Thicker Than Blood

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2013 by StangStar06

Sex Story: I fell in love with a fat girl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Rough   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   BBW   Big Breasts   2nd POV   Violent   Workplace   .

This story was edited by the incredible mikothebaby. Those of you who don't like long stories should probably give this one a pass.

They say all kinds of things in this world. For almost every situation there's an old saying that fits it. Sometimes though, you get into a battle between two of those old sayings and you have to try to figure out which one is the wisest. In my case, it was that exactly. Old people always told me that blood is stronger than anything. But they also told me that love will conquer all. So what happens when love goes up against blood?

Growing up, I was a part of an average mid-western family. There was, of course, my mom and dad. They were, of course, still together and loved each other very deeply. There were no indications that either ever cheated on the other. I guess they either had no imagination, or they just loved each other so God damned much that they just never did.

Okay, maybe that isn't the right way to put it. I guess a better way to say it is that they were each other's best friend and partners from the second they got together. And there was simply no one that either one of them wanted to be with more.

I guess I got that from them, but we'll get to that later in the story. Besides, this story isn't about them, it's about me and my life. If the story had been about them, it would be pretty fucking boring. And it would be over. Here's my parents life story ... well the quick version anyway. Jim met Brenda. They fell in love. They got married and had three children, all girls. They stayed together forever and died. The end. See what I mean. That's a fucking fairy tale.

My story is a little bit more out there. As I've mentioned, Jim and Brenda had three daughters. And this story is about sisters. The bond between sisters can be very strong. But it can also be very tumultuous.

In my case, the relationship between my sister and I was fucked up from the beginning. I, of course, can't take credit for the way that shit turned out. It was Jim and Brenda who fucked everything up. It's the same all over, everywhere. I'm about to school you to the facts of life people. The fact is that life hates fairy tales. So whenever there's a fairy tale going on, like Jim and Brenda in our case, they act like black holes in the universe. Everything may be perfect for the two star crossed lovers, but everything around them goes to shit as it's sucked into their orbit.

Jim and Brenda's three daughters aka me and my sisters didn't inherit the fairy tale. The three of us are as different as can be. We all each have our own varying degrees of problems. My sister, Melinda, is the oldest of us. She is, of course, Jim and Brenda's pride and joy. She, as the first born, is perfect in the eyes of her parents. Mindy, as she's called, can do no wrong, is heaped upon with every possible accolade from our parents and is instantly forgiven any mistakes she makes.

My sister, Belinda, is of course, the baby. Lindy, as she's affectionately known, is spoiled because she's the youngest and last child they will ever have. She is a bundle of joy and love no matter how fucked up she is.

That brings us to me. I'm Cynthia aka Cindy. And as the middle child, I don't exist. I was constantly forgotten by my parents and the rest of the family as well. My triumphs were ignored or down-played. My mistakes were magnified or used as an example for how superior my sisters were. I was constantly referred to as "The other one."

Throughout our lives, Mindy has struggled with a weight problem. Okay, I'm sugar coating it. Mindy is fat. To be brutally honest, my parents caused it. They loved her too much. Every time Mindy opened her cute little mouth, they filled it with cake. By the time we hit our teens, Mindy weighed more than the average adult woman. By the time we were adults, Mindy weighed more than the average adult male athlete who stood a foot taller than she did.

Lindy had at an early age noticed all of the attention and special treatment that Mindy got so she went the other way. She struggled with a host of problems that ranged from anorexia and bulimia, to all kinds of drugs. Since there was nothing wrong with me, again I was forgotten.

Whatever happened to Mindy affected everyone in the house. I honestly don't think my parents had a plan for parenting. They just made decisions as they came up, based on what had occurred with Mindy and that became the rule.

When Mindy turned eighteen, she'd never had a date. Seriously, what high school boy wants to date a nearly three hundred pound girl? So my dad paid one of the interns at his job to take Mindy to her prom. If it was good enough for Mindy, it became the rule. As a result, I wasn't allowed to date until I turned eighteen as well. I'd been asked from the time I was fifteen on, but wasn't allowed. Of course, Lindy, didn't date either. She just disappeared for days at a time on drug binges, but she never actually dated.

"Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters. I'd do anything for either one of them and have often given up things for their happiness. But this story mainly concerns Mindy and me, and the one time that I not only wouldn't give up something to make her happy, I actually took something that she had.

The three of us have always had a strong family resemblance. Our parents were attractive people and I guess on paper the three of us should be as well. We all have the same sparking blue eyes. We all have the same blond hair. But, of course, that's where the similarities end. Mindy, of course, is big. She isn't like a giant blob of fat. She still has an hourglass figure, it's just that the hourglass is about to explode and you can't actually tell the time because the whole thing is just completely filled with sand.

Lindy, on the other hand, even when she turned eighteen had the body of a fourteen year old boy. All of the drugs and anorexia during her early teens had stifled her development. Doctors told us that if she got off of drugs and changed her lifestyle, she might be able to gain some of the weight and development that she'd lost but it was never to be. Shortly after her eighteenth birthday, Lindy fried her brain with some exotic cocktail of drugs and had to be institutionalized. We visit her regularly, but she will never emotionally go beyond the mental state of a fourteen year old girl.

I have the problem of being pretty. I let my hair grow long and straight like our mother's. I'm 5 foot six and weigh one hundred and eighteen pounds. I have nice breasts, and a nice butt and a very tight trim tummy. I was a cheerleader and home coming queen. Of course, none of that mattered to my parents.

I, like my sister Mindy, had my first date at my senior prom. His name was Carlton Whitfield and he was the running back for our football team. He and I had passed smoldering glances back and forth all school year, just waiting for our chance to be together.

Of course, our first date was great for me. It was afterwards that my life all got fucked up. Let's face it. It was my first date. I knew all about sex and kissing and I felt those teen-aged hormones, I just had no experience. Besides, nice girls like me simply didn't put out and especially not on the first frigging date.

I was sure that Carlton was going to be the one for me. I pictured it as being just like our parents a generation before us. Carlton brought me back home immediately after the prom. He'd asked me to go to a party with him afterwards, but I'd declined. I had envisioned something completely different. I saw the two of us sitting on our porch swing and after a little bit of talking, I'd be ready for my first kiss.

It didn't exactly happen that way. I remember leaving Carlton on the porch while I went inside to get us both a glass of lemonade. Our parents were out so I felt at ease. I couldn't have been gone for more than five minutes before I came back and got my heart broken.

I still remember standing there in the doorway with two glasses of lemonade as my fat assed sister, made out with my date and told him lies about me.

They were kissing and she was letting him stick his tongue in her mouth.

"See what you're missing by dating my little idiot sister," crooned Mindy. "What does she have that I don't have? What do you like about her so much?"

"She's really nice," said Carlton nervously.

"So you're saying that I'm not nice?" hissed Mindy. "I'm the one who's letting you kiss me, not her."

"And she's really pretty and she's got a great body," said Carlton, becoming even more nervous. He was trying in his own shy way to stick up for me.

"What makes her body so great?" asked Mindy, standing up.

"She has nice boobs," said Carlton. "They look really g..."

"She doesn't have shit," hissed Mindy. She pulled the bottom of her shirt out of her skirt and showed him her huge boobs in her bra. "These are much bigger aren't they?"

Carlton's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He nodded his head so quickly I thought his neck would fall off. Then Mindy eased herself into his lap and started dry humping him on our porch swing.

"Would you like to take this further?" she asked. He nodded. His eyes were staring right at her big bra covered tits. "You can't tell anyone about this," she said. He nodded again.

"When my little sister comes back, I want you to tell her that you have to go home. Then I want you to go around to our back yard and wait for me," said Mindy. He agreed and I started crying right then. I wiped the tears away and stepped out onto the porch.

There I was, still in my prom dress holding two glasses of lemonade. Mindy smiled at me and asked me how my prom had been. She nodded her head when I answered her, though to this day I can't remember a word I said.

