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by NymphWriter

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Erotica Sex Story: A cheating husband finds a hyperlink that leads him to a unique porn video that is more than he bargains for.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Revenge   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Porn Theatre   .

Dr. Raul Maggio came home from work to an empty house. This wasn't an uncommon occurrence as he worked odd hours being a doctor, or at least, that's what he told his wife, Phoebe. The truth was many of his 'odd hours' were actually him having an affair with Cora Larrabee, the wife of one of his colleagues. The pair had been seeing each other for over two years, and Raul prided himself on their ability to keep the affair from their respective spouses. For Raul, it was something he had successfully done his entire marriage. Cora was just his latest conquest, and in his mind, the most attractive.

Raul wandered around their large home quietly, poured himself a drink, and decided to check his e-mail. He sipped the single-malt scotch; the scent prickled his nose as he felt the slight burn on his tongue before swallowing. Locking the door to his office, he started with his work messages, most of which were updates, meeting notes, or other bits of information passed down. Then he looked at his personal e-mail that had messages from family and friends, as well as businesses that sent him advertisements. Once these two accounts were purged, he opened the secret account he and his mistress used to send secret messages. No one but Cora had this e-mail, and the pair used this to set up their rendezvous. There was one new message from Cora, with a hyperlink message and the subject, "Click Here". Because he knew the message was from Cora, he clicked.

The screen went black, and soon he saw a large bed in the middle of a room. A beautiful woman with long, dark hair like Cora's, wearing a sexy red bustier, matching thong panties, and thigh high stockings with garters, stepped into the scene with a tall, dark haired man wearing a matching pair of boxers. Both people were wearing masks that obscured the bulk of their faces, but not their mouths. The man was clearly taller than the woman, even though she was wearing high heels. Raul smiled as he loved good amateur porn, and was sure Cora sent him this as a suggestion for their next session.

The couple began to kiss passionately, but spoke no words. Raul adjusted the volume on his speakers and could hear them kiss. They kissed and touched each other's arms, gently caressing. Raul sat back in his chair, unfastened his slacks and sat back sipping his drink. He watched the man slide the thin, spaghetti straps of the woman's bustier down her arms and kiss down her neck. His movements seemed to be slow and deliberate. Raul smiled; he loved it when a couple went slowly.

The man kissed down the woman's neck, to her shoulders, her upper chest, to the top of the bustier. The sound of his lips touching her flesh echoed though his office. He reached behind her and untied her bustier until it fell to the floor and her breasts sprung free. Raul smiled as the woman had large, full, natural breasts like his wife. He liked natural breasts more than implants because they were more responsive and felt better in his hands. Cora had implants, the one flaw he felt she had. The woman moaned softly as the man kissed down one and began suckling her nipple.

"Mmmmmm," moaned the woman.

"Yeah, suck those babies," whispered Raul, feeling his cock grow and harden.

The woman rubbed the man's back and shoulders, but avoided his hair. The man switched breasts, sucking the other nipple, then stood back up and kissed the woman. She reached down, pushed his boxers off, and his cock sprung free. It was clear he was hard as it stuck straight out. The woman knelt down, licked the shiny, purple, mushroom-capped head, then slid his long, throbbing member into her mouth. The man moaned while she bobbed her head back and forth until she took his entire cock into her mouth.

"Oooooh," moaned the man.

"Yeah bitch," whispered Raul as he began to stroke his own hard erection. "Take his whole cock."

The man stood still while the woman worked, sucking his cock and fucking it with her mouth. Raul could hear the soft slurping as she sucked him, and the moaning from the man on the screen. The woman sucked the man for several minutes, then the man tapped her on the shoulder. She slowly rose and sat on the bed. The man slid her panties off exposing a trimmed pussy with lighter hair. The man knelt down and put his face between the woman's legs. She moaned loudly, spreading her legs wide. The camera angle changed, and now Raul could see the man licking the woman's labia.

"Aaahh!!!" she gasped.

