Awakening & Emancipation

by DarkSide

Copyright© 2013 by DarkSide

Erotica Sex Story: An ultra conservative mother of two's decision to be open-minded turns her into a hot wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Wife Watching   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   White Female   .

Last night my husband was his firm's host for their most important potential client at the Pediatric Cancer Center fundraiser. Not having to be burdened with either driving ourselves to the hotel or child care responsibilities I decided to fully enjoy partying with his firm's prospective clients and accept any unexpected circumstances with an open-mind. My husband's firm providing a daring new dress along with limo service was an implicit message to favorably impress Wayne Wynn.

After a late night I woke up with a mild hangover and a foreboding feeling. Looking at the bedside clock on Saturday morning I experienced a moment of panic as it was a few minutes past 9:00 AM. Reaching over onto my husband's side of the bed and finding it empty eased my concern knowing he was taking care of our two little ones.

Adjourning to the hospitality suite is one of two very favorable memories from last evening. Pleasant memories of unsolicited compliments were only slightly dampened by one drink turning into three. My initial reaction to Wayne and his business associate, Ted, openly ogling my unintentionally displayed cleavage was to habitually retreat into my safe conservative shell. Instantly my decision to enjoy partying with everyone and remain open-minded regained control enabling me to appreciate both men admiring the way the provided dress provocatively exhibited my breasts. Gauging his wife's reaction to not mess up my implicit assignment, I sensed my husband's and her mutual encouragement upon seeing Mindy conspiratorially wink at my husband.

Becoming increasingly aroused as the evening progressed I didn't need any more liquid courage to slowly spread my legs to entice Wayne to sensuously caress my thighs. Consenting to their sexual proposition confirmed my intention to accept any unexpected circumstances with an open-mind while partying with hubby's firm's prospective clients. My husband was escorted into an adjacent room by Mindy and Wendy. Wayne escorted me into a bedroom on the opposite side of the hospitality suite.

Faithful to our marital vows for more than a dozen years with only one prior partner about as long as my husband but a lot thinner than him left me wondering what intimacy would be like with a man I had only met a few hours prior. If it were not for a little liquid courage bolstering hours of escalating sexual arousal, then I would have fled upon seeing Wayne's phallic size. Even without measuring him I knew he was bigger both ways than my husband's 7 inches. I said something to the effect of, "Oh my, you certainly are very well hung!"

Extraordinarily arousing foreplay motivated wantonly reciprocating in ways I would never have considered trying with my husband. As we moved onto the bed and into the proverbial 69 I couldn't resist using my fingers to blaze a path of exploration over Wayne's entire pubic area ahead of my following tongue. With him being at least 10 years older than my 33 I was overjoyed to feel, taste and see proof Wayne was very much in his sexual prime.

After he bought me to my first climax his tongue traced a path down my perineum and began probing my rosebud. In so doing his groin settled into my cleavage and I couldn't resist clasping his big cock between my 36Cs. As soon as he began stroking his meat between my boobs I resumed kissing and provocatively nipping between his thighs.

Thrilled with my first ever hot wife venture and feeling Wayne leaking a lot of precum I slid forward away from his mouth and took his big cock in my mouth until the knob filled my throat. Showing my ardent appreciation for his considerate foreplay I found oral talents I didn't know I had to wantonly worship my first extramarital lover's cock. All Wayne had to say was, "I don't want to waste any cum in your tummy" for me to swing my five and a half foot body around and invite this well hung lover to christen me a "hot wife!"

Thankfully Wayne slowly penetrated my tight pussy. Stroking back and forth only a little more each time had me so aroused I didn't realize my arms were clinching his shoulders and my legs were wrapped around his waist. Once Wayne bottomed out against my cervix my pelvis rotated up to meet every down stroke so I could enjoy every inch of my first ever extramarital lover's wonderful cock.

