The Kindness of Strangers

by Pan

Copyright© 2013 by Pan

Mind Control Sex Story: Yasmine moves to the city and meets some friendly strangers who let her stay at their place.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Magic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Swinging   White Couple   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   mc story,mc sex story.

Dear Diary,

First day in the big city. It's ... well, scary. Single woman, new city—it's the sort of thing you hear horror stories about, y'know? Fortunately, I found someone who knows her way around—she says she's happy to show me the ropes! She was actually the first person I met ... I don't know why she was hanging around the bus station, but it felt like it would be rude to ask, especially when she was being so friendly.

Her name's Victoria—she says she's lived here for almost five years, and that if I like, I can crash at her place until I find somewhere more permanent. I can't believe how lucky I was that the first person I see in New York was so nice...

At first I was a bit iffy about it ... I'd just met her, after all ... but after I'd talked to her for a bit, I had to admit to myself it made sense. She's really pretty, too—I can't imagine her doing anything untoward, y'know? She's got such beautiful big eyes ... I could stare at them for hours...

Wow! Spaced out there a little. Anyway, I'm writing this from her apartment—she lives with her boyfriend, Steve. He seems nice enough. They said that in return for helping out around the house, I can stay here until I find my own place. I don't know why I was so worried about the move—if the whole city is full of people like this, I know I'm going to have a great time!

I'm going to help make dinner tonight, and then tomorrow I'll quickly vacuum before I head out and start looking for work. Considering how nice this spare room is, I feel bad for not helping out more, but Victoria and Steve (her bf) say that it's fine, and that as long as I don't eat them out of house and home (lol! Though people do tell me that for such a tiny girl, I have a pretty big appetite... ) they're happy to have me. Victoria even proof-read my resume and printed it out for me.

Thank God for the kindness of strangers!

Later days,


Dear Diary,

I'm writing this from a bus, heading back to Victoria's place. Got to admit, my spirits are a bit low—it seems that Victoria and Steve are the exception, not the rule. I literally had a door slammed in my face today while job-searching ... I thought that sort of thing only ever happened in movies! I almost couldn't believe it—in 20 years back home, I never had a stranger so much as frown at me, let alone slam a door in my face.

Sorry, had to stop for a while then. I was afraid that I was going to cry ... wouldn't that be pathetic? One day in the city reduces me to crying on a bus. Anyway, I'm going to try to look on the bright side—I found an unbelievably cheap grocery store—they weren't hiring, but I picked up some ingredients for dinner. Cooking always cheers me up, and by the looks of it, I might have to take advantage of Steve and Victoria's offer for a little while, so I want to impress them early on! Last thing I'd want to do is feel like a burden.

Might write some more tonight, depending on how I feel.


Dear Diary,

It's night now. Victoria and Steve were overjoyed with the meal I made them—it was just my mom's basic sausage pasta, but they seemed really impressed. They sort of had a weird smirk on their face when they were complimenting me, but I figure I'm just tired and overthinking things. Victoria was home when I got there, and we had another big chat. She's really pretty—I can see why Steve is so into her. He practically worships the ground she walks on.

We ended up having a big chat, and I've got to admit—it really cheered me up! She's just so genuinely sweet. I can't even remember what we talked about, but after a couple of hours of chatting, just staring into those huge eyes of hers, it was like my worries had been wiped clean. Cooking really helped as well—I just feel so much better when I'm doing something with my hands. The kitchen was really hot, so I ended up making most of the meal without my clothes on.

Part of me feels like I should spend tomorrow looking for somewhere to live, but honestly ... money is a bigger worry right now. And since Steve and Victoria insist that they don't mind me staying, finding a job really needs to be my focus at the moment.

Haha, I just noticed that I totally forgot to put my clothes back on after I finished cooking. The stress of living in a big city must be getting to me! Anyway, Victoria mentioned that she sleeps nude, so I figure I might try it. A bit naughty, I know, but I'm in the big apple now! Maybe this is the start of a brand new Yasmine!

