A Detective Story

by Michael Erickston

Copyright© 2013 by Michael Erickston

Fiction Sex Story: Hardboiled P.I. Nick Carter is given a really bad gig when a psychologist's wife suspects her husband of cheating. This is my take on a hardboiled pulp fiction tale for the modern age.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Coercion   Heterosexual   Humor   Mystery   Cheating   Slut Wife   Revenge   Humiliation   White Male   Hispanic Female   Doctor/Nurse   .

I could tell as soon as Dani showed her in that this dame was trouble. No, not that she was trouble, but that she was bringing me a world of trouble that wasn't of her doing. Just a feeling I had as I looked up and saw her in the door.

"Hello, Mr. Carter?" She asked nervously. I could tell she was married, as most of my clients were.

"Nick Carter, ma'am." I nodded. No, not like that punk kid singer, but I sometimes get mail for him. One of the hazards of being a P.I. with a famous name that lives in L.A. My dad actually named me after a secret agent in a set of dime store spy novels by Jove Publishing. We had the last name already, but my dad just named me Nick. Not Nicholas. Nick. Go fuckin' figure.

I rose as I spoke and shook her hand. "What can I do for you, ma'am?"

"Your assistant said that you could help me. I was referred by one of your previous clients." She smiled a bit more, still nervous, though.

"I see. Ok, Mrs..."

"I'm Janine Linder. My husband is Dennis Linder, and he's a psychologist. I have reason to believe he's cheating on me, and I want proof before I file for Divorce." She said, handing me a picture of him. I raised my eyebrow as I regarded the picture. He looked to be about 40, with a square jaw and dark hair going gray at the temples. He had bright green eyes that would probably tempt most women.

"Ok, ma'am. You know how this works?" I asked, and she nodded. "Good. Give me two weeks tops, and I'll have the evidence you need. For those two weeks, I charge $5000 dollars. Is that acceptable to you?"

"Yes, and half up front, correct?" She asked.

"Do you have your own account that your husband doesn't know of, or have access to, in order to check your finances?" I asked.

"Yes." She said. "I set it up a couple months ago so he wouldn't know if I hired someone to track him. Your former client says that you are the best." She smiled, then handed me a cashier's check for $2500.

"Thank you, ma'am. Give me an idea of how he's been acting suspicious, if you would? The more information I get now, the easier it will be to track his movements."

"Well, it's a bit strange that I even caught on that he was cheating. He spends every night with me, and the weekends too. But sometimes when I call his office for a lunch date, his phone is turned off." She said.

"Well, he could have a client run over during a session." I shrugged.

"Normally, you would be right. But then there's the distance at home. He used to be all over me, but now he hardly touches me. Then I noticed the perfume smell on his clothes. At first, I thought I was imagining it, but it wasn't my brand of perfume." She said.

"Some of his clients could have hugged him, and how old is he?" I asked.

"He's 44." She said, and I nodded.

"Well, I heard that men that age have lower sex drives than they did before hitting 40. Could that be the reason for his distance emotionally?"

"You sound like you think it's just me being stupid!" She said angrily.

"No, ma'am. I am just trying to figure out why you would think he's cheating. I admit, the perfume is a pretty heavy indicator, but it could just be circumstantial. I'm going to take this case, but I also need to know everything you can think of. How is he acting suspicious besides turning his phone off?"

"Well, it's always just before lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. Other times, he answers right away. But on those days, it goes straight to his voicemail."

"Ok, I think I get the picture. Tomorrow is Wednesday, so I'll start my investigation then. I will be in touch as soon as I have anything concrete for you." I nodded and rose from my chair as she did, and shook her hand.

"Thank you, Mr. Carter. I hope it's nothing, to be honest. But I need peace of mind on this." She smiled warmly. She really was a knockout, and if I hadn't been married, I would maybe consider consoling her.

"Anytime, Mrs. Linder. If I don't find anything at the end of two weeks, you will not have to pay me the remainder of my fee." I told her. It's my guarantee.

"Thank you again, Mr. Carter." She said.

"Ma'am, call me Nick. Mr. Carter was my dad." I smiled, and she smiled back.

"Ok, Nick. I'm Janine. Ma'am is too formal."

