The Curious Case of the Cheating Wife

by JayTee, The Ol' Geezer

Copyright© 2013 by JayTee, The Ol' Geezer

Fiction Sex Story: Is she or isn't she. He suspects his wife is cheating with a younger man. When he confronts her, she answers his accusations to his satisfaction. Then he comes back home a few minutes later. Humourous and surprise ending.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   Mystery   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Dennis Jensen was worried sick. He just knew his wife Judy was cheating on him. One of his employees had come into his office and, fumbling and mumbling, he had informed Dennis that he had seen Judy and another man at a bar the afternoon of the previous day and that they seemed to be pretty friendly, hugging and holding hands while they sat side by side in a booth near the back of the bar.

Dennis hadn't known what to say or do. He didn't want to accuse Judy of infidelity without some proof and he didn't know how to get it. So he called his secretary Kathy in and told her what he had been told. Kathy was not only his secretary but a good friend. At 63 years of age and happily married for 43 years she was a loyal employee who doted on her boss in a motherly fashion and immediately wanted to help him.

It was Kathy who suggested that she recruit some of the workers to spy on Judy for the next week or two to determine if anything was going on. He accepted that plan and really hoped that the worker had been mistaken.

Dennis and Judy had been married for 29 years. They had two children, Jay, 27 and Melody, 24. They had had a good life together and Judy had been very supportive when Dennis had started his own business, staying up for him when something had to be taken care of right away, coming in to help Kathy and the other office help with the paperwork. All in all, it was their business, not just his.

The only really harsh disagreement they had ever had was when he caught 19 year-old son Jay, fucking his 16 year-old sister Melody. Dennis had exploded and threw Jay out of the house and had not seen or spoken to him in the intervening years. Judy had been furious at him for his treatment of his son, saying that Melody was just as much to blame but that Melody was Daddie's little darling and could do nothing wrong. Even Melody had tried to talk him out of his rage by telling him that she had instigated the sex. He wouldn't believe her, knowing what no-good asshole his son was. Jay was gone from their lives.

Now, eight years later, Dennis was facing the possibility of losing another member of his dwindling family. He hated that possibility.

There was one other thing he could do while he waited for the proof. He visited Melody in her apartment about a mile away from his home and talked about his problems with her. She told him that she was sorry that he felt his marriage was threatened but she was glad he had talked to her and if there was anything she could do for him, day or night, just call or come by. Again, as always, she tried to convince him that the sex with Jay so many years ago had been her fault and that he should call Jay and get back together with him, especially if the thing with Judy turned out to be true. He told her that he might give it some thought and that brought a smile to her face. "Good!!!"

It took about a week-and-a-half for Kathy's spies to get the information that she had asked them for but it was damaging if not completely destructive of their marriage. Every weekday afternoon for the entire period of time, one of them would follow Judy as she drove to the south side of town and entered a small apartment building. She would come back out in about 30 minutes and drive home. It happened every weekday afternoon while Dennis was at work.

One of the workers who Judy didn't know, actually followed her into the building and up to the second floor where he saw Judy knock on the door and be admitted by man who was about 20 years younger that she. The spy only saw him hug her and lead her inside. It was assumed that they were doing something inside that Dennis wouldn't like.

But something didn't make sense. Thirty minutes was just too short a time for any kind of sexual session unless she was just giving him oral sex and why risk getting caught and losing her family just to pleasure a man. It just didn't make sense at all. Dennis decided to confront her and ask her just what in the hell was going on.

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