Betli Must Be Played!

by Duna

Copyright© 2013 by Duna

Fiction Story: A newer revenge story, but the lovers are not the best friends of the husband!

Tags: Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   White Male   Hispanic Female   Lactation   Workplace  

First, of all my thanks to my editor Stout1759, who edited my difficult text, but I did an end edition too. I want to thank Szilvi for her work in fixing the grammar mistakes of my raw writing.

The story deal with ANR (Adult Nursing Relationship) sex, the readers can get knowledge of ANR on the net. Some marriage counselors have discovered the ANR to save marriages, because the ANR glued the pairs in a stronger emotional connection. It is very interesting the ANR has Christian support group, which is very surprising the ANR to be held it Fetish. However it is not a funny, because the ANR assists the classic family model. Against the ANR to be a classic family model supporter, the majority of the people held disgusting practice, so the ANR couples hide themselves from the world. The ANR is one of the most secret sex practices in the world. So 99% of the ANR couples do not say anything even to their best friends about their sex practice. The Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) will be mentioned in the story, but this is not a central part of my story now.

I am a strong addict the cheating wife (fiancée) change to better new woman stories. So I do not recommend my story for such readers, who do not like revenge stories. I am boring from such stories, where the husband's best friend(s), brother, son in law will be the lover of the cheating wives, so I wrote a story which is a special respect to FrancisMacomber's story "The Six O'clock News Slot" and itmgr2010's story "Black & Tan Blues Ch. 04". Friends, who help friends to get rid of cheating wives with revenge.

The Hungarian card play the Robber Ulti can be known from Internet, if a reader wants to get information about it.

My stories were published first on Loving Wives hub, but the stories were moved to Fetish.

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