Head Nurse

by bonerdoc

Copyright© 2013 by bonerdoc

Erotica Sex Story: My head nurse shares her maritial problems and other sexual things with me after she finds out about a prohibited encounter I had with a patient, one which has me masturbating daily to the memory.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Revenge   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   .

I own a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland and have worked for 9 years building it up with accolades from most of my patients. Part of my success is from my excellent staff of women who seem to cater to every need of the clientele. My best asset is my Head Nurse, Lynn, who seems to have ESP when it comes to meeting needs and is competent as hell to boot.

Anyway, I was in clinic one morning when a long-time patient arrived for her appointment for a 'check up'. Lynn recorded her intake height, weight and vital signs, determined that she was neither bleeding nor infectious then put her in the exam room. I quickly read the past visit notes in her chart, then entered the room alone. I normally don't take a female staff nurse into the exam room with me for these visit unless there is to be a breast or pelvic exam since most of my exam is of the head, neck and chest areas and I can do that with their garments intact

"Hello, Mrs. Quinn, how are you today?" I began as I entered the room and sat at the desk. Mary Quinn was a strikingly beautiful Eurasian woman, 31 years old, beautiful smile, long straight dark hair, married with 2 children and had no real medical problems that we'd recorded over the years. I had seen her kids for immunizations and one for an asthma episode. She had had some UTI issues in the past. I didn't know if there was a Mr. Quinn or not, it never came up.

"Fine, Doctor," was her reply. I was surprised to see her sitting on the exam table in a gown.

"You aren't running a fever and your vital signs seem fine. How can I help you," I asked while glancing at her chart. I looked up to see her smiling at me as she slowly splayed her gown wide open, her completely nude body displayed for me to see. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes bugged out as I saw her gorgeous set of breasts with large brown areolas. Her nipples were fully erect and about an inch long, pointing straight out. In fact, her breasts were just perfect for her small five foot frame. Her belly was flat and I could see her dark pubic hair covering her mound, shapely legs with bright red toenail polish. Then she scooted forward to hang her legs over the end of the table and she spread them wide apart so I could see inside her bush to her lovely set of labia and moist vaginal opening.

"Um ... Mrs. Quinn, what is going on?" I stammered.

"Doctor, I want you to know that last week I won the Oregon lottery for 33 million dollars!" she announced proudly. "That's more than 1 million for every year I've been alive."

Totally confused, I managed to say, "Well, congratulations! I'm really happy for you. But ... please tell me why are you sitting here in front of me naked?"

"You've heard about this 'bucket list' of things older folks want to do before they die. I now have all the money I'll ever need and I've decided to begin my list right now!" she exclaimed. "I have fantasized about you for months now, ever since that first day I came in. You are so kind and understanding and those big brown eyes just make me tingle all over. Prominent on my list is for you to caress my body with those strong hands. I need you to make me climax with those long fingers!"

"Oh, oh'" I thought. The Oregon Medical Board takes a really dim view of a doctor having any kind of sexual relations with a patient. So dim, in fact that they routinely jerk your license to practice and often submit your name to the local District Attorney for possible prosecution, depending on the age of the patient and the circumstances involved. You can't even date a patient or their family members. Then there are the likely civil suits from spouse or kids who might feel alienated by my actions. There are way too many scum-sucking lawyers out there just waiting for such an opportunity. Not only that, but all the sordid details are made public and the destruction of my reputation is a promised event.

"Mrs. Quinn," I stammered, "This is simply not possible."

"Oh, Doctor," she replied, "It is very possible and entirely necessary. Your Hippocratic oath means that you have pledged to serve my medical needs, right?"

"Well, yes," I replied. "But what medical need do you have."

"I have an ache right here," she smiled as she spread her labia open, "I need to orgasm on your hand with your fingers deep inside my pussy," she smiled. "No one ever needs to know. I certainly will tell no one."

"What about Mr. Quinn and your children?" I asked, hoping to find some logical reason to calm this situation down.

"Oh, screw that old bastard!" she exclaimed. "He's been absent from my sex life for a while now and has another girlfriend on the side, anyway. I am leaving him tomorrow. And I just bought a house for my mother and grandmother to live is so they can raise my kids. They'll be well cared for since I've set up a fund that will provide plenty of money for them to survive. I am doing my own thing from now on and you are one of the things I need to do."

My mouth was suddenly dry as a bone and my brain was spinning. I saw no way out and my feet seemed to move on their own straight toward her without conscious thought from me.

"Now, Doctor, please come give me your hand and attend to my medical ache," she stated with a wicked smile as she began rubbing her wide open slit with two fingers, circling her now obviously erect clitoris. "You can see how much I need you right now!"

I was mesmerized! Somehow I found myself standing right in front of her and inhaling the best scent of a woman's sex that I'd ever smelled. She pulled out her two fingers now glistening with her juice, reached them out, and pressed them to my lips. I don't remember opening my mouth but I found myself sucking them hard and the taste was exquisite. My dick had sprung to life and was pressing out the front of my slacks.

