Peek a Boobs

by Gray Beard

Copyright© 2013 by Gray Beard

Sex Story: A guy checking into a cheap motel sees something interesting through the window next door.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Group Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was fumbling with my luggage just outside my motel room door, when the curtain fluttered in the window of the room next door. I did a double-take, since I could swear I'd just seen a woman's huge, nude knockers pressed against a table just on the far side of the glass. I froze, and waited. Moments later, the curtain blew higher again, and I could definitely see a little bit more. A woman, naked except for her garter, was lewdly bent over the table. Her tits made my mouth water.

I quickly got my door open and my bags inside. Then I went to the bathroom and washed up as fast as I could before grabbing the key card for my door and slipping back outside. I closed my door as quietly as I could, then waited by her window, hoping for another glimpse. I realized I was holding my breath, and I made myself breathe, and try to calm down.

There – the curtain fluttered again. The woman was still against the table, though I couldn't see nearly as much as I'd like. I did see that she had a wedding band on her left hand, and wondered if she were there with her husband. God, my cock was so hard!

I couldn't take it anymore and went to their door and knocked, though I could barely hear the tap, tap, tap over the pounding of my heart.

"Yeah, just a minute," I heard from inside, a little bit muffled by the door. Then the dot of light coming through the door's peephole disappeared, and I wondered if that was the guy checking me out.

"What do you want," came the voice from inside?

"Um, I was just admiring the view through the window, and wondered if I could get a better one," I said. I was expecting him to swear at me, and I was afraid he'd call the manager. Or the cops. But then I saw the peephole darken again, and then I heard the door latch opening.

"No, you stay there," I heard him tell her as the door began to open. He was naked except for his boxers, and he had one hand on the door. His other arm was stretched out to keep the woman bent over the table. I could see her black, lacy stockings now, and her beautiful butt, and even her pussy peeking out. The guy gave me a look from head to toe, then motioned me inside.

I closed the door behind me, and let my eyes pour over the gorgeous woman.

"You wanted a better look. Like what you see?" he asked me with a smirk.

"Fuck yeah, she looks incredibly hot. You gonna fuck her?" I sounded crude, I'm sure, but I was too excited at that point.

"Well, one of us should," he said. "She loves it from behind. 'Course, I don't know whether I should fuck her, or you should?"

That shocked me to the core, but he was just grinning, and I finally managed to smile back.

"Take your clothes off and stay a while," he said. I hurried to comply, and was quickly down to my briefs.

"Hey, don't be shy. Come over here next to her." I walked over next to him, and we were both standing next to the table. I could smell the woman's perfume. Her scent drove me wild.

"Don't you go trying to get a look, Hon," he said, almost harshly to the woman. He grabbed her head by the hair and made sure she had her face buried back in her arm.

"Make sure she doesn't get up. I'm going to get her a blindfold," he told me. I took that to mean that I could start touching her amazing body. Just to make sure she didn't move, of course.

I kept one hand on her back, and slid the other hand downward, relishing the smoothness of her skin. My hand slipped over her garter belt and began to slide down the cheek of her ass. I heard her moan. Her tush filled my large hand, and I gave it a little squeeze, then moved it over to her far cheek. Her guy came back and grabbed her hair. He pulled her head back, but he was gentle. He slipped a satin eye mask over her face, and arranged the strap behind her head.

"There you go, Slut. Now all you know is that there are four hands, two mouths, and two cocks. That's all you need to know."

She moaned.

I took the opportunity to slide my other hand down the side of her rib cage, and over the edge of her breast. Even with my large hands, I knew these would overflow them. They were enormous, especially compared with my wife's almost –A's. And, good God, my wife never looked like this! For nearly thirty years, the only sex I'd had was in the dark, fumbling to get past her flannel nightie. To have a woman so openly flaunting her sexuality ... My cock twitched with every beat of my heart, and I had to reach into my briefs to rearrange it.

"She loves to show off those puppies. You'll have to see the nipples on them! But I think she needs a good pounding first. I'll bet she's wet. Why don't you find out?"

But it was his own hand that moved down to her pussy. His fingers slid up and down the sides of her cleft, and then one finger was barely splitting her lips as it made its way down towards her clit. I moved over next to him so I could see better. His finger was coated in her slickness.

"Oh yeah, she's wet alright. You feel," I said. He looked up at me and I winked at him. He grinned back and moved out of the way. I let my hand replace his, though I hoped she was confused as to whose hands were where.

"She's going to start dripping on the carpet in a second. She definitely needs a cock."

With that he stripped off his boxers. He motioned me to do the same. Soon, both our dicks were exposed and hard and bobbing. I looked at his, and at mine. One was a little longer, the other was a little thicker. He was checking me out too, and then we grinned at each other. Then we turned our attention back to our slut. Each of us grabbed a foot, spreading her legs shamelessly apart.

"You ready to get fucked," he asked her, teasingly.

"You want a cock shoved up that dripping hole," I added? She moaned, and nodded her head.

The guy motioned for me to do it. I gave him a look, as if to say, "Really???" He nodded, so I stepped forward. In my entire life, I'd never fucked a woman from behind, but I'd always wanted to. My wife, of course, had other ideas. But now I was posed just inches from the wet pussy of a woman wantonly bent over a table in a motel room. I was almost hesitant, but my dick wasn't. While my mind boggled, I grasped my cock and started to rub it up and down her slit, wetting the head. Whenever I got to the bottom of her slit, I made sure to bump the tip of my cock against her clit. Her hips began to wiggle, as if to try and capture my dick. So, finally I lined up with her hole and pushed my way in.