"Ok, Janine. I'll be in touch as soon as I have anything for you. Dani, my assistant, should have your information, so I'll get your number from her." I showed her out, and promised again to be in touch.

As soon as Janine had left, Dani came in and plopped down on the overstuffed chair in front of my desk.

Daniela Velasquez has been my assistant for 6 years. I would honestly be lost without her, and I think she knows it. She's single, dates some, but not often, and has the most gorgeous jet black hair, doe brown eyes, and a great tan that comes from her Mexican heritage. She's built like J-Lo, but with more junk in the trunk and WAY more of a rack. Yeah, if I wasn't married to the woman of my dreams, Dani would be in trouble! I might be married, but I'm not dead, and I never touch. Well, except for hugs when Dani presses her D-Cups against my chest.

"Ok, jefe. This is what I got for you right now." She handed me the file she'd put together online about our target. Dani is a pretty good P.I. in her own right, and I was proud to be the one who taught her. She's a quick study, that's for sure.

Dennis Linder, Psychologist Extraordinaire. I looked at the file, and a warning bell went off in my head. It seemed that a former patient had filed a malpractice claim against him a couple years back, but the claim had been dropped mysteriously, with some stock cliché answer given as to why. This was getting more and more interesting. The former patient was female, and her husband had divorced her soon after the malpractice claim had been dropped. That was the warning bell. I had a bad feeling about Dr. David Linder, and my gut is usually right.

"Dani, dig a bit deeper on this asshole, will ya? I got a bad feeling about him." I said, and Dani giggled at my phraseology. "Ha ha. Yeah, I know. I opened the door for that one, and thanks for not stepping through it."

"Anytime, boss man." She winked at me prettily, then stepped back out to her desk to do some more Bing searches on Dr. Dickhead.

Daniela is worth twice her weight in gold, and I know that I don't pay her enough, even though I pay her VERY well. We're more partners than boss and assistant. We split each case take 60/40, including retainer fees. Those retainer fees, when added up between multiple clients, equal over 200K a year. After expenses, I usually clear 150K and Dani clears 110K easily. And that's after taxes. We share a lawyer, who gives us legal help quid pro quo since we kind of work for him too. Wesley Quentin is his name, and divorce disputes and other domestic issues are his game.

Then there's my wife Samantha. Yes, Samantha Carter, formerly Samantha Stern. So no relation to Colonel Carter on Stargate SG-1. She goes by Sammie for short.

I met Sammie 7 years ago when I had quit the ... Company I was working for in Langley, Virginia, and moved back to L.A. I was an ... insurance investigator for that Company. It was a decent living, but after a ... client in Paris turned out to be a real asshole, I decided I'd had enough and put my investigative skills to good use back home. I had enough saved up to start my own P.I. business. There, now nothing can be redacted.

Sammie is a complete knockout. Tall at 5'8", which puts her even with me in height when she wears her 4" fuck-me heels. Fiery red hair, sparkling blue eyes, 34C-24-36 measurements and legs that go all the way up to Heaven. Her Angelina Jolie lips and sexy smile can melt the hearts and raise the erections of any man within 50 feet, and she has it ALL packed in the right places.

I first met Sammie back when I had solved my first case for my first client. He threw a bash to celebrate me finding and returning his property. I was his guest of honor, and Sammie was the daughter of one of his friends. She saw me, and I saw her, and it was as if the magnetic force of the Earth drew us together. We talked and danced, and talked some more. I met her father, who is a good man, and he bought my usual line about being a former Insurance Investigator that decided to go into the private sector as a P.I. I had prospects, and during the shindig, I managed to score some more clients. That was seven years ago, and after dating for six months and living together for six months, we were married in a small ceremony with just her family and a few of our friends.

My parents had died a few years back in a car wreck when I was out of the country, and had left me their paid off house in their will.

Me? I spent three years in the Army as an MI Interrogator, then got recruited by the aforementioned Company to ... investigate possible insurance fraud. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Anyway, I became a damn good investigator, and realized I could make some damn good money at it as a P.I. So I bid the Company adieu, and headed back home to L.A. Getting a Concealed Carry License was like pulling teeth, but it was worth it to carry my Dad's old Colt M1911A1 pistol. The big .45 ACP ammo pretty much guaranteed a kill if fired with accuracy. That was one thing I've always been good at. Shooting.

