Who Will You Run To

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2013 by StangStar06

Sex Story: One bad decision ruins a relationship and a life

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Rough   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Hi Folks, Thanks for the reaction to last week's story. The weird thing was that although the story got the usual number of comments, between Friday and Sunday, I got more than four hundred e-mails most just wanted to know where they could find the rejected story from the previous week, but a lot of them just wanted to talk about cars or stories or whatever. It was nice. It took me nearly the entire weekend to answer all of them which is why this one is a little late. This story isn't so much burn the bitch as it is about the results of bad choices and how they change lives. I promise the next one will have a little bit of fire in it. SS06

My fiancé, Summer, was my whole world. We were sitting at our usual table in the cafeteria of the college we both attended. She looked nervous. Her nervousness made me nervous.

Summer wasn't the nervous type. Summer was as free and easy as her name would imply. Her parents had been hippies, hence the name. And she'd actually been born when they'd lived in a commune.

The only time that Summer got nervous was when she had to tell me something that she thought I wouldn't like. It was like that when she told me about meeting her parents. That first meeting had been awkward. It had taken a few dinners and cook outs for us to gel, but now I loved them and felt like a part of the family.

"Ted," she began. She was looking at the table instead of at me and wringing her hands. I was concentrating on my burger. I figured that whatever else happened, I may as well face it on a full stomach. I had an idea that whatever she wanted to talk about was yet another complication in our wedding plans. We'd had several already. My parents had arranged for the ceremony to be held at their local church. Her parents wanted to do it on the beach or in the forest.

Even as Summer began to speak though, I noticed something at the next table. One of the women in my English class was having a problem. I didn't know her name but I recognized her. She was a tiny woman with honey blond hair. She was less than five feet tall but thin and curvy. Her proportions were ridiculous.

Summer was close to six feet tall and had next to no breasts. The tiny woman's chest was in the generous to large range. They both shared the same tiny waist, but it seemed to be even smaller on the little woman because her ass and chest were proportionately larger.

At any rate, she was wearing a tank top and a pair of shorts. Even though the shorts weren't actually very short, they were stretched over her rounded ass as she bent to pull something out of her purse.

One of the guys at the table behind her reached out and gave her ass a resounding smack. She straightened immediately and slapped him across his face so hard that it must have rattled his teeth. All of his buddies at the table started laughing at him and I could see him getting angry. He was a bigger guy and as his arm swept backwards to return the blow, I moved.

I'm not the Flash. I can't move with super speed. I couldn't cross the distance between the tables and grab his arm so I just threw myself across the distance and tackled him.

When we got ourselves untangled he was ready to fight. "Say goodbye to solid food," he grumbled.

"Say no to steroids," I said. A couple of his friends grabbed him and pulled him away from me.

"Justin, Ted just saved your ass," one of them said. "If you'd actually hit Melissa, you'd be off the team and out of the school, dumbass."

Justin just nodded and walked away. Some other guy grabbed Melissa and dragged her away angrily before she could say anything to me, but it was just as well, because Summer wasn't very happy.

"I have to get to class," she hissed. "Maybe we'll talk about this later."

Fun and breezy, hot and steamy, both were accurate descriptions of the girl I loved. Her moods could change as quickly as the weather in the season she was named for. I was sure that whatever she had to say could wait. Summer had a tendency towards being overly dramatic.

Four hours later, she showed up at my dorm. She walked in and sat down. She sat on her hands as if to keep them from fidgeting the way they always did. I began to realize that this time whatever she wanted to talk about was serious.

"Ted I have something to tell you and you're not going to like it," she said. I smiled because I was sure that it was just another thing she wanted to change about the wedding. I didn't care what it was as long as we stepped down that aisle together.

"Do you remember the people we met in the park a couple of weeks ago?" she asked.

"Which people?" I asked. "Which park?"

"You remember them, the guy with the three women?" she said.

"Oh yeah!" I said pointedly.

"Ted, I know you're not going to understand this but something happened when I met them. My parents spent a part of their lives when they were younger living in a commune. It made them the people they are today," she said.

"Your parents own a successful business and live in the suburbs," I said. "They did what we planned to do."

"Yeah but they had their wild times," she said. "And I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want mine."

"By wild times what you really mean is that you want to go to their commune and fuck that guy, right?" I said. "You want to go out and try the whole free love, free sex thing, but mostly you just want to fuck that one guy, right?"