(I hope not! I really like the old Yasmine. :P)

Anyway, I should get some rest.


Dear Diary,

Woke up early, and wandered out into the kitchen without really thinking. Victoria and Steve were both there, and as soon as I saw the look on their faces, I turned bright red—I'd walked out without getting dressed! I was so, so embarrassed, but fortunately Victoria was really cool about it. Seriously, a part of me was ready to just move straight out and never look back, but she asked Steve to leave (going to be honest—he was pretty openly checking me out. Ew.) and sat me down to reassure me.

It's so easy to lose track of the time when I'm talking to Victoria—I normally get up at like 7, 7:30, but the next time I looked at the clock, it was past 9! No wonder my stomach was growling. I just kept on apologizing, and she kept on telling me that it was fine. Eventually, I made her promise that she'd walk around naked sometimes as well ... honestly, it was the only way that I could face them again!

She laughed and agreed straight away, and I don't know what we spent the rest of the time talking about, but I did the dishes (I'm going to be honest—I'm the best houseguest ever) and gave Steve a hug when he left for work, just to make sure that everything was fine between us. It felt weird, my bare boobs pushing against his jacket, but I just remembered that Victoria had said it was absolutely fine.

Victoria left shortly after, and now I'm just hanging around the apartment. I'm still not wearing any clothes, but I figure that's fine. I'll get dressed before I go out, of course.

Today's plan: take some more resumes around to places in the area, and then see if I can find a church. I'd love to be able to find something close ... I wonder if Victoria and Steve have one? I never even thought of asking them.

Before I go, I think I'll quickly vacuum though. And maybe give the oven a clean.

'Til next time!


Dear Diary,

It's been two days since I last wrote! Wow. I even remember the last time I went this long without writing up my day, but I've just been so busy. Lots of things have happened since last entry—when you hear what I've been up to, you'll understand why I haven't had time to sit down and put pen to paper!

So I've always been a bit of a neat freak. That's something that I've accepted about myself a long time ago. :P Well, the other day, I really took it to an extreme—remember how I was going to go find a church and a job and all that? Yeah, didn't happen...

I must have worked myself into some kind of cleaning frenzy without realizing, because when Victoria and Steve got home—eight HOURS later—I was still going! They just found me there, clearing out the fridge. I didn't even stop to eat.

They didn't mind, of course (they're such sweethearts!) but it was more than a little embarrassing. I blushed, and since I still wasn't wearing any clothes, Steve made a crack about seeing the blush everywhere. (of course, that just made me even MORE embarrassed!)

Steve had brought a meal back from his work (he's security at some kind of club?) and so after we ate, I went straight to bed.

The next morning, I got up early, and made sure to get dressed first thing. Here's the weirdest thing: it actually felt weird, after being naked for so long. Funny how quickly we get used to things, isn't it? I made myself a quick breakfast and slipped out before the others woke up.

So here's another stupid Yasmine moment—I noticed today that my resume has a typo on it. My phone number is one digit off—there's a 7 where there should be a 4. My finger must have slipped or something like that. Durrr!

Obviously there was no point in handing it out until I get it fixed, so I spent my day just seeing the sights. I can't really afford to do anything too fancy, so I just hit up Central Park and saw all the landmarks.

It was so beautiful—if I hadn't left you at home, my dear diary, I would have loved to have just sat there in the middle of Central Park and written my thoughts about all the people. I'm so glad I moved here; I really think it's the best decision I ever made.

Finally, after a few hours of wandering around, I decided to make sure that the day wasn't a total wash, and I headed back to Victoria's neighborhood to see what churches they have in the area. I managed to find a few, but nothing that really spoke to me, y'know? I figure ... and maybe this is stupid ... but when I find the right church, I'll just know. I don't hear the voice of God or anything like that, but when something's right, I feel like He's there with me, hand on my shoulder, just ... just telling me that it's Right.