So I went out to where Dani was picking out bits and pieces of Dennis Linder's life and printing them out for me.

"Hey, Dani. Go ahead and knock off for the day when you're done with the searches. I'm heading home." I smiled at her.

"No problem, jefe." She smiled back at me with more than professional respect. "You know, I hope Sammie knows what she got at home."

"I think she does, sweety. You know, you're gonna make some guy really happy someday, if you ever settle down." I winked at her, flirting a bit.

"Nah, papi. I missed my chance by a few months." She shrugged. I opened my mouth to ask her about that, but she had already turned back to her computer monitor.

"Ok, sweety. Go ahead and get the info, folder it, and I'll be in first thing to pick it up. Goodnight." I said as I headed towards the door.

"G'night, Boss Man." She called out as I left the office.

I got in my car and headed home. Somewhere along the way, I started thinking about Sammie and how she'd been acting lately. Over the past couple months, she'd been kind of distant, as if she had something on her mind and wanted to tell me. But it always seemed as if something was holding her back. I resolved that when I got home, I was going to ask her about it until she told me. I would be an idiot to not see the writing on the wall. I'd seen it enough over the years. The story was always the same. Wife/Hubby was ALWAYS emotionally distant either just before or just after starting an affair. Thus far, she'd kept telling me "Nothing" whenever I asked her what was wrong or if she wanted to talk to me about something.

Why women do the whole "Nothing" routine, I'll never know. I know a few who don't, but most of them seem to think us guys get paid enough to read minds. Sorry, ladies. We're not psychic. Sometimes you have to spell it out for us.

It was with those thoughts in mind that I pulled onto our street and noticed the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo parked out in front of my house. As I was pulling into our driveway, my cell rang.

"Hey, baby." I said when I saw my wife's name on the caller ID.

"Hey, Nick. When are you going to be home? We have something to discuss with you." She said. Her voice sounded weird.

"What do you mean, baby? Who's the 'we' you're talking about?" I had my suspicions that the 'we' included whoever drove that Jeep.

"Just come home as soon as possible. Ok?"

"Ok, baby. I love you." I said.

"Ok, bye." Now the alarm bells in my head had turned into a full blown klaxon horn. I made sure my pocket recorder was in my pocket and ready to go, and my cellphone had picture capability. I readied my camera function, just in case.

I had no idea what had gotten into Sammie. She NEVER failed to tell me she loved me, even lately. Now this? I was breathing deeply, doing some breathing exercises to calm myself. Once I had the zen vibe going, I got out and took a snapshot of the license plate on the Jeep. I had a REALL bad feeling about this one. My gut was screaming at me, and I have always listened to my gut.

As soon as I got in the door, I saw them kissing. They had no idea that I was that close, and I managed to get a snapshot of them together with their lips locked. I walked in, calm as can be, snapping happily away until they noticed me. I hit the RECORD button on my pocket recorder in, where else, my pocket.

"Oh my God!" Sammie said. "You scared me, Nick!"

"Care to explain why you're kissing some asshole in my house, soon-to-be-ex-wifey?" I asked, eyebrow raised as I shut my phone.

"It's part of the reason why I wanted you to come home, Nick." She said. I looked at the asshole for the first time, and I suddenly had the urge to pull my weapon and put a hole through his head big enough to drive a Mack Truck through! Dennis Linder, my current target, was standing in my living room and towering over me.

Ok, this was a sticky situation. My client's asshole husband was now standing in MY house and apparently has been fucking MY wife. Right then, I wanted nothing more than to shoot him dead, and her too for that matter. My heart was breaking, but my anger kept the hurt at bay for the moment. However, if I was going to get paid, I had to play this cool. Vengeance would come later. Payback is a bitch and a half, and these two were going to feel every bit of it.

"Ok, what is it you want to talk about?" I asked, with much more calm than I actually felt.

"Mr. Carter, may I call you Nick?" Asshole asked.

"No. Only friends call me Nick. You're not a friend. You're the asshole who's fucking my wife. Therefore, but definition, we will never be friends. Got it?" I asked with a sneer.

"Yes. Well, I'm Dr. Dennis Linder, and I am treating your wife with sex therapy." He said, identifying himself.

