Ami to the Rescue

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2013 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Ravi (from India) was a work colleague and quite a hopeless one at that. Threatened with the sack he sent his wife Ami to my house to plead his case. This annoyed me so much that I made sexual demands of her - which she loved so much that she stayed and enjoyed herself.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Cheating   Wimp Husband   Interracial   Size   .

I was working with a fill-in colleague for a period of 10 weeks. Ravi, a male of Indian descent, was the most infuriating and hopeless person that I had ever worked with. He made mistake after mistake, some with very serious consequences. I had to manage his work very carefully at the request of my manager. We wanted him to quit because to terminate his employment would mean endless paperwork and the chance of an appeal by Ravi.

It was Friday morning and I'd just had a meeting with my manager. He was elated - he had found another position for Ravi, and we could move him on without any hassles. We just couldn't make it official until Monday morning.

It was good that he was going to be moving on because that morning he made one monumental screw-up that had me seeing red. I told him in anger to "Go home" and "He would be lucky to have a job at all come next week".

I was sitting at home alone on Saturday morning reading the morning newspaper when I heard a knock on the door. Through the peephole I noted that it was a young woman at the door.

"Hmmm ... another collector for something or another" I thought as I contemplated opening the door or not.

I had only pulled on a pair of baggy shorts when I'd gotten out of bed this morning. So I thought for a little shock value that would be how I would be dressed as I answered the door. I am 55 years old and in good condition resulting from a mix of regular exercise and regular sex romps with women that I had met through the gym.

I opened the door to find a petite and beautiful young lady of Indian descent. I estimated her age to be mid-twenties with a height of about 5ft 3ins. She was wearing a loose fitting dress with thongs on her petite feet. She looked very nervous.

"Hello. Are you Grant?" she asked.

"Yes ... and you are?" I responded.

"I'm Ami. I'm Ravi's wife" she added.

"Oh my god. I can't believe that I have that pest's wife on my home doorstep" I thought as I seethed.

I wasn't feeling like being polite at the moment. My home had been compromised by this pest.

"Did Ravi send you here?" I asked in an angry tone.

She looked at me ... and burst into tears on my doorstep. I had planned on sending her on her way without inviting her in, but a soft spot in my heart finished up winning out. I asked her inside. It was then that I noticed her slight baby bump under her dress.

I sat her down and listened as she poured out her concerns. I was annoyed at both of them - Ravi because of the mis-truths that he had spun her, and her ... her for attempting to pull on my heart strings.

I was largely silent and non-commital, and that seemed to be worrying her more.

Finally in desperation she said to me "Grant ... I would do anything to save my husband's job". She looked down at her feet immediately after making that remark.

"Anything?" was my spur of the moment unthinking reply.

"Yes" was her whispered reply. I was still angry. I had a woman here who was prepared to offer anything to ensure that her loser of a husband kept his job.

Still in anger I decided to see just how far she was prepared to take "anything".

"Ami ... I want you to stand up and walk over to the centre of the rug" I said to her.

Ami looked at me for a moment before she followed my instructions. She was now standing about 6ft in front of me.

"Kick off your thongs please".

Without any hesitation she kicked them off.

Now I would really test her "anything" comment.

"Ami ... please remove your dress and hand it to me".

By the look on her face, I could see that a whole range of thoughts and emotions crossed her mind. She then slowly undid her waist tie before raising the dress slowly upwards to reveal herself. Within a few seconds she was handing me her dress before resuming her position on the rug.

She looked amazing - she was petite with a developing baby bump that sat nicely below a nice set of fleshy tits that were well restrained in a full bra. A full set of briefs hid her pussy. Her hands were still at her side at the moment.

"Now ... the bra ... and don't cover your tits ... I want to see them totally exposed" I commanded.

She slipped the straps off the shoulders before releasing the front closure. The bra cups sagged before she removed the bra completely to reveal a fantastic set of large tits that sagged very little. They were topped with dark hard nipples surrounded by a slightly lighter shaded areola.

Her hands moved in the direction of her tits.

"Please leave them uncovered" I commanded.

"Now the panties please" I added.

She really hesitated now, and I had to repeat my request. Slowly she complied by pushing her panties down off her hips and across her thighs. As they lowered I noted that she had an abundant growth of black pubic hair.

Finally her panties were around her ankles.

"Step out of them and bring them over here" I asked her. She did as she was told. When she was close enough I ran my fingers through her silky smooth bush.

I then looked up to catch her eye. "This will have to go" I told her as I stood up, taking her by the hand and leading her into my bathroom.

In the bathroom I lifted her up to sit on the bench as I gathered my razor and clippers. She watched me intently and silently as I prepared to remove her abundant growth. Firstly with the clippers I removed the bulk of her growth until her mound was just covered in stuble.

