Spring Break

by DarkSide

Copyright© 2013 by DarkSide

Erotica Sex Story: Months of temptation becomes reality on St Lucia over the spring holidays.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Voyeurism   Size   Big Breasts   School   Transformation   .

As the new school year progressed Ron assigned the two eager for more power beavers to put together an assertive classroom management program. Jill and Kelly were given the curriculum review challenge. It quickly became evident one after school work session per week with the four of them would make little progress.

Half of Alaina's weekly free periods she met with Kelly to work on their project. Jill found herself giving up her free periods to work with Kelly and Ron Freeman conducting a comprehensive curriculum review. By the middle of October Kelly and Alaina spent the vast majority of time together due to having to create their project from scratch. At the same time Jill began spending more time after the school day with Ron Freeman working on the comprehensive curriculum review.

So much apparent trust being put in her by the new Superintendent exhilarated Jill. In addition to Jill's physical attributes, Ron was enamored with how her logical mind cut straight to the point. As the project successfully moved forward Jill was initially too naïve to comprehend the wicked intent behind Ron Freeman frequently touching her to emphasize a point in their discussions. Although it became increasingly apparent Ron's compliments were more about her than her work, Jill never once gave him any indication his attention was considered inappropriate.

Being perfectly candid, Jill had to admit she had no qualms with the intriguing black Superintendent's unsolicited attentiveness. Upon realizing how much she looked forward to their private work sessions, Jill logically examined what motivated her: Ron's intellect plus her unique ability to eliminate fallacies of reasoning equaled project success; a handsome black man's evident interest countered by a white woman's devotion to fidelity cannot equate to a romantic threat to her marriage.

Between the brief Thanksgiving school break and the three week Christmas school holiday Jill reluctantly agreed with Dr. Freeman scheduling all work sessions after school hours. Jill was wrestling with the internal battle between habitual "goody two shoes" resolve to safe-guard twenty plus years of marital sanctity and uncharacteristic extramarital temptation. During the second week of December every session seemed to end with their arms casually around each other's waist in a farewell hug. The casual hugs became their greeting the final week before Christmas break. Frontal embraces ended each work session that final week with each farewell lasting longer. Ron's massive chest pressed firmly against her 38DD boobs made her nipples spike making it increasingly difficult for Jill to keep her guard up to prevent their good-byes from getting out of hand. Jill had never had to previously deal with such a test of her morality in either her professional or personal life.

Apparently the lure of wanting what seems unattainable had been eroding Ron's plan to use the black owned Assistant Principal and swimming coach to influence seduction of the Math Department Head. The disparate content of the projects and the subtle formation of two separate work groups entrapped Dr. Freemen into by-passing Kelly when scheduling work sessions with just him and Jill. Ron had no clue he was causing a rift between Kelly and Jill.

The rift was growing for very different reasons. It would seem obvious a Superintendent should not bypass a Principal to speak directly with a Department Head. From Kelly's perspective it was much more than adhering to the chain of command.

Kelly began her tenure the prior school year. She could never imagine Jill willingly being black owned white married pussy like Alaina and herself. While she and Alaina occasionally enjoyed illicit threesomes with Ron Freeman, Kelly firmly believed Ron had no chance of seducing Jill.

Meanwhile Jill was barely aware a rift existed let alone the reason behind it. Jill initially presumed subject matter of the Superintendent's increasingly frequent project conferences without the Principal had been previously discussed with Kelly. Appraising Kelly of her progress the week after Christmas holidays finally enabled Jill to understand her boss was being bypassed.

Never having to deal with such a challenge in her professional life Jill could not fathom the reason behind Kelly's frosty demeanor toward her. With Kelly joining the staff last year Jill had spent very little time around her. Jill had no idea how to best resolve the deteriorating working relationship with her building Principal.

After Christmas break the Superintendent suspended both projects. The next year's budget preparation required his total attention. The Superintendent requested Jill review the budgetary math one week before Spring Break. Three days later she returned the budget to him at the district office at the end of the school day. Gratitude over minor math changes constituting no major alterations to the budget inspired a spontaneous embrace. Having just returned from a workout Ron was only wearing a nylon track suit without any restraint to prevent his package from swinging against Jill's pelvic front. Jill felt his cock hit her and mistook the flaccid phallus for an erection.