Anyway, no place that I found made me feel like that, so after a couple of hours of looking, I went home.

Steve was working late, but Victoria was there. Her face lit up when she saw me—she's so, so beautiful—and she felt soooo bad when I told her about the typo. I told her that of course there was no way she could have noticed my mistake, but she said she felt bad anyway. The printer is "on the fritz" (her words! I laughed so much when she said it) so it looks like it'll be another day or two before my job search can begin again.

We ended up having a "girl's night"—Victoria had some wine, which obviously I wouldn't normally touch, but she can be so persuasive when she sets her mind to it! We chatted until late, and then I went straight to bed and hit the hay.

I don't know whether I should have a hangover from one and a half glasses of wine, but I feel great! I woke up super-early, and was actually going to write out the weird dream I had, but as soon as I started writing, I completely forgot what it was. All I remember was that I was ... nope, it's gone.

Anyway, I'm going to go and see if Victoria needs help with breakfast!

See you on the flip side,


Dear Diary,

I am sooo lucky that Victoria and Steve are so cool. After my entry this morning, I went out to say good morning, and of course I'd forgotten to wear clothes again. Victoria, however, is a lady of her word, and she was totes nude as well. Close call! It would have been embarrassing if I was the only one.

I gave her a good morning hug, and ... well, I don't want to sound like I'm ungrateful or anything, but it just went way too long. Victoria was running her hands over my back, and while her body definitely felt nice against mine, when her hands came down to cup my ass, I was really starting to feel a little uncomfortable. I reckon she did it because Steve was there—he just sat back with this massive grin on his face and watched us.

When it ended, I must have been a bit quiet or something, because Steve left for work, and Victoria asked me what was wrong. I told her, and we ended up just having a huge chat about homophobia. She told me that she was totally straight, of course, but that if we were going to be naked anyway, we might as well give Steve something to watch.

I don't really understand what she was getting at, but it was good to talk to her. It's sort of amazing how well we get along—I feel like I can talk to her about anything, and every time we sit down to have a chat, it turns into this really long conversation and I learn a heap about myself. It's really good, actually. I feel like ... I feel like I've really made a friend?

After we talked, I had a lot of stuff to think about. Like ... has my upbringing made me a tiny bit homophobic? I'm definitely not gay, but to be totally honest, even being naked in the same room as Victoria makes me a bit uncomfortable. I feel so much better when Steve's there, just because it totally kills that lesbian vibe. On the other hand, that's why God made women so beautiful, right? To make men horny? And if men find two women touching each other sexy...

I dunno. I'll tell you what, they weren't lying about a big move like this opening your mind up to new experiences. I've been here for less than a week, and already I'm exploring all kinds of new things. I'm just lucky to have fallen in with such a good Christian couple—I know that I can trust them not to lead me astray, y'know?

After our chat, I did the washing up, and realized that I may have been a bit over-zealous the other day. I was looking for something else to do, but the entire apartment is spotless. Like, there's absolutely nothing to clean. It made me a bit nervous—I promised that in return for letting me stay, I'd help out around the house. If I can't even do that, I'm going to feel a little bit useless ... they've been so generous, and I know I need to give back.

I went and found Victoria—she had a few suggestions that I'm keen to try out, so I'll let you know how they go. Can't do anything until Steve gets home, so I think I might go have a nap.

Until then,


Dear Diary,

So remember how the other day I was saying that this whole experience is really broadening my horizons? Well, I had no idea! It turns out that Steve works ... in a strip club.

Yeah. A strip club. Like ... with prostitutes. Or strippers, or whatever.

I literally couldn't believe my ears when I heard it. He ... he seems so NICE! I can't believe he'd work in such a place.

Wow. I'm still struggling with it. I'm going to go brush my teeth ... my whole mouth smells like cum atm. I might write some more later, I don't know.

It's really made me uncomfortable being naked around him, I'll tell you that!



