Unfaithful Again

by AnnaTartyWife

Copyright© 2013 by AnnaTartyWife

True Sex Story: A night of fucking with other men.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   White Female   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   .

I was recently used in a nice sexy gang bang. It was organized by my elder lover Frank, following a sexy discussion with me.

He placed an advert in a local newspaper advertising a lingerie party for men looking to buy gifts for their wives at Valentines.

He said in the advert that an evening of demonstrations of glamour wear could be organized within the comfort and privacy of their own home. Saving the men any trips to department stores and also allowing them the opportunity to physically see the goods displayed before buying them.

He had several replies and responses organizing a night with a guy called Dave.

It was agreed that a few male friends could be invited along as well. Dave duly organized for a further three of his workmates to attend.

Frank and Mike added to my collection of lingerie sets by buying me a couple of new pairs of high heels, a new basque and suspender set, two pairs of new silk stockings and a matching bra and pantie set.

We arrived at 730 pm on a Tuesday evening, Frank carrying a suitcase which contained my lingerie demonstration outfits.

Dave's home was in a well off area of town, a nice semi detached house, in a nice quiet estate.

We were greeted at the door by a tall, distinguished man, about 35 yrs of age. Once inside we were shown into the living room and introduced to the other men.

I had worn a smart business suit, black knee length skirt and white blouse with patent black high heels.

All the men seemed to be of an age, mid to late 30s. All rather normal looking, with average bodies from what I could tell.

Frank was offered a beer and I accepted a glass of wine. The guys had obviously had a couple of drinks already. We chatted for a little bit.

Answering questions over the nature of Franks little business. He told them he could get cut price lingerie etc, having been in the trade for many years and now retired. I was introduced as his model for the evening and a previous work colleague.

I noticed the admiring glances I was getting from all the men as we sat chatting and couldn't help crossing my legs a couple of times to give them a couple of glimpses of my legs. I was aware of my ever dampening fanny, and of the more than interested looks I was already getting from these guys.

After the drink I was shown upstairs to one of the bedrooms whilst Frank engaged in some business patter.

I emerged after five minutes, having changed into a white satin basque, white seamed stockings, white high heels and a tiny pair of see through white knickers. I had shaved my pussy earlier in the evening, whilst fantasizing about what may happen.

My thoughts drifting back to Mike, my husband and of how I adored him, yet loved being the unfaithful slut wife at times too.

The conversation in the living room halted abruptly as I entered. There was an audible intake of breath as I paraded into the room, feeling increasingly turned on as I displayed myself in front of these strangers. Frank played his part magnificently, continuing the sales patter brilliantly.

I wantonly paraded in the room, sat down spreading my legs slightly, giving them all a glimpse of my shaved pussy through the thin material of my knickers. I then engaged in some further posing as Frank talked about the material, the height of my heels and the see through nature of my panties. I was now getting wetter and wetter at the whole experience and the fact that I was receiving some extremely admiring glances.

I bent over, touching my high heels, letting the guys get a great view of my arse, of my legs.I then sat in one of the armchairs then once again I spread my legs, wider this time, and for much longer. The thin material of my panties beginning to creep up my wet cunt hole.

With a final show twirl, I turned and made my way upstairs to change into the next lingerie set. My trembling legs barely supporting me, such was my state of sexual arousal.

My departure started some intense chatter between the men.I listened intently at the top of the stairs as the guys talked.

"Did you see the arse on that!", one of the men could be heard saying.

"See it!, I'd love to fuck the arse of it!", came the crude reply.

"Aye right Pete you can get to the back of the queue, once you get started with that schlong of yours nobody else gets a look in!".

"I dinnae want to look in, I want to put my cock in", came the laughing response.

"Did you see her gash!. I'm sure I could see her lips as she spread her legs."

I moved into the bedroom to change again, my legs now feeling weaker and my cunt becoming extremely moist from the anticipation of events that may be about to unfold.

Frank later told me that as he continued with the sales pitch, Dave asked him if I was a bit of a goer. He asked if Frank had any idea if I would maybe do more than model for them.

Frank brazenly told them that despite my business exterior that I was, " A right tart.".

Adding that, "She has had most of the office in the past as far as I know, her poor husband knows nothing of her reputation as the office bike, this may be your lucky night guy's".

I heard a loud, raucous cheer from the room as I made my way down stairs. I had decided to go the full hog and make it blatantly obvious I was a willing slut. A married slut gagging for a cocking.

I had put on a pair of the new black, silk seamed stockings, a black half cup bra, my tits now out on display for the men to view. A pair of incredibly high heels and another pair of totally see through black lacy panties. My married, shaved cunt also now out on display as well.

I calmly walked into the room, taking a sip of wine as I did so. As I paraded up and down, Frank continued giving more sales talk. I eagerly posed in a varying amount of ways. Each time spreading my legs a little longer and a little wider.

I was then pulled onto the lap of one of the guys. He quickly turned to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I eagerly responded, opening my mouth to give him a wet, sloppy snog. This is what I had hoped for, what I wanted and my cunt was now dripping with the anticipation.

This was greeted by wolf whistles and cheers. As I stood up, the guy beside Dave put his hands on my arse feeling me up through the material of my knickers.

Within seconds a second pair of hands joined his and I was being relieved of them. The lacy material swishing down my legs and slipping easily off my high heeled feet.

A hand was placed between my legs and my pussy was quickly and roughly felt up.

"Fuck me her twats on fire", the guy exclaimed as he showed his glistening finger to the others. I was finding the atmosphere and the dirty talk so arousing.I could see the guys leering at me and Frank grinning from ear to ear as he watched on. Bulges were now evident in the guys jeans and trousers, hard throbbing cocks straining to be unleashed.

I was very quickly relieved of my bra and this now left me in just the black, seamed silk stockings and the come fuck me high heels.

Over the next couple of minutes I was passed around for a deliciously dirty, sexy snog session. Eagerly opening my mouth for the guys to kiss, nibble, deep french kiss and fondle me.

Events moved on at a pace. I was quickly carried over to the dining room table in adjoining room. I was then laid on my back, my legs splaying open to reveal my sopping wet lips of my dripping cunt. I was placed over hanging it, my arse off the edge, just at the right height for a stand up fuck.

Two of the guys stood at my side, each taking hold of an ankle.They moved ever so slightly apart, displaying my wet hole even further.

Dave was the first to move in between my legs, his trousers dropped to his ankles, his shirt open to show of a nice hairy chest. His cock was standing to attention, stiff as flag pole. I felt his cock head nudge my wet lips, then slowly with a deliberate heave and a shove his full length speared up my quim. I let out a loud gasp as he fully plugged me.

"Oh yes", I muttered. "Oh yes fuck me".

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