The Forbidden Cocktail

by WhiteWitch

Copyright© 2013 by WhiteWitch

Erotica Sex Story: They are forbidden to each others. They were able to avoid each other for a while. but they find themselves in the same bar one night. What will happen if they are not able to avoid sipping on forbidden cocktails?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Oral Sex   Public Sex   .

He is in a cool bar with their best friends. They're having fun and quite few drinks. He's having fun as well, but his mind keeps wander. They keep trying to get his attention and make fun of him he cannot hold his liquor as he used to when they were all younger. He lets them think that, hopes the one that knows him better than the rest don't suspect anything else. But it is not the alcohol. It is the aches he feels in his body missing the one he should not. The one who's not his. It's been two weeks since he saw her last, kissed her, inhale her and let her give him much needed pleasure and release in a hidden corner of the world. Since then their real life, the ones they are committed to, got in their way. Maybe he should try more alcohol wondering if this can help him forget for a little while. He feels like he is going crazy because of the longing to her. But lately he was careful with drinking, especially when he misses her so badly. He is afraid something will escape out of him to the open and ruin the life they are trying to hold too.

He tries to convince himself that he just need a relief to his body. Since she ignited his sensual fire again almost from the depth of forgetness of perfect husbands, he cannot go on without it for more than few days. He looks at what his. He thinks can I get any alcohol in her and convince her to try get warm by his fire and maybe melt? He notices that, as usual, she barely touched the wine glass she had from the beginning of the evening. He sighs quietly. So much changed since they met and everything was hot and heavy between them. Or at least what he thought was hot and heavy, until he met this sexy witch of his (The Witch: ) ... She stopped doing so many things she used to and most of all see him as her lover not just care taker. But he knows that he misses more than just a relief to his arousal. He misses this forbidden fire of his. Her ways to just swoop him when she's next to him and her strong will to just give him. Sometimes though he just wants to go back to numbness of the routine he had until few months back before he met her. It wasn't bad, he enjoyed his ability to give endlessly, to take care, to be needed, see how giving his shoulder to the one he loved make her better, he felt he had a purpose. When he met her randomly watching her fire and passion from afar one evening, that all was need to wake him up, light his old fire to burn as high as it can, actually higher then he remembered it can. He wonders if he will ever be able to go back to the quiet that in routine life full of care and affection without this messy fire that drives him crazy.

She says looking at him and narrowing her eyes "what's up with you? Maybe you should not drink much more..." He looks at her and commits to push his thoughts aside and try harder "nah ... I am just a bit tired, that all honey ... actually maybe we should drink something together ... remember sharing a cocktail from the same glass, I will pure it from my mouth to yours..." He puts his hand on her inner thigh under her dress, leans forward and looks into her eyes with a soft gaze. "Oh common ... we are not 17 ... that's what happen when you drink too much ... you know I don't like it" and she moves his hand and crosses her legs. "but you used to ... you used to like us having fun together..." he whispers "We are having fun with friends, it does not mean you need to drink ... you can be a little more talkative, I don't know why I even agree to go to this loud bar, you barely can speak here..." and she starts talking back to her friend who sits next to her. He sighs but tries again to pull her hand to his lips, but she side gazes him and pulls it away. His best friend, who sit next to him notices the exchange, He stroke his back lightly for a second and says "I got you, happen to all of us sometimes..." and order another drink for him. He can only think about her comforting strokes down his spine, how she pulls him to her embrace and laces her fingers in his thick hair when she squeezes him to her bosom syncing her breath to his.

He drinks his cocktail by himself and tries to be part of the conversation more. He even able to make her laugh, telling himself "I can do that, I can play the perfect spouse game and stop these haunting unhelpful thoughts, I can take care of myself later".

After a little while, when his mind is finally distracted he notices the music in the background. It is a song by her favorite band. He thinks I cannot get a break of this little witch of mine and her magic touch of love. Trying to go back to the conversation and away from the thoughts about her he looks around and like magic the door of the bar opens and she walks in. He chocks on his drink. They always worried this might happen. That they will run into each other when they are not alone and with the ones who are not supposed to know.

She not alone either. He hugs her waist directing her inside in the crowded bar. She looks different than her usual everyday cloths he gets to see when they meet, though he loves them all, he always think she stunning, but this is above and beyond. She is cladded in a tight black lace dress, short. Her toned arms exposed and he follows the curves of them down to her long finger and again can only think about her tight embraces and her fingers laced in his hair. She has tall leather boots to her knees and even in the dark the soft milky skin of her thighs glows against the black dress and the black boots. His mouth water of the thought how this skin feels against his lips, he almost can sense her unique scent when he kisses her inner thighs and get her all hot and wet. There is nothing he loves more than how she's responses and melts to his touch and makes him feel desirable again. He keeps staring at her trying to regulate his breath, only noticing his friend leaning to him when he said "do you know her? She looks like something else ... I did not know you are into edgy girls ... she looks wild with this purple hair and boots ... nice taste..." And he chuckles. He think to himself, you have no idea how wild is this one and looks at his friend in worry he noticed something. He smiles back to him and whisper "it is ok, we still allowed to just stare ... I guess as long as our lovely wives don't notice" and he winks. He smiles back "yeah I guess you are right ... just thought she's a bit out there ... she does not look 17" "well hopefully people our age can still have fun with their looks right?" and his friend pulls a bit on his longer hair and he chuckle back relief that his excitement seeing her was not as noticed, though he shifts a bit in his seat to make sure his semi hard one does not show in his skinny jeans.