Dear Diary,

Okay, I've calmed down a lot. Talking with Victoria this morning helped. Actually, I didn't really tell the whole story last night, so let's start at the beginning. After my nap, Steve and I had a big talk. He must have gotten home while I was asleep on the sofa, 'cos he was just sitting there and watching me when I woke up. I asked him how work was, and he told me about how one of the waitresses broke her ankle, and one of the "girls" (of course now I know he meant strippers, but at the time I was confused) had to fill in. Apparently she wasn't very happy about it.

I asked what he meant, and he explained that he works security at a strip club. Like, he just SAID it. Like it wasn't a big deal.

I freaked out, of course. Steve looked really nervous, and if I hadn't remembered Victoria's suggestion, I probably would have stormed out right then and there!

But I'd hate for them to think I was a bad houseguest, so I tried to change the subject. Turns out that Steve's really into sports—my Dad's a huge Yankee's fan, so I listened to him talk about that while I gave him a blow-job, as per Victoria's suggestion. I didn't want to be rude, but as soon as he was done, I went into my room and wrote that entry above.

Now that I've slept on it, I think I may have over-reacted a little bit. I mean, if he works in a strip club, then he's totally used to seeing naked girls. So that makes it even less weird when he sees me naked, right?

He's a nice guy. He really is. I shouldn't be so judgemental about what he does for a living, I know. I think that while I'm getting used to it, I might start wearing a few more clothes around the apartment. Just for the next little while, while I get used to things.

Anyway, I'm going to make lunch.

Haha, I just looked over at my clothes, and was like "Well if Steve's going to be out anyway, I might as well stay naked..."—it's such an easy habit to get into! I might stay nude, just while I make lunch. Just to show to Victoria that I'm not judgemental, y'know?



Dear Diary,

Pretty slow one today. The printer's fixed, but I feel like job-hunting on a Saturday is a bad idea, so I ended up just hanging out at home.

Didn't even bother putting clothes on all day, lol. Going to be honest, this "life of adventure" that I wanted is pretty dull so far. I'd write more, but ... nothing's happening!


Dear Diary,

Got a little bit home-sick today. At home, Sunday mornings is the time when you catch up with everyone—you dress in your best, go to church and afterwards have a huge chat with everyone in town. My morning consisted of getting out of bed, putting on some clothes, and then almost immediately taking them off. Victoria had already made breakfast, so it was my turn to give Steve a blow-job, and he said that he doesn't really enjoy it if I'm wearing clothes.

I was going to argue, but I really don't want to seem ungrateful. I promised to help out however I could, and with no cleaning to be done, this is the only thing that any of us could think of.

After I was done, I brushed my teeth, and Steve went straight to work. It took Victoria less than five minutes to convince me to take my clothes off again ... I swear, you'd think she wanted to see me naked! Going to be honest, I didn't put up that much of a fight. It's just so comfy!

Steve's at work until late tonight, and Victoria says that she doesn't feel comfortable going out at night by herself, so we're going to skip church this week. Another naughty first! We've spent most of the afternoon just hanging out—she told me a bit about her first boyfriend, Russell, and I told her about my first kiss. I feel so comfortable with Victoria—I'll tell you, that really helps with the homesickness.

A part of me wanted to ask if Victoria and Steve are Catholic or not, but ... well, I don't want to get into all that. We all believe in the same God, after all—does it really matter whether they're Catholic or whatever else?

Going to have an early night tonight. Big day of job-hunting ahead!


Dear Diary,

What a waste of a day. You'll never believe that—I went to more than 80 places today, dropped my resume off, smiled at the managers ... I did everything that I could to make a good impression, but when I got home, I realized that I'd managed to get my phone number wrong. Again.


Steve and Victoria are both working late tonight, so I've got the house to myself. I think I might reward myself by curling up naked with a glass of wine (naughty, I know, but Victoria and I shared another glass yesterday, and I was forced to admit ... I really like it! Even Jesus drank wine though, so I think it's okay) and reading a book. I'd write more, but I'm so, so exhausted.


