The Comforts of Home

by QM

Copyright© 2013 by QM

Erotica Sex Story: After years of lusting after his step-daughter, a man's fantasy finally comes to life

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

I noticed my step-daughter's posture as she sat in the car next to me; her knees at an angle towards me close to the gear stick on the car though as I was in fifth not too close, yet close enough to stir those old familiar and unwanted feelings. She was dressed in her usual manner, blouse, short skirt showing her lovely legs off and despite trying to keep my eyes on the nightime road very distracting as the streetlights flashed by.

Her conversation covered her days at university and how she was looking forward to coming home and seeing her Mum again ... yet I barely heard as my concentration was focussed on ignoring the lecherous feelings she was again causing his mind to envision.

At 21 Kirsty was a fully mature lovely blonde young lady, vivacious and full of life but my thoughts as ever strayed back to the time she hit puberty shortly after I moved in with her Mum and watched a gangly young girl change into a young adolescent and the lust for her body I tried always to hide and conceal.

I was often asked by my partner Vicky why I didn't give her hugs and cuddles and I always made the (truthful) excuse about not wanting to come over as the pervy stepdad. Indeed Vicky believed me and sympathised though I suspect she'd be shocked at the thoughts racing through my mind at times involving Kirsty and all I wanted to do to her ... willingly or not. Yet I knew that Kirsty knew how I truly felt when I watched her in her short skirts and tight tops, she often mentioned to her Mum about me staring at her at times, though my excuse held that I was simply proud of the way she was turning out. And although Kirsty I believe suspected my thoughts, eventually simply accepted them and left me to stew with my conscience and my fantasies as I never had the courage to act upon them and like as not bring my world crashing down around me.

"Anyway Jeff and I are finished now." Kirsty said, her words finally breaking into my reverie of what might have been.

"I'm so sorry hun." I replied and almost without thinking reached across to squeeze her knee.

"Don't be Charlie, he was an arse and you knew it." She said placing her hand lightly on my own to my utter shock as it prevented me removing mine.

The temptation to move my hand upwards was almost overwhelming, as I had at first expected her to move her legs away, but still fear held me in place, though I did not remove my hand, just enjoyed the sensation of her soft warm skin.

Even when I occasionally had to change gear my hand returned and Kirsty's hand came back to just hold mine gently. Yet another part of my anatomy had come into play now and as Kirsty continued to chat to me I realised her own glances were occasionally straying to where my erection was making my pants bulge slightly. I then felt her legs which had been tightly together part slightly and I wondered ... could it be?

I squeezed her leg again just above her knee and felt an answering squeeze in return as her hand lessened the pressure on mine as if giving me the go ahead. Cautiously I moved my hand upwards an inch half expecting a rebuke or her legs or hand to clamp down on mine yet nothing came and I gave her another gentle squeeze only to hear her sigh gently. Again and again I moved my hand always expecting a call to stop what I was doing and always surprised that none came until I reached the lower hem of her skirt.

My heart was now pounding in my chest as I knew if I went further I was either staring disaster in the face or finally seeing a fantasy come true with my step-daughter. Kirsty herself had stopped chatting now and was facing straight ahead yet glancing down I noticed her legs slowly part wide in invitation and my hand slowly slid under her short skirt and into forbidden territory. Glancing at her face I saw a timid almost nervous smile as her gaze again went down to glance at my groin.

Her skin was soft as I caressed it gently ever going higher until finally my fingers came to rest on soft silky panties.

"You've always wanted to fuck me haven't you Charlie?" Croaked Kirsty, her body held rigid in fear I thought.

"Yes ... I know I shouldn't and I've tried so hard not to look at you in that way as I love your Mum too and feared the consequences." I replied in almost a whisper.

Kirsty looked at me with large fearful looking eyes mouth slightly agape and then ran her tongue over her upper lip as her body seemed to relax as I touched her intimately.

"Mmmm." Murmured Kirsty as I traced the outline of her pussy with a finger. "That feels nice Charlie."

"Yes ... it does." I replied. "I never thought..."