For about the next half hour as the beneficiary of phenomenal staying power I learned I can be multi-orgasmic with the right sexual partner. Of course this turned me into a snapping pussy that finally took Wayne to the top of the mountain where we jumped off the cliff together and fell apart gasping and giggling. After a couple of minutes respite I was on my knees between his legs showing my first extramarital lover how much I adored him for turning me into a hot wife.

Having already experienced the titillation of a tongue probing my rosebud it was not alarming to feel Ted pick up where Wayne left off. Fortunately my second extramarital lover of the night was considerate. Being an anal virgin I never expected to simultaneously have my mouth and butt filled with cock. Searing pain shocked me and it was all I could do not to bite Wayne's cock muffling my screams. Both lovers urging me to shove my ass back to meet Ted's steady strokes made me aware he had generously lubricated his cock. A few minutes later Ted, then I and Finally Wayne climaxed. Since it was my first-ever double penetration, simultaneous anal and vaginal climaxes were a first.

While the three of us showered together I couldn't resist kneeling to suck them both hard again. Foregoing towels we ran to the bed. Ted laid on his back with me sucking his longer, thinner cock while Wayne fed his big cock into my hot wet pussy and doggy fucked me until we all three were sexually spent and gratified. From midnight until 2 AM Wayne fucked me twice, Ted got my anal cherry and I twice sucked two very different cocks until cum overflowed my mouth onto my 36Cs. Mindy and Wendy were most complimentary adding, "I hope our men took as good a care of your needs as your husband did ours."

Neither can I ignore my part in last night's licentious events nor do I think I will ever forget the lascivious pleasure. On the one hand I should not only be ashamed, but also mortified over my completely uncharacteristic infidelity. On the other hand, being introduced to multiple double penetrations, including oral and anal as well as oral and vaginal is a phenomenal introduction to an open marital lifestyle.

Shortly after beginning our ride home in the limo my husband got me naked to the waist but then passed out. My nipples spiked upon realizing the black driver had an unimpeded view of my tits. Apparently giving permission to pull off the highway was interpreted by the black driver to include caressing my naked boobs. Stirring awake and making no move to stop another stranger from openly fondling my body suggested being a promiscuous hot wife is no longer just pretense to win over prospective clients. The erotic contrast of black on white had me so aroused that after my husband slumped over in the corner of the back seat I leaned over the console between the front seats to let Mo sensuously kiss both boobies and lustfully suck my nipples. Using my left hand to reciprocate his lustful attention inundated my wedding rings with precum. Submitting to his hand coaxing my head downward I wantonly wrapped my lips around the third strange cock of the evening.

Lifting me out of the limo past my slumped over and passed out husband Mo got this novice hot wife's pussy primed for black cock. Draped over the trunk, naked in the night air, proclaiming "it's your pussy" our limo driver's big black cock fucked me nearly sober. Seeing my husband fondle himself while watching and listening to the third consecutive extramarital lover of the night definitely was not an illusion.

When Mo let go of my hair and pinched both nipples I thrust my ass back to his cock and my pussy felt like it was exploding. Not yet getting his nut Mo continuously pounded my hot wet white married pussy with his big thick black cock. My husband assuming I was too drunk to resist a black stranger shooting his cum into me has no idea how sincere I was last night as I kept moaning, "fuck me anytime ... fuck me anytime!" After learning black men's sexual prowess is not a myth, I still am.

Succumbing to the prurient temptation incited by my erotic memories I could not resist reaching between my thighs to slide my fingers through cum at both ends of my perineum. Last night I willingly accepted other men's cocks in my mouth, pussy and ass. This morning I do not find it repulsive to again enjoy the taste of those three different men's cum on my fingers.

Before last night I would never have considered extramarital sex. Anger, jealousy nor retaliation provokes me into remaining a hot wife. It does not matter whether or not my husband actually conspired with Wayne Wynn to wife-swap because I definitely am not ashamed of being a hot wife, especially if it furthers either my husband's or my own career. Nor am I ashamed of following two white extramarital lovers with a black one. Sexual promiscuity, especially with black men, is far more fulfilling than my former conservative outlook. If after doing nothing to stop three men from fucking me, my husband considers last night a one and done experiment, then he better rethink that.

