Sex, Love and Marriage

by brightstar

Copyright© 2013 by brightstar

Drama Story: A man discovers of his wife's infidelity. This is how he reacts.

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Recently, I'd discovered another genre of stories that are found in this site; cheating wives stories. I am amazed at the depth of feeling that these stories generate in me, even the least scored ones.

I once asked myself what I would do if my loved one cheats on me. The truth is that I don't know. I've never been in love before; I don't suppose to know anything about it, except for what I'd read about it. So you can understand the kind of uphill task I set for myself.

But I am a romantic (or I claim to be since I don't really know anything about love and romance), and cheating goes against every romantic notion I have. I have to reach into a place that I didn't know I have to write this story. I may feel that I did good but it is left for you to judge how well I have handled the feelings and emotions that go with them.

And please remember, this is just one take of the way I might react. There are infinite numbers of ways I could react to the situation. I hope that you like it and please, go easy on me on this one.

It's funny really, how well your day could be going only for it to just turn to shit. Well, my day did go pretty great. I just made a cool 17 million dollars and some change in the market, yes, it was going pretty great.

I'd started receiving calls from clients when they saw the news, most of the calls had been congratulatory, the rest had been wistful, wishing they'd trusted me more to invest in what they'd called my hair-brained plan.

I sat back on my seat after answering the last call. I sat back with a smirk. I knew I was good, better than most people at predicting the market and following trends but I am still a man after all, and I have an ego that needed stroking every once in a while.

With the smirk still on my face, I pressed one on my phone and I was immediately connected with my wife.

"Honey," she answered.

"Hi, honey-pie," I answered her. "How's your day going?"

"Well, if I know you very well, not as great as yours is. So tell me, what happened?" She asked. Have I told you that my wife knew me very well? Yes, she knew why I was calling.

"I just made us a shit load of money," I whispered to her on the phone. Bringing my voice further down, I added, "17 cool million dollars on the market today and never lost a single dollar."

I heard her scream. She was sharing in my joy. "That's something honey. I always knew you were great but you just out-did yourself today. I hope you save some of your strength because I'm going to rock your world tonight," she whispered in a sultry voice.

My body shook hearing her promise. Sex with Melinda was always great but when she's inspired, well, let me just say that it usually is unforgettable.

"Wow," I gushed on the phone. "I better go home and get ready then. Lord knows that I need all the reinforcement I can get."

"You better, and I'd try and see if I could cut out from here earlier than planned," she informed me.

"Alright. I guess I will see you at home then."

"Yes," she answered. "And Jeff," she called me. "I really do love you with all of my heart."

"I know. And I love you as well. Probably more."

"Never. I love you more," she challenged.

"No you do not," I called back which started a back and forth tug of war of who loved each other the more. We both knew that we loved each other unconditionally which is something that trumps every other thing.

In the end, we agreed to disagree and signed off. Once again, I settled down on my chair with a smirk on my face. This time, the smirk was more pronounced. I'd just made my family a cool 17 million dollars but I was more satisfied with just a call to my wife. Love would do that to you.

Remembering Melie's promise, I decided to just shut down the office and go home. Lord knows I could use the extra rest, if Melie was to be believed. I got my things together, told Anita my secretary that I was going home for the day and that any call for me should wait for the next day, then I went home.

Coming home I was greeted by silence. Maria, the housekeeper had taken the kids out for some fun and strolling. It was a way of keeping them not bored this summer break. I made my way to our bedroom and divested myself of my clothing. I took a shower then lay down for a much needed rest.

But sleep could not come. I was too keyed up to rest. I lay down staring at the ceiling and counting the blocks and pattern that the ceiling held. But my mind kept going back to the money I'd made.

It would make things a lot easier for me and my family that was for sure. Ever since I quit my job at TGC, things had not been as rosy as they were before. I'd been a manager at TGC for two years before deciding to go out on my own.

Working for TGC had been great, a fulfilling experience. I'd started there right after my business school. The salary for an entry level job at TGC Incorporated was a quarter million. The job involved a lot of research and overtime, proposals and building business models for corporations that ensured their continued growth. Let me assure you that it was worth every penny I was paid. Besides, I'd get to work for my mentor, Mark Fisher, who was a sort of legend in the financial market.

But as tough as work was, I had Melie. We'd met during my time at Harvard Business School. She was in Law school by then. And like they said, sparks flew. When I met Melinda Aldrich, I knew right then that I'd met my special one, the mother of my kids. She was beautiful, smart, funny and witty in an understated kind of way and she was really sexy.