Carlton suddenly stood up. I could see his erection through the pants of his suit.

"Cindy, uhm ... I had a good time," he said. "But I have to go. Uhm ... something came up." He grabbed one of the glasses of lemonade and drained it in one huge gulp. "I'll make it up to you," he said and turned and walked away.

I knew what had come up. One of the symptoms of it was the tent in his pants. Tears ran down my cheeks. I had trouble believing that he'd go through with it. I figured that Mindy had just scared him away. It was my first lesson on a lot of the curiosities of life.

I went up into my room and changed into my sleep wear. I heard Carlton sneaking his way into my back yard and my broken heart shattered even further. I also heard my sister's heavy steps as she attempted to be stealthy, sneaking down the back stairwell. Lindy as usual wasn't home, so I didn't have to worry about her seeing this.

I went around to Mindy's bedroom, which was on the back side of the house. Her room was dark and I looked out of her window. Mindy took one of our lounge chairs off of the patio and placed it on the grass where it wouldn't make much noise. She sat on it. She got up and turned off the lights on the patio but I could still see her in the moonlight.

It was surreal. The houses on either side were dark, so it was as if only the three of us were there. Carlton came out of the bushes and Mindy not only lifted her shirt but took it off completely. Then she dropped her bra on the ground and pulled down her skirt and wriggled out of it. Carlton was on her in a flash. He started kissing her and mauling her huge breasts.

"Suck my titties Carl," she gushed. She lay back on the lounge chair and Carlton did just that. He sucked her breasts and played with them as my tears pooled on the window sill. I wanted to look away but I couldn't. Carlton reached one of his hands down towards Mindy's furry pussy very slowly as he continued kissing her and squeezing her boobs. Mindy's hand shot out and grabbed his as it settled on her thigh.

"Stop bullshitting Carl," she hissed. "It's right here. We both know what we're here for. There's no need for any games." She put Carlton's hand right on her pussy and opened her fat thighs to give him access. I sobbed out loud. If Mindy hadn't moaned as his fingers rubbed her pussy for the first time, they'd have heard me. Or at least they'd have heard the sounds of my dream of a life with Carlton dying.

Mindy got down on her knees and pulled Carlton's pants down. She pulled out his dick and took it into her mouth. After a while, she had to hold Carlton up because he got weak in the knees. Then she got back on the lounge chair and spread her legs really wide.

She grabbed Carlton by his dick and pulled him over to her. He lined himself up and pushed the head of his dick inside of her. I knew all about sex from movies and sex education classes but this was my first time seeing two people do it for real.

I guess I'd always had a very feminine and romantic view of sex. I always thought it would be beautiful and magical. What Carlton and Mindy did was animalistic and revolting, but I couldn't look away. Carlton fucked the shit out of Mindy. All I saw was him pounding her like a God damned drum. Her legs were splayed out to the sides and he slammed his dick into her over and over. She grabbed his ass and helped him as she thrust her hips towards his.

Mindy's breasts rolled over to the sides and moved forward and back in time to each thrust. Her big belly rolled with each thrust like waves coming in at the beach. There was no gentleness, nor was there any more kissing, they just rutted like two beasts at the mercy of their hormones.

After a while Carlton got off of her and she got down on her knees in the grass. He took her doggy style while grabbing her wildly swinging boobs. With each thrust, Mindy grunted and insulted me even more.

"Ooooh, oh yeah!" she moaned. "Fuck that pussy Carl. Fuck it good. You're not going to get anything like this from my tight assed little sister. You know she's a virgin, right?"

Carlton was too out of it to answer. He just kept sawing away at her until he came. Mindy flipped over and started sucking his dick as soon as he pulled out of her. Carlton wiped some of the sweat and their juices off of Mindy and bent her over again. He tried to stick his dick in her ass. She turned and looked at him.

"Carlton," she hissed. "I don't do that."