Dear Diary,

I hope I don't come across as too complainy, the things that I say about Victoria and Steve. I'm crazy-grateful to them—they've let me stay here for more than a week now, and the subject of money has never even come up. I couldn't ask for more from my closest friends, let alone two almost total strangers!

The job situation is starting to get a little ridiculous though. The printer has broken again, so it'll likely be a few more days before I can even print out some new resumes, let alone get them out there.

Just to give you yet another reminder of how sweet Victoria and Steve are—last night, they found me asleep on the sofa (it's their fault for having such a comfortable sofa, haha) and took me into their own bed. The three of us spent the night like that, cuddling. Victoria and I were completely nude, and Steve was in his PJ's. When I woke up, I was so touched that I just had to wake Steve up with a blow-job.

They must both have the morning off, because we just lazed around in their bed for a few hours. Steve's insatiable—even after Victoria and I each gave him head, he still had the energy to make love to Victoria. It was really nice to watch—the two of them are so obviously in love.

Since no one but me is going to read this, I might as well be honest—I was a tiny bit turned on, watching Steve's thingy slide in and out of Victoria like that. I know it's wrong, but I think that denying my urges just makes them harder to overcome. I quite often get turned on while blowing Steve, as well, but of course I couldn't stop doing that. They've been so good to me, and it's really the least I can do.

After they were done, we just lay there for a bit longer, until I had the bright idea of making breakfast in bed for my generous hosts. When I came back, Victoria and Steve were just staring into each other's eyes. It was so sweet. Victoria was muttering, Steve was nodding—I didn't want to disturb them, so I came in here and now I'm writing this. I'll go back in a few minutes.

Is it wrong that I sort of want to suck Steve off again? A part of me is wondering if it's going beyond gratitude. I'd hate for Victoria to think I was making moves on her man, or anything like that.

I'll have to make sure that I have a chat to her about it.


Dear Diary,

I know, I know, I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but it just keeps on being true: Victoria is SO NICE.

I told her how much I was enjoying blowing Steve—she seemed a little concerned at first, especially when I said that I'd love to do it even more than I already was. She calmed down a bit when we came to an agreement—I can go down on Steve whenever I like, but in return, I have to let him play with my body.

Now my first thought was that it sounded like a totally unfair deal—after all, I'm not exactly averse to the idea of such an attractive man playing with me, y'know? So I said that to her—after everything they've done, I really hate the idea of taking advantage of them.

So she said that every time I get Steve off, I have to go down on her as well. And believe me, that is NOT something I'll be getting any enjoyment out of. We're both straight, so I figure it's her way of making sure that Steve will still be interested in her—like, watching her get off will make him want to get her off? I didn't really think about it until now.

To seal the deal, we made out for a bit. It's the first time I've had another person's tongue in my mouth—I actually kind of liked it. Don't get me wrong, I'm as straight as they come, but if I were to ever be a homosexual, I think I'd want it to be with someone like Victoria. She's really soft to the touch ... I feel like making out would be different with a man. I'm keen to compare the it to making out with Steve, but I don't think the "touching" rule covers kisses. That's fair—I really, really don't want to make Victoria feel like I'm trying to steal Steve away from her or anything.

Anyway, I spent the rest of the day hanging out naked while Victoria tried to fix the printer. I don't know why it's behaving so badly—I saw it print out some paperwork she needed for work, but as soon as she tried to get my resume to print, it refused to do anything. Frustrating.

Still, as soon as Steve got home, we told him the new deal. He didn't believe us, so we had to seal it in front of him again ... I would have complained, but I saw how hard it made him, and it wasn't long until he took advantage of the new deal and started running his hands all over my body. I finished him off with my mouth, and then did Victoria a few minutes later.

After we were done, Steve was hard again, but I didn't want to push things too far (also I think going down on Victoria once a day might be my limit) so I just told Steve about my frustrations looking for a job. He thinks he might have a solution! He said he'd let me know tomorrow night. I can't wait.