We hit it off right away and six months into the dating, I proposed to her. There was no point in prolonging it, because we both knew that we were meant to be together. We would have gotten married immediately but for Melie's parents.

You see, Melie is from what I'd call an old money family and I was just the kid from San Diego who wanted to go to Harvard. Yes, I'd made some money betting the market but I wasn't in anywhere near what Melie's parents envisioned for her. I was simply a white trash where they were concerned.

But Melie had a stubborn streak. If Melie wanted something, she went for it. She told her family that she would really want them to be a part of our family and marriage but if they didn't listen to her, she was going to go ahead and marry me. Her father, knowing the kind of daughter he had, acquiesced and we got married.

It had not all been smooth sailing. For one, her parents, especially her father never really got to accept me as a son-in-law but that was alright with me. I promised myself I'd make him like me as a son-in-law.

We quickly settled into married life and before I knew it, I'd graduated and was offered a job at TGC. There were no interviews or application. TGC got whomever they wanted, and they wanted me. Signing bonus alone was half of a million dollars, which I used to pay for an apartment in an upscale part of Upper East Side.

Melie also graduated and started working for Tyler, Aldrich and Newman. Yes, you guessed right, it was her father's firm. We settled into married life outside of grad school and with work and everything, we made it work.

Then Melie wanted kids. And we got them. Don't get me wrong. I wanted kids as well but I wanted it after I was established, but Melie would have none of that. She felt that we should have kids while we were still young so that we'd get to see our grandchildren, not as old people but as relatively young parents.

Then entered Jeff Jr. and Grace, after Melie's mother. Melie had wanted me to use my son as a bridge between her father and me but I would have none of that. My first son would bear my name. Melie was stubborn but when I wanted, I could be downright impossible. That was the only time in our married life that we disagreed on something. And you guessed correctly, Jeff and Grace are twins.

Six months after the birth of the twins, Melie went back to work. I single-handedly financed a crèche in Melie's office building where my kids would be with their mother. That went a long way towards endearing me to Melie's father. What do you know; the old man has a heart.

That was seven years ago. Melie and I were a pair of parents, thirty –four years of age, very much in love with a happy, stable family. A lot did change over the years. Mark Fisher resigned from his post and recommended me for his job. I was bumped up to management with all the quirks that went with it. But it was a demanding job. I had to read reports of 15 associates on different corporations, endorse them or make corrections where necessary.

That job took me away from my family and Melie. Even when I was home I would still be working. So, I discussed it with Melie then I quit my job. I was grossly dissatisfied with the job. Not only was it cutting into my time with my family but I didn't have time anymore to make research and play the markets like I used to.

So, I started my own investment company. Mark Fisher did ask me to come on board with him but I was through working for people. I wanted to leave something for my kids, especially Jeff Jr. who was showing enough interest in the financial market that was more than I can say for anyone his age group.

But it wasn't all nice sailing from the start. First, I was a relatively new player in the market, and there were others out there that had established themselves for years. You just don't understand that people find it difficult breaking a system that works for them even when they know that the grass is greener on the other side. But Melie and the kids were there for me, urging me on, driving me even when the drive had left me.

Then Richard Whitfield came. In the grand scheme of things, he wasn't really that rich. When he came to me, he was worth 700 million dollars. But when I doubled his net worth in six months I discovered that he had something else going for him: political clout. He was connected to almost all the rich men in the world and once he bragged about me, I found out that I had to turn down potential clients because I just didn't have the manpower to take them on.

But that was like adding fuel to fire because rich men like something they can't have. So, I started hiring people, young graduates who still had a fresh view of the world and seasoned investors. Like that, Snowfield and Associates was born.

I smiled as I thought of the journey we'd been through. It was really an inspiring story; a young man from the suburb of San Diego having a dream of becoming a financial wizard. I'd not only achieved that dream but I'd done one better. I have a family that I love and would stand with through thick and thin.

I may have gone down memory lane but it still wasn't enough to lull me to sleep. Knowing that I would never get the rest that I wished, I opened my system. But I had no idea of what to do. I had no wish to do any work so, I decided to engage in my pastime; perusing Melie's mail.

I know most of you would scoff at that, but I am someone that wants to know what people do when no one is watching. I like going through people's private things, getting the download on them. It wasn't that I didn't trust Melie, trust had absolutely nothing to do with it but I knew I could hack into any system I wanted to, so why not my wife's?