Not sure what to think Jill confided in her colleague and close friend Lisa. Without informing Jill the information was relayed to the union steward. This union steward was very unhappy with the district's choice for Superintendent and looking for something to pin on Dr. Freeman. Given Jill's sterling reputation the union steward hoped her filing a formal sexual harassment complaint might be the key to bringing down the Superintendent but does not get a chance to talk with her before spring break. Jill was unaware of the impending behind the scenes smear campaign. Although relieved not to be caught in the middle between Superintendent and Assistant Principal, she was frustrated over not finishing the curriculum review. There was also something else bothering her, but uncharacteristically could not and would not deal with it. Jill loved getting away during Spring Break and the more she thought about St Lucia the more her cares melted away.

During a Math Department staff meeting prior to Spring Break Alaina saw Jill's get-a-way plans and asked if she was going to St. Lucia? Jill responded, "Why yes. We have reservations at The Body Holiday at Cariblue Cove on the northwest corner of the island."

A few evenings later during a group sex, partner swap involving Kelly, her husband Marcus, Alaina and Ron Freeman Alaina shared Jill's Spring Break plans. A brief discussion including a laptop search about amenities on St Lucia inspired a variety of devious ideas of how to compromise Jill. Alaina wanted to bring the goody two shoes down off her pedestal and become Math Department Head. Kelly suspected Ron wanted Jill more than any other faculty member and began scheming how that could put her in the Principal's office.

While the other's wasted time scheming Ron made reservations at the Body Holiday. Marcus and Kelly along with Alaina and her husband Roger chose Sandals due to the cost of Body Holiday and unavailability of enough suites for all of them. All that was left to do was put a plan together.

Alaina broached the subject during their next threesome. She bluntly suggested being appointed Math Department Head next school year and beyond for helping compromise Jill's integrity. Kelly reinforced her interest in the promotion to High School Principal. Manipulating both sex partners Ron agreed to each one's indicated reward if, and only if, they successfully brought Jill into his bed while at St Lucia. A goal established with a fluid plan dependent upon seizing opportunities was agreed upon.

Jill and her husband Dan departed as soon as school closed for Spring Break. Later that night Alaina, Kelly and their husbands departed. Ron took the early morning flight the next day.

Upon arrival at Body Holiday the desk clerk was unable to find their reservations. Dan totally lost his composure and his rage did little to solicit cooperation. Jill requested to speak to the Night Manager and calmly produced their reservation confirmations downloaded from the internet. The night manager clicked away on her keyboard without comment. Five minutes later she handed Jill a print out of two reservation confirmations absent names. One included arrangements to meet the next morning's flight. Apparently someone in booking confused the two separate reservation transactions and eliminated theirs. After two calls the night manager offered a night in the best accommodations at Sandals until tomorrow morning at 11:00. Grudgingly they accepted and were transported to Sandals where they were given a royal reception.

Dan was still grumbling, exhausted and barely kept awake long enough to shower. Early in the morning he woke to find Jill out of bed. Dan joined her on the suite's beach deck. As he settled in the chaise beside her Jill put her finger to her lips signaling him to be quiet. For the next half hour Jill and Dan listened to a passionate couple freely vocalizing truly amazing sexual gratification. Apparently their sexual encounter was on the next door sun deck with only the eight foot bamboo wall separating the two couples.

For a quarter of an hour prior to Dan's arrival Jill was astounded to clearly overhear the woman begging to be fucked by her partner's big black cock. Their neighbor repeatedly exclaimed in various ways that there is no comparison to the pleasure a black cock gives her. Listening to what from her experience was incomparable sexual gratification inspired an epiphany that resisting the past few months' extramarital temptation likely was a huge mistake! Consequently the auditory voyeurism aroused Dan and Jill for very different reasons. Slipping back into bed with her husband Jill couldn't resist mentally replaying highlights of next door's sexual marathon. Before she was ready to climax Dan shuddered through his and rolled over asleep. Sleep was a long time coming for Jill and then disturbed by the most vivid erotic dreams.