"I see you are not too bothered by this request," she said smiling as she was looking down at my erect boner. She grasped my hand in hers and brought it down to her vagina. I was on autopilot now as I began to caress her silky pubic hair, then I found her slit. My mind had lost all control over my fingers by now and they moved on their own to gently press between her labia. Soon one finger slipped between her lips and I could feel how hot her tunnel was as I pressed deep inside her. "Oh, yes, that's just what I need!" she sighed as she leaned onto my hand. "More, please."

She scooted her bare ass down and almost off the exam table which left me supporting her body through her cunt with just my hand. In a trance I pushed a second, then a third finger into her hot tunnel. As my thumb found and began rubbing circles around her erect clitoris, I added the last finger and began pushing them deeper in, then almost completely out. "Oooooh, Doctor, that is perfect," she whispered. "I can feel you stretching me and your hand is filling me up. Keep going ... a bit harder now."

I pumped harder as I leaned down to suck on one nipple. She continued to coo softly and thrust her hips repeatedly against my hand, timing her push with mine. She grabbed my head with her hands and kept moving me from one breast to the other. I swirled my tongue on her nipples and then gently bit on each one. "Ooooooh ... I can feel my orgasm coming ... coming ... here is is ... Yessss!" she cried out as she spasmed against my hand then fell back on the exam table. I could feel her cum run down my wrist so I gently removed my fingers and licked all her juice off them. So sweet!

I have no idea how much time had passed as my brain finally freed itself from the fog but I could still feel my throbbing member straining to get out of confinement. Nervously, I looked at the clock and realized all this had only taken six minutes of time. Six minutes! My typical patient encounter often lasts ten to twelve minutes and I had allotted fifteen for these exams so we were safe from discovery from a curious staff nurse but the room and my hand definitely smelled of sex. I flipped on the exhaust fan as she gradually sat back up with a giant smile on her flushed face. "Oh, Doctor, that was exactly what I needed!" she exclaimed. "Thank you so much!"

"Mrs. Quinn..." I began as my cock began to soften in the face of the sudden realization that I had destroyed my life without conscious thought and could soon be ruined.

"Why don't you call me Mary?" she responded.

"Well, Mary, that was very unprofessional of me. I don't know what to say... ," I gushed, knowing that my professional life was now completely in this woman's hands. To this day I wonder how events would have unfolded if I'd run out of the room screaming in the face of her original nude display.

"I could care less about you being professional and more about you being human," she smiled. "You met my urgent need just as I requested. You're the best Doctor I could ever have hoped for. And this needs to be our secret."

"You better believe I'll take this to the grave," I thought. Instead I said, "I agree with you but this cannot happen again and I'm concerned about what we can do about any future 'aches' that you have?"

She reached up to caress my cheek as she continued, "I told you that I wanted to do the things on my list and this was definitely one at the top. But, I have many, many more to get to. Who knows if I'll need another 'check up' in the future? I may just call on you again but, don't worry, I will be discreet." As she was speaking, she pulled her sweatshirt off the hook and slipped it over her head ... no bra, her nipples still fully erect ... then she stepped into her shorts ... commando style ... I noticed. I had a moment of sadness as I saw first her gorgeous tits then her beautiful pussy slide out of view. She was truly a beautiful and sexual woman, even if she'd allowed me to ruin my life.

Then she leaned up, cupped one cheek in each hand and kissed me gently on the mouth. She put her gown in the laundry hamper, pulled off the table paper covering the exam table, including the very wet spot where her pussy had been, and balled it up. She put it in the trash can then turned to look in the mirror and flipped her hair. Then she strode over and opened the door to the hall. "Be sure to bill me for the fabulous 'service', Doctor," she winked as she walked away.

I was still stunned at what had just happened. Why had I been so hypnotized? I shook my head and hurriedly began washing the cum off my hand and arm as Lynn came into the room. She said, "Your ten thirty rescheduled for next week so you have fifteen minutes free." I could have sworn that she sniffed the air with a curious expression on her face.

"Bathroom time," I smiled and proceeded into the john. A soon as the door lock clicked, I unbuttoned my shirt, dropped my pants and stepped out of those then my boxers. My cock was at half-mast but I could feel it still throbbing with unfulfilled need. I had satisfied her but, thankfully, she had not reciprocated. I could just imagine someone coming in the room while she was sucking my erect dick or have a view of us fucking. Maybe I could get away with finger fucking a patient since I never actually had intercourse with her. Didn't our President weasel out of his affair with Monica by redefining "is"? After all, wasn't extreme horniness a medical problem that needed to be treated?

These semi-logical thoughts were chased from my mind as I began replaying the intense masturbation act I'd just performed on Mary and my cock sprang back fully erect. Oh, what the hell! So I grabbed a bottle of the lotion the staff uses after hand washing, squirted some onto my palm and proceeded to furiously pound my meat. It took no more than five seconds before I shot a huge gusher out onto the mirror over the sink, then several further squirts of cum which splashed onto the sink faucet and down the side.