I logged in to her mail address and started going through her mails. Melie is an organized person, more organized than me. She had a system of classifying her mail into three groups: personal, work and spam. I went to the personal folder. It had been some months since I went through her mails so I took time to catch myself up.

Remember how I told you that sometimes your day could be going great and then turn to shit. That was what happened.

I was reading a message she'd sent to Stacy, who was her childhood friend and Maid of Honor by the way when I found it. The message read; S, I don't know who else to tell this and it's because we are friends that I'm telling you this.

I just cheated on my husband and the father of my kids.

With whom you ask? It was Tom. Remember how I told you that he was always nice to me, complementing me and all that. It was two nights ago, at the company gala we had for our clients that it happened.

I'd had too much to drink and Jeff couldn't make it, said that he had one meeting or another. I was mighty pissed at him and I think I allowed myself to be involved with Tommy more than was proprietary. Out of nowhere, we were in his office, kissing and before I could say anything, I was having full blown intercourse with him.

S, I am really ashamed of myself, especially when I came home and saw Jeff sleeping. He'd bought that Victoria Secret lingerie I always admired with a cute note, 'Just to say sorry for missing you Gala. I love you.' You couldn't possibly imagine the kind of tears I shed that night. There he was sleeping, exhausted and I was holding this token of his love while another man's cum ran down my thighs.

I've been a mess, S. And I really need you right now. Please talk to me.

Honestly, I didn't know what I felt. I mean, there before my eyes was the evidence of my wife's infidelity and what was I supposed to feel? I know some of you might be saying that it serves me right, poking where I should not have but it doesn't change the fact that my wife, the mother of my kids and my soul mate slept with another man.

I was unfeeling. Nothing had ever prepared me for this. I mean when I started going through Melie's mail, it wasn't to discover her infidelity. I was just having harmless fun reading my wife's thought when she felt that no one was looking. I never expected to find this, this whatever it was.

Mechanically, I scrolled down to Stacy's reply.

"M, Jesus Holy Christ!!!

What were you thinking? How could you be this stupid and foolish? So what, Jeff didn't make it to your Gala, was it enough to ruin your marriage? Was he having fun instead of being with you?

I'm really shocked at this turn of event. What could have pushed you to do this?

But as much as I would like to shout at you and tear your head out, I have to tell you this as a friend and as a sister. You absolutely have to tell Jeff. Maybe he will understand. I know that as much as he will be hurt by your admission, it won't change the way he feels about you. That guy absolutely loves you to death and would do anything for you. If you really ever trusted me, as a friend and sister, you have got to tell him because sooner or later, he would find out and the fallout will not be good.

You're loving friend, S.

I re-read through Stacy's message, especially the part where she advised her to tell me. But I guess Melie decided to take her chances because this is the first time I'm aware of this.

I looked at the date of the message and it was just two months ago. I remember that Gala specifically. I'd tried to make it but business was hard that day. We did lose some money in the market that morning and some rich guy wanted to know what he would do to keep from losing everything he had. He was being overly dramatic because he just lost 2.4 million dollars that day. But rich people have their quirks.

So, I'd called Melie at the last minute and told her that I couldn't make it. She told me that she understood on the phone but I knew that she was disappointed. So, I'd bought that VS lingerie to show her how much I loved her.

I remember that she was down two days after the Gala. I'd asked her what was wrong but she told me that she was coming up with something, flu she said. I'd taken some days from the office to take care of my wife. Now it all made sense. She wasn't sick but was actually feeling the effect of cheating on me.

The anger came slowly. As I read through the mail, my wife's reply and Stacy's, the anger slowly started burning. Melie was telling Stacy that she would take her chance. No way was she going to jeopardize her love and marriage by admitting to something that was a mistake, a fluke of nature. Stacy replied that it was a bad idea and that she might regret it. But I've mentioned that Melie is very stubborn.

I read down the mail until I came to another message that caught my attention.

S, I know that you still haven't forgiven me for that mistake that I made a month ago. I don't know why I'm writing this message to you because it could destroy everything we've built over the years but I have to tell you, I have to tell someone.

I slept with Tommy again. I know, stupid and foolish, but I honestly have no idea what came over me. Truth is, Tommy was really nice to me after the other incident, telling me that he understands. He'd been really nice up until recently when he told me that he couldn't get that night out of his head. That I was all he thought about.