"It's not like that, Ted," she said. "It's about sharing and working together for the common good. It's about truly exploring the spiritual aspects of life with a group of other like minded people. Sex is a part of that but not a really big part of it."

"Besides," she continued. "The two of us should be bound by our love for each other. Not by being possessive and jealous."

"So basically you want us to have some kind of open marriage, right?" I asked. She bit her lip. "How long do you think you need to explore your whorish side?"

She gasped. "I..."

"So are you changing your major to agriculture or eastern studies or what?" I asked.

"Actually I'm dropping out of school," she said. "It all seems so pointless. I'm not sure what I want to do anymore. But I think we'll figure that out as we go."

"Who's WE?" I asked.

"You and me," she said. "There are things there for you too, Ted. Didn't you see how beautiful some of those women are? There wasn't an ugly one in the bunch. Even though while we're in the community we won't exactly be in a relationship, because there are no possessive unions allowed, we'd still be together. It's just that the way that things are right now ... the way we're living is killing me. I can't do it anymore. Not for any amount of time. But who knows maybe it's just something I have to go through. And like with my parents maybe in time we'll just leave there together. I still want you in my life. I still L..."

"You're not sure what you want to do with your life, but you sure don't want me in it," I said.

"That's not what I said," she whined.

"Yeah, the life you're living with me can't go on one single minute. But there's a new one waiting outside the door and it's time for you to begin it," I said.

"It's just something I want to try," she said sadly. "I want to live and experience things."

"You found a new world and you want to taste it," I said smiling. And she nodded.

"But that world can turn cold and you'd better face it."

"Ted you don't understand," she said. "This isn't permanent. It's just..."

"Who will you run to when it all falls down," I asked. "Who's gonna pick your world up off of the ground?"

"Ted don't be..." she began.

"Who's gonna wipe away the tears you cry?"

"I'm not going to be crying Ted," she said.

"Who's gonna love you babe as good as I?" She had no idea that I was quoting lines from a song.

"Ted, why can't you just see this from my pers..." she began.

"Summer, just get out," I said.

"But Ted, I still want us to ... I mean someday we're..." she said. I just shook my head.

"We'll still be..." she said in a small voice. I shook my head again.

"Summer, I loved you with all of my heart. There's nothing I wouldn't have done for you. Our life together was going to be great. But I guess I never really knew you. If this is how you really are, I should probably thank you. In the long run, I'd have been a lot worse off if you'd done this after we got married. We'd have had to get a divorce and all of that crap," I said. "Right now I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach through my nuts. But I'll get over it. You run along, now."

"But we don't have to..." she began. She looked as if she was about to cry. "I changed my mind," she said suddenly. "This was just a mistake..."

"Summer, tell me the truth," I said. "No one just jumps up and decides on a whim to do something this drastic. You had to have a reason to do this. You already fucked this guy didn't you?"

Her eyes dropped immediately. "It just happened," she said. "I'll make it up to you. I swear it."

"There's no need Summer," I said. "What you just told me makes getting over you a lot easier. If you cheated on me while we were engaged and planning our wedding, our life together would have been hell."

"Ted it's not really cheating. We're not married yet," she whined.

"Summer you're twenty two years old. We've been together for three years. We have ... or had, a committed relationship. What exactly would you call it?" I asked. She again found something on the floor extremely interesting.

"Goodbye Summer," I said. She stood there with tears beginning to fall down her cheeks. I reached out and turned her around and gently pushed her through the door.

"Summer, this is what you wanted. Now you don't have to worry about me anymore. Now you can go on off to the commune with nothing to hold you back. Someday you'll be a successful ... uhm ... communist and you won't even remember me. You'll probably laugh if you do."

I closed the door then and launched myself towards my bed. I grabbed my iPod and cranked the volume all the way up. I didn't even care what was on it. I just needed music that was so loud that I couldn't think.

Over the next few weeks, I concentrated on my studies. I worked hard and my grades which had always been middle of the pack, began to improve. My friends began to comment on my absence from the places we hung out and the things we usually did. A couple of Summer's friends, Beth and Lisa, tracked me down to talk.

"Summer is gone. She dropped out of school," I said.

"We know that Ted," said Beth. "We also know why and we know how stupid she was too. Did you know that after you threw her out, she really wanted to change her mind, but it was like some kind of compulsion or genetic thing was driving her. Did you know that her parents spent time on a commune when they were about her age?"

