Bang Momma Bang

by Bakerman

Copyright© 2013 by Bakerman

Erotica Sex Story: Final part of the trilogy of Sister Bang Bang and Sister Bang Again.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cheating   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

Hi again to those who read "Sister Bang Bang" and "Sister Bang Again" this story continues my slide to hell.

Now you would think having a sex bomb of a wife and being freely able to fuck my sister-in-law would be a recipe for bliss in a mans life.


The whole game had become a nightmare, of never knowing when one or both might suddenly decide they wanted it, or worse tease me at inappropriate moments causing me embarresment as I struggled to hide my erection.

They of course believed it a hoot and rubbed themselves against me or against each other whenever the mood took them, at the mall, in a restaurant, even in our own front yard with neighbours around.

Junee was by far the worst, bringing me morning or afternoon snacks to the worksite dressed in almost nothing or hanging out around our house in ever smaller bikini's waiting for me to come home for lunch.

Even when things seemed normal, like a night Charl-e and I went for a meal and movie, we came home and were making love and SHE called out for Junee to get her off. I stopped in mid thrust and looked at her and she just laughed and said she thought I had called for Junee, talk about a passion killer.

Then I hoped I had copped a break because Junee had gone to a charity auction, with some loser who thought he was getting into her pants, instead she won a 10 day cruise for two and to my relief had chosen Charl-e to go with her so I was going to get some peace and quiet to sooth my frazzeled nerves.

Wrong once again.

The girls had organised for their mother, Jersey, to come and look after me and the house for the time they were away. I tried arguing but to no avail as Charl-e pressed the point that with me working all day I needed someone to prepare meals, do my washing and keep the place clean as she knew I would not eat right and would most likely wear the same clothes for days.

I really don't remember Jersey all that well from our wedding day. She doesn't live close by and is recently divorced is about the limit of my knowledge of her. Charl-e gave me a quick update, she is 44 years old, kind of quiet and reserved, recovering from some surgery and following her recent divorce is shying away from men.

As it turned out due to weather problems in other parts of the country Jersey's flight was delayed so it arrived the same day as the girls sailed. It was left for me to take them to the cruise ship and then race across town to the airport to collect Jersey, then drop her at home and be back on site for an inspection that afternoon.

Part one went off without a hitch and I made it to the airport just as passengers started coming through the gate. Now I had looked at the wedding photos and the girls did look like Jersey but the woman who walked up and planted a big kiss flush on my lips and gave my butt a squeeze was not who I was expecting.

I would say Jersey stood about 5'6" in her bare feet but the heels she was wearing would give most people a nose bleed as they raised her up to eye level with me. Her hair had undergone a change from dirty blonde to jet black and as I learnt on the drive home her surgery had consisted of some liposuction and boob work so she referred to herself as "New Jersey" and laughed at her own joke.

I apologised for not being able to stay around but I gave her the quick tour of the house and left her for the rest of the afternoon. Of course like any mother when I came home later she had prepared dinner for the two of us as well as cleaning up the place. She gave me a glass of wine and told me to sit as she served up one of the best home made meals I can ever remember eating.

It must have been the smell of fresh food throughout the house that diverted my attention from what Jersey was wearing but as I sat and she served I finally noticed her sheer white blouse over her purple bra, her new boobs squeezed into as much of the cup as it could hold but there was still a lot of bare flesh piled up and forming a neat line of cleavage that I found hard to draw my eyes away from.

With a strong dose of will power I managed to pull my gaze away and look across the table towards the kitchen. Just then Jersey walked away from me to take the platter of food to the counter and of course straight into my eyeline.

She had on another pair of heels that clacked on the tile floor as she walked. Short but shapely legs encased in black nylon tottered over the shoes and disappeared eventually under a black skirt that was hardly a belt let alone a skirt.

Of course the moment I looked she, dropped a knife, and had to bend over and pick it up. Bracing herself with one hand on the counter top she bent at the waist, extended one leg out behind her for balance and gave me a perfect view of her arse and crotch where material the same shade as her bra clung to her butt cheeks and then funnelled into the gap between her legs to cover a pussy that looked to be ready to burst from its confinement.

Sweat broke out on my brow as I swallowed a large gulp of wine. A long 10 days stretched in front of me. Jersey flirted with me all during the meal until I excused myself on the flimsy pretext of having to complete a report on the current job and pay some accounts so I scurried off to my office and locked the door behind me.

She knocked on the door twice during the evening to see how much longer I'd be but I just told her to go to bed when she was ready and I would lock the house up when I was finished.

Around midnight I used the shower out by the pool, slept on the sofa in my office then I was up early to get dressed and had even made her breakfast by the time she came down from her bedroom in the morning.