I gently let him down, telling him that I was happily married. I didn't think anything of it until the other night. We were working on the Sander's account and almost everyone was gone, except Tommy and Me. Jeff flew to San Diego to do some business so I could afford to stay late.

Tommy got us talking about love and sex and the greatest sexual encounters we'd had till date. He told me that I was it, the best sex he'd ever had. I was flattered and before I knew what was happening, we were already repeating the act.

I know now that what I have done is wrong and I can never wipe it clean but I really need you S. Twice now I'd betrayed Jeff and the sex isn't anything I can write home about. Sure he tries to be attentive but it was bland.

I don't know what to do. I can't lose Jeff. I really love him and don't even think about telling me to let him know that I'd not only cheated on him once, I did it again. I know that if Jeff finds out, my marriage is over. I need you to help me, because I really don't want to lose my family.

If I was angry before, I was furious now. How could she do this to me? Not once but twice. I remember the time line of the affair, for that was what it was. She'd had an affair with some guy. And she never told me about it.

Granted, I couldn't fathom how that conversation would have gone but I'd have appreciated it if she'd told me herself. There might have been a chance that my marriage would have survived. But finding out like this, even if further perusal shows that that was all there was to it, I knew that the life I knew was over.

I felt hollow. Melie was my life and my world. She was everything that I held dear in this world. There was no one who could compete with her in my heart, not even the kids. And she betrayed me like this?

The first time I could understand if I was kidding myself. She'd been hurt and angry at me, and Melie had the tendency to act out. But the second time? And what did she mean by before she knew it? She willingly engaged in illicit affair, for what?

And whatever happened to the vows that we made on our wedding day: in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, for better for worse ... forsaking ALL OTHERS. What happened to those vows? She'd been quick to discard them so flimsily. She so cheaply threw away our marriage and happiness for what? The excitement or the high? It was useless.

I realized that I couldn't face my family, not in this mood. If I was to see Melie now, I might just snuff the life out of her. I had to get out.

I went to the room, quickly threw together some essentials in a suitcase. I was leaving the house when the kids came home.

They were bubbling with joy and energy. They wanted to share with me what they'd seen. Maria had taken them to the zoo for Grace then the gaming center for Jeff Jr. And they'd had loads of fun.

Looking at my kids, I couldn't help the tears. I was carrying Grace as she told me how she'd fed a monkey, never mind that it wasn't the first time she'd fed a monkey, I saw the happy home we'd built together and I cried because I knew that it was forever lost, to me and the kids. We would never be the same again.

I bowled my eyes out as I cried like a baby. I'd never cried in my life before, not when I'd lost my grandfather who was my hero, a real life American Hero. I was crying for the loss of my family. I was crying for my broken heart. I must have cried for hours or minutes but my kids were there with me, clinging to me. And Maria, she was looking on in bewilderment at what was happening.

I got myself together, told the kids that daddy wasn't feeling very well and that I would not be staying in the house for some time. I knew they didn't buy that load of crap but they were kids. How was I to tell them that their mother had broken my heart and our family?

I told Maria to tell Melie, not my wife that I would be staying out for some days, that it was necessary. Then I left, called a cab and asked him to take me to The Franklin.

I checked into an opulent room then lay down and thought about my life. The truth was that I had absolutely no idea of what to do or where to go from here. I considered divorce but my concerns were Jr. and Grace. I'd been a witness to what divorce could do to a promising life.

In sixth Grade, Jack Reynolds' parents had split. In a time span of seven months, Jack had transformed from that warm, happy brilliant young man to an angry fool who succeeded in flunking out of school. The last I heard of him, he was in some penitentiary serving time.

No, I would never consider divorce because I wanted to give my kids the basic family structure that would help them grow. Even if I have to smile and fake through it all, I would definitely do that.

The question then becomes, if not divorce, then what else? I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. Somehow, I wish I'd never made 17 million dollars then I would have been busy at the office and would never have found out about this betrayal.

But would I have been happier not knowing, that was the question. I know some people subscribe to the whole ignorance is bliss mentality but I was never one of them. Yes, truth hurts but better that than a lifetime of lies. If I hadn't found out today, I'd definitely have found out some other time. Better to deal with it now than later.

Besides, I knew that Melie would still succumb to temptation of sleeping with Tommy What's-His-Name because she'd done it again and no one was any wiser. So, it was better I found out today than tomorrow. The universe sure has a way of balancing things. Give me money, take my family.