He looks back at her and when they sit down at a table at the other end of the bar, she's facing him. She finally notices him. Imminently half hidden smile stretches on her beautiful face and even from across the bar he can see the sparkles in her dark eyes. It almost feels he can breathe easier when he sees the sparkles for him. But she also shakes her head lightly noting it won't be a good idea for them to acknowledge each other. But he notices that she runs her gaze on him for a few moments. She breaths slow when she does that and unconsciously licks her full curvy lips. He knows pretty well how this hot mouth of hers feels against his skin, how it drives him out of his mind when she wraps it around his painfully hard manhood. His cock twitches hard now. He feels like he barely can stop himself from running to her and beg on his knees for her mouth. Anywhere. Even a soft short kiss will do right now. He thinks he will come right away if she just strokes him lightly. He's almost fully hard, as much as his tight jeans allow.

But then the one that has her pulls her chin so she will face him and leaves a soft peck on her wet lips. He can almost feel his heart clenching with envy. He knows he should turn his gaze away before he gets noticed.

He jumps back to the friendly conversation, that he feels he cannot care less about, but tries to focus on, relaxing his racing thoughts and his burning body. But from time to time he steals shorts gazes to her. He sees that they ordered drinks. She's having a dirty martini, he thinks it is appropriate. He watches them raise their glasses and clink them. He kisses her lips again. Again he can feel this clench in his heart watching it from afar. When she takes a second sip she catches his eyes and raises her glass just slightly toward him. Looking at her he brushes his fingers against his lips, sighs quietly and close his eyes briefly to take a deep breath and control the chills he feels throughput his body.

He keeps trying hard to focus on the conversation with his friends. He keeps watching her sneaking short gazes to her. At some point he notices when she speaks she's putting her palm on her shoulder under the sleeve of her dress and slowly her palm slides down and she is stroking unconsciously the top of her pillowy white right tit. Watching this his body and mind react again. He cannot avoid thinking how it feels to have his hand there sliding on her soft skin pushing down the dress and getting to her rosy nipple. When they are together, every time his hands getting closer to her nipples the lust in her eyes gets very noticeable and she moans soft and usually her nipples get very hard and erect when he even briefly touches them. He can see very clearly the image in his mind - him pulling forcefully the sleeve of her dress of her shoulder together with the strap of her bra, fully exposing her medium sized but full and round perky breast, immediately capping it all around and directing her very pointy pink nipple to his lips. He can almost sense the feeling of her nipple poking his tongue, the somewhat salty taste of her skin. When they are together sometime when he sucks on her nipples, she pushes the back of his neck, pulls him hard to her breast and ask him to bite her, one of her ways to drive him crazy in passion. As they do that when his hand is between her legs and his fingers inside her hot cunt, he usually can feel how she gets wetter the second he bites her stunning breast. Now he can feel a hint off wetness in his pants. His body's burning. When he looks at her again, very sure she can notice the large pupils and the darkness of lust in his eyes, they lock gazes. She is taking a bite of some food she's having bringing it to her mouth with her fingers and slowly licking her fingers one by one. He feels he's about to go out of his mind in want. He is leaking rapidly in his underwear. He misses so much this feeling of her licking his fingers. She does that when he gives her pleasure in places that are not private enough for her to moan and scream in pleasure. He gives her his fingers to lick and suck on to keep her decently quite. Now his fingers tingle badly, thinking how sometimes in a back of his car he can give her such deep pleasure pushing his fingers so deep into her hot pussy that she needs to bite his other hand's fingers not to scream. Nothing gets him going as the thought of the pleasure he is able to give her and her ability to make him feel so desirable and sensual again. He's about to explode. She has to break the gaze since the one with her grabs her again, strokes her body and kisses her neck, maybe feeling the warmness he creates in her body from afar. He wonders if he does. Now the burning in his groins is mixed with the envy in his heart and he cannot take it anymore. He excuses himself and get up. "Is everything ok?" she asks looking suspiciously at the blush on his face. "Yeah, just going to the bathroom and find the waitress I need some water and drinks. It's warm in here" "it's the alcohol, told you need to stop..." I am fine" he throws back to her impatiently and leaves, glad he has a jacket that can hide a bit his swollen cock in his tight jeans. He wonders if his wetness is actually visible. He just wants to get to the restroom and give himself some relief from this pain of his jeans pressing against the lust in his pants. And quiet the pain his heart caused by being her being so close but so far and knowing he can not have her just for himself.

He walks quickly pushing people to the side, his mind burning with anger toward her and toward the one with her whom he feels having something that should be his. When he gets to the restroom at the back of the bar down a long and deserted corridor he sighs, it is a little more quite there and he feels he can quite his mind a bit. The stall is taken at the moment so he has few minutes to calm down, now he feels how sadness is crawling up his throat, his eyes almost feel teary. But his groin is still on fire. He cannot wait; therefore he starts to stroke lightly his noticeable manhood through the denim. He is hard as a rock, his jeans dump at the front. The second he touches himself he can only think about her hands stroking the top of her breast and then imagining her sliding down into her dress and pulling on her aroused nipple. He feels if he continues he will come in his jeans. He stops stroking himself. The door opens and a girl leaves the stall, she looks at him and smiles, smoothing her dress, blushing under his dark gaze. She stops like she hopes to talk to him and whispers "hi". He ignores her only one girl in his mind, moves forward and pulls the door of the restroom. She leaves and he goes in, stops for a second closes his eyes and sighs in frustration that again he needs to take care of himself. Before he met her nobody took care of him he felt for a long time. Now he lets her take care of him when they can form time to time, not just his body. When she hugs him, when she strokes his hair, his skin, when she lets him just talk to her, when she listens, he lets her take care of his soul, his body just follows. Now he feels addicted, he cannot do without. Feeling the tears in his throat again, he decides this is not the place, he just needs a relief for his body and he turns around to lock the door behind him, while the other hand already starting to unbuckle his belt.

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