The Two Wimps

by Duna

Copyright© 2013 by Duna

Romantic Story: A Classical Revenge Story with two "Wimps".

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Cheating   Revenge   Lactation   Violent  

A Classical Revenge Story

Stout1759 edited the all story. First Szilvi fixed my grammar mistakes and Likegoodwine fixed the remaining mistakes. A guy from Tennessee fixed the first chapter and disappeared. I thank their help. My first story "Different Gyms Do Train The Body Better" was published. I got feedback asking why I wrote peace (but not reconciliation) between the divorced wife and the ex husband? Why I wrote the daughter and the mother made peace in the end? I showed in the first story the ex husband was successful and the ex wife was a loser with an abuse man, so the winner could be generous and humanistic for a violated woman. However I show this story for an example where the peace has low probability, against my first story. The life is not two extremities, but between the two extremities. This story shows when the extremity is the good solution. This story is a revenge story with cruel and romantic revenge situations, but the romantic revenge dominates it. So I do not recommend it to those who do not like revenge stories. Majorities of my stories contain ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) sex little or more. If readers disagree with the ANR sex practice or think it is a disgusting thing those readers should not read my stories. If somebody wants to know more about ANR sex I recommend websites on the Internet. I would like to show the usage the new non-invasive Down syndrome blood tests for above forty years old women too.

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