Well, what has happened has already happened. All that remains is to fashion a way forward from this mess.

I looked at the time and it was already night. I noticed the rumbling of my stomach and decided to do something about it. While I ate, I thought about what I'd found out. I started examining my life from the time line of the messages I'd read.

Melie had been extra loving two days after the first affair. She was attentive, acquiescing to every of my demands in the bedroom. The only thing we didn't do was what I never thought of. And I'd taken every advantage of that. Another point where similar scenario repeated itself was when she had her second fling with Tommy. And I'd taken every advantage of that as well. Call me selfish but when your wife wants to do your every bidding in the bedroom you don't question, you roll out the fantasies.

Now, I knew that she was trying to over compensate and every good memory I had of our time together went down the drain. What could have possessed her to do this thing? Did she hate me that much?

Losing appetite in my food and finding no real energy to be in my room alone, I went to the bar. I was nursing my drink since I wasn't much of a drinker when I felt someone slinter over to me. I chanced a sideward glance in the direction of the heel noise when I saw this beautiful girl gliding over to my side of the bar.

She was in a blue dress, which hugged her every curve and accentuated her bosom. She was average in height but the heels gave her that advantage of height. And the tresses of her long, luscious raven hair were packed to one side of her shoulder. She really was a sight to behold.

"Hello," she greeted as she took a seat near me.

I debated ignoring her but decided it would be impolite of me. I turned to her and flashed my most amazing smile. "Hello," I greeted back.

"What are you drinking?" she asked conversationally.

I pushed the drink to her in a gesture of her to be my guest. She took the drink and tasted it. "Wow, you must be trying to forget something if your drink is as strong as this." She signaled the barman to get her what I was having.

"And you must be trying to forget something as well if you're ordering what I'm having," I reposted.

She shrugged. "You're not the only one with demons."

"And pray tell, what demons could a beauty like you be hiding," I said while leaning towards her.

She gave me a shy smile before saying, "My date decided that I wasn't worth his time."

I looked at her appreciatively then added, "His bad."

She laughed, and I noticed pearly white teeth just like Melie. That brought me up short. What was I doing flirting with this woman when I had a goddess at home waiting for me? And I remembered that the same goddess had shared what was meant for me with another, not once but twice.

Perhaps sensing my change of moods, she stated, "You must have stronger demons than me."

"You'll never believe it."

From there, she changed the tactics of her discussion. She introduced herself. She was Angela, in her late twenties and her paramour (her word, not mine) had stood her up on her supposed date. Oh, did I mention that she was a lawyer as well, though with a different firm.

She was flirting with me alright, leaning forward so that her ample bosom would brush against my arm, laughing at my stupid comments and she couldn't keep her hands off me.

I had to stop her if not for anything but for my sanity. I was going mad with lust for her. I held up my ring finger and told her that as great as this was that I was married.

She replied that she was attracted to me and my marital status meant nothing to her. But she'd understand if I wasn't comfortable with her.

I mulled over what she said. I was trying to honor my wedding vows, vows that had already been broken by my wife. Nothing stops me from taking her to my room and fucking the daylight out of her but was it the honorable thing to do? Yes, she'd broken her marital vows but does that give me the warrant to dishonor my own vows.

I remembered the words of those messages and I felt a lancing pain go through my heart. How could she do this to us, me? Did our marriage not mean anything to her? I knew when I read those messages, just as I knew now that my marriage was over. I was going to stay with her for the kids but my marriage was as good as dead on all accounts.

So what the hell was stopping me from taking this young lady up to my room and fucking the daylights out of her? I definitely do not plan to be celibate throughout the remainder of the sham marriage. The answer was staring there at me on the face. I was turning my wedding ring when I made my decision.

She was already focusing her attention on some young hotshot that was almost drooling on her. I leaned forward, turned her and kissed her like she'd never been kissed before in her life. I let go of the lust and passion she'd unleashed in me. With that restraint gone, I was an animal, on heat, ready to claim my mate.

She resisted at first but she yielded to my demanding lips. I broke the kiss and she was breathing like she'd run a marathon. "I'm going to take you to my room and fuck you so well that you will forget your name the rest of the night," I promised.

She was going to say something else but my lips shut her up. I kissed her again with the same unrestrained passion and lust as before. I broke the kiss again and dragged her to the elevator.