"Fuck yeah! Eat that slut's pussy!"

The masked woman moaned as the man licked, sucked, and fingered her. Raul watched as the man's tongue flicked the woman's clit, his fingers thrust within her pussy, and the sheen of her moisture coated his hands and face. He heard the tone of the woman's moans change, then she screamed and her body shook. Her pussy squirted juices onto the man's face and mask.

The man stood up and slammed his cock into the woman. The camera angle changed again and Raul watched the man's long, thick cock penetrate the woman's pussy. Raul stroked his cock harder, matching thrust for thrust. "Fuck her! Fuck her hard!" hissed Raul.

The man pounded the woman's pussy for several minutes, then they paused, changed positions, and resumed. Now the woman was bent in half, the man was leaning over her, and the sex became more aggressive. The woman moaned louder with each thrust. The slurpy sound of their fucking could just be heard over their moans. Raul smiled and watched. Another change, the man lay on the bed as the woman mounted him. Their moans were quite loud and with each change came a new camera angle. Though their faces could no longer be seen, their moans and breathing were quite clear. The man smacked the woman's ass as she rode him, and her breasts bounced rather hard. Raul was sure the woman's face would be bruised before they were finished.

The man pushed the woman off, and placed her on her hands and knees. The man quickly rose and began fucking her doggie style as he smacked her ass. The camera seemed to be looking down as the man's cock plunged into the woman's pussy. It was then the mystery man finally spoke, "You like being my little bitch?"

"Yes," gasped the woman breathlessly.

The man smacked her ass and said, "Say it!"

"I like being your little bitch!"

The man smacked her ass again and Raul stroked his cock harder. "That's it! Smack that ass! Fuck that pussy!"

The sounds of their fucking, hard breathing, and moaning echoed from the speakers on the computer. The woman orgasmed again as the man said, "That's right baby! Cum hard on my cock!"

The man pounded the woman; the camera seemed to be at a low side angle. Raul could see the man's balls slapping the woman's pussy, her juices dripping off his scrotum, and her breasts swinging with each thrust. The sound of their fucking could just be heard between their moans. Then pulled his cock out and spun the woman around. He fucked her mouth with his cock. With each thrust, he moaned and the woman sucked.

"MMM!!! MMMMM!!! MMMMMMMM!!!" moaned the woman.

Then he pulled his cock out and began to jack off, cumming on her tits, face, and mask. The woman stuck her tongue out, licking up the sticky cum from her face. As he came, Raul joined them, panting.

He grabbed his cell phone and called Cora. After a few rings he heard, "Hello?"

"You alone?" he asked.


"Fuck baby, that video was great!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The video you sent me of the couple with the masks. I just soaked my slacks."

"I thought you sent me that."

"No," said Raul.

"Oh fuck! Is that ... Kirk?"

Raul looked up at the screen and saw the man and woman now looking into the camera. The masks and wigs were gone, and there was his wife Phoebe and Cora's husband Kirk. Phoebe's blonde hair was somewhat matted down from the wig, but her blue eyes sparkled. Kirk's dark blonde hair didn't look quite as flat, and his green eyes glared into the camera. They were still clearly naked, Phoebe's hard nipples were just visible at the bottom of the screen, and they positioned themselves to where they filled the screen.

"Hello Raul," said Phoebe.

"Hello Cora," said Kirk.

"We hope you enjoyed our little show," said Phoebe.

"We've know about your affair for some time," said Kirk. "And we decided revenge was more fun than just a divorce."

"Plus, I know how much you like watching good amateur porn, Raul," said Phoebe.

"So now you're probably wondering what we want," said Kirk.

"Yeah I am," mumbled Raul.

"And how it seems that you sent this message to each other or how we learned about your secret e-mail accounts," said Phoebe, brushing her blonde hair out of her eyes.

Raul's mouth went dry. "Well you two, that's our little secret," said Kirk.

"Just know this, we've got proof of your affair," said Phoebe.

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