"Yep, they grew out of it though and became fully functioning normal members of society," I said.

"Maybe this is just something that she needs to go through," said Lisa. "She dropped out of school so she could explore it, but she loves you. That's why this is so hard on her. You do know that she loves you, right? She's tried to call you several times over the last few days to talk. You know that right?"

"Lisa, Summer didn't just drop put of school. She dropped out of ME at the same time. If a guy you were going out with came and told you that he needed to spend some time fucking another girl, would you take him back?" I asked.

The anger on her face at the question left no doubt in my mind about the answer.

A couple of days later, it was a bright, sunny, spring morning and I decided to go out for a run. I put on my worst running shoes, because even though it was sunny. The trails hadn't really dried out from the melted winter snow. I was still depressed about Summer even though it had been nearly a month since we'd broken up. Three weeks and four days to be exact.

I hopped down the stairs and was almost to my ancient 1987 Mustang GT. the car was all black outside and in. I had black Cobra R rims on it, black brake calipers, crossed drilled rotors and a MagnaFlow exhaust system. I had even replaced the 5.0 badges and the running pony emblem with black ones. After Summer, that car had been my favorite thing. Since she was gone it had moved up to the number one spot.

I thought that I heard someone calling me and when I turned around, I saw Summer's parents. I walked over to them although my first instinct was to pretend that I hadn't heard them and get into my car.

"Ted, are you busy? Can we talk?" asked her dad.

"I was just about to go out for a run," I said.

"This is important. It's about Summer," he said. I turned and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"If it's about Summer, it' no longer my business," I said. I'd tried really hard to keep the pain and the anger out of my voice. Among men anger transfers quickly.

When Summer's dad heard the anger in my voice. He got pissed too. "Wait a God damned minute," he said. I turned back to him and the anger that flashed in my eyes was at least equal to his. Luckily, Summer's mom was there to calm us down,

"Both of you calm down," she said. "Steve, if you want him to talk to us, using fowl language and screaming isn't the way to go." She turned to me then.

"Ted, you're not even angry, son. I can tell by looking at your face that you're on the verge of tears. You just want to hit somebody to avoid crying and you figure my husband will do. I have the feeling that my daughter lied to us. Why don't you go out and do your run. Then meet us back here in ... two hours and we'll take you to lunch and we'll talk. Can we do that?" I nodded reluctantly.

I got into my car and drove to the trails that I usually ran on. Lunch with Summer's parents wasn't something that I was looking forward to. The timing sucked. Just as I was getting to the point where I didn't spend most of my time thinking about her, I ran into her parents who wanted to talk about her.

As I ran through the damp and muddy woods, I found it difficult to relax and enjoy the run. Instead of looking for sights and sounds of the forest, or smelling the fresh spring plants and the musky smell of decay from plants or animals that hadn't survived the winter, my mind was on Summer.

I wondered why I suddenly hadn't been good enough for her. I wondered if she had ever really cared about me or if everything we'd done together had been a waste of time.

Far too quickly, I found myself heading back for my car. I drove home, feeling like there was a piano hanging over my head and at any second it might come crashing down on me.

Despite the situation Summer's mom was her usual chipper and cheerful self. Her dad had calmed down somewhat too.

After a few moments spent ordering food and making small talk, her dad kicked off the conversation.

"Ted, I know you're a young guy and you're just beginning to explore your life," he said. "I also appreciate the courage it took to tell her. But why did you wait so long? Do you understand how much money we spent renting and reserving halls and buying flowers? We even had to put a deposit on the beach that you guys were going to say your vows on."

"Shouldn't you be asking Summer those questions?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Summer is the one who caused you to waste your money," I said.

"Bullshit, she said that she was willing to marry you and you..." he began.

"Summer came to my apartment and told me that she'd been cheating on me with a guy who started some sort of commune," I said. "She told me about how the two of you spent some time living in one. She said that it was something she needed to explore. She gave me a bunch of crap about not being in a restrictive relationship, but what it really meant was that she had the hots for the guy running the commune and she wanted some time to screw him and then maybe we'd get back together."

Her parents looked at each other and their mouths dropped open.

Her dad put his hand out and patted my shoulder. "Ted, I had no idea," he said. "She told us that you'd dumped her and she needed some time to get herself together so she was dropping out of school. she wanted to try out a commune because it worked out of her mom and me. She doesn't belong in a place like that. This isn't the sixties and seventies. Most of the guys in those places are just after sex and money from stupid young people. The real era of sharing and communing died over thirty years ago. We were there. It was usually ruined by hurt feelings and one or two guys who wanted to share everyone else's women."

