Ghost With a Deadly Bite

by double_entendre

Copyright© 2013 by double_entendre

Horror Story: A very unique story about cheating, betrayal and revenge set to a Halloween theme. This is a story I wrote a while ago, but for some reason never got around to posting it here.

Caution: This Horror Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Horror   Cheating   Halloween   .

Ronald sat in a secluded corner table of a local coffee shop sipping on lattes and pondering how his life suddenly became such a fucked up mess. Just a few short weeks ago he was happily married. Ok, maybe happily was a bit of a stretch, but at the very least he was content. He and his wife Sharon appeared to have a pretty decent marriage; despite the fact that their sex life wasn't anywhere near what it had been when they first got together. He had to admit that Sharon's so called "headaches" seemed to be occurring far too frequently for his taste. Staring at the contents of the envelope from his private investigator told the story why he was so upset.

Ronald had met Sharon at of all places at a Halloween party hosted by one of their college fraternities. Having never cared much for Halloween, or parties in general for that matter, he was reluctant to even go, but one of his buddies managed to convince him that there would be a smorgasbord of hot horny coeds in attendance that evening all searching for someone to hook-up with. Being bored and lonely he finally decided to feign a cheesy mustache and cheap sombrero and go as Juan Valdez, since he always loved coffee.

Sharon showed up dressed as a sexy cat woman, and as the evening progressed, she managed to lap her way through several bowls of beer, while drunkenly trying to remain in character. It was when one of her bowls accidently spilled all over him that the pair finally came to meet. To Ronald it was lust at first site; as he leered indiscreetly at her near perfect form snuggly fitted into a provocative black latex suit that seemed to sculpt her body like an artist had designed the garment specifically with her framework in mind.

"Oh my God I am so sorry," Her voice slurred as she feebly tried to extract the stain from his shirt with a tiny cocktail napkin.

"Do ... Don't worry about it, He stuttered. "The shirt can be washed," He said while staring helplessly into her deep blue eyes.

"Hi, I'm Sharon Hearting, and usually I am not this clumsy," She said reaching for his hand.

"Hello my name is Ronald Morrison, and generally I am this clumsy," he replied evoking the laugh from her that he was hoping for.

"So Ronald, are you a student here," She asked?

"Yeah, I am in my final year as a graduate student majoring in engineering. I will have my Master's degree by the end of the spring semester. I've always had a real knack for designing and figuring out how things work, and I have already received a few major job offers," He boasted a bit too enthusiastically.

"That's cool. I just entered my sophomore year as an undergrad, and still haven't declared a major yet. I am just not sure what to do with my life yet," She admitted.

The pair continued to chat for several minutes, until Sharon's attention was pulled away by one of her friends. To Ronald's surprise she reached into her purse and wrote her number down on a napkin, handing it to him before she left. This was definitely the best party Ronald had ever attended, beer stain and all.

It took every bit of courage he could muster to call her up a few days later and request a date. Ronald was surprised that she had actually remembered him, with as drunk as she seemed to be that night, and even more stunned when she agreed to accept his invitation. The two seemed like an unlikely pair, but he was smitten, and she knew just what to do to maintain his interest. The couple dated throughout the remainder of his senior year at college, and near the end she started dropping hints about marriage. Although not truly ready to take the plunge, he sure as hell didn't want to lose what he had come to consider as the best thing that ever happened to him, so without too much prodding he eventually took the initiative and ended up kneeling before her ring in hand.

Although his parents were not exactly happy with his decision to wed, it is hard to sway a young horny man away from a nightly supply of pussy, especially when it is attached to a voluptuous body like hers. Sharon's parents were more enthusiastic about their upcoming nuptials; though looking back it was probably due more toward Ronald's earning potential than anything else. Like a fool he ignored his parent's advice about getting a prenuptial agreement feeling that by requesting one would be the same as saying that he didn't have any faith in the future of his upcoming marriage.

The ceremony went off with only the mildest of hitches, and the honeymoon was everything he ever dreamed it could be. The pair settled into a midsized apartment for a few years letting their credit and finances build as they looked forward to eventually owning their first home. Sharon quit school, as she really wasn't making much progress with it anyway, and decided to become a stay at home housewife. Ronald had mixed feeling about her doing so, as he felt that a person should strive to be a productive member of society. On the other hand, he figured that maybe if his wife was stuck at home with little to do for a while she might change her mind about not wanting to have children. As his career advanced, Ronald and Sharon eventually moved from their rented apartment into the house they always dreamed of.

As the years passed Ronald's hard work and dedication began to pay off for the couple, as a few of his patents began to earn substantial profits. Try as he might, he was unable to convince his wife, who seemed to do very little with her day, to start a family. Their difference of opinion on the subject led to many arguments over the years, resulting in the couple donning separate beds at various times throughout their marriage. Ronald reluctantly agreed to drop the idea of proclamation in favor of the return of a warm pussy to share his bed.

The couple went on seeming content in their life together, until Sharon began to display certain changes in her character resulting primarily in the noticeable decline of their love life. When asked about it, his wife feigned being tired, and just not in the mood for sex. Knowing that she has always had a high sex drive, Ronald decided that a little discrete investigation might just be in order.

Jake Natter had been a friend of Ronald's for several years. After a stint overseas in the army, he came back to the states and opened a private investigation agency. His business was doing ok, but nothing substantial.

"Jake Natter Investigations, what can I do for you," Jake asked into the phone?

"Hello Jake, this is Ronald," He said.

"Ronald my man, you didn't show up on my caller ID. Did you get a new phone number or something," He asked?