Dan slept in while Jill enjoyed a peaceful continental breakfast on the beach deck. About 9:30 AM she heard a voice she was sure she recognized calling out, "Kelly you ready?" Moving from the open bistro table behind the gossamer curtains she was amazed to see Alaina and Kelly leaving the next door deck for the beach wearing very skimpy bikinis. Knowing one of them had spent the night with a black man was even more astonishing!

Jill waited until Alaina and Kelly were out of sight and then as stealthily as possible slipped off of her deck to the next door deck and inside the adjacent suite. She quietly and quickly inspected the room for evidence of which one of the two colleagues had an illicit night. Finally she found copies of reservations bearing Marcus and Kelly with the same last names. Backing up in a daze a big black hand clamped over her mouth to silence her. Before she could demand what a stranger was doing in her colleague's suite she was shocked to hear, "What gives you the right to go through my wife's things?"

Her focus shifted from the hand loosening the hold over her mouth to the monstrous bulge wedged between her buns. Avoiding the titillating temptation Jill asked, "Are you named Marcus and are you Kelly's husband?" Chuckling Marcus responded, "Yes to both." He added, "Assure me you won't cause a ruckus and I'll lower my hand and let go of you."

Jill nodded and Marcus released her as promised. Ever the polite conservative, Jill immediately extended her hand while formally greeting him, "Marcus it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Caught completely off guard Jill never gave a thought to her attire being a diaphanous gown. However, she couldn't avoid noting the fact that all Marcus was wearing was a white towel further highlighting his lush ebony skin tone. For a couple of minutes both of them stood still letting their eyes thoroughly survey every visible inch of the other.

Taking the mesmerized white woman's hand Marcus surprisingly easily coaxed her into the ensuite bath. Hoisting Jill onto the vanity he took his beard trimming scissors in hand and began trimming Jill's pubic bush. A few snips later Jill emerged from her trance demanding to know, "What do you think you are doing?"

Marcus answered with a chuckle, "Why merely making my lady more presentable even in a one piece. You do want to be attractive rather than embarrassed do you not?" Handing the hem of her gown to her Marcus resumed trimming. Jill sat there in total shock unable to voice any objection or dismount from the vanity while Marcus continued trimming off all of her bush.

Their private little world was rudely interrupted by the exclamation, "Well, well! What do we have here?" Jill snapped her head up immediately returning to reality and mortified. On the other hand Marcus casually replied, "Caught this stranger going through our things. Apparently she knows you but not me. After introductions, one could not help but notice her prolific growth. A trimmed bush is her penance for entering uninvited and snooping. Do you two know her?"

Kelly replied, "Yes husband this is my building Math Department Head." Alaina added, "She's my mentor. Jill didn't you tell me you were staying at Body Holiday?" Jill hesitantly replied, "A reservation screw up got us into here until they come for us at 11:00 AM."

Directing another question to Jill, Alaina brashly asked, "Woman, why do you hide such a gorgeous body under those unflattering clothes?" Kelly looked at Alaina and declared, "With that bush she could only wear a one piece." Alaina came back with, "No more hiding your luscious bod. We're going to have to hurry and shave your entire groin. This afternoon we're taking you shopping for bikinis."

Jill countered with, "Please go next door and see if my husband is awake. Tell him to take our stuff to Body Holiday and I'll join him for dinner. Do you mind getting me undergarments, shorts, a top and sandals?"

Alaina went next door the other direction and retrieved her husband Roger, a six foot tall, slightly built really quiet guy perfectly fitting the cuckold mold. Twenty minutes later Alaina returned with sandals, shorts and a revealing top informing them Roger was helping Dan relocate. Kelly and Marcus had Jill spread eagled on their bed applying the finishing touches to her shave. Alaina warmed aloe oil with her hands and liberally rubbed it into Jill from her mons Venus to the top of the split between her buns.