"You do now," he said and pushed forward as hard as he could. Mindy screamed like a beast and then they were both still. He'd lodged the head of his dick in her ass just inside her anal sphincter. After a few moments I noticed Mindy pushing her ass against him slowly.

"Oh fuck, that's tight," hissed Carlton.

"It feels weird," said Mindy. Carlton started thrusting in and out again. He moved inside a bit further each time until he got himself all the way inside of her. A few strokes later, he was standing on his tiptoes howling as he came again and coated my sister's bowels. They collapsed and lay there in the grass, sweating and panting side by side. Mindy reached out to touch Carlton, but he moved away from her. I've always remembered that. I think even my inexperienced mind understood what that gesture meant about them. Carlton had no love at all for my sister. He was a nineteen year old boy. He was at the mercy of his hormones. Mindy wasn't a woman to Carlton. She was just a pussy. He'd gotten what he'd wanted and now he wanted nothing to do with her.

"I'll keep my promise," he said, as he got up and started getting dressed. "No one will know about this. Make sure you do too." I got the idea that Carlton was more worried about protecting his own reputation than he was my sister's.

That brought another old saying to mind. Fat girls are like Mopeds. They're a lot of fun to ride, but you don't want your friends to see you on one.

I went back to my room and cried myself to sleep. The next morning my parents were back and neither of them even bothered to ask about my prom.

Two days later Carlton called and asked me to go to a movie with him. I turned him down flat.

"Did I do something to upset you?" he asked. "Cindy, you're beautiful," he said. "I want you to be my girl." I hung up the phone on him.

"Asshole," I spat.

"I thought you liked him," said Mindy. "You went to your prom with him. I kind of saw the two of you maybe even getting married, or at least dating for a long time."

"Why, so you could fuck him after all of my dates," I hissed.

"Cindy, I only did it for you," she whined. "You're kind of naïve about guys. He just wasn't right for you. He was only looking for one thing."

"Yeah, he wanted a fat whore who let's anybody fuck her," I said. "And he found one."

That started a pattern between my sister and I. Over that summer, I started my search for true love. I wanted what my parents had. My sister, on the other hand, couldn't get dates of her own, so she wanted what I had. And she often got it. Many times it got to the point where I just had my dates meet me some place instead of bringing them to the house.

At the end of the summer, I went away to college. Over the years, I continued to date and to explore my own sexuality. I never really settled down. Not because I didn't have the offers, but because I simply couldn't find what I wanted. I needed a man who made my heart flutter. I needed a man who loved me as much as I loved him. I needed a guy who'd be true to me no matter what. I'd had too many guys who claimed they loved me and would do anything for me, who'd fallen to temptation too easily.

My relationship with my sister was, of course, never the same. My parents, true to form blamed me. "You have to understand it from her side," said my dad. "Our society doesn't look at the person inside. All they look at is the body and the face. You were given a gift. Your sister isn't so lucky. She has to sometimes do things that you don't. Doesn't she have a right to find someone too?"

"Dad, she doesn't have a right to try to steal my boyfriends," I said. That was all I ever said on the subject. I knew that I was preaching to the choir. Nothing I said against Mindy would ever register. The only thing I'd do was to make my parents think even more that Mindy needed love and attention and that I was just cold and unfeeling.

Mindy had dropped out of college in her first year. She ended up working for the library in our town. After my four years of college, I came home to make my fortune and settled into a nice job at an engineering firm in town. Mindy was a full-fledged librarian. She could never be the head librarian or even the manager because she didn't have a college degree but at least she was working enough to partially support herself.

After I moved into a nice apartment of my own, things began to get worse. Within a month of living on my own, Mindy got the brilliant idea that the two of us should live together. Sisters on our own, she called it.

My mom and dad were all for it and began talking up the benefits of the idea that very same evening. The train went off the rails, when I said in a very small voice, "No." Everyone turned and looked at me as if I'd shit into the gravy at Thanksgiving dinner.