As soon as the doors were closed, my lips were on hers again. Good thing I was only on the fourth floor because I was certain that I'd have fucked her there on the elevator.

We made it to the room and suffice it to say that I rocked her world. I played her body like a musical instrument and as if I was some kind of prodigy. And she responded like a well-tuned organ.

I ate her to countless orgasms, and then I fucked her. There was no love in what we did. I was taking my anger and frustration on her but she didn't complain. Instead, she demanded for more and I delivered. At some point, I swatted her on the ass as I fucked her from behind and she came like a loose cannon. Then it was a race to see how much harder I could hit her before she cried for mercy but she never did. Instead, she asked for more.

It was hours before I came down from my high and I'm sure my floor mates were thankful for that. I gathered her in my arms as she continued to moan and shake from the orgasms I'd put her through. I thought about what I'd done. I waited for the guilt I was sure to come to envelop me but surprisingly, I felt nothing. I shrugged it off. I cuddled more with Angela then went to sleep.

I slept like a baby, despite everything else.

I felt someone's eyes on me. I knew that the person that I was cuddling was watching me. Call it a sixth sense but I knew without a shadow of doubt.

I slowly opened my eyes to see these blue expressive eyes staring right back at me. I ran my hand through my face to make sure that there was no impropriety, and then I smiled at her.

"Good morning," I greeted with a smiling face.

"Morning, Sleepyhead. Do you know that you have a soft snore?" she asked while wrinkling her nose.

Oh God, how adorable she looked at that moment.

I swatted her on the ass with my hand that was already palming her ass. She shrieked. "I will have you know that I don't snore softly or otherwise," I said with a smiling face.

"Alright, whatever you say," she acceded. "God, I'm so jealous of your wife right now."

I flinched. It was an automatic reaction to the mention of my wife and with that flinch, everything I'd wanted to forget came crashing down on me. I remembered reading those messages, messages that bore evidence of my wife's infidelity, the end of my marriage.

"I'm sorry," she immediately apologized. "I shouldn't have mentioned your wife." I was certain that she thought I was feeling guilty. She was way off the mark on this one.

I wanted to reassure her, so, having no other way of doing that, I turned her so that she was facing me then I kissed her, with the same passion and ardor of last night. I could feel her passion rising and the heat of her body warming up; she was responding to me.

Last night had been a frantic mad race towards expunging my demons. This morning was a reassurance of sort that I wasn't all about the sex. Last night had no feelings or emotions except for lust and anger and passion and anger but there was tenderness to the way I touched her this morning.

Every touch, every lick was all about her and eliciting the highest pleasure from her body. I found out all through the session of love-making or sex or whatever you want to call it (What do I really know about love anyway?), I found out that I could completely forget all about Melie and her betrayal.

"I'm still jealous of the wife," she gushed after we both came down from our orgasmic high.

"You don't need to be. Only you could elicit this kind of emotion from me," I replied and I was serious.

We both got up and went to the shower. As a thank you for all the orgasms I gave her, she gave me this amazing blowjob that completely rocked my world.

But it was never to last. She did give me her card but as soon as she was out of the door the loneliness and the anger and the pain all appeared in full force. I blamed her for all of this. If she hadn't gone and fucked some mindless deep fuck, I'd never have strayed from her. I'd have been home with my kids celebrating our future. I'd have shared a wonderful night with my wife, the love of my life instead of some stranger I just picked up in a bar.

It was all her fault. How could she do this to me, us?

I called Anita my secretary from the Hotel's extension.

"Where the hell have you been, sir?" she asked without preamble.

"What's the problem, Anita?" I asked, showing concern for the first time. "Did anything happen at the office?"

"Office? Oh, nothing happened except that your wife has called like a hundred times asking for your whereabouts," she explained.

I took a deep breath then continued. "Listen to me Anita, I am very fine and doing well. But on no circumstances should you tell the missus that I called you okay. I'll call with further information but for now, just cancel all my appointments and hold my calls."

I could see her nodding before she got hold of herself. "Okay sir, I can do that. Is everything alright sir?" she asked with concern.

"Absolutely," I lied. "I just needed to get away from a lot of things, think about some things, you know?" I queried.

"Yes sir, I completely understand. I hope you find what you're looking for sir."

"I hope so too. Have a nice day and you can go home in the afternoon," I further instructed.

That pleased her alright. We talked a little bit more then I signed off.