"Ok, does sex therapy include kissing MY wife in MY home?" I asked, eyebrow raised once again.

"As a matter of fact, right now it does. I know this is highly irregular, and probably difficult to swallow. But you will need to watch us while we're doing it." He said. Dear God, this guy was dumber than a box of bowling balls! He was playing right into my hands, and solidifying not only my own Divorce proceeding, but making sure his wife gets everything ... except for my Alienation of Affection and Malpractice lawsuits that I was already planning!

I just looked at him for a moment. "Dr. Dennis Linder, huh? I heard you're really good at what you do. Psychology, right?" I asked, buttering him up.

"Yes, psychology. My methods are sometimes controversial, but I always get results." He preened.

"So how long has my wife been going to you for ... therapy?" I asked, biting back my own outburst that was straining and chomping at the bit to get out.

"Two months now." He confirmed. Sammie had said NOTHING about going to see a shrink. I looked at her, then.

"Sammie, if things were so bad, why didn't you just talk to me? I told you years ago when we were dating that if ANYTHING was wrong, you could come to me. Don't you remember that?" I asked, trying to get through to her.

"I ... I guess." She said in a hesitant tone of voice. She had a confused expression on her face for a moment.

"Sammie, remember what we talked about." Dr. Dipshit said. "Control. You have to assert your control. I know you don't like being powerless, so you have to take the lead. Remember?" His voice was strange, almost hypnotic as he talked to her, and I saw her expression harden.

"You're right, Dennis. I need to show him that I'm not just some dumb woman to be pushed around!" She then glared at me.

"Sammie, what are you talking about?" I almost shouted. "When have I EVER pushed you into anything?"

"I ... In the bedroom! We always make love how YOU want, never how I want!" She almost screamed at me.

"Ok, Sammie. You KNOW what we said after we were married. That if we wanted to try something new, just discuss it and see what happens. Remember that?" I asked. "All you had to do was ask, and we could at least talk about it!"

Once again, her expression turned to one of confusion. But before Dr. Dicknugget could say anything, her expression hardened again.

"Nick, I need to do this. I need to see what other cocks are out there for me. You can either watch, or don't watch. But I AM going to do this." She said firmly.

"Sammie, don't do this. Please!" I really wanted to say 'GIVE ME MORE EVIDENCE. PLEASE!' But I refrained. I would be getting WAY more evidence.

"I need to, Nick. This won't affect us. I still love you." She said with a hint of a smile. I knew she was lying to me then. "I just need something different, and just this once."

"Oh? Well, for the record, I do not want you to do this, and there will be consequences if you go through with it." I said, shaking my head in what I hoped to appear resignation that I would reluctantly accept it.

"Mr. Carter, please allow me to do my job. Now, do you have a chair in your bedroom?" He asked. He wanted to fuck MY wife on OUR marital bed. Note to self: Burn the bed and get a new one.

"We do, yes. Wait, do you REALLY want me in there?" I asked with a horrified look on my face.

"It is necessary, yes." Dr. Dumbfuck said.

"If you insist." I snarled. "Doctor, is there no other way to get my wife back to normal?"

"None, I'm afraid." He said with mock sincerity that wouldn't have fooled a kindergartener.

"Well, I hope you don't expect me to participate in adultery." I said pointedly.

"Mr. Carter, what your wife and I will be doing is hardly adultery. I am merely helping her to get past a mental block and assert herself better in your relationship. You will both be stronger after we're done." He gave me a smarmy smile when he said that, and once again it took an Olympian effort of will for me not to shove my pistol down his throat and empty the magazine into him.

"I am not agreeing to this, just so you know. I will never agree to an act of adultery performed by you and my wife, and this IS adultery, no matter how you slice it!" I said, noticing that he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, and with no sign of tan line on his finger.

"As I said, Mr. Carter. This is therapy. Granted, it's controversial therapy, but it is not adultery." His smile this time was condescending. Oooh, this was going to VERY fun after a bit of pain ... well, not pain. My love for Sammie had died, and I was feeling numbness and a keen sense of righteous fury at what I was going to do to this Asshole after he finished fucking my soon-to-be ex-wife.

"I'm still not agreeing to it." I shook my head, even as I followed them to the master bedroom. I surreptitiously took out my iPhone and started the camera rolling as he undressed Sammie and had her lie on the bed. She spread her legs eagerly for him as he undressed too, and neither one of them looked my way as I sat in the chair to get plenty of footage.