"I told you," said his wife. "Why the hell do you think he was about to cry. He loves that girl. And Summer played us. I've always been able to tell when she was lying, even when she was a child."

"I know this must've been hard on you Ted. But don't worry," said her dad. "As soon as we knock some sense into her, you two will be back together."

I shook my head. "As much as I loved her, I just don't see that happening, sir," I said.

"I do," he said. "Even with all of this craziness, she loves you, Ted."

"Maybe so sir, but relationships are based on two people who want to be together," I said.

"So you're saying that you don't want to be with her anymore?" he asked.

"Would you, under the circumstances?" I asked. He hung his head and then looked at me.

"No son," he said. "I guess I wouldn't either."

Later on, after they left, I managed to get myself together enough to go over to the library to do some studying. I had my head buried in one of my textbooks and had read the same paragraph three times. I heard the sound of someone putting down a book bag or a purse on my table. I didn't bother to look up. I just figured that the library was filling up, so I'd have to share the table.

"So ya fell off of the beanpole, huh?" said a very resonant female voice near me. I didn't recognize the voice so I looked up.

It was her. Not Summer, but the tiny woman I'd rescued over a month before.

"Hi," I said before looking back at my books.

"Uh Oh," she said. "I think I miscalculated." I hadn't been paying her much attention but I looked at her again.

"Excuse me," I mumbled glancing at her again. She smiled and I had to look at her again. As I looked for the first time I noticed how thick her hair was and how shiny. It was difficult to tell if it was more blond or more brown. It was some hybrid of both. Her eyes were a deep cornflower blue. She leaned back and put one hand on a rounded hip. Her tiny waist exploded outwards both above and below the waistline. She was truly tiny but perfectly proportioned. Summer's taller lankier form had never shown any hints of curves like hers.

Succulent was the only word that came to mind when describing or trying to describe the lips that curled into a smile when our eyes met.

"Are you even listening to me?" she asked.

"Huh?" I asked.

"I asked if you'd recovered from falling off of the beanpole yet?" she smirked.

"What beanpole?" I asked.

"Your tall, skinny, evil ex-girlfriend," she said. I looked at her in confusion.

"You're a hard one to figure out," she said. "Normally if a guy gets dumped, he mopes for a day or two and then goes out pussy hunting to prove to himself and everyone else that he's still got it. He also wants to make sure that his ex knows that he can get someone else. He usually wants to make her feel bad about dumping him. On the other hand if he dumps her, there's usually another girl already in the picture so he doesn't even wait the two days."

She sat down in the chair across from me. One of the librarians shushed her and she shushed the old lady right back.

"Why do you call Summer evil?" I asked.

"Oh Honey, you had it bad didn't you?" she said. "Get your books. We have to leave here so we can talk. If we stay here I might have to put my foot up that old woman's ass." She looked back at the librarian and pointed her finger at her. The old lady sat back down behind her desk.

"Are you coming?" she asked, standing up and grabbing her purse. What did I have to lose? I threw my books into my backpack and slung it over one shoulder.

"No," she smiled. She re-placed my book bag so I had it the right way. "In a few years your back will thank you. You're going to have to stay in shape to carry your kids around."

Something about the way her eye twinkled, scared the shit out of me. We strolled outside of the library to one of the many pocket parks scattered around the campus. These small scenic spots broke up the endless areas of concrete and marble that made up most of the university.

"So no one really knows what happened between the two of you," she said. "Some people think that you dumped her and that's why she left school. Others think she dumped you and that's why you're depressed. A couple of her friends are already fighting over you, so you have to be a good guy, but I already knew that of course."

"Why do you think that Summer is evil?" I repeated.

"That bitch guarded you like Fort Knox," she smiled. "Any girl who went near you had to deal with her glaring at them or threatening them. All I wanted to do was to thank you for saving me from getting my face knocked in. But she made it clear that if I went anywhere near you, it wouldn't be healthy. And that was only days before you guys apparently broke up. That's another reason why I think you dumped her. Those friends of hers are still trying to dissuade people from talking to you. They act like they've inherited you." she smiled again.

"Of course, I had problems of my own to handle," she said. "I had a meathead of a boyfriend to get rid of. Plus I knew you'd need some time to get over what's her name. I thought a month would be long enough, but I'm beginning to believe I may have miscalculated."

