through the glass:

"Keep this truck off my property shit for brains. If you need to bring Mary Beth out here for some reason or other park out on the road."

Then I gave him a big smile and said, "The water hose won't reach that far."

I laughed when I saw the realization hit him and the anger wash over his face. I had to wonder about the boy's smarts. I mean how could he have not figured it out? His truck runs fine when he drives over here. He fucks Mary Beth and leaves and his truck stops running. He gets it fixed and he drives over her with no problem and fucks Mary Beth and when he leaves his truck stops running. Duh!!!

The next day at work I stopped in at the office and told Amber that I needed to change some of my paperwork. I dropped Mary Beth from my medical insurance and I changed the beneficiary on my company furnished life insurance from Mary Beth to the kids. Amber asked why and I told her that I was divorcing Mary Beth.

"You all ready separated?"


"I could use a partner for the dance at the VFW this Friday."

"Then I'm applying for the job."

"You really going to look at it as work?"

"It is something that I will definitely work hard at. I'm going to want to do a good enough job that you will want to do it with me again."

She smiled and said that she would look forward to it and I left her office in a pretty good mood.

I spent my lunch hour having fun. I'd spent some time the previous night making video captures from the tape I had of Mary Beth and Mike and I toured the town and paid a visit to every gas station and restaurant bathroom. I even paid a visit to both the men and women's bathrooms at the Wal-Mart. I taped a picture of Mary Beth with Mike buried in her ass on every empty stall I could find. On the picture I had printed "For a good time call Mary Beth at 555-555-5550" which was her cell number. Underneath that message I put "If you keep getting a busy signal call Mike at 555-555-4441 to schedule an appointment." Then, thoroughly pleased with myself I went back to work.

I hadn't been back in the office fifteen minutes when I got a call from Mary Beth.

"God damn you Ralph!! What the fuck is wrong with you?!!! So I wanted to try another dick after twenty-four years. So what? It didn't mean a goddamned thing. It was only some recreational sex for Christ's sake. It didn't cost you a fucking thing. You still got all you could handle. Hell; you got more. Mike got some pussy, but you got the love. How could you do this disgusting thing to me? I thought you loved me."

"Once upon a time Mary Beth; once upon a time. Have fun with your new freedom. Bye" and I hung up on her.

I was sitting there with a big smile on my face when Amber came into my office.

"That smile for me?"

"You betcha! Just thinking about our Friday night."

We made small talk for a couple of minutes and then she gave me some paperwork to sign after which we had to get back to work.

After work I stopped at the Drop Inn for a brew or two before going home to fix myself some dinner. I was on my second longneck when what I hoped would eventually happen happened.

Mike came in, saw me, and then headed straight for me.

"You rotten son of a bitch" he snarled and then he swung on me. I didn't try to block the punch. I steeled myself to take the hit and then I shook it off and beat the holy fuck out of Mike. He was on the floor and I had kicked him half a dozen times before some guys pulled me off of him. Probably a good thing because the way I was going I might have killed the asshole.

Phil, the owner and evening bartender asked, "What the fuck got into you Ralph? You guys have been best friends forever."

"I caught him fucking Mary Beth and he's pissed because I told his wife and let her see the pictures I took. Can you believe it? He fucks my wife and I'm the son of a bitch? It is his own fucking fault he is laying there on the floor. He came in here, attacked me and I defended myself. You saw it Phil. I was sitting there drinking my beer and minding my own business when he came up to me and hit me."

"Yeah. I did see that."

"Anyway; it's just his bad luck that I'm still full of anger over what he did and it kind of fueled my rage when I fought back."

"He really fucked Mary Beth?"

"Been in your bathrooms lately?"

"No. I clean them before I open, but I use the private one in the back of my office."

"Check out the stalls in the public restrooms."

I tossed a ten on the bar and left. Mike was still lying on the floor moaning when the door closed behind me. He wouldn't be doing Mary Beth any good for a while because I'd kicked him in the nuts a time or three. Needless to say I was smiling when I drove home.

Mike ended up in the ER at County General following 'our meeting' and I later heard that he was blaming Mary Beth for the loss of one of his testicles.

Alice tossed his ass out and used the copy of the tape I gave her to sue him for divorce using adultery as grounds.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself.

I had a great time with Amber at the VFW dance and when I was taking her home she said:

"You do know that the only reason I haven't been chasing you is that you were a married man right?"