"Last chance, you two." I said. "Don't do this. This is being done without my consent."

The doctor looked at me, with my iPhone sticking up out of my jacket pocket, but he didn't realize it was recording video. He sneered. "Like you have a choice in it, wimp!"

He then thrust forward into Sammie's cunt, and that was it. That was all I needed to see. It was all I needed to record. Janine's case was now airtight, and that was that. I stood up from the chair and walked calmly to where Dr. Needledick was laying into Samantha with relish and abandon.

I grabbed him by the hair and yanked hard, pulling him backwards and out of her. I then hit the nerve bundle between his neck and shoulder, and he folded like a bad Poker hand. He was still conscious, but unable to move.

"Doctor, my ex-wife never told you what I do for a living, did she?" I could see the confusion in his face. Sammie was glaring at me now, as if I had grown a third eye. "I'm a private detective, Doctor. I now have evidence of you attempting to cuckold me with my wife. Now I have the proof I need for an Infidelity divorce. I have video and audio. I also now have proof of Alienation of Affection and Malpractice." I grinned in triumph, then reached to my belt and drew my sidearm.

"See, you're a big man, Doctor. I might lose to you in a straight up fight. But Colonel Sam Colt makes all men equal in the eyes of God. You should be able to move in a moment. Once you can, get dressed, grab your whore, and get out of here." I said it calmly and evenly, which scared the living bejeezus out of both of them. I heard Sammie gasp. Good. I looked over at the woman who had just broken my heart. "Samantha, you need to get dressed, pack your shit, and get the fuck out."

"WHAT?!" She demanded.

"You heard me. I told you there would be consequences if you went through with this, and those consequences are going to be pretty bad." I felt detached. I felt as if my emotions weren't functioning as they should. "Those consequences start now. You will pack your things, put them in either your car or his SUV, and leave. I am going to call my attorney and have him draw up divorce papers. Then get a restraining order against you and the Good Doctor here. I'm just glad we don't have children, and DAMN glad that I will never be a father to YOUR children." I shook my head. "Sammie, you broke my heart. I hope it was all worth it for you." My voice cracked during that last sentence. "If lover boy here doesn't want anything to do with you, go stay with your folks."

Sammie's face went through a variety of emotions as she processed what I'd just told her. Her main emotion appeared to be confusion. "But Nick, don't you love me anymore?" She said in wide eyed innocent shock.

"Not after you willingly let another man, over my protests, take you in OUR MARITAL BED!" I shouted that last bit. "You have desecrated the vows we took on our wedding day, Samantha. Over MY PROTESTS, you shit all over everything we ever had." Yeah, I really let her have it this time. I wanted her to hurt. I wanted her to feel a measure of the pain in my heart when I figured out that she didn't love me anymore. "I can't believe that I never even knew you, Samantha." I was calling her by her full name, since I knew she hated it, and because she knew that I only called her that when I was angry. "Samantha, do you remember the talk we had shortly before we got married? The one about fidelity? Remember that one? The one where YOU said that you would not tolerate cheating! The one where YOU said you had Zero Tolerance for cheaters. Well, honey, THIS qualifies. I saw the wisdom in your words that day, and adopted YOUR philosophy."

Asshole stirred before she could reply, and appeared to be giving serious thought to jumping me. I stepped away from him, keeping Sam Colt trained on him. I also made sure I kept Samantha in my field of vision. "You're making a mistake, Mr. Carter. I'm going to press charges!" He sneered.

"No mistake. I caught you in bed with my wife, and thought she was being raped. Who are the cops going to believe? The respected private investigator who caught a rapist, or the man who claims it was all consensual. Look at Samantha, Doctor. Look at the anguish on her face. The anguish of being raped. It's a good thing I got here when I did, isn't it? Otherwise, you might have gotten away with it. Now, maybe I should call the police and report this!"

His face paled as he hesitated, then thought better about it. "Fine. No harm, no foul." He tried to chuckle, but it fell flat. "No charges."

I noticed that he STILL hadn't mentioned his wife. That was interesting. He probably thought he was keeping a secret from me, and I would allow him that illusion ... for now. I had to prod him a little, though.