Segue into concerns over my husband's reaction to last night's events. Since I have never acted as sexually emancipated as I suddenly feel at any time during our entire marriage, then presenting that demeanor to him would probably backfire. James will undoubtedly presume liquor eliminated all inhibitions and what little remembered will leave me ashamed and sorry. So it's time I got up and convey what I am sure my husband expects to hear.

So I donned my rattiest robe and shakily went into the kitchen. I poured a cup of coffee. Then I silently sat down without meeting his eyes. After a long couple of minutes I mumbled an apology while looking into my cup.

James quickly stood and went to me, kneeling and hugging me.

"Don't put this all on you Claudette." he said lamely trying to share any blame.

For the next few days, James acted like I was an emotionally fragile innocent wife. He went out of his way to make sure I realized he was not angry for what had occurred. We discussed possible down sides and agreed we should be tested for STDs. Thankfully, the tests were negative forestalling any thought of resuming intimacy for a little more than a week.

While he was apparently being very careful with my emotions, I couldn't deny being a hot wife getting fucked by very well hung black and white men was something I couldn't get out of my head. I relived every wanton moment with each of the three extramarital lovers over and over. Wayne's big cock in my previously unsullied married pussy, then Mo's big black cock plus Ted taking my anal cherry are indelibly imprinted in my sexual psyche. Most vividly I remembered the erotic contrast of my white hand stroking Mo's big black cock and his large black hands covering my white boobs. One night of multiple extramarital and interracial sexual encounters motivated expansive internet research into similar factual and fictional experiences.

Through this expanding research I learned my totally uncharacteristic behavior on that one night may be categorized in many ways. A hot wife wantonly responds to every man's overtures which I admittedly did with all but one at and after the party. Finding men's risqué compliments to be both delightful and titillating indicates I very well could also be an MILF (mother I'd like to fuck.) Had my husband not been such an extremely aroused participant, my uninhibited sexual behavior might have been categorized as a cheating wife, tramp or slut. Clearly the limo driver Mo is a Black Bull. Especially in view of the fact my husband did nothing to stop events from unfolding, James displays the characteristics of a cuckold.

While exploring the internet I discovered two complimentary interracial terms. "Afrodisiac" is a compilation of two words: afro (black) and aphrodisiac (agent that arouses sexual desire). Afrocentric, the other term, is generally attributed to everything African and sexually means gratification with Black partners. My only illicit interracial encounter confirms the adage, "Once a white woman goes black, she will always go back for more of that incomparable sexual gratification."

The more research I did the more I wondered whether married white wives preferring black men as sexual partners has become a more common occurrence or is merely more openly written about. The more aroused I became while absorbing the implicit message in factual and fictional interracial sexual accounts, the more convinced I became I would have absolutely no qualms with repeating another interracial extramarital liaison should an equally safe and discreet opportunity present itself. A thesis statement of my extensive research might read, "Cuckold husbands having hot white wives enhancing their marriages with black extramarital lovers has become more prevalent."

Without a doubt I will eventually become black owned white pussy, which is exactly what I promised Mo in the heat of passion. Regrettably for the foreseeable future I cannot safely act upon this Afrocentric sexual inclination. Most likely even after my husband summons up the courage to discuss the one and only night we experimented with an open marriage my extramarital interracial desires will have to be kept secret.

Finally my husband addressed the elephant in the room. Evasively I played the role I'm sure he expected. It was pure torture to attribute the events to being drunk and downplay responses to his inquiries about sex with other men with vanilla terms like "okay" and "good."

Fortunately he seemed to relax after my responses allayed whatever insecurities motivated his interrogation. Each time he brought up our night with Mo I became more reassured my secret was safe. Every time he teased me about my reactions to the events of that night I was sorely tempted to disclose what I discovered in my research. Each time he vividly described how excited he had been watching me with Mo both my mind and body juxtaposed into that night secretly pretending James was Mo black fucking me.