"What did you calculate?" I asked in confusion. She laughed and my heart lurched dangerously. For the first time in a month or so. Summer was pushed to the back of my thoughts.

"How to get us together, of course," she laughed. "You and I are so much alike that it's crazy. I've seen the way that you treated the beanpole. It's pretty much the same way that I was about my meat headed ex. He just took me for granted. Did you know that he was in the cafeteria the day that asshole put his hands on me? All he did was get upset, AFTER you did what he should have done. But I figured that I had to give you enough time to get over HER before you'd give me a shot."

"So you're saying you want to go out on a date with me?" I asked. Just the thought of going out with her did wonders for my confidence. Although I'd heard that she was kind of flakey, she was one of the prettiest girls in our school, and probably in the state.

"Hell no!" she said crushing my ego. "Haven't you been listening to me at all?" that smile was back and she crinkled her nose up with it.

"I'm talking about a permanent change of seasons for you, Honey. Summer is over. You need a blast of Wynter in your life, and for the rest of it," she smirked. "From now on the only season you need to think about is Melissa Wynter."

It didn't take nearly a season. In less than a week I had completely forgotten about being depressed over Summer's absence. Mel attacked me like a confederate battalion. She attacked from any and all directions at once. She took notes and found out all of my favorites things and made use of them in ways that Summer never had. We also discovered that we had many things in common. We built on those things.

One of the things though that shocked me, was the fact that she expected to capitalize on the work that Summer had already done. In other words, in her mind we were already engaged. She expected to just move in and assume Summer's position in my life.

Like me Melissa already had a job, so while we weren't rich by any means, we could afford to do most of the things we wanted to do. That was a big change from Summer asking me for money for almost everything she could think of.

But I was still shocked when on alternate weekends we visited her family in South Carolina and mine here in Michigan. Her dad smiled the whole weekend. Her brother finally told me what their dad was so happy about.

"Ted you're a nice guy," he said. "You also treat my sister well and she loves you. You're also not on the wrestling team."

"Okay," I said, but I was still confused.

"Melissa's last boyfriend was an abject asshole. He wanted to wrestle professionally after college or maybe coach. Seriously, how many Olympic wrestlers can you remember?" he asked.

"What about the WWE?" I asked.

"He swore he'd never do that," said Bobby. "He hated fake wrestling. He'd have ended up a bum, with my sister sporting him. When we met you guys at the airport and we left you guys to go get the car, my dad kept saying, "Praise the Lord. He's not an asshole."

"Then when he found out that you're majoring in Engineering and already have a job lined up, he started crying he was so happy."

Needless to say Melissa made a similar impression on my parents the next weekend and the parental approval did help to speed things along. In fact Melissa had already sworn to my mom that if our first child was a girl, she was going to name her Helena after my mom because that was her favorite name.

There were of course other things to get used to. When it came to sex, Summer had been raised by parents who'd been a part of that whole "Free Love" movement. That isn't as cool as it seems. While Summer was pretty open minded when it came to sex, she also believed that whole bunch of crap that had caused us to break up.

Sex with Summer had been sometimes intimidating, because she'd been with a lot of guys before me and often compared things. No guy really wants a report card in the bedroom.

There was also the fact that everything we tried in the bedroom she'd already done with someone else. So even when Summer told me something like, "Ted, you do that better than anyone," it still made me nervous because in order for her to say that, she had to have done it with a lot of guys. Summer gave really, and I mean really good blow jobs. I often wondered exactly how much practice it took her to become that good. Summer also tended like most experienced women to control our sex life and to use it to get things she wanted. Melissa was completely different.

She looked at it like the typical Southern Belle. It was something we both did for each other. She never even considered playing games or withholding herself from me. We didn't have to play any stupid games or build up to things. We had a couple of dates to get to know each other and in the middle of out third date she told me she loved me. I was taken aback at now direct she was, but I could see that she meant it. I didn't know what to say.

When it was time for me to take her home, she came home with me. I was really surprised. My first time with Summer had been after God knows how much drama.

When Melissa got inside of my dorm, she'd looked around and then started to take off her clothes. Her body was tiny but incredible. All I could do was to stand there in shock and look at her as my dick got bigger and harder. Melissa wasn't built like a volleyball player. When I saw her naked I appreciated her curves even more. She has breasts. They hang and they jiggle. Summer had no actual breasts just nipples. Melissa also has hips and a butt. I was silently thanking God for what I was about to receive.