I'm in my room at the moment—I was going to ask if I could sleep in their bed again, but I didn't want to come across as too needy ... especially when they've already been so generous to me. So I'm going to say my prayers and go to sleep.

(if I can ... an unexpected side effect of the new deal is how turned on I am. Especially 'cos I can hear Steve and Victoria making love again. Ah well, I'm sure it'll go away soon.)

Good night!


Dear Diary,

Got a job today. Not sure how I feel about it.

First things first—it took me sooo long to get to sleep last night. Steve and Victoria went for ages, and I kept wondering if he was thinking about me while he did ... I was even considering touching myself, that's how aroused I was. Maybe I should make sure only to let Steve play with my body in the morning, just for the sake of my sleep habit ... but the deal was quite specific. "Whenever he wants, wherever he wants." Should have thought THAT one through!

When I finally drifted off, I had another weird dream. I swear I remembered it this morning, but my mind's completely blank right now. Oh well—hearing people's dreams is meant to be super boring, so it's probably not even worth writing down.

This morning was nice—I was making breakfast when Steve came up behind me, and immediately started running his hands up and down my back. Y'know, playing with my ass and stuff like that. I turned around to make sure he had access to my front as well, and was surprised to find him completely nude!

I guess it's okay ... I don't even remember the last time that I wore clothes around the house, but it really took me by surprise. As Victoria explained to me later though, it's his house, and if he wants to be naked, it's not really my place to stop him. Especially since Victoria and I are nude all the time, it would be super rude to exclude him.

Besides, my dear diary ... I sort of enjoyed the view. ;) I've become so wicked lately!

He played with my breasts for a little, and when I noticed he was hard ... well, let's just say that I'm a fast worker. A few minutes later, I was swallowing his seed, and a few minutes after that breakfast was on the table!

After he left, I got onto Victoria's computer and finally got my resumes to print. She came in a few minutes later—she was a bit annoyed that I was on her computer without her around, but quickly forgave me after I got her off with my mouth. A few times while I was going down on her, her hands drifted across my back, and I got the feeling that she wanted to touch me more. She didn't though, which I was really grateful for—that would have made the whole situation quite weird.

Maybe Victoria is secretly a homosexual, and she doesn't even know it? I wonder if I should start wearing some more clothes around her ... I'd really hate to tempt her into sin, especially when she's been so good to me.

She looked like she wanted to talk, but she got a phone call and had to rush off. I was going to put some clothes on and go look for jobs, but I never got around to it. I kept having all these weird realizations ... it was actually pretty disconcerting.

Like, Patrica and Steve. They're obviously in love, but even though they're not married yet, they have sex! I don't know why that didn't strike me as odd before—when I first moved in, I guess I assumed the best, but now I've both heard AND seen it. They're ... they're living in sin!

I went to consult my Bible, but I couldn't find it anywhere, and it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't actually read it since I got here. Like, not once. So I went to find Victoria's, and...

They don't have one.

Like, at all. I couldn't believe it. I literally couldn't believe it—I must have searched through every book they had. They have all kinds of weird books—Steve must be into military history, because there were at least half a dozen books about the strategy of war, and they had all these books about mystic femininity and the power of lust that must be Victoria's ... but I couldn't find even one Bible.

And that's where I was when they got home. Naked, rummaging through their books, tears pouring down my face. I was questioning everything they'd told me, and ... well, I think I was having a bit of a breakdown.

Moving to the city, questioning all these boundaries I've always had ... maybe it was inevitable. I don't know, but I can tell you that it really sucked! (pardon my language)

Victoria took a few steps toward me, and I recoiled. She knew exactly what to do though, and took a few steps back, sat down in her office chair, and I buried my face in my arms.

When I looked up again, Steve was standing right in front of me.

"Yasmine," he said awkwardly. "I know it's a bad time to bring it up, but ... I could really go a blow-job right now."