"It's time for me to be on my own," I said. "And I'm doing fine. I'm paying all of my bills and I'm managing to save some money too. I'll probably be able to take a few nice vacations every year and see some things. This is something I need to experience." That was my politically correct way of saying I didn't want to live with Mindy.

Of course, when Mindy's face fell and she started crying, I was under attack. "That is so selfish of you," said my mother.

"Just because you got that fancy job, it doesn't mean you should turn your back on your family," said my dad. "Don't forget you owe us, Missy. Who was it that paid for you to go to college?"

"Dad," I said calmly. "I got a partial scholarship due to cheerleading and academics. That paid for a lot of my tuition and expenses. I got a student loan for the rest. So the Federal government paid for me to go to school. You, as usual, have me confused with Mindy. You paid for her first year of school even though she didn't go to class regularly."

"See, that's what I'm talking about," he snapped. " ... You and your smart assed mouth. You know very well that your sister is very smart. She just didn't do well in a traditional academic environment. The students in all of those classes both in high school and in college alienated her and made the classroom a hostile learning situation. Mindy stopped attending classes to protest society's discrimination against over-weight Americans."

"How exactly did they do that," I asked. "In most of my classes, people who were over-weight simply didn't get asked out. Or maybe they got talked about a little bit. Everyone got talked about, Dad. White kids talked about black kids and vice versa. Smart kids talked about stupid kids and vice versa. I got picked on too, Dad. Every time I walked into a classroom, I had guys staring at my ass or my chest and the rude ones even told me what they wanted to do to me. It's a part of growing up. You have to develop a tougher shell and let the shit that doesn't matter just slide off. Kids who wear glasses get called four eyes. It's not wonderful; it's just life."

"Well, Mindy's artistic soul couldn't handle it," he said.

"Yeah, Mindy's an artist alright," I mumbled. There was simply no way I was going to let my fat whore of a sister move in with me and fuck every guy I dated. Since I no longer lived at home, my word on the subject was final; I thought.

Two days later, my mom was over at my apartment. She actually asked me why I had my computer and my office set-up in Mindy's room. She showed it to my dad when he picked her up. He looked at me and told me that since Mindy would probably move in over the weekend, he'd help me move my computer desk and office furniture into my room and put the rest in storage. I needed to break down the computer by Friday so we could move the furniture because he didn't know much about computers.

I just laughed at him. He looked at me and then back at my mom. "Our generation isn't as well-versed in technology as yours is," he said. "So sue me."

I went and looked through my papers. "Dad, take a look at this," I said. He looked at the paper I handed him.

"It looks like a lease," he said.

"It is," I said. He was smiling about getting it right. "Whose name is on it?" I asked.

"Yours," he said.

"Do you see any other name on that lease?" I asked.

"Nope," he said. "Are you going to add Mindy's name to it?"

"Nope," I spat right back.

"What's your point here Cynthia?" he asked.

"Dad, when I lived at home, I abided by your rules," I said. "Now I live on my own. This isn't your house Dad. You don't get to make the decisions here. I'm sorry but Mindy is not moving in with me."

He looked at me for a long time. Then he looked back at my mom. "Let's go Brenda," he said. "We'll have to break the news to Mindy gently. Maybe we'd better take her out for pizza. This is going to be a hard one. She had her heart set on this."

He looked back at me. "Cindy, why the hell did you lead the poor girl on like this? You know she's had one set back after another. Then you go dangling a prize in front of her and snatch it away at the last minute. That's no way to treat your sister. She'd never do anything like that to you."


I remember the first time I saw Mindy. I work as an industrial engineer, but I was doing some research for a side project. I've always had an interest in traditional metallurgy, which seems strange to some people. I guess they see it as a case of me taking my work home with me. It probably does seem weird that after working all day on processes to make car parts out of mostly steel, I go home and want to learn to make other things out of steel but that's me.

The two disciplines are completely different, of course. At work, we have all of the latest and greatest computer controlled inspection and machining equipment. We can go straight from design to the production floor without ever leaving the office. I can make ten prototypes of a product I've designed in a matter of minutes. Then they can be tested, inspected and proven out the same day.