Disguising my growing preference for black extramarital partners has steadily become more difficult whenever encountering blacks in public. For instance a middle-aged black man running the newsstand in my office building lobby strongly resembles our limo driver Mo. Sensually caressing my hand while making change is evidence his "black owned pussy radar" detected my developing sexual inclination. Not long ago when absolutely no one was in the lobby, waiting at the elevator bank or on the escalator I impulsively hugged Tyrone, provocatively guided his hand to fondle my booby and sensuously slid my tongue inside his mouth while my hand wrapped around his very impressive cock. Ever since then I casually hang back until Tyrone has waited on everyone else so I can assure him I want him black fucking my hot white married pussy. Both of us recognize not only is this unrequited interracial desire mutual, but also one day soon will somehow be consummated.

At work I daily encounter a handsome dark brown skinned delivery driver wearing a similar colored uniform. Prior to the night of the party our interactions have always been strictly professional. Continuing research into the interracial mystique emboldened me to reciprocate his subtle flirtation. James benefits from me being insatiable on nights after willingly seizing far too brief opportunities to privately explore my secret infatuation with the irresistibly well hung UPS driver.

Compounding the risk of inadvertently revealing my favorable inclination toward black lovers is the fact my firm provides services for several successful black businessmen. In the past my experience and capabilities enabled me to adequately fulfill their professional needs. Recently becoming far more inclined to go the extra mile to satisfy our black business clients has not only favorably impressed those clients and our firm's senior management, but also expanded our black clientele base.

Implicit encouragement to entertain a very important potential client evolving into first ever marital infidelity including loss of anal cherry while being double penetrated preceding first black fuck inspired research into and paying closer attention to my sexuality. Potentially immoral encounters with black and white men consistently confirm a dozen years of marital monogamy has been supplanted by promiscuous intent dominated by an "afrodisiac" influence. Even if only a vicarious marriage of enticement and fulfillment, it is logical to devote my best efforts toward our firm's black clientele to assure professional success.

Increasingly I became frustrated with small fingers unsuccessfully quelling my sexual arousal after encounters at the newsstand or in the office. On the day of my first hefty pay raise I took a long lunch and ventured into an upscale adult boutique. The difference between my old and new pay was used to purchase a ten inch lifelike black dildo and an anklet adorned with a black and gold heart. Having "owned" engraved into the black portion of the anklet heart solidifies my intention to take advantage of every discreet opportunity to get black fucked. Briefly extended coffee breaks for steamy private rendezvous with the UPS delivery stud have become our regular thing after he teasingly asked if I knew the meaning of the anklet being on my right ankle.

When my firm unsuccessfully attempted to reserve a downtown hotel ballroom for our annual Christmas party on December 14th I found out my husband's firm had already secured the venue. Faking disappointment in the presence of my colleagues I could barely hide the inner excitement over our party having to be the next Friday, December 21st. Suspecting my husband would once again arrange for Mo to be our limo driver before telling me about their Christmas party, I felt sure I could not only twice, but also thrice catch lightning in a bottle by reserving Mo two Fridays in a row.

In the meantime I spent lunch hours shopping until I found a high necked gown ending just above my knees. While this gown did not display the enticing amount of cleavage of the dress I wore to our previous infamous party the sensual material hugged every curve of my body. Even an underwire strapless bra would be noticeable and unflattering. Realizing the inability to wear any sort of bra lets me flaunt still firm 36Cs inspired me to put the dress on lay away.

James contracted Mo and a limo exactly as I had anticipated. Pretending to be miffed with a quiet negative exclamation distracted James from suspecting how much my insides were tingling in anticipation of a very promiscuous night. Certain our babysitter would gossip I had to settle for a brief handshake outside. Once inside with the limo's tinted windows providing privacy I leaned forward to warmly greet my black lover with a hug and a hot French kiss.