Meanwhile Jill was so intensely aroused she never considered resisting simultaneous affection given by Marcus and Kelly. Kelly was caressing her hair and lightly kissing all over her face before escalating into a passionate French kiss. At the same time Marcus was seductively caressing her 38DDs. Jill felt his cock rubbing her forearm and while returning Kelly's passionate kiss she took in hand and tenderly fondled her first big black cock.

A few minutes into their reciprocally fondling three-way Jill yelped in shock. Alaina had ravenously fastened her mouth over Jill's pussy slit and introduced her to Sapphic pleasures. Kelly kept insatiably kissing Jill. Marcus withdrew his cock from her hand and rubbed it all over her boobs concentrating on her spiked nipples. Jill was so overwhelmed she just lay there soaking in all the strange new sensual experiences.

As soon as Alaina's tongue concentrated on her clitoris Jill ceased being passive. Her right hand delved into Kelly's bald public mound and began caressing her wet slit while her left hand came up to enclose Marcus' big cock caressing her spiked nipples. Kelly pulled away to kiss her husband dropping one of her elongated nipples on Jill's lips. The most pervasive orgasm ever seared through Jill's body leaving her limp on her neighbors' bed.

All three pulled away from Jill and stretched out across the king size bed to cool off and regain their breath. One by one, Alaina, Jill and finally Kelly entered the shower to be thoroughly washed by Marcus. For Jill technically remaining faithful to her marital vows the entire morning had been surreal. Nothing in her prior experience equaled anything that had happened to her. Yet try as she might she could find nothing unpleasant that occurred with Kelly, Alaina or Marcus.

Alaina and Kelly set the tone lounging in their sitting room naked watching those brave enough to go on the beach in the noon day heat. Alaina raised her eyebrows at Kelly. Kelly surreptitiously glanced at Jill. Apparently Jill couldn't tear her eyes away from the flaccid black cock. Kelly and Alaina by unspoken agreement opted not to embarrass Jill.

Marcus excused himself stating he had scheduled scuba diving for part of the afternoon. Asking where to catch up with them, his wife reminded him they were going shopping and would meet him at dinner. Jill felt a tingle in her loins upon noticing Marcus' wet suit emphasized rather than hid his package. After his departure the gals agreed to get dressed and go shopping. Jill watched Kelly pull on her shorts without underwear and her scooped neck halter without a bra. Jill was not at all surprised there were no undergarments with her shorts and top. Sensing her discomfort Kelly gave Jill a warm embrace before declaring, "Alaina's right! You should never hide this gorgeous body!" Alaina returned wearing a revealing halter top that sensually molded her firm upright 36Cs and a pair of tight white shorts drawing attention to her camel toe.

Every initial effort by Jill to select one piece suits was countered by her cohorts pushing her into a changing booth with a half dozen pair of bikinis. The more risqué the bikini the more complimentary were Kelly, Alaina and boutique staff. Complimentary fruit punch kept flowing and by mid-afternoon Jill had the beginnings of a total clothing makeover, three bikinis and two thong bikinis.

Returning to Kelly and Alaina's adjacent suites Jill's hosts insisted they relax at the tiki pool. Leading the way Kelly began lathering Alaina with tanning lotion while Alaina did likewise with Jill and Jill took care of Kelly. Of course the three vixens could not resist fondling, pinching ad tickling each other. Since her hosts put on their new thong bikinis Jill went along to get along.

Kelly checked out a large enough inflatable to accommodate all three laying their upper torsos on it. In the middle of the tiki pool was a swim up tiki bar. A couple of patrons made room for the ladies to paddle their inflatable right up to one side of the bar. Male patrons ogling her uncharacteristic display of bosom reinforced Jill's initial discomfort. Encouragement from her cohorts to pay them no mind helped. But what erased her timidity was the extraordinarily sexy black bartender asking, "What can I get you beautiful lady?"