When I'm messing around at home, making a single blade may take weeks and one mistake during the forging process can result in having to start all over again from scratch.

Before I digress too far, I was doing research on the process the Vikings used to make their swords and unfortunately I wasn't having much luck on the Internet. I found information on everything Viking related, including thousands of pages dedicated to Viking porn, but nothing on the subject of my research. So I had to go old school. I had to actually step into a library.

The first thing I saw when I stepped up to the desk to ask for directions towards what I was looking for was Mindy's smiling face. She was a big girl, a really big girl, but she carried it pretty well. She had really beautiful curly blond hair that was cut short and pushed away from her face. It made her look younger and brought out her eyes.

I was also mesmerized by the huge swellings on her chest. She directed me towards the section of the library where I'd find the things I sought. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about her because I had very little time, but she had made an impression on me.

As a matter of fact, time was one of the things that worked against me. By the time I got off work every day at 5, I had only a couple of hours before the library closed at 7. Over the next few days it got to be a routine. I'd leave the office and dash to the library, where I'd have less than 90 minutes to study. It took only 2 days for us to get on a first name basis. By the third day she was bringing me coffee. I thought I would lose my library privileges though on Thursday when she caught me staring at her ass as she walked away.

I felt bad for the rest of that evening. It had been a typical male response. Mindy had a huge ass and had worn tight jeans that day that just seemed impossible for her to get into. She'd brought me a cup of coffee that was actually against the library's rules. And I'd repaid her by gawking at her rear end like I was a frat boy.

When she came around later to tell me that they'd be closing in twenty minutes, I tried to apologize.

"Mindy, I'm really sorry about before," I said nervously. "It was disrespectful and in very poor taste."

"Well, at least you apologized," she said. "Most of you guys just point and laugh. Some of them make circus jokes. You know ... look at the elephant. I've probably heard every fat joke there is. Maybe I should just get a big tent to cover myself and..."

"I think you have the wrong idea totally about why I was staring at you," I said.

"So, why were you staring at my big fat ass then?" she asked.

Even as she asked the question she leaned over and it looked like her huge tits were going to spill out of her shirt. I got really nervous and it seemed like I broke out in a sweat.

"I ... I ... uhm," I babbled.

"Oh my God," she blurted out. "You liked it, didn't you?"

"I have to go," I said. I quickly got up, gathered my things and left without another word. Of course, I didn't go to the library on Friday or Saturday. Saturday would have been the one day that I could have gotten a lot done, since I didn't have to work. But my embarrassment kept me away.

I also stayed away on Monday and Tuesday of the following week. On Wednesday though, I quietly went back. I didn't stop by the desk though. I went in through the rear entrance and even sat at a different table. I stayed in the reference section and never went by the front desk.

About forty minutes into my visit, my luck ran out. Mindy was showing a section of books to two high-schoolers when she saw me out of the corner of her eye. She pointed out a shelf to them and made a beeline for my table.

"So ... Tim," she said smiling. "How've you been?"

"Fine, I guess," I said.

"Where've you been?" she asked.

"I didn't think you'd want me here," I said.

"Tim, Honey, what I want doesn't matter. The sign outside says, "Public Library." I don't own the place. I just work here," she said. "Secondly, I love having you here. This was all just a misunderstanding. I was playing with you." She sat down at the table and pulled my head close to hers. "Tim, I liked having you look at my ass. It made me feel really good."

She pointed at the two high-schoolers at a table across the room. "Do you think I wouldn't like a break sometimes from idiots like those two?" She stuck her lower jaw out and started talking in a really grating voice. "Duh lookit duh whale ... duh she's fat. Duh hee duh hee!"

I had to laugh at her imitation. "So then I meet a great looking guy, who looks at me with real interest. I actually caught you staring at my ass. I got a little bit too happy, Tim. I didn't mean to chase you off. I was trying to reel you in. So don't go disappearing on me again."