Oh my god did that feel good! I collapsed onto the toilet seat to catch my breath. After a few minutes, I realized that I was still partially erect so I lotioned up and began stroking again as I replayed the scene with Mary in my mind. Soon I could feel the spunk boiling in my balls and I blew another load of cum onto the wall. What was wrong with me, acting like a horny teen? I was a thirty eight year-old physician not a sex-starved junkie. I sat in the bathroom breathing heavily the full break time, then freshened up and tried to resume normalcy. I kept pushing the encounter with Mary into the deepest recesses of my mind just so that I could function but, still, the rest of the day passed as a blur.

As I walked into my apartment that evening, my wife, Gail, jumped on me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She pressed her tits into my chest and wrapped her legs around my waist as she snuggled in. "Welcome home, dear. How was your day?" she asked.

I was shocked after blowing two loads at clinic today to feel my cock spring back to life. She felt it pressing into her groin as our hips were locked together. She smiled and said, "Well, I see someone missed me."

"I see you missed me, too," I replied as I grabbed her ass and began rubbing her pussy on my rod. She didn't know that I was picturing Mary's spasming cunt in my mind as we continued. We kissed passionately for a bit, our tongues exploring each other. She humped me furiously and had her first orgasm without us even undressing. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "That was intense ... and so quick! You are hard as a rock! Let's hold dinner for a bit while we get out of these duds and enjoy each other some more. I can tell that you badly need to cum." Little did she know that this would be the third of the day.

It had been this hot for the whole nine years we'd been married. We'd met at a restaurant one Friday night where she was working as the evening hostess to pay her way through Portland State. I was struck by her big blue eyes, long straight blond hair, flawless smile and freckles over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing a simple black dress and her tits, which completely filled out her top, were gorgeous, her waist slim and her legs well toned from running on the track team. She had the sweetest smile as she led me into the restaurant and asked if I had a table preference.

"The one closest to you," I said, flirting a bit. She looked me over slowly head to toe then laughed her beautiful laugh, and simply said, "OK." The evening was slow so we began to talk in between her duties, just mindless banter about anything and everything. She was witty and I was smitten. She explained that she was a junior, majoring in Urban Studies, then had to explain what that was since I had no frigging idea. Luckily the place had a full bar so I could make the meal last by ordering drinks ... I kept her entertained as I tried desperately to score. Finally she asked, "You've been sitting here chatting with me for two hours. Are you trying to hit on me? My name's Gail, if you're interested."

"I guess I wasn't obvious enough," I replied. "I was interested the minute I saw you. Now after talking with you, I am committed. I'm Doug. Would you consider going out with me?"

She paused with a smile on her face, then giggled and said, "Well, I get off here in another hour. Let's go to your place, Doug, and see if you can get me off there!" And did I ever! We explored each other the entire night and all that weekend. It was the wildest sex I'd ever experienced. By Monday morning, I was in love and determined to never let Gail leave, except for classes of course. I dragged my tired body through morning rounds that day, then the outpatient clinic at OHSU. Since I was in my last tour as Senior Resident before striking out on my own ... or 'hanging my shingle', I could direct the interns, answer questions and just try to stay awake.

That was the start of a whirlwind relationship, sex and more sex. She was an insatiable minx and I was in heaven. We married in Las Vegas, a spur of the moment trip right after I opened my Family medical practice in the near SE part of Portland. I never even thought about another woman for the ensuing nine years, that is until Mary came along.

But that incredible event with Mary was like the breaking of a huge dam. Daily now I found myself fantasizing about patients, my staff, kid's moms and even the mail lady. I jerked off so many times in the bathroom that I felt like putting a sign on the door, 'Masturbation in progress: Enter at your own risk.' Six months went by and I bet I had dropped over a hundred loads of jizz in the bathroom. I was like a perpetually horny fifteen-year old and insatiable. We doubled our replacement order of hand lotion. But it was all fantasy, no more actual encounters and, as time passed, I finally began hoping that I'd dodged a bullet with Mary.

Even with all the masturbation, I had plenty of stamina after work to give Gail an erect cock to suck or hump each evening. I love to eat her cunt and she would often sit on my face with her ass on my forehead, riding my tongue like a cock to a huge orgasm. I also love her climax as she shoots a gusher of her cum that I hungrily lap up. In this position she'd stroke me perfectly. She'd begin moaning loudly as a warning that she was about to cum and then she'd stroke me hard so that we'd hit our bliss together. She'd suck me too, but couldn't get much of my eight inch cock into her mouth without gagging. So, she'd just lick under the corona and suck the head until I came. It was great but having her jerk me off while I ate her out was the best ever.

Soon we got creative and she taught me how to properly tongue her ass, something neither of us had ever tried before. She found her climaxes were the most intense ever when I had my tongue deep in her hole, three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her own hand massaging her erect clit. Gail also loved for me to shoot my load on her chest and mouth. She'd let me sit astride her and pump my glistening oiled member between her beautiful full globes with my dick head touching her lips on each up stroke. I wouldn't last long like this and would pump gobs of cum onto her neck and lips that she'd lick up hungrily. "I love the taste of your cum," she'd smile as she reached down to scoop it up from her chest and drop it into her open mouth.

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