Jill had already spent about seven months increasingly wrestling with the temptation of one black man. This morning she had allowed a then black stranger to trim her pubic bush, guided his cock over her boobs and spent considerable time enjoying the sight of his big black cock. Needless to say Jill had absolutely no qualms with spending the rest of their afternoon flirting with their black bartender. As the afternoon progressed so did the intimacy level of the gals' conversation. The two libertines let Jill hesitantly proceed to sex and candidly answered her many questions with carefully chosen words. Kelly being married to a black man was far easier for Jill's conservative mindset to accept. Learning Alaina and Kelly had been friends for a few years before Kelly becoming Assistant Principal last year seemed to explain the lack of modesty with all of them in bed this morning. Clarifying their comfort level Kelly admitted she concurred with Marcus making Alaina black owned. Both wife and friend with benefits tried to help Jill understand being black owned does not necessarily constitute sexual monogamy.

Instead, as in their case, a married white wife usually becomes a willing Afrocentric hot wife. By the end of the afternoon Jill had gained a considerable theoretical understanding of their lifestyle even though some of it was way over the top given her background.

Returning to Kelly's room Jill was invited to clean up before changing and meeting her husband for dinner. They enjoyed soaping and caressing each other. After rinsing off they wrapped themselves in Sandals robes and lay back across Kelly's king sized bed for a while. Kelly initiated intimacy caressing Jill before moving around so her head was facing Jill's feet and parting Jill's robe. Without hesitation Jill extended her arm and pulled Kelly's crotch over her face to reciprocate the wondrous sensations coursing through her. Fingers and tongues lit both women's sensual fires and brought them to multiple climaxes.

Afterwards they snuggled intimately side by side. Jill finally asked the question that remained unasked the entire afternoon. "Why didn't Marcus make me another black owned white wife this morning?" Kelly leaned into Jill and passionately French kissed her before answering. "For at least four reasons I know of. First, we had not discussed bringing you into our tight knit discreet circle. Second, this morning you were not ready. Third, undoubtedly you are well aware of one very familiar black man patiently waiting for you to want him to be your first black partner. Honestly that is the only reason I kept Marcus from replacing Alaina's tongue with his cock this morning. Fourth, you have some serious thinking to do about marital monogamy versus a black owned lifestyle."

In reply Jill offered, "Kelly these past few months I gave extramarital temptation considerable thought and chose to protect the sanctity of my marital vows. As a result of today's wonderful sexual experiences with you and Alaina and again with you I fervently hope we will continue our special relationship after Spring Break. Very much wanting to continue with two new lovers forces me to rationally question the validity of marital monogamy. All the black owned and sexual lifestyle information you shared has made me more curious than ever."

Alaina having quietly entered to avoid interrupting Jill's train of thought effusively clapped her hands. Kelly smilingly replied, "Apparently Alaina heartily agrees that we three will remain lovers. Just let us know when you are ready to go black and it will be our privilege to provide you with a wonderful atmosphere!" Jill added with a laugh, "If by very familiar black man patiently waiting for me you mean Ron Freeman, then I don't know if I can wait until Spring Break is over to go black!"

Jill dressed in one of her makeover outfits for the ride up to Body Holiday. Alaina accompanied her since Roger had been told to keep Dan occupied until their wives joined them. Both of them were equally disgusted to find their husbands sun burned and passed out among the remnants of rum drinks on the sunning deck. Gathering two Afghans they covered their husbands and went to find some dinner. Returning from a delicious meal they were quite surprised to find their husbands still passed out. Alaina and Jill looked at each other and agreed "Why waste a beautiful night?" Jill had every intention of returning the extraordinary sexual pleasure bestowed on her by Alaina that morning. Knowing their oblivious husbands were a few yards away made their endless night of mutual Sapphic passion all the more exciting.

Alaina was awakened by one of the husbands stirring around. Rolling over away from her lover she quietly lay facing the ensuite bath. Feigning sleep she was pretty sure it was Jill's husband going into the bath as Roger would have leaned over and kissed her on the way. Dan retched and retched until there was nothing left in his stomach. She lay there quietly as she heard the shower stop. The temptation to peek at Jill's husband was just too strong.

What she saw or rather didn't see shocked her. At least her husband's seven inches was a "shower" and what you see is what she gets to keep her going in between black fucking. How in the world could anyone as passionate as Jill remained faithful to such an under-endowed husband was way beyond Alaina's comprehension. No wonder Jill kept staring at Kelly's husband yesterday. She couldn't wait to tell Kelly.