James evasiveness to challenges and questions about again hiring Mo seemed to be assurance his intentions for the night's outcome closely mirrored my own. While James built our drinks it gave me an opportunity to lock eyes with Mo in the rear view mirror. Shocking James I told Mo, "I've really missed you!" In response Mo domineeringly retorted, "Ya wanting to be my hot bitch again tonight, ain't cha?" After James said nothing or made no move to stop us I silently mouthed, "Will sneak out during the party" before vocally clarifying, "I have no idea when you convinced my husband to reserve you, but I definitely have no problem with my husband sharing me with you on the way home!"

Mo was not pleased that James never told him we were picking up one of his colleagues on the way. Howard and Simone were pleasant company as she and I hit it off right away. Although Mo sensuously caressing my hand while helping me from the limo did not go unnoticed by Simone, I was thrilled he seemed to be communicating confirmation of our secret plans for the evening. Midway through the party it felt safe to quietly slip away from the ladies powder room to meet Mo. Unfortunately Simone finished her business and assumed I intended to walk back into the party with her. Caught off guard I apologized claiming I needed to get something from the car.

Walking out to where the limos were gathered I couldn't find Mo at first. Off to the side away from the other limos a set of headlights flashed on and off. Presuming it to be Mo's signal I ambled over to the stretch limo parked out of the moonlight beneath an overhang.

As soon as I got to him he pulled me in tight to his body while telling me "I knew you'd come back for more." Confirming his assessment my tiny hand molded his phallic bulge while answering with a passionate kiss. After several minutes of reunion passion I breathlessly asked, "Do you think I can do what I avoided during our first ride home?"

Opening the rear door with the interior lights already secured for privacy Mo maneuvered me into a sitting position facing him. Without hesitation I reached out and unzipped his black uniform trousers. My tiny hand lifted his mighty black cock to my mouth and I fulfilled a promise to myself made months before. With unbridled enthusiasm I worshipped my only extramarital lover's magnificent midnight hued meat until Mo filled my mouth with his luscious cum. Steadily swallowing kept any of his cum from overflowing onto my lovely gown.

Mo kneeled on a floor mat before lifting my legs onto his broad shoulders. Reaching under my gown his hands sensuously traveled up my legs to my sexy black thong. Lifting my hips invited him to remove them and I added, "Keep them big boy!" Mo pushed the dress up around my waist and buried his head between my thighs. James spent years between my thighs but never took me to the orgasmic heights my only extramarital lover just did. Reaching between us I fed his big black cock into my welcoming married white pussy for a quick, intense climax.

Mo pulled back informing me that until a black man cums in his white bitch it cannot be considered a proper black fuck! Without hesitation I promised my lover he would definitely fuck me later and not just once. We agreed to manipulate James into a repeat of the last ride home after dropping off Howard and Simone. Then I apologized for needing to make an appearance inside the party before I'm missed.

Entering the hotel from another side door adjacent to a ladies powder room I took a few extra minutes to cleanse my mouth of all traces of my illicit rendezvous. With my husband totally engrossed in business contacts I was confident I had safely acted upon my thus far secret Afrocentric sexual inclination. Returning to the ballroom I gracefully made a bee line directly to my husband. Watching him examining my eyes assured me that he mistook my interracial sexual gratification for inebriation.

We socialized with a few more couples before checking to see whether Howard and Simone were ready to go. We met Mo in the limo lane five minutes later. The men piled into the right rear door of the limo while Mo courteously assisted Simone into the left side limo, but being far more attentive to me.

Simone quipped, "Claudette, it appears the driver is more than infatuated with you." Right back at her I retorted, "Yeah right Simone ... you know they say blondes have more fun when they go black." Simone quickly blushed then nervously tittered along with everyone else at our risqué comments. Did I mention Simone is a ravishing blonde French woman?