Jersey strode into the kitchen, like a Milan model, an almost nothing black, silk wrap draped over her shoulders and ending just low enough to be modest. Again she was wearing a pair of platform soled heels (did she have one whole case of shoes?) that raised her a good six inches.

She gave me a peck on the cheek as I handed her a cup of coffee, then sat on a stool next to the counter, flashing me a glimpse of her Brazilian wax job as she crossed her legs. I hoped my face didn't flush as I tried to remain calm and collected.

Jersey quizzed me about the day ahead and wanted to know if I could come home around lunch time to "take her for a ride". That line was just dripping with double meaning so once again I made a hasty retreat and headed for the work site.

Honestly, I was scared of this little woman and I trembled at the thought of me working through the whole female side of my wife's family.

Around noon I sent Ryan, one of my trainee's, off in my truck to collect my mother-in-law. I gave Ryan very specific instructions that he was to do ANYTHING Jersey wanted him to do, yes even that. Ryan is 19, nearly 6' tall and a blonde haired surfer with a rep for the ladies so I new he wouldn't knock an offer of sex if it was on the bosses time.

Three hours later Ryan returned, totally excited about his afternoon which to my dismay did not include any sex.

Jersey had been dressed in a very un-sexy manner. Long shorts, sleeveless polo top, tennis shoes and a little sun visor. She had made Ryan lunch, then had him take her for a ride in my truck to the mall where she stocked up on fruit, veg and meat to cook me plenty of meals over the next week. Best half day of work Ryan has ever had. Jersey even invited him over for dinner as "he was such a nice boy."

She has some evil sixth sense and know's when I will be alone, with someone or sending someone in my place and dresses accordingly. My friends, neighbours and work collegues all think she is just the nicest person but to me she is a sex crazed cougar and I'm her next meal.

I even had the whole good and evil voices in my head debating why and how I should procede with Jersey.

"Your wife lets you do her sister so Mom should not be a worry." argued Evil

"Sex with Junee was a mistake at first, and your anguish proves it." shot back Good

I had these mental debates at all sorts of odd hours and it began to wear on me but I believed I could hold out for the remaining days of Jersey's visit. Exactly as I believed Charl-e was doing with her sister on the cruise.

Then Jersey changed her tactics.

She began to dress in a more conservitive style and her conversations centred around boring day to day activities or how the girls might be enjoying their cruise.

Maybe as some sort of compensation she began to create meals full of exotic herbs and spices and with aromas that had the neighbours salivating at our back door.

Eight days in and everything had settled into a dull routine of breakfast plus chit chat, prepared lunches and evening meals that would put a restaurant to shame. Then Jersey calls me on site and asks if I could send Ryan over as she is having a problem with a sticking door.

I was going to argue that I could do it but as she was being so pleasant I sent Ryan over to help. He was back about two hours later and admitted he could have been quicker but Jersey gave him something to eat.

She certainly had been cooking up a wide assortment of dishes and there was no way I would eat my way through them all so I didn't give Ryans comment any second thought.

Just two more days and Charl-e would be back and I would be swapping the advances of Jersey for the advances of Junee, talk about a rock and a hard place.

Evening meal was excellent as previous, Jersey really should open a restaurant, and when I enquired about the door she just laughed and told me she was turning the handle the wrong way and Ryan had been so polite she offered him an afternoon snack.

Two hours for nothing but a snack, what was I paying this guy for?

Finally after watching some TV I headed for my room and a hot shower, Jersy wanted to watch the end of the show so see told me she would lock up. My creeping paranoia and concentration were wavering so I didn't notice that my door lock failed to click home behind me.

I had a good, long, hot shower to relax my muscles and then with one towel wrapped around my waist and another drying my hair I walked back into my bedroom to be confronted by an image straight from the pages of a high end girlie mag.

Jersey must have had Ryan "fix" my bedroom door because she had snuck in while I was in the shower. She had draped some fabric over both bed-side lamps so the room was filled with a diffused golden glow.

Her boobs and torso were wrapped in a corset of black satin and lace, attached suspenders held thigh high black stockings and barely large enough to be noticed was a black thong nestled between her legs. The coverings over the lamps gave her a terrific tan.

I stood speechless by the bed, then Jersey reached her hand towards me to give my a phone, Charl-e was on the other end waiting to talk to me.

I couldn't hear much of what Charl-e was saying at first but at the exact moment the reception cleared and I heard Charl-e confess to having sex with other men while on the cruise I felt Jerseys hand begin to caress the parts hidden under the towel.

I'd had supposedly secret sex with Junee so I was not about to read the riot act to Charl-e and I was sympatheic to her confession but I needed to get her off the phone because her mother was now sucking on my cock and I needed both hands free.

That phone call cancelled out any doubts about what was going to happen next. I put my hand on the back of Jersey's head and each time she moved forward I made sure she took a little extra cock until she was nose deep in my pubic hair.

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