A part of me was still freaking out, and wanted to tell him exactly where he could stick his blow-job, but I really didn't want to seem ungrateful, so after a brief hesitation, I nodded.

Steve started to undo his pants, a broad smile on his face, and as soon as my lips wrapped around his member, I the tension started leaving my body immediately. He reached down and started tweaking my nipples, and I could practically feel all my worries melting away.

He lasted an unusually long time—I can tell you that it wasn't because of me. You'd think that I'd be distracted, but as soon as I started, I put everything I had into it. I was getting more and more turned on, and it felt like my body was getting close to... something. My muscles started to tense up, and this swelling began to grow in my belly, but just as whatever was happening to me began to peak, Victoria spoke up.

"Steve," she said. I think we'd both forgotten she was in the room—I certainly hadn't noticed her taking all her clothes off. "Steve, I just remembered ... I need to have a word with Yasmine."

"Now??" he said, looking as disappointed as I felt. She insisted, and Steve reluctantly pulled out of my mouth, and I turned to see what Victoria wanted.

So it turns out that Victoria works at the strip club as well. Not as a stripper—she was when they first met, but since then she's been promoted, and now she's one of the owners! I sort of wanted to be shocked, but it would have been hypocritical of me to judge Steve for working there and not Victoria. She's definitely got the body for it!

Anyway, Steve had seen how much I'd been stressing out about not getting a job, and he'd approached Victoria and the managers, and gotten me a position ... at the club.

Not as a stripper, Victoria was quick to let me know (though she did say that I was hot enough, which was nice to hear)—but the waitress who broke her foot had decided, after a few days away, that she wanted to find work elsewhere, and so there was a position for a (clothed) girl to work at the club.

I accepted, of course. After they'd gone to so much trouble, how could I not? But like I said, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I know that my father would be so, so disappointed, y'know? But Victoria and Steve both work there, and they're such great guys ... I dunno. I do really need a job...

Victoria and I discussed the specifics for about an hour or two, and then Steve came back in and I finished him off. The big gap in the middle of the blow-job meant that my body didn't quite hit that peak again, but while I've been lying in bed writing this, I can feel it starting to build again.

I really wish I had my Bible with me. Until I find it again, dear diary, you're the closest thing I've got.

Forgive me, Lord, for accepting employment in a house of sin. Forgive me for not consulting your holy word before making life decisions. Forgive me, please, for the things I am forced to do to keep a roof above my head.

And above all, forgive me for how much I enjoy them.



Dear Diary,

It's been almost a week since I last wrote—don't take it personally! I've been run off my feet. It turns out that the strip club that Steve works at is one of the largest in New York—my job is to bring meals to the clients. I've learned so, so much—I've worked there for the last five days straight, and it's crazy busy.

I'm going to be honest, I sort of hate it. Not the club—it's not nearly as bad as I expected, and a heap of the girls there are religious, which is nice. Actually, full disclosure: the club's actually pretty cool.

The main room looks like it does in movies, with the girls on a stage and poles and all that, but unlike in the movies they actually take their clothes off. They're all so flipping sexy ... I had no idea that girls that sexy existed in real life! Sometimes I'll get distracted, and just watch them for ages. As hot as they are, none of them compare to Victoria—no wonder she owns half the club now, she must have made a killing from her stripper days.

I was really surprised when I learned that the club has "private rooms"—the guys can pay to go in one of these closed-off sections with a stripper, and they don't come out until like fifteen, twenty minutes later. I know for a fact that none of the girls have routines that last for more than ten minutes, so I'm not sure what they do in there. I talked to Victoria about it, and she told me not to "worry my pretty little head." From most people that would be a bit patronizing, but when Victoria said it, I had to laugh.

The place is constantly busy—except for one break a day, the only time I get off is my one-on-one meetings with Victoria. She's an awesome boss—she has a meeting with everyone at least every few days; it's just a ten-minute catch-up. I don't even remember what we talk about in there, it's just such a relief to not be running around taking drinks orders.