Alaina quietly dressed and slipped out of their suite. Her first stop was the main desk to confirm Ron Freeman's arrival and room number. The desk clerk asked her to wait at the in-house courtesy phone. A couple of minutes later she was speaking with Ron getting his room number, telling him Jill's, Kelly's and her's. She gave him a brief summary of the previous day's events and made arrangements to meet for lunch.

Next she called Sandals and got connected with Kelly. After providing both Ron and Jill's room numbers Alaina asked what was on tap for the day? Kelly said Marcus was invited by yesterday's scuba buddies to play a round of golf and was leaving soon. Kelly accepted Alaina's luncheon invitation. Alaina asked Kelly to bring her a change of clothing and their bikinis.

By the time Alaina returned to Jill's room it was mid-morning. Jill informed her Roger needed to return to Sandals to finish cleaning up and change his clothes. She had encouraged Dan to return yesterday's kindness by going along and keeping him company. So it was agreed they would do lunch at Sandals and meet their wives later in the afternoon at Caribleu Cove.

The sexy blonde and gorgeous brunette wasted no more time. Straight into the shower they went to sensually soap and rinse each other. Forgoing towels they flopped across the king size be and immediately moved into nose to toes to bring each other to multiple climaxes. Kelly arrived in time to help Jill understand the benefits of a "daisy chain."

Alaina picked out Jill's clothes with the intention of sending a clear signal to her secret luncheon guest. Jill was still a little uncomfortable worrying what people would think, but Kelly and Alaina allayed her unreasonable fear. Alaina seized a rare opportunity to privately whisper to Kelly, "Ron Freeman's meeting us for lunch."

Three sexy ladies entering the Body Holiday's dining room received first class service and seating. Light aperitifs accompanied their menu selection. Moments later Alaina's luncheon surprise stood by the table. Alaina and Kelly winked at each other as Jill's jaw dropped when she heard, "It's a small world isn't it? You are three beautiful ladies!"

Surprising everyone at the table Jill did not hesitate to stand, warmly embrace and passionately add a little tongue to her greeting kiss. Ron whispered, "I certainly love the new you!" Grudgingly Jill released Ron so the other two could equally greet him. Of course the ladies invited their guest to dine with them. A very pleasant, chatty lunch was equally enjoyed by all four expressing their pleasure over being away from work and happy to be here together. Four different light desserts were ordered and freely shared among each other. At the end of lunch Kelly and Alaina immediately got it when Jill cryptically announced, "I'm so glad I don't have to wait until Spring Break is over!"

Kelly replied, "You two catch up and then find us at the cove afterwards."

No one else knew Roger had earlier shared with Alaina Dan's phallic inferiority complex and desire to see his wife with a well-endowed sex partner. Alaina had confirmed Dan's under-endowment from what she had seen and provided Ron's room number. While they did lunch Roger hid the two of them in the cabana just off the room with a clear line of sight to the bed.

Aware other guests will see her dining and socializing with her husband during the remainder of the week Ron, Alaina, Kelly and Jill exited the dining room together. In the side hallway Alaina and Kelly headed for Jill's room with her key card. Jill slipped her arm through Ron's and pressed her big boobs against his bicep all the way to his suite.

Upon entering Ron's suite Jill made a bee-line directly alongside the king side bed. Turning into the arms of her chosen extramarital lover she leaned on her tiptoes to passionately kiss her first black man. Meanwhile Ron unhooked the eyelet at the top of her sexy scooped neck top and found the catch and zip on her mini skirt. Jill stepped back, provocatively shrugged and shimmied a couple of times. Her top floated down onto the puddle of her mini skirt leaving her only in her strappy high heeled sandals. Taking her hand Ron guided her out of the skirt around her feet.

Jill wasted no more time unwrapping her present. Ron didn't make it easy continually stepping back or turning her around to visually enjoy the woman her had lusted after for eight months. During occasional embraces she had felt his chest but nothing prepared her for the beauty of his buff upper torso. She spent all the time she needed to caress and kiss his entire upper torso often deviating to his lips. She could not unhitch his belt and slacks while standing. Jill willingly knelt before her black man. Jill had no idea Ron went commando under his slacks. Guess what whapped her in the face when his slacks lowered?