"I'm sure the News stations are going to love this one, though! P.I.'s wife caught in bed with her psychologist. Story at Eleven." I shook my head with a disgusted look on my face. That was when he blanched.

"No! You can't go public with this!" He nearly shouted. He was dressing quickly, making sure he had everything he came in with. "Please! Don't go public with this!" He was begging now. I had him.

"If you return ALL the fees my soon-to-be ex-wife paid you, I might consider it. I'm still pressing A of A and Malpractice against you, though." I said, backing him into a corner.

"Done! Anything you want!" He said with a panicked look in his eyes.

Anything I want? Oh, the possibilities. But no. I wanted him to know fear. I wanted him to feel the fear before the inevitable despair. The total devastation that his life was about to become. I was enjoying myself over this, and I felt no guilt about screwing him over as he had screwed me over. The difference was that while he had screwed my wife, I was going to screw his life. No lube. Sandpaper condom.

Once he was dressed, he ran from my bedroom and I heard the front door slam as he broke all land speed records getting away from me and my home. I looked at Samantha, and I could tell that she saw the malice in my eyes.

"Nick, we can get through this." She wheedled, crying crocodile tears. "Please, baby!"

"Where was the 'baby' when I got home, Samantha? Where was the love then?" I sneered. "Get dressed, get packed, and GET OUT!" I said. "You have an hour. Since Dr. Dickhead doesn't want anything more to do with you, I suggest your folks."

Samantha just looked at me in utter shock. She then started dressing and packing listlessly. I let her use all four of our suitcases, knowing that I was just going to buy new ones. I stepped into my Home Office and called the locksmith and the furniture store. I got the locksmith just as he was closing, but promised him a huge bonus to do a rush job on my locks. I then told the furniture store that I wanted a king size to replace our old queen size bed, sheets, comforter, and the whole nine. It was expensive, but worth it. He asked why I wanted the old bed thrown in my back yard, but I just told him that I wasn't paying him to ask questions. He picked up the tone in my voice and wisely shut his trap.

Samantha was packed in 55 minutes, and in a magnanimous gesture, I helped her take her suitcases out to her car. In other words, I threw them on the driveway by her car's trunk. I then walked back into the house and slammed the door behind me. I called Wes, and had him file for a restraining order with the a night court judge. I named both Samantha and Dr. Dennis Linder in my complaint. I then had him draw up Divorce papers, Alienation of Affection papers, and Malpractice papers.

An hour later, both the locksmith and the furniture guys were done, and I paid both with my credit card. I called the credit card company and canceled Samantha's cards. I then called the manager of my Bank at home and had him cancel Samantha's debit card. I gave no explanations, but as the primary on our accounts, I felt it necessary. I no longer trusted her.

For those who think I was going too far, fuck you.

I poured myself a couple shots of Chivas. Now, I'm usually a beer man, and I love beer beyond all other forms of drink. However, I needed something a bit stronger. So I poured my shots and sipped them as I thought about the train wreck that my marriage had turned into in such a short amount of time.

At around seven that night, I knew that I was about to lose it. I called Dani.

"Hola, jefe." Dani said.

"Hey yourself, Dani. I hate to call you after hours, but I'm going to need your help tonight." I said. I was proud that the two shots of Chivas hadn't impaired my judgment or slurred my words.

"What's wrong, Boss Man?" She asked. I never could put anything over on her.

"Well, it's complicated, and I don't want to tell you over the phone. Just come to my house." I said, feeling the walls start to crumble in my mind.

"Ok, jefe. I'll be right there." She Ended the call before I could respond. God bless that girl.

Ten minutes later, she was knocking on my door. I got up from where I'd been staring at the blank TV screen and went to answer it. As soon as I had the door open, Dani was throwing herself into my arms, hugging me tightly. She kicked the door shut behind her, then disengaged from our embrace long enough to throw the deadbolt.

When she turned back, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards the couch. She sat me down and sat next to me. "Ok, where's Sammie?" She asked, already having some inkling of what was going on. After all, Sammie's car wasn't in the driveway, and I wasn't as distraught as I would have been if she'd died. I looked into the deep brown pools of Dani's eyes.