While I stood there staring she crossed the room and started to undress me. Once we got into the bed, the kisses she started me off with were hotter than anything I had ever experienced. She rubbed me all over and rubbed herself against me. Then she rolled me on top of her and spread her legs. I pushed my dick into the warmest tightest pussy ever. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we were off to the races.

Sex with Melissa is intense. But at the same time it isn't frantic. With Summer it was always more like just fucking. We did a lot of different positions and we slammed our bodies against each other and moaned a lot. It was almost as of we were auditioning for a porno movie and needed to show how many things we could do.

Melissa and I made love. We melted into each other. It was slower and far more romantic and it just meant so much more. After the second time I shot my load deep inside of her, I told her that I loved her too.

"It doesn't mean anything until you tell me that while we aren't in bed," she giggled.

The weird thing about it was that the two of us just fit. We were so comfortable with each other, it was almost as if we'd always been together instead of just meeting when we were already twenty one and twenty two years old.

Another thing that was shocking was that she had no experience at all with oral sex. I was only the second guy she'd ever been with and the meathead thought it was unmanly to go down on her. That meant that she didn't do it to him either. I think the first time I thrust my tongue between those short blond pubes and into her honey pot it changed her life. I don't think she slept on her own dorm more than twice the rest of the year.

But that first morning that we woke up together explained it all to me. There was no awkwardness or covering herself up. Her eyes popped open to find me staring at her and she just sat up and kissed me. She kissed me deeply. There was no fear of morning breath or anything else, just unconditional love. She accepted and loved everything about me. She didn't hold anything back.

She saw my confusion and smiled. "Ted, am I your woman?" she asked me. I nodded energetically. "What if Summer comes back?" she asked.

"Who?" I said.

"Good answer," she smiled. "So if I'm your woman, it's my job to keep you happy so you don't go anywhere else. I will do anything you want to please you, but I expect the same."

"But what about the meathead?" I asked. I didn't actually even know his name. "I mean he's still around and he was your first. Don't you still have..."

She got out of bed and walked over to her purse. Just seeing the way her ass bounced as she walked was a life changing experience. That alone wiped Summer from my memory. Mel's attitude and he way she treated me also wiped Summer from my heart. She reached into her purse and grabbed her iPod and head phones. She stuck the ear buds in her ears and danced a little bit. Watching her dancing and smiling, naked in front of me, endeared her to me even more. She finally found the song she needed and walked back over to the bed straddling me.

She placed her ear buds in my ears and played a song for me. It was a song by a country group called Brooks and Dunn. The song was called "Texas women don't stay lonely long."

"That applies to women from South Carolina too," she beamed. "Ted if you make me happy, you'll be the happiest man we know. But if you treat me badly, I'll be gone in a heartbeat and five minutes later I won't remember you. Meathead didn't treat me right."

From that moment on, Mel and I became a serious couple. Meathead and I glared at each other a time or two around campus but there were never any issues. Summer's friends stared at us a time or two but also kept their distance. One of the weirdest moments came just after my graduation. Melissa had another year to go on her degree in physical therapy, but she was there with me at my graduation. Summer's parents had also showed up to see me graduate. They had surprisingly stayed in touch with me even after Summer and I had ended. I guess that they were still hoping their daughter would come to her senses and the two of us would get back together.

They took us out to dinner to celebrate. By their graciousness and the way they accepted Melissa, they cemented themselves in my heart. My parents and Mel's were impressed with them as well. The surprising thing for me was finding out that they hadn't heard from Summer either.


Throughout history a lot of famous people have made a lot of really stupid moves. Some of them have resulted in them ruining their lives, losing great battles and even giving up the chance to earn incredible amounts of money or fame. I now know what that feels like.

For the last few days, I'd been in some kind of sex fueled fever. My pussy was running my life. It had taken Ted practically pushing me out of his apartment to sober me up and make me wonder just what the fuck was wrong with me.

Ted loved me. I knew that from the soles of my feet to the top of my nearly six foot tall frame. For the past three years, he'd worshipped me. I was insane. My whole God damned life my mom had been promising me that one day I would meet a man who would love me the way I should be and deserved to be loved. It had taken nineteen years for me to meet him and now at twenty three, I was giving him up for sex with a man who was not only more than twice my age, but had four other women.