A moment later I was delighted to feel Simone's fingers warmly squeeze mine communicating a mutual affinity. Stopping to discharge our passengers Howard got out on the right side and leaned in to finish his comments with James while Mo helped Simone out of the left side. Simone seized the window of opportunity to plant her mouth over Mo's lips in what looked like a very intimate kiss. Then Simone leaned down to wink and whisper to me, "I'm glad we are kindred spirits in more ways than one" before slipping me some tongue which I returned. In a normal voice I invited Simone to get together adding in a whisper, "for more than coffee." Simone seductively circled those sexy lips with her tongue before propositioning me. I later learned "Vous lez vous couche'avec moi" is French for, "Will you go to bed with me?"

As soon as the other couple drove away Mo opened the rear left door and got in beside me. Failing to put up one bit of resistance to another extramarital fling proves James has to be a cuckold. Mo spread his legs and I scooted on the floor between them. When I got within reach, he took my breasts in his hands and rolled my nipples forcing a passionate sigh of sensual appreciation from me.

"I should have fucked you in the parking lot during the party." Mo deceptively said for James' benefit. Although only he and I knew I had been well fucked, his cunning comment reminded me to make sure he gets his nut every time we fuck from now on.

He continued to massage my breasts. I unbuttoned his shirt and then opened his belt. I started caressing his chest and nipples while watching his black hands fondle my white boobs. Glancing at James it felt more like a peeping Tom was watching us instead of an apparently willing cuckold.

Mo pulled my head to him and had me suck on his nipples. He was now mauling my lustfully proffered breasts alternating between sometimes massaging and fondling and at other times pinching my nipples.

Mo guided my head down with his hands so that I licked down over his full belly until I was at the open waist of his pants. Begging him to raise his hips, I pulled his pants over his hips, down and off his legs. Although unaware it was the second time this evening, my husband had to know I was giving head to my black lover. Mo's lustful moans left no doubt my oral skill was bringing him to a crescendo. In this position I could not help giving my husband a perfect view of my pussy, still wet and open from Mo's earlier fuck and anticipating more phenomenal Afrocentric extramarital pleasure.

And like the last time, Mo was beginning to act dominant. "Bitch, use your tongue on my balls" he said using his meaty right hand to guide my head. I began to feel my juices run down the inside of my thighs. Wiggling my butt I really needed an itch scratched. Obviously I was already thinking about his big black cock fucking his hot white married bitch.

"This hot white bitch loves to suck cum outta my black cock. Tough shit it's going deep in her pussy." I heard Mo say to cuckold.

It was only seconds later that Mo lifted me up and pushed me back onto the floor of the limo. I found I was lying on the floor with my head alongside the bar and my face illuminated from its soft light. Mo immediately dropped on top of me blocking my husband's view of most of my body. James lifted his legs to make room for us and I was looking almost straight up into his eyes.

Mo's body squirmed as he lined himself up and then with a deep groan his ass suddenly dropped taking me just the way I wanted him to. Mo's cock stirred around inside my pussy several times then his power driving ass started rising and falling. On every thrust I gripped Mo's shoulders and stared right into the cuckold's eyes.

"Remember I told you this is my pussy?" Mo asked in a whisper.

"You betcha" I also answered in a whisper.

"Going to give you a proper black fucking" preceded marking this hot white bitch's neck.

"You like this black cock?"

"No I do not like it ... I love your black cock. Black fucking is too good to give up" I softly replied.

We began talking in a low voice to keep cuckold from being able to hear our plans for the remainder of tonight and next Friday. When we stopped talking, Mo raised his ass and began power fucking my hot wet pussy. My fingernails were passionately embedded in his shoulders while my legs were wrapped around his waist.

I passionately moaned with every thrust.

"You better get ready for a proper black fucking" Mo announced.

"Yes, give it to me Mo" I squealed back.

"Who owns this pussy?" he demanded in a throaty yell.

"It's your pussy" I exclaimed!

"Ah bitch, take my nut" he growled.

"Don't stop, don't stop" I urged him to get a proper black fuck.

Mo's ass slammed down on my cunt as he started to empty his black balls. "Gonna fill up this married white pussy" Mo yelled losing synch in his cock thrusts. Mo leaned down and I passionately kissed my phenomenal black lover. My arms intimately encircled his neck wantonly pulling my favorite extramarital lover's big black body tightly to my small white body.