I smiled as she got up and went back to work. A few days later, I was done with my research. I went to the library anyway. "Why don't you have any books, Tim?" asked Mindy.

"I'm kind of done with my research," I said. Her face fell.

"So why are you here, then?" she asked, sadly.

"I've kind of gotten used to seeing you," I said. "It just wouldn't be a good day if I didn't get my Mindy fix, before I go home."

Her smile lit up the room. Then she looked at me and started whispering again. "You know you could always just ask me out," she said. "I'm pretty sure I'd say yes."

"Mindy, uhm would you... ?" I began.

"YES!" she screamed before I could even finish asking her. Every head in the library turned towards us. "Shhhhh!" she said pointing her finger at me as if I'd been the one who screamed.

That Friday evening, I picked Mindy up at her apartment and we went to dinner and a movie. I had a really nice time and I hoped that she did as well. I didn't have the best dating history, so I was on my Ps and Qs. I tried to be a perfect gentleman, but I got the impression that Mindy was expecting something else.

There was a delightful tension between us as we stared at each other across the table at dinner. We had a nice conversation and I got to know more about her. I even convinced her to talk about her family a bit. She seemed reluctant to talk about them.

"Mindy, I'm sorry," I told her. "I guess I've been asking you questions because I really want to get to know you better. A lot of the things about us come from our interactions with our close family members. Your personality and likes and dislikes are all influenced by things that happened to you while you were growing up. And maybe I'm moving too fast, but I kind of hoped that someday I'd get to meet them."

She looked at me as if I'd stuck a cattle prod up her ass. "What do you mean?" she asked in abject shock.

"Sorry," I said again. I was sure that I'd misjudged things between us. "I guess I should have expected that."

"What the hell are you talking about Tim?" she asked sharply. "What do you mean? Tell me exactly what you meant about meeting my family."

"It's no big deal," I said. "We just have different ideas about where this is heading and..."

"Where do you think it's heading, Tim?" she asked.

"Look Mindy, You don't have to get upset," I said. "I can take you home. I see now that you were just being polite when you accepted my invi..."

"Tim, shut up and answer my God damned question," she snapped. "Where did you think we were heading?"

"Mindy, you're so nice and..." I began but paused. "I guess I'd hoped that we were headed for a relationship type of situation and..."

"You and me?" she said smiling. "In a relationship? Like us together?" she laughed.

"Okay, maybe it was kind of stupid," I said. She reached across the table and grabbed my hand.

"Tim, it wasn't stupid at all," she said. "It's the best idea I've ever heard of."

"But you don't know anything about me, yet," I said. "My house is messy and I snore and..."

"I know how to clean," she said. "And I love snoring. I'd love to hear yours. That's the sign of people who are comfortable with each other and can just be themselves. No one is perfect, Tim. Maybe someday, I'll have to worry about running around in just a T-shirt and panties in front of you."

The thought of it sent all of the blood rushing from one of my head to the other and I gripped her hand tighter. She smiled and looked into my eyes then, though I couldn't tell what the hell she was looking for.

"Tim, when I run around like that, I don't wear a bra, either," she said smiling. I imagined her big boobs moving under the T-shirt and my pants got even tighter. She smiled even more broadly and continued torturing me. "Most of the time you can see my nipples through the shirt," she said. I almost came in my pants thinking about it.


Tim is my dream man brought to life. From the first time he stepped into my library, I knew he was special. He's very shy around women, but he's a great guy. He's very good looking and very nicely built too. Most of the time, guys like him don't even look at me twice. I'm twenty eight years old and have never had a steady boyfriend. I have lots of men in my life but they're all borrowed.

I guess basically, to be honest, I'm a slut. I'm that fat girl that all the men fuck, but none of them want to date. Yep, I'm that booty call girl, in my case, that big booty call girl, who does the things that their wives and girlfriends won't.