Another thing about the situation was that Carlo didn't care half as much about me as Ted did. Most guys found me pretty. But I was the kind of pretty that they admired from afar. I'm an oddity. I'm too tall for the average guy. Most guys need a woman who is shorter than they are. That means that except for basketball players and other tall guys, most guys lack the confidence to date me. Who really wants to walk around with a woman who's taller than them? Ted didn't care. He always talked about how beautiful I am.

Then there's the fact that my body is more like a fashion model's than the average girl's. I have no boobs to speak of and my hips are boyish. Sure, when I'm forty and still slim most of my curvier classmates will be jealous of me, but that's seventeen years from now. Ted loves me now.

My parents were hippies back when they were younger. And they weren't even part of the original hippy movement. They were in the commune during the late seventies and early eighties which was only about thirty years ago. They'd given up on the idea of living with a group of people and sharing everything, but they still passed on a lot of their views to me.

I've always been kind of experimental when it came to sex. To be truthful, most of the men I'd been with couldn't keep up with me when it came to sex. Ted was no exception. But three things made Ted different from every other guy.

The first was that sex with him, though we'd long since passed the point where it was fresh and exciting, was still good. What made it good was the fact that Ted loved me so much that it showed in the way he touched me and the way he looked into my eyes and projected that love to me while he fucked me. The second thing was his brain. Ted was always using that engineering mind of his to come up with different things to try or different positions or just different angles for us to try during sex. His inventiveness kept things from getting stale. The last thing was his enthusiasm. It was like sex with me meant everything to Ted. He would do whatever it took to try to gt me off and he usually succeeded. Not very many men ould get me off alone, but Ted almost always did. It sometimes seemed like it was more important to him that I had an orgasm than he did.

And the man loved fucking me. It was simply his favorite thing to do. He made things too easy. "Ted, Honey, what do you want for your birthday?" I'd ask.

He didn't even have to answer. The look on his face was enough. I was the luckiest girl in the world to have a man who acted like my pussy was gold plated. I had to sometimes hold out on him, to make sure that he didn't get tired of me. If I let him he'd have probably fucked me every night until he got sick of me.

Then along came Carlo. I don't know what happened. He isn't as cute as Ted, but there was something about him. I think that at first it was curiosity. I wondered what it was about him that had four attractive young women hanging on his every word.

I spoke to one of his girls while in the bathroom and she told me that it was sex that drew them in. I almost laughed in her face, but my curiosity was piqued. So one night when Ted had to study, I went over to their large house. I had no intention of cheating on Ted ... okay maybe I did. But I didn't intend for things to turn out the way they did. I thought it would just be a one time thing.

We all gathered around and smoked some weed and the next thing I knew I was surrounded by bodies and Carlo was fucking me. He didn't do anything unusual. In fact he didn't do anything that Ted couldn't and hadn't done. But for some reason I had orgasm after orgasm. After the first few times I started to crave his attention. It got to the point where I was irritable when I wasn't around him.

I started to get angry when I thought about the other four girls getting to fuck him all the time and me only getting to whenever I could get away from school or get away from Ted. I had to make a decision. There were at least twelve people who lived in the house. It was a small commune, but a good one. They all shared everything. They all took turns doing the work and the chores around the place. Where my life seemed like a constant, pointless struggle, theirs seemed like heaven.

I made the decision to join them. I knew that my parents would be angry and disappointed and I knew that it would hurt Ted more than anyone else, but it was the best decision for me.

But even as Ted closed that door on me after our talk, something told me to knock on that door and beg his forgiveness. Something told me that I had and was making the biggest mistake of my life. But that furry monster between my long thin legs wouldn't take no for an answer.

After I left Ted, I got my two best friends to buy me some time. I told them that if I wasn't back in a month, that they could consider me gone for good. Beth made me realize that I needed to make my mind up in a hurry.

"So if you're not back in thirty days, you'll be fine with me going after him?" she asked.

"Uh, I guess so," I said in shock. "I knew that some of the girls on campus would go after my boyfriend, but I hadn't considered that my best friends might."

My first few nights in the commune were a haze of sex and partying. It didn't seem like we ever did any kind of work. I did hear Carlo talk about money from time to time and it seemed like he made a lot of it. I asked him a few times if he needed me to do some kind of work to help out, but he just laughed. All of the other girls worked. It seemed as if they all worked at night though. They seemed to have very liberal hours. It seemed as if they worked alternating evenings.

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