With a warm cloth I prepared her mound for the application of my shaving foam. Then I crouched down and gently and carefully shaved her mound and all around her pussy lips. I slipped a finger or two between her pussy lips to ensure I got a clean shave.

I noted that her pussy slit was quite wet and I could feel the hint of heat from her inner core as I completed my shaving job. With a warm cloth again I cleaned up the residues of the shaving cream.

"Now ... to test the smoothness" I said to her as I slid my tongue across her now bald mound and over her exposed pussy lips.

"Oh ... what are you doing to me?" she gasped as I slid my tongue between her pussy lips to taste her.

I hadn't planned on going any further than a single lick but her reaction told me that this lady hadn't been the recipient of a any oral loving by her hopeless husband.

I found her taste to be different yet amazing. I threw caution to the wind, and changed my mind when I delved repeatedly between her lips, and teased the entrance to her pussy canal with my tongue.

"Oh ... ohhhh" I could hear her moaning as my oral attentions excited her and raised her arousal levels. Her hand came to the back of my head to hold me close to her pussy.

With a flick of my tongue I teased her clit with immediate results.

"Oh goddddd..." she groaned as her pussy exploded into an amazing cum with her juices trickling out across my tongue. I devoured them like a thirsty man. I licked and licked until I had cleaned up most of her excess juices.

I then stood and picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I placed her on the middle of the bed before standing back and dropped my shorts to the floor. She was watching me intently.

"Oh my ... you are huge!" she gasped as I returned my lips and tongue to her still drooling pussy.

My tongue delved repeatedly between her now engorged pussy lips, finding further pockets of her tasty juices and exposing her inner lips to the tip of my tongue. I speared it between her inner lips, finding the heat of her core released to my probings. I found her canal entrance and speared my tongue deeper through its tight entrance.

"Oh ... ohhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhh!!!!" she screamed as another cum exploded from her pussy. More juices splattered my tongue and bathed my face as I devoured then as best I could. When I was finally able to stem her juice deluge, I slipped a single finger into her pussy canal as I moved my tongue's attentions to her clit which was peeking out from under its cover.

The tightness on my finger told me that this was an under-used pussy. It gripped my finger tightly as I stroked it slowly in and out of her. I paid more attention to her clit than with my finger as I felt her building again quickly towards another amazing cum. With a few well-placed licks on her clit, and a little suck I was able to push her over the edge again.

"Oh fucccccckkkk!!! ... so gooooooood!!!!" she gasped as I felt her juices streaming down my finger and all over my hand.

Whilst she was still riding high from this latest cum, I crooked my finger inside her pussy in search of her g-spot. With not a lot of effort, I was able to find it. Her hips reacted violently, pushing at my hand as her arousal levels went right off the end of the scale.

"Ohhh ... what's happening? ... what are you doing to me?" she gasped as she rocketed towards another massive cum. Her pussy was grabbing at my finger and holding it so tight as she built higher and higher until she exploded.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ... Oh my god ... stop ... stop... " she screamed followed by a change of mind "Don't stop ... don't stop..." chanted repeatedly as a massive cum overwhelmed her accompanied by a prolonged strong gush of her hot tasty juices all over my hand and the bedding below her.

I just watched in amazement at her reactions to my oral and digital stimulations.

Finally I removed my finger. Her pussy stayed slightly parted as I moved into position between her spread thighs. I laid my rock-hard 10 inch long fat cock across her very wet mound, moving it back and forth to pick up her juices until my shaft glistened.

I then directed my cock head between her engorged and parted pussy lips, slipping it up and down before pausing at the entrance to her pussy canal.

"Ami ... I want you to prop up on your elbows ... watch my cock ... it's at the entrance to your pussy".

Wth a little effort she was able to prop herself up. My cockhead was nestled between her engorged pussy lips, ready to push forward and into her very tight canal.

"Ami ... you said that you would do anything ... does that include allowing me to slide my cock deep inside your beautiful pussy? ... If you do then say 'Please fuck me'..." I asked her.

She looked up at me before returning her gaze to the union of my cock and her pussy. I looked down too. The sight was quite impressive with my fat cock looking very imposing compared to her petite pussy.

I nudged my cock around between her outer lips as she considered my question.

Then in a whispered tone she said "Please fuck me".

Without a moment's hesitation I pushed forward, sliding my fat cock through the entrance of her pussy canal and into her tight wet and hot sheath.

"Oh god you're so hot and ... tight" I moaned as I felt myself sliding deeper and deeper into her.

"So good ... so good..." she chanted as I established a gentle fucking motion in and out as I slid deeper. "You feel amazing inside of me ... much bigger than..." her comment went unfinished as she realised just what she was starting to say.

I finished the comment for her "Much bigger than Ravi ... that's what you were saying huh?"

"Yes ... yes ... far bigger ... in length and fatness ... ohhhhhhhh my fucking god" she gasped as her first cock-induced cum arrived and exploded, sending rivers of her juices all over my cockshaft.

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