Startled for a moment, Jill covered her brief panic attack with the quip, "Whoa there big boy!" Pulling her head back to enjoy the sight of his magnificent midnight-hued meat, she tentatively reached out with both hands to pay homage to her lover's big thick black cock. She marveled at the purple plum popping out every time gently stroked his shaft. She spent several minutes getting acquainted with and marveling over her second black cock in two days.

Never willing to be sexually experimental in her marriage Jill neither had any experience with heterosexual oral sex nor any sexual position other than missionary with the lights off. However, Jill's naiveté didn't seem to negatively affect her willingness to please both of them. With absolutely no hesitation Jill kissed the plum colored head giving the slit some tongue. Swirling her tongue around the crown and spiking her tongue under the foreskin was a prelude to drawing as much of his black cock into her mouth as she could handle. Without prior experience Jill seemed to intuitively understand what constitutes an excellent blow job as she devotedly worshiped her first extramarital lover's black cock.

Great minds think alike. Exactly when Jill decided she had battled temptation long enough Ron gently coaxed her mouth off of his cock. Together they sprawled across his king size bed. Jill spread her legs, coaxed Ron into the saddle and guided his big cock to her splayed pussy lips. She took a couple of minutes to tease her opening and clitoris with his cock knob. At the same time her pussy was lubricating his cock for entry. Raising her legs she planted her feet on his buttocks centering his cock knob and Ron took over.

Slowly and steadily he drove his big thick cock into her virgin-like pussy. Each time Jill reacted with pain he stopped pushing to allow her vaginal sheath to adjust. Since nothing more than a thin four and a half inches had ever penetrated Jill's pussy it took a while for a cock two and a half times longer and five times thicker to make its way into her depths.

Dan and Roger watched the ebony and ivory coupling in awe. On one hand Dan was happy his obsession was being fulfilled. On the other hand desire for his wife to get a big cock sent his inferiority complex into overdrive. Fortunately for everyone events unfolded faster than his mind could spin into crisis mode. Dan glumly watched his wife hold nothing back from her lover. Insecurity now had jealousy for a partner!

After the lovers reached a thundering climax Dan and Roger quietly slipped away to Body Holiday's bar overlooking the cove. They could see where Alaina and Kelly were tanning and had a couple of drinks waiting for Jill to join them. When over an hour passed they debated whether or not to return to spy from the cabana, but decided that was too risky. Roger invited Dan to come with him to Sandals to see what mischief they could get into and off they went.

Meanwhile Jill felt like she was truly experiencing nirvana. Her first colossal cock gave her not only one, but also multiple orgasms. Never vocal during marital love making, she was pleasantly surprised by how aroused she got from begging to be fucked, declaring how great his big black cock felt, praising her black lover and telling him her pussy was now black owned. It was not just being vocal but the lurid vocabulary that enriched her first extramarital fling.

Her husband had always been a "one and done." After waiting more than twenty years for a big cock, Jill was not about to quit at once. She was so grateful Ron passionately fucked her three times in three different positions their first time together. She had no idea she could be so wanton, so insatiable and truly enjoy being such a slut.

She was so proud of becoming black owned Jill quickly went to her suite and returned wearing her most risqué thong bikini. Dismissing earlier concerns over other tourists reaction to her being with a man other than her husband, Jill proudly laced her arm in her black man's as the two strolled across the beach to join Alaina and Kelly at the cove. Alaina and Kelly rose from their loungers affectionately greeting both of them and congratulated Jill on becoming their black owned partner.

They formed their four loungers into a round pie with feet facing each other so they could chat and banter. The free spirited exchange initially left Jill on the sidelines until she acclimated to the interlaced seriousness, banter and risqué language. About every half hour Ron would go along with one or two of the ladies taking turns cooling off in the cove's water. Jill was very proud she felt absolutely no jealousy when her two cohorts provocatively tantalized her very first extramarital lover. After all it was about getting incomparable sexual gratification with a big black cock and not romance.