"She's gone. Probably to her parents' place. She was cheating on me, Dani." I could no longer hold my tears in check as she put her arms around me and held me as I ruined her blouse with my tears. I clung to her desperately, just needing the human contact.

When I'd finally let it all out, Dani pushed me back gently and looked into my eyes. "Nick, listen to me. Are you absolutely sure that Sammie was cheating on you?"

Not trusting my voice, I instead pulled out my pocket recorder and hit Play as I set it on the coffee table. I then opened my cell and brought up the video and hit Play before handing it to her.

Dani watched and listened with growing horror in her eyes as I went and got two beers from the fridge. By the time I got back, dark fire was blazing in her eyes, and she had stopped both the recording and the video. I opened both Arrogant Bastard Ales and handed her one.

"¡Esa maldita perra pollas!" Dani finally exploded after taking a swig of the bitter Ale. 'That fucking cocksucking bitch'. Wow, Dani wasn't holding back! I cracked a wry smile at her words. Dani is loyal to a fault, and she's loyal to me. She took another long swig, then closed her eyes and breathed deeply several times.

"Nick, what are you planning?" She asked as she laid her hand on mine. "Because whatever it is, I want in."

"Nuclear strike on the doctor. I have reason to believe that MAYBE, Samantha was brainwashed. If so, I want to get her the help she needs." I said, my voice hoarse from the crying. If there was even the slightest possibility that the Asshole had somehow brainwashed or coerced her, I wanted to find out how. "But as for Doctor Dingleberry himself, I want him and all those around him to burn, except for his wife, who you met earlier at the office. Turns out she was right about him cheating, and it was with my own wife!"

"This is some fucked up shit, Nick." Dani shook her head in sympathy. "But ok. What's our first move?"

"Recon, of course." I managed a tight smile as I compartmentalized my feelings for the moment. Now that I was On The Job, it was easy to slip back into the Professional persona. "In a few hours, I'm going to pay his office a little visit. If you have a problem with Breaking and Entering, you don't have to come."

"Fuck that! I told you I'm in, jefe. I'm in it to win it, and you know I don't back down." She smiled at me, then leaned forward and hugged me tight. "I know Sammie, Nick. I've known her almost as long as I've known you. I think she's been coerced at the very least by that cabrón."

"I think so too, but even then, I'm not so sure I want her back. She shit all over us. She's known this tool for two months, and in that time, he managed to convince her that our marriage was just another toilet bowl in which to take a shit." I said, still hugging her tight. God, she felt good!

I pushed her back gently as my cock started stirring, and looked into her eyes. There was something there that I hadn't seen in Samantha's eyes in a long time. Lust. Pure unbridled lust, and I was sorely tempted to kiss her right then and there.

There were only two things stopping me. 1: I was hoping that Samantha was a victim of brainwashing or coercion here, and that we could somehow work through all this. 2: Even if she was more willing than she appeared, I wasn't going to stoop to her level and cheat with anyone, even Dani.

"Dani, I know what you're thinking, and you have no idea how tempting it is right now. But we have a job to do." I forced out the words through sheer iron willpower. I steeled my resolve and pressed onward. "We'll swing by the office and pick up the van."

"Good call, boss." She said, curbing her own feelings. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that she'd always had a bit of a crush on me. We'd flirt back and forth, but I thought she was ok with just flirting.

But now that Sammie was out of the picture, for the moment at least, it was obvious she wanted more. Part of me was dying to give her what she wanted, and that part of me wanted it just as bad as she did. But, and here's the kicker, I was NOT going to do what my wife had done. No, my vengeance was going to be far more terrible if things went as I feared. Also, I didn't want to hurt Dani, and I knew that if Sammie HAD been coerced or brainwashed by Dr. Dickwad, Dani would be hurt badly if or when I decided to work things out with Sammie.

We left in her car, and we picked up the van at the office. I grabbed the Comcast sign magnets out of the back and slapped them on the sides of the van. Urban camouflage. Gotta love it.

We drove to the offices of Dr. Dennis Linder at around 11 that night, and I went into the office building by lockpick. I was wearing supple calfskin gloves that would keep my fingerprints off of anything, yet allowed for enough freedom of movement that my dexterity wasn't impeded.

Picking the locks was child's play, and once inside, I made sure that my earbud was working properly so I could communicate with Dani.