I was thrilled by how easily Mo manipulated James into driving the limo home. He exited the back of the limo and took over as driver. Vaguely I was aware of my husband peeping from the front seat. Mo slid across the seat and put an end to his voyeuristic intrusion so we could have our privacy while my hot white married pussy continued to be a willing receptacle for my black extramarital lover's hot cum. For the third time tonight I not only adored his big black cock, but also enjoyed a gratifying orgasm as much or more as he did getting a proper black fuck.

Once again I slid to my knees between my lover's thighs and fastened my mouth around that big black cock. After licking off his knob and shaft lusciously covered in both our sexual spend I tried to deep throat Mo for the first time without success. Mo is much thicker and longer than the UPS delivery stud.

Mo grasped my thighs and lifted me up to lay flat along the limo seat. Expecting him to quickly mount me for a goodbye fuck I was astounded when he folded my little body against his. He quietly stated, "I overheard you tell the others 'blondes have more fun when they go black. Your hair is highlighted auburn. What exactly did you mean?"

In response I told my lover, "You do know that now this hot white pussy is black owned." Continuing I shared with him buying a black dildo almost exactly like his magnificent cock and the anklet with "owned" engrave into the black heart pendant. Then I confirmed he would be available to be my driver next Friday. In response to his affirmation I teasingly told him, "Next Friday I want to give you a lot more of your black owned pussy."

Almost lovingly he whispered, "You sure are special. I've never enjoyed making a hot white wife my bitch as much as I have you."

I responded with, "Obviously I love being your bitch and a hot white wife. A second night with you has confirmed black fucking is my only extramarital choice. It will be a long week until next Friday, but I have my dildo to keep your pussy open for this big black cock."

Fondling my extramarital lover all during our conversation had him hard again. Wasting no time I turned my back to him and reached between my legs guiding that ebony pleaser into my hot white married pussy. As he thrust forward I pushed my ass back to receive every inch of his magnificent meat. Aware our lustful evening was nearing an end we became even more passionate with insuring each other's sexual gratification.

Willingly converting a once mutually faithful relationship into an open marital excursion on two successive company parties, there is no rationalizing our behavior being caused by inebriation this time. No matter what it has to be painfully obvious I have become quite attached to this black lover. Setting aside secrecy to open up with Simone and gain a gal pal to share confidences with is fantastic.

After our children were fed and outside to play on Saturday morning it was simple to get him to admit how astounded he has been with me inadvertently fulfilling his hot wife fantasy and how much he fantasized, schemed and arranged for me to again go black between the first and second parties. After his admission I had no qualms with revealing to my husband the full extent of my sexual emancipation. Opening my laptop I shared with him the saved highlights of months of research.

For the next two hours I did the dishes, laundry and often checked on our children while he poured over the research saved on my laptop. Several times as I passed through the kitchen he asked me questions regarding specific terms or my annotations. Every inquiry was candidly answered elaborating with background research where necessary.

Finally he closed the laptop and slid back away from the table. Without a word he walked out on the deck. Wisely I gave him enough space to digest so much unfamiliar information. Sometimes he sat quietly. Other times he paced mumbling to himself. Right after feeding our children lunch he asked me to join him on the deck after they were down for their naps.

James usually wears his emotions on his sleeve, but this time I could not read him. Having no idea of where James' head is at I expected the worst and hoped for something better. Cautiously I approached careful to show neither fear nor bravado.

Skipping the small talk he cut right to the chase. "Is our marriage over?"

Knowing better than to answer a question with the obvious question (do you want a divorce), I quietly and candidly replied, "I do not see why we should be finished. After all, not only did you conspire to set up both infidelities, but also did nothing to stop events from unfolding."

Slightly taken back my candor James stumbled with a retort, "For years you've been so uptight and conservative. The only times you act completely the opposite is twice in a row after company parties. Did you know our firm's best client maneuvered us into the hotel bar at the end of last year's company party to seduce you into wife swapping?" In reply I deceptively claimed to have only figured out the wife swapping angle when it actually happened.