I stopped when the crown of my dick was inside her, then backed half-way out, before sliding in about twice as deep. It took me maybe four back-and-forths before my cock was all the way in her. I began to thrust in a steady rhythm, with my hands on her hips. I marveled at the feeling of her bare butt against my belly, and the feeling of her soft thighs against mine, and the sight of her asshole, as well as her pussy lips which seemed to be stretched so beautifully each time I pulled back. It took me a few strokes to get the angle right, but when I did, it began to feel like a match made in heaven; my dick in her pussy. The more I fucked her, the tighter she seemed. Each time I bottomed out, it was as if her pussy was clamped down on my dick, as if it fit just perfectly, and there wasn't a millimeter to spare. But then, as I'd draw back, her pussy would seemingly try and hold on to the corona. But she was so slick that her pussy grabbed in vain. It was, by God, the best fuck I'd ever had. My dick had never felt so good.

She seemed to be enjoying it too. She arched her back, and I could see her massive tits hanging free, swinging with each thrust. They were so big, the nipples still dragged across the table with every movement. I slid my hands from her hips, along her sides, and down until I was able to grasp both of those beauties in my hands. The nipples felt almost as hard as cherry stones, pressing into the palms of my hands. Man, her tits were enormous! And while I'd expected them to be somewhat floppy and limp, they weren't. They still had that unique firm fleshiness that tits should have, that men's hands just naturally respond to.

Maybe it was because I was tall and she was short, but I could actually maintain the perfect angle of my cock in her pussy, complete with good, hard, long strokes, even as my belly lay against her butt and the small of her back, and my hands massaged her breasts. I started to fuck harder, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it up long without cumming. Still, I kept up my thrusts. She was moaning happily. Then, her guy put his head next to her ear and started to talk to her. As soon as he opened his mouth, there could be no doubt in her mind just who was fucking her.

"You like this? You've got a complete stranger pounding your hole. You don't know his name, or what he looks like. But he knows what you look like. And he's really giving it to you, and you're just lying bent over on this table, letting him fuck you, and you're moaning and begging for more, aren't you, Slut?"

She whimpered, and her pussy started to twitch and clench. I was so, so close, but I didn't want to cum yet. Reluctantly, I pulled out. She gave a half-moaned, "Nooo!"

"Let's get her on the bed," I told him.

We got her up off the table, and I could see where the table edge had pressed into her thighs. Luckily, the edge of the table had been well rounded, or the pounding I'd given her might have been painful. I was amazed at how short she was – probably less than five feet tall, to my more than six. She certainly wasn't fat, but it was if she had her share of wonderful womanly curves only they were packed voluptuously onto her short frame. Built for comfort, not speed, perhaps, but she definitely had my cock twitching.

When we got to the bed, she simply climbed on top on her hands and knees, and then wiggled her tush lewdly as an invitation for more fucking. This time, her guy walked up, his cock leading the way. He wasted little time before shoving his dick deep in that pussy.

"You needed this, huh Babe?"

"Mmmm, hmmm," she agreed, as her mouth fell open.

I wasn't sure what do do, so I sat on the bed next to them. I'd never really gotten to see two people actually have sex; it was way better than any porn film. He saw me watching, and maybe he saw my dick, still swollen with lust, and almost an angry red at the head.

He gestured at me with his head. "She loves to suck cock. Go let her slurp all over that while I fuck her," he told me. I moved around so I could sort of squat on my knees just in front of her face. She still had the blindfold on, so she couldn't see that I was there, but she must have felt the bed shifting as I scooted forward. She definitely felt it when the head of my dick bumped against her chin. Her hand came up and found my shaft. Then she swore, and ripped off her blindfold and flung it away. She stared at my cock, and then her eyes travelled up my chest to my face. We gave each other huge smiles. I loved the way her guy was fucking her so hard that her whole body was rocking back and forth with each stroke.

"Hi," I said to her.

"You fucked me with this cock?" she asked me.

"I sure did. You felt absolutely awesome. I only stopped because I was gonna lose it if I didn't. That's how good it felt."

"You want me to suck it now? Come here," she said, and I leaned forward and rested my hands on her head as she began to lick, and then took the whole head into her mouth, and then she was taking me deeper...

"God, Honey, that's so nasty watching you suck him while I fuck you. Getting it from both ends now, aren't you?"

"Mmmm hmmm," she agreed, unable to say more with a mouth full of cock.

I stroked her hair, and occasionally pulled her a little closer so I'd go just a little deeper. I slid my hands down her shoulders and around her side, reaching for those tits again. I just couldn't get enough of those tits! Having her sucking me, while her body was rocking back and forth because her guy was fucking her from behind, making those tits wobble in my hands ... OMG. Suddenly, it was all too much, and the cum startled me by exploding into her mouth. I let go of her breasts and held onto her head to keep me from falling over, but that just meant she couldn't pull back. She kept sucking, and I could feel her swallowing, and that just made me cum more. Fuuuuccck. Blow jobs were another thing my wife wouldn't do, so I'd had precious few of them in my life. This was, hands down, the best one ever.

I finally did just collapse onto the bed, crawling until I was lying next to her. He was pounding her really hard, now that he didn't have to worry about her biting my dick off. His balls must have been bouncing against her clit, the way he was moving. Certainly there was a slap, slap, slap as their bodies collided with each stroke. His pace picked up even more, and then he gave a strangled cry and jammed his cock as deep as it would go. Holding it there, his whole body jerked three, four, five, six times, as he filled her pussy with his cum. Then he pulled out, and was sort of stumbling around, as if drunk, with an incredible look of satisfaction on his face. His dripping cock bobbed as he moved.

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