I hate taking drinks orders. More often than not I get them mixed up, and while it's nice to have a job, the pay is so much worse than I expected. Don't get me wrong—I'm grateful to be working, but I've no idea how people live on this ... especially in New York! Everything is so expensive here.

The hardest thing about the job though—and I laughed when I realized this—is having to put my clothes on each day.

I guess I've just gotten so used to walking around naked ... it's a real challenge to put clothes on in the morning!

So I go in every day and run around taking drink orders for ten hours straight ... AND I have to wear clothes! I've started to really envy the strippers ... sure, they're dressed for the first little while that they're on stage, but it doesn't take long for their outfits to come off. I've gotten told off more than once for standing and staring at them, wishing that I could get paid to be nude.

Needless to say, as soon as I get home each day, my clothes are the first thing to come off. Mostly for comfort, but also so that Steve can have full access...

Oh, I haven't written about that. It's become such a normal part of my life, I don't even think about it any more—Victoria told me that Steve almost got in real trouble for putting his neck out for me. It's a really exclusive club, and there's normally a long waiting list for wait staff—it's only because he vouched for me that I got the job.

I felt so guilty when I learned that—especially since I'm not so great at it. I'd hate to let Steve down, after all that he did to get me the job!

So Victoria and I put our heads together to work out how I could show my gratitude to Steve, and it didn't take long for the solution to jump out at us. So now, along with my cleaning and blow-job duties, Steve gets off inside my pussy at least once a day.

"Pussy" ... pardon my language! It's from working at the club. I like it a lot, but it's really put me in contact with people I normally wouldn't talk to at all. Take the strippers, for instance—they're all gorgeous, of course, but they come from such different walks of life. Victoria has hand-recruited most of them; a few of them were living on the streets, some of them were tourists who really fell in love with New York. Some of them were new to the city like me ... there are even a few who only came to New York to track down relatives that went missing.

I really like the work, exhausting though it is, but it's a relief to have today off. I've taken to sleeping in Victoria and Steve's bed, in case Steve wants me in the middle of the night (I'd hate for him to have to get up—what kind of a houseguest would that make me?) and this morning, we woke up late, and have spent most of the day making love.

Oh, that was the other part of the deal—I didn't want Victoria to be uncomfortable with my new relationship with Steve, but we quickly came to a compromise—as well as licking her out, she's allowed to join in any time we fuck.

My word! I cannot believe I just wrote that. I swear, the gutter mouths of some of the other girls is really wearing off on me.

I'd better go—I promised to go get ingredients for dinner, and I know it'll take me at least half an hour to muster up the courage to put clothes on. Clothes, on my day off! It just doesn't seem fair...

Kisses and cuddles,


Dear Diary,

I was talking to the strippers today, and I learned something interesting. It turns out that most of them started as wait staff. Well, of course that got my brain ticking straight away...

You could say I've been having a struggle of conscience lately. I mean, my father certainly didn't raise me to be a stripper, but on the other hand ... I forgot to mention this last time, but the clothes that we wear as wait staff aren't exaaaactly clothes that my father would approve of anyway.

Victoria explained it to me when I arrived for my first day. The club is about atmosphere—specifically, the atmosphere of sex. And if the waitresses aren't dressed sexy, it'd throw the whole tone off, y'know? She said it would be like if priests just wore their collar, and were all muscled young men...

I got lost in that image for a second, but I could see her point. It'd be hard to take a church like that seriously.

And after all the efforts that she and Steve went to to get me the job, I could hardly decline, could I? So I reluctantly squeezed into the outfit—the one I wore on my first day was like a leotard crossed with a corset. It really shows off my ass nicely, and when I'm bending over to get a man's drink order I know it shows off my cleavage.

Since then, I've become much more comfortable showing off my body (although obviously I'd rather just be at home, laying around in the nude, just showing off to Steve)—which is fortunate, because it turns out that the next day's outfit was even more revealing ... and the next day's even worse.

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