"No, I didn't know that. I do know that there have been times I've looked at you and wished that I wasn't married."

"Then let me ask you this. Is this separation a permanent thing or are you just going through a mad spell and will make up with Mary Beth later?"

"Not going to be any reconciliation. We are through and you can take that to the bank."

"Then maybe you can have dinner with me at my place tomorrow?"

"I'll bring the wine and the dessert."

News travels fast in small towns and at two on Saturday afternoon I got a call from Mary Beth.

"I see that it didn't take long for you to replace me."

"You haven't been replaced yet Mary Beth."

"I hear that you were out with that slut Amber last night."

"That's a laugh. A slut like you calling Amber a slut."

"I am not a slut."

"Can't prove it by me. Not after watching you and Mike go at it in the barn."

"It was only the one time Ralph. I swear it meant nothing. It was just me being curious about what another man would be like. That's all it was."

"You are a poor liar Mary Beth. It wasn't only once. I saw it twice myself and I know that there were other times because I listened to you talk about it while you were in the barn with him. Why are you calling Mary Beth? What do you want?"

"You to stop this divorce nonsense so we can get back together."

"Not going to happen Mary Beth."

"Why? Because you are fucking Amber now?"

"I am not fucking Amber; at least not yet. I'm not going to do anything that will give you grounds to counter sue, but make no mistake about it Mary Beth; I fully intend to try and take Amber to bed as soon as I'm legally rid of you."

"That will be never Ralph. I'm going to fight the divorce."

"Good luck on that Mary Beth" and I hung up on her.

I had a delightful evening with Amber and a kiss goodbye when I left that curled my toes. I was looking forward to a sexual relationship with Amber, but I was serious when I told Mary Beth that I wasn't going to do anything that would give her grounds to counter my suit against her for adultery.

The next two weeks went by and during that time period several things happened. I dated Amber several times, received four very nasty calls from Mary Beth over calls she had received asking her for a good time and one call from her telling me that she'd found an attorney to take her case.

"He know you have no money to pay him?"

"He wasn't worried. He says in cases like mine the court will no doubt rule that you will have to pay my legal expenses or I can pay him out of my settlement."

"If he told you that he sure isn't much of an attorney. Your settlement isn't going to be enough to get you into an apartment let alone pay attorney's fees."

"Bullshit Ralph. The farm is free and clear and at $1600 an acre the acreage alone is worth $1,200,00.00 and you will have to give me half the value of that."

"In your dreams Mary Beth. You keep forgetting the pre-nup."

"My attorney says he can get that overturned."

"This guy just out of law school? You don't have a prayer Mary Beth" and I hung up on her.

It was two weeks later when she and her attorney met with me and mine and the hidden landmine went off under her feet. That is when she found out that the farm didn't belong to me. It belonged to our kids.

I had learned some hard lessons from all the legal hoops I'd had to jump through to get the property after my parents had died and I had no intension of having that happen to my survivors if I died suddenly like my parents had. I'd formed a limited liability corporation and placed the farm in it. The corporation had four officers and three shareholders. I and the tree kids were the officers and the three kids were the shareholders.

I had sat down with the kids when the youngest turned fifteen and talked it over with them. I explained why I had excluded their mother and they understood my reasoning and agreed not to mention what we were doing to Mary Beth. My reasoning was that the intent from when great grandfather first started the farm was that it stay in the family. That was reinforced by great grandfather passing it on to my grandfather who passed it on to my father who had passed it to me in his will. If I died an untimely death Mary Beth would inherit and possibly still be young enough to remarry and at that point the farm could conceivably go out of the family. What I was doing was insuring that the farm stayed in the family. The decision to keep Mary Beth out of it was to keep peace in the family. She might have understood, but then again she might not have so why take the chance of having a frosty household.

There were all sorts of other legal documents put in effect at the same time like the one that said none of the share holders could sell his or her shares to anyone outside the family and that there be a provision in all their wills that would see to it that their shares stayed in the family. To be honest I didn't know if any of it would hold up after I died, but if I was dead I'd be out of it.

But the big thing that day in my lawyer's conference room was that Mary Beth and her attorney now knew that they were out of it also. Mary Beth actually fainted when she found that out.

When she was revived my attorney gave Mary Beth and "The shark" (her words, not mine) she had hired the rest of the bad news.

"Since the assets are pretty cut and dried I was able to fast track things. I've got us on the docket for the Tuesday after next for the preliminary hearing. We drew Judge Hienman."

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