I guess I've gotten used to the way things have been over the years. I never had one fucking date in high school. A younger friend of my dad's was invited to one of our family barbecues. He spent the entire day looking at my younger sister. Just before he had to leave, he came over and asked to take me to my prom. I was over the moon. I also felt great about taking something from my bitch of a little sister. I actually had two younger sisters, but only one that I hated.

Lindy was the youngest. She was okay. She didn't get in my way much. I think she started doing drugs when she was only twelve. Most of the time she was spaced out and trying to hide from everyone. She never tried to compete with me for that most vital of commodities, our parent's attention. Lindy also looked like a walking skeleton. Looking at her was just hard.

But Cindy, oh no; I hated that bitch from the first breath she drew. She was supposed to be my little sister. Sisters were supposed to look alike and act alike and talk alike and basically be alike. That bitch obviously never saw the Patty Duke show. The bitch was supposed to be mini me. But she couldn't even do that right.

Cindy fucked everything up. She was thin, first off. And I think she did it just to spite me. By her being thin or well built, it automatically made me "the fat one." Then, when she started school, she became, "the pretty one." No matter what our parents thought, all of the boys in the school loved Cindy. They barely even noticed me. And when they did notice, it was always fat jokes.

To top it off, Cindy had the nerve to be smart. I think she busted her ass in school, doing homework and studying and all of that shit just to make people think that she was smarter than I was. Anyone with a brain should have been able to figure out that since we were from the same family, we should be equally smart. I think that she was just pretending to be smart to make me look bad.

Thank God for my Dad who pointed out that the reason Cindy got better grades than me was because I was at a higher grade level so the work was harder. I don't understand why people shook their heads when he said that because it sounded perfectly logical to me.

I just made it my purpose in life to take away anything Cindy had and liked. I also did my best to get her in trouble whenever possible. I hated Cindy with a passion.

My first date was not the magical affair that I'd expected either. We got to the hall and he quickly deposited me in a chair along the back wall and proceeded to dance with and talk to other girls there. Halfway through the dance, I heard two other girls gossiping about how my father had paid him to take me to the prom.

We left a lot sooner than I'd expected to. And he seemed really unhappy in the car. He was mumbling constantly and getting angrier.

"What are you so upset about?" I asked. "Isn't my dad paying you enough?"

"It's not you honey," he said, smiling at me. "It's that bitch I was dancing with. She spent the whole night getting me heated up and then just skipped out on me. I think I'm going to have blue balls. I hate bitches like that. The least she could have done was to give me a blow job."

"I'd give you a blow job," I said. "If I knew what a blow job was. Or how to do it."

He turned the car around so fast that he left rubber marks on the road. The next thing I knew we were parked in a darkened area of the park. He was talking to me in a really nice voice. His whole manner towards me had changed.

He put his arm around me and it made me feel very special. It was different from the way my mother and father made me feel when they hugged me. After a few moments, I felt his fingers on my breasts. It just felt strange. Not bad but strange. He pulled the shoulders of my dress down and I didn't resist. I knew about sex but at 18, had never even been kissed. All I knew was that I wanted to do things with him and spend time with him so anything he wanted to do was fine with me.

When he pulled my breasts out of my bra, he gasped.

"Oh my fucking God," he said. "You have the biggest, nicest titties I've ever seen." That was like poetry to my ears. I started to get wet downstairs. I was in shock. It was as if I was finally alive.

He started to lick and suck my nipples and sparks shot through me. "Mindy are you a virgin?" he asked. I just nodded. He pulled down his pants and pulled my face towards his dick. "Suck it!" he ordered. As I licked and sucked it he told me what he liked and how to do it. When he came, I wasn't ready for it and I gagged trying to get my head away from him.

"That was really fucking good," he gushed, still out of breath. He was rubbing my tits and had moved one hand down and inside of my panties.

"Want me to do it again?" I asked. He nodded his head so fast I thought it was going to come off. At the end of that evening, I had sucked him off until he couldn't get hard anymore. I was still a virgin but only because he was afraid of my dad. Little did I know that I wouldn't be for much longer, because several of my classmates had wandered past our car and seen what was going on inside.

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