"You never knew just how much I wanted you as you wanted me, I know." She cut me off. "At first I was so frightened, not frightened of you, but of how you made me feel when I saw you looking. But I knew if you'd come in the night to my room and told me to part my legs in order to sate your demands I would have welcomed you Charlie."


"Yes, I admit I was a bit frightened at first over the feelings I got when I caught you looking, but in the end I realised that what you wanted was the same as I wanted." She said with a sigh as I kept my fingers caressing her pussy over her panties.

"And what do you want Kirsty?" I asked.

"I want you to fuck me Charlie, take me, use me and make this ache I feel go away from every time I look at you." She replied her back arching slightly as my fingers ran to the edge of her panties and started to draw them to one side.

"No one can know." I said.

"I know, I don't want Mum hurt, but I've got to have your cock in me Charlie if only the once." She replied.

"Your Mum's on late's tonight and won't be in till past ten." I murmured. "If I put my foot down and traffic is kind we'll have at least three hours..."

"Long enough ... ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, oooooh, Charlie!" She gasped as I slowly circled her clitoris and entrance with my fingers whilst struggling to keep the car straight on the road.

I kept my fingers on Kirsty's pussy as I floored the accelerator in an attempt to get home before the moment went. As it is Kirsty's moans and her pelvic gyrations increased and her pleasure at my touch kept her on the boil as it were. Eventually her own hand descended on my groin to grasp my achingly erect cock outside of my pants to squeeze and manipulate it and made me gasp in delight at her ministrations.

I'm not sure how we made it home without an accident, certainly I broke the speed limit, though luck was with me and I remained barely focussed enough to avoid accidents. Once home and behind a closed door I literally took hold of Kirsty and pinned her to the wall as my lips sought hers in a passionate and lasting kiss, my hands wandering over her body and my erection pressing into her belly. Kirsty's own slim hands were doing likewise and her tongue slipped into my mouth to swirl around and tease my own tongue as a hand descended to undo my belt and pants to slip down under my briefs to fondle my cock.

"Oh God, you've no idea how long I've wanted to feel him." She gasped as our lips parted.

"I always thought you were repulsed by my attention." I replied, my fingers slipping under her skirt to caress her mound.

"Not repulsed, confused, I knew sort of that you wanted me, but didn't want to upset Mum and didn't know if you'd even act if I indicated I wanted you too." She moaned as my fingers slid under the top of her panties and down a silky smooth shaven pussy.

"I didn't want to horrify Vicky either. I love her, still do, but lusted after you and was ashamed that I struggled to control it." I replied as I found heat, wetness and clear desire.

"Charlie loved his little girl too much." She whispered as her pelvis pressed hard against my fingers. "Charlie wanted some 13 year old pussy didn't he?"

"It might have been earlier, you were 11 and just on the cusp of puberty, but I still had the odd thought then at how lovely and desirable you were." I moaned as her fingers caressed and manipulated my cock as we broke apart and she led me upstairs still holding me by the cock.

Her room other than the dusting was as she left it and we collapsed onto her bed and our lips locked again as we also started the process of undressing each other our hands wandering, unbuttoning and caressing the skin exposed. Sitting up I pulled my shirt off and slipped my pants and underwear off to join my shoes and socks leaving Kirsty with her first full view of the goods, so to speak.

"Not bad Charlie." She murmured. "Not bad at all."

Turning I finished unbuttoning her blouse and she also sat up to allow me to slip it off and I reached behind her to undo her bra. Her breasts were beautiful, a full c cup bordering perhaps on a d. Lying her back down I moved my lips to draw in a nipple, suckling it and softly biting the tip making her shiver with the sensations I invoked.

"Does Charlie like his little girls' titties?" She asked in her young girl voice.

"Mmmmm." I murmured before moving to the other nipple.

"Bet Charlie wishes he'd slipped in here eight years ago to tell me to take off my nighty."

"Yesss." I groaned, my cock achingly hard and my hands scrabbling with the clasp and zip on her skirt.

"Ohhhh! I bet Charlie would have loved touching my virgin body making a frightened but needy little girl want him even more!" She gasped as I drew down her skirt and panties to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy.

Leaving her nipples I traced a line of kisses down her body to snake my tongue into the channel between her nether lips and seek out the source of the nectar of desire I could smell and now taste.

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