"Reading you loud and clear, jefe." She said. I had a small USB thumb drive on me that had 50 GB of storage space on it. I was going to search his computer as well as his filing cabinets. I wanted to get a REALLY good look at this guy's business. If he was doing this to my wife, I wondered how many other wives he'd done it to so far.

The security system was child's play, as I called the security company, identified myself as Dr. Linder, and told them that I had forgotten my passcode.

It's amazing what the power of a good bluff can get you. I sounded authoritative, slightly pompous, and they bought it without even asking for a confirmation password.

"Amateurs." Dani giggled over my earpiece.

"I know, right?" I chuckled quietly as I picked the lock to the Doctor's office itself. I made a beeline for his computer, bringing it out of Sleep Mode. There were no family pictures on his desk. Wow, he didn't love his wife very much. I shook my head that this asshole, who had a helluva hot woman at home, was stepping out with at least one of his patients.

Password protected. Shit. Shit. Shit. Ok, don't panic. I reviewed what I knew about Dr. Linder. He was intelligent, if not very street smart. He was cunning when it came to seducing women. On the ride over, Dani had given me the other dirt she'd dug up on Dr. Dipfucker after I'd left.

He was a serial womanizer, when we read between the lines of other "patients" of his who had filed malpractice or even pressed sexual harassment charges on him. Then those charges were dropped without real cause. Just some clichéd "misunderstanding" bullshit when asked by the cops. I already hated the guy. Now I was ready to kill him slowly and with great enjoyment as he suffered the ultimate in physical and emotional pain.

So, with his womanizing tendencies in mind, I typed in 'Romeo' as a possible password. Access Denied. 'Casanova'. Access Denied. 'Lothario'. Access Granted. What a predictable asshole.

Finding the files that I needed wasn't difficult, either. Wow, this son of a bitch was arrogant! I popped in the thumb drive and downloaded his whole "Special Patients" section, which damn near filled up the entire 50 Gigs of space! I noted some of the names, including Samantha Carter. That fucking BASTARD! He had video files of Sammie on here! Fine. Whatever. I ejected the thumb drive and sent his computer back into Sleep Mode. Then I went rifling through his filing cabinets. I found Sammie's file, but nothing on it seemed to indicate what they had done. So he wasn't COMPLETELY stupid as to list his sexual conquests in his paper files.

"Anything yet, jefe?" Dani asked over the earpiece.

"Lots, darlin'." I replied. "Nothing paper, but I have about 45 Gigs of videos that he's recorded with quite a few of his patients."

"Dammit. Ok, we're going to need to look those over when we get home." She said. I had a funny feeling about the way she said 'we' and 'home' when talking about our plans for the immediate future.

When I left the office, I made sure that the doors were all locked, and that there was no trace that I had ever been there. No security cameras. Just the phone call that I'd made from a burner phone with an untraceable number. Voice ID could cause a problem if someone cares enough, but I wasn't going to worry about it right then.

It was well after 1 AM when we got back to my place. We got inside after I put the garage door down, and before I could say anything, Dani blindsided me.

"I'm staying the night with you, Nick." She said it firmly, no room for argument.

"Ok." I shrugged. "You can have the guest room."

"No, Nick. I'm staying in your room in your new bed, and I'm not taking No for an answer. You shouldn't be alone tonight, even if we don't have sex." And there it was out in the open, the invisible elephant had been revealed.

"Dani, I trust you. Shit, you're about the only woman on Earth that I trust right now. I'm asking you to please don't make me break my marriage vows tonight. Ok?" I asked.

"I promise." She said with a smile, then kissed my cheek. "We'll go over the footage in the morning. I brought my laptop, so we can split the videos and get them done twice as fast."

"Sounds like a plan, sweety." I said as I headed in to get a shower. I felt filthy, and not just because I hadn't had a shower since before I went to work the previous morning. As I stood under the water, my mental compartment opened and all the feelings of betrayal came rushing back.

I was sobbing against the wall of the shower when I heard the shower door slide open. The next thing I knew, I was being held by a wet and naked female. Dani held me close, stroking my back as she washed me. She didn't even touch my cock, for which I was grateful. I didn't trust myself right then. If she had touched me there, I would have probably taken her without a second thought. Something that I, at least, would regret in the morning.

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