After reading your journal it seems like this recent affinity for black men has been acquired as a result of research in between two company parties. Nevertheless, for clarification I have to ask you, "Did our limo driver just happen to be in the right place at the right time?"

Asking about Mo was expected, but not in this manner. I began my response with, "So the two part answer to your question is the first time he did in fact happen to be in the right place at the right time. Do you remember my answer to Simone after commenting Mo is very infatuated with me? It was 'you know they say blondes have more fun when they go black.' Well what else they say is the second part of the answer to you and it is, 'Once a white woman goes black, she will always go back for more of that incomparable sexual gratification' which also answers your unspoken and undoubtedly next question about my intentions with Mo next Friday the 21st."

With his head down James queried, "Just exactly what are your intentions?"

In reply I factually stated, "I intend to enjoy the company of colleagues, clients and prove worthy of my firm's trust. So you know I have been entrusted with taking care of specific business clientele. Apparently my efforts are appreciated as I have been awarded a pay raise." Informing my husband that the CEO may announce a promotion for me was withheld because I didn't want the cuckold voyeur interfering with after party plans.

"Don't be evasive" James retorted.

Patiently I responded, "Nothing will be any different with Mo except that you won't be along." I was implicitly informing my husband my black extramarital lover would once again cuckold him.

Implying he understood the unspoken message James further asked, "Other than limo rides to functions do you intend to continue seeing your black lover?"

Truly not having thought that far ahead I responded, "I haven't considered anything past this next Friday." James assuming Mo to be the only extramarital lover with whom I intend to enjoy black fucking is no doubt due to having been careful not to identify other black prospects in the computer research journal. Given his apparent state of mind expanding my extramarital lifestyle will remain confidential.

James surprised me with, "Both of us willingly changed a once faithful marriage into open marital excursions. You really seem to take to being a hot wife after two successive company parties. Your research journal annotations appear to indicate now that Pandora's Box has been opened your intention is to remain a full time hot wife. If I correctly understand the implications, being married to a hot wife means I am categorized as a cuckold. Is that right?"

I could not resist responding, "It definitely appears you have twice enjoyed being a cuckold."

James admitted, "It drives me crazy to think Mo and you have already and will again be sharing something that I am not a part of. I also have to admit fantasizing, watching, listening and imagining you being a hot wife with the black limo driver has made and will continue to make me very aroused. If this defines a cuckold, then I suppose I will continue being a cuckold."

To mollify my husband's hurt feelings I cajoled him into agreeing that with the exception of the week awaiting STD results our marriage has not been diminished.

James quipped, "Rather than diminished, turning a sexually conservative spouse into a hot wife and opening up the marriage has definitely made our sex life far more dynamic."

In summary I concluded with, "Guess you've answered your own question!"

After a mid-week business conference with her firm's most important black client Claudette was asked if she minded escorting his son at the Christmas party. Being unwilling to risk losing a possible promotion meant amicably agreeing was a no brainer. Her firm's party "date" was nearly finished a five year MBA program making his age either 24 or 25.

Claudette unexpectedly got black fucked by multiple Afrocentric extramarital lovers Friday night. After Mo parked the limo in the hotel garage Claudette primed his pump with her mouth and then rode his big black cock with a snapping hot white pussy until he filled her black owned cunt with cum. Stopping in the hotel's bar powder room she thrice gargled and evacuated as much cum as her urine flow could carry out and sanitary wipes could clean.

Upon arrival at the top client's hospitality suite she was introduced to his son, her date. Instant attraction to the spitting image of his father in both charisma and bearing was favorably solidified as they sat off to the side getting to know one another. Initially unaware the rest of the entourage had already left for the party, Claudette and Jamal took advantage of the unexpected privacy to take their attraction to the next level. What Jamal lacked in foreplay skills was certainly made up for by the combination of vigor and staying power.

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