All three women were waiting for their husband to arrive. Marcus came wandering across the beach looking for them a little before 5 PM. Responding to Alaina's inquiry about Roger Marcus responded he had heard an inebriated man complaining on her deck and went next door to check on the situation. Together Roger and he half guided and half carried Dan from Sandals back to his room. Roger arrived a moment later assuring Jill her husband was safely in bed.

That distressing news broke up an otherwise delightful afternoon at the beach. Marcus, Roger, Kelly and Alaina left for Sandals asking Ron and Jill to call them tomorrow. Ron escorted Jill back inside the Body Holiday and asked whether or not she wanted him to walk her to her suite. "No thank you. I'll call or contact you through the girls when I can." Jill replied.

The condition she found Dan in erased her Spring Break good vibes. He smelled like a brewery. His clothing smelled from traces of vomit, urinary incontinence and being worn in the tropics for two days. He was unshaven and unkempt. To add insult to injury he was calling her nasty names when not snoring like a drunken sailor.

Adapting the more than twenty year familiar role of dutiful wife Jill set about stripping Dan's nasty clothes off of him. Too ashamed to put them in room service cleaning she threw them away. She finally called room service and asked for assistance in the delicate matter of helping her inebriated husband into the shower. Rather than the shower their bubble jet spa was recommended and she accepted. The two staff members who came to help also brought 2 glasses of Alka Seltzer.

Seldom indulging in liquor left her unsure of how he would come out of this. The first glass of Alka Seltzer caused Dan to repeatedly barf into a nearby waste can. Jill succeeded in getting him to drink the second glass after another hour in the bubble spa. Dan lay back and soaked for another hour. Able to get himself out of the spa he went into the shower and stayed there nearly a half hour. Another half hour and he emerged from the bath shaved and looking more like the usual Dan.

Meanwhile Jill went shopping in the resort pharmacy. She returned with a morning after pill and a six pack of strong douche. While in the shower she cleansed her insides and discovered two bottles of douche were required. Before finishing her hair and facial she ordered her a light dinner and chicken rice soup with lots of saltine crackers for Dan from room service. She had them set up their meal in the cabana to take advantage of the mild evening breeze. Dan did not exactly give her the cold shoulder but he was not exactly congenial. When both finished their light dinner Jill told him, "I know you and I'm sure something is wrong. So get it off your chest!"

Without answering Dan sat still for a long time apparently staring into their suite. Finally breaking the silence, "Look through the right corner of the cabana into our suite and tell me what you see." Doing as he said Jill replied, "Kind of the center of our suite but more so the king size bed." Dan fixed his gaze on her and elaborated, "That's exactly the view I had into suite 133 right after lunch!"

Fortunately Jill understood where he was going with this in spite of disregarding years of encouraging, cajoling and urging her to seek a well-endowed sex partner. Her logical mind hitting on all cylinders enabled Jill to calmly respond, "Given all the times these past two decades you've urged me to do exactly what you saw today, I should hope you would want to celebrate together instead of getting so stinking drunk."

Expecting Jill to break out in remorseful tears and beg forgiveness left him dumbfounded. He was at a loss for words. Oh she was right as he had recently contacted a masseur to seduce her during a massage but canceled upon finding out the masseur's cock was almost the same as his. Grasping one last straw Dan retorted, "It's not that you did it, but the way you did it! I can never recall you offering to suck me or being anywhere near that vocal. And I never figured on the guy being a Darkie."

Laughing Jill retorted, "Oh come on now Dan. Do you really want to spoil the rest of Spring Vacation holding a grudge over false comparisons? How could sexual interaction be identical with two completely different partners? I am sure you have seen far more Darkies than I so you know most of them are very well hung. In other words, if I want guaranteed a well hung partner I would rarely lose out choosing a black partner."

Sheepishly Dan was forced to concede to Jill on every point. To end the intended confrontation that did not go well at all he couldn't resist asking, "Now that you've done it, is it out of your system or do you intend to do it with more in the future?"

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