Having taken care of that, I needed to make another call, so I dialed another number.

"Hello," the voice answered tentatively.

"Maria, it's me, your boss. Don't let anyone know I'm calling," I instructed as she was about to blow everything.

"Alright sir. But there's chaos since you left yesterday. Madam came back almost immediately you left and the kids told her that you'd gone. She was confused. She tried calling you but of course your line was switched off. She called everyone she knew. Even the police came here last night. That's when the kids told them that you'd cried when they came back yesterday and that you said that you needed to get away for some time. That calmed madam some, but she is still confused."

I'd listened raptly to her account of the situation at home. I felt for the kids. They must be confused by what was happening. But as much as I felt for them, I wasn't ready to deal with going home.

"Listen Maria, just look after the kids for now, okay?" I asked.

"Of course sir. I will do that."

"Alright. That's all I need from you now. And don't tell the missus that you spoke to me okay?" I added.

"Alright sir, if you say so sir but I seriously don't understand neither do I like what is happening here. We need you to come home to us, where you belong."

"I know Maria but I can't. Not right now, at least. I have some things to figure out first."

"Alright, I understand, sir. I'll try to look after the kids."

"That's all I ever ask of you. I must go now but remember what I said. No word about any of this, remember?"

"I do sir. Bye sir."

Satisfied that things were well in hand, I sat back and ordered breakfast. All through breakfast, I found out that I could eat with some appetite even if I kept thinking of what Melie had done. I was simply numb from the pain of her betrayal and I wanted to forget everything that was happening.

I went down to the restaurant and I found someone to help me forget. She was some rich socialite with no job and a hell of a trust fund. Her name was Sharon. We went up to her executive suit room and she helped me forget.

I'd bought some condoms because even though I was angry and lashing out; I didn't want to contract any disease that could be threatening. It was one of the reasons why I was angry at Melie. It wasn't enough that she broke our marital vows but she had to subject me, though unknowing and innocent to a whole plethora of STDs that she could have contracted from Tommy What's-His-Name.

Sharon never once asked about the ring that was on my finger but she did enjoy our time together. I was finding out and it wasn't encouraging that married people have more allure to them than unattached, single people. I guess the 'you always want what you can't have' syndrome, better known as forbidden fruit syndrome is stronger than it was before. How could people be this lax about what marriages and marital values meant?

And in the night, it was Carol that helped me forget that my wife gave out something that was solely mine to another, betraying a trust we'd built for years. I guess you could ask; how am I any different? The answer is that I wasn't different from her but I was certainly betrayed and angry. Not that it was any grounds for the way I was acting but I just didn't care. It never crossed my mind that there might be an innocent explanation for all this. Fat Chance of that happening! I mean, what could she say that could make it okay for her to sleep with Tommy not once but twice?

Absolutely Nothing!

In all my time at the Hotel, I realized that I was just running away. I was tired of living in a room that I'd wake up in and ask; where the hell am I? I was tired of screwing from one girl to another. I wanted to be with my kids and hear about their day and listen to their fears, and try to allay those I can. I wanted to tuck them into their bed at night and read to them, reassuring them that no matter how scary their dreams are, I'd always be there for them.

I missed my kids and the familiarity of my home. I'd promised myself that I was going to give my kids a stable family structure and that was what I was going to do.

With that decision made, I packed my bags and checked out of the hotel. I'll miss my time here, that's for sure but I really wanted to go home and eat a well cooked meal and not some dish some nameless fuck concocted in the hotel's kitchen.

When I stepped into the place I call my home, there were multitude of worried faces staring back at me. Melie was there, clinging to her father, her mother was playing with the twins, and Jake, Melie's brother was watching the news on my flat screen. Maria was in the background.

It was the kids that reacted first. Shouting 'Daddy ... daddy ... daddy," they rushed to me and I didn't disappoint. I scooped them from the ground and I twirled them around.

"Daddy, where have you been?" Jr. fired at me.

"Mom has been worried sick," Grace followed it up.

"The police came."

"Grandpa and Granny didn't go home last night."

And on and on they went. I looked from my kids to the expectant faces looking back at me. I shook my head.

"Maria," I called at the house keeper. She answered. "Prepare the guestroom for me," I ordered.

"Sir, it's already prepared. That's where Grandpa and Granny slept last night," she replied while looking expectantly at me.

"Prepare the room for me. The in-laws will be sleeping at their house this night." It was an order that she quickly matched to obey.

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