"Not really, I am calling from a track phone," Ronald replied.

"Oh, so I take it this is not a social call," Jake asked?

"I am afraid not, good buddy. Is this line secure," Ron asked?

"As secure as it gets. I check for bugs every morning, and I am not recording this call. What's on your mind Ron," He asked.

"I think that Sharon might be having an affair. I want you to find out for sure," Ronald told him.

"Ouch man, that's rough. I'm sure that I can help you out, but what's with the cloak and dagger. Why not just call me on a regular phone," He asked?

"Jake, I want this kept as low keyed as possible. I need you to personally handle this investigation. I don't want you to use any assistants, witnesses or leave a paper trail. This is strictly a cash and carry operation, no taxes on this one," Ronald explained.

"I don't like the sound of this Ron, what are you planning to do," Jake asked?

"That depends on what you find out. Regardless of if you decide to take this case or not, officially we never had this conversation," He said.

"You do realize that we live in a no fault state, and whether she is having an affair or not, it won't matter in court. You will still have to divide your assets equally," Jake reminded him.

"That is why I may have to take this thing in another direction," Ron told him.

"Look man, I will take the case, but I want you to promise me that you won't get caught doing anything stupid," Jake said.

"I might be many things Jake, but stupid is not one of them," He replied.

"I will need at least $300 per day plus expenses," Jake told him.

"You will get $500 a day plus expenses, but for that I want all of the copies of everything pertaining to this case. When you hand me the final paperwork I need it to be as if you never launched an investigation. I don't want a single paper trail left for someone else to find, is that clear," Ron asked?

"I understand," Jake said agreeing to Ronald's terms.

At home Ronald tried to act as normal as possible. He kept his routine as it had always been, allowing Sharon her "alone" time as he went off and did his own thing. It took less than a week for Jake to confirm Ron's suspicions that Sharon was stepping out on him.

"Ron man, I sorry to say that you were right Sharon is definitely having an affair." Jake told him.

"I figured she was, but I was sure hoping I was wrong. Do you know anything about the Guy she is sleeping with," Ronald asked?

"Yeah, his name is Larry Denton and he works as an insurance salesman. It seems he met your wife at a bar on Kings Street. They meet several different places, but I am sorry to say that they have been together in your home," Jake informed him.

"Have they done it in our bed," Ron asked?

"I am afraid they have," He said.

"I see," He replied seething with anger.

"Ron, I am sorry to have to tell you this man, but I have her on tape admitting that the only reason she married you was because of your earning potential. She saw a meal ticket and latched onto it," He said.

"At this point that doesn't really surprise me very much, but I can't say that it doesn't hurt," Ron admitted.

"Ron, there is something else I feel is worthy of mentioning. He always makes Sharon wear a black wig whenever they are together," Jake said.

"There is nothing unusual about that. She is probably just trying to disguise herself in case she runs into somebody she knows," Ron suggested.

"That's what I thought at first also, but this Denton fellow won't let her take it off, and if she does he refuses to touch her. It's like he is obsessed with the wig, or more likely the person Sharon looks like when she is wearing it. This guy actually gives me the creeps," Jake admitted.

"Why would you suggest that," Ron wanted to know?

"One time when they were at your house the action started downstairs on your living room couch. After they had their fun there, they adjourned upstairs to your bedroom. I used the key you gave me and riffled through the guy's wallet. I found an old picture of a woman who looked so much like Sharon she could be her twin sister. The woman in the photo had black hair," Jake said.

"Do you know who the woman in the photograph is," Ron asked?

"I tried everything to figure that out, but I came up blank. The only thing I can tell you is that the date on the photograph was from when Denton was still a teenager," Jake told him.

"Does he have a criminal record," Ron wanted to know?

"Nothing any stronger than a speeding ticking in his adult life, but there was evidence that there is may have been something in his juvenile files. Those records however; are unfortunately sealed," Jake mentioned.

"Is there anything else I need to know," Ron asked?

"I don't think so. Everything I found out is in my report," Jake said.

"Remember, I want everything you have on this case," Ron reminded him.

"That was our agreement. Can I expect final payment upon delivery," Jake asked?

"Yes, however I might call on you again for continued surveillance. Will you be able to meet me at the old park by the fountain in an hour," Ron asked?

Jake agreed to this as the pair ended their conversation.

"Hello is Tim Wallace there please," Ron asked?

"That's me who am I speaking with," Tim asked?

"Tim this is Ronald Morrison," He said

"Ron, how the hell are you," Tim asked?

"Well I must admit I have been better," Ronald admitted.

"Oh man is there anything I can do," He asked?

"As a matter of fact Tim there is. Do you remember that time back in college when you I helped you cheat on your final exam in physics," Ron wanted to know.

"Of course I do. I was going to fail that course, and not be able to graduate with everyone else. Stacy was pregnant at the time, and I couldn't afford to spare the time away from work to retake that class," He said.

"You promised me that if I ever needed anything that all I had to do was ask," Ronald reminded him.

"I remember. What can I do for you," Tim asked?

"I want you to get me a copy of a juvenile record," He said.

"Damn Ron, you know all those records are sealed," Tim told him.

"And you have access to that material," Ron said knowingly.

"Man if I get caught it could be the end of my career," He complained.

"So don't get caught. I need to know now if you meant what you said about repaying my favor, or if it was all bullshit," Ron asked him?

"I always repay my debts. Whose record do you want," He asked.

"His name is Larry Denton, and no one is to know about this," Ron said.

"You got that shit right. I will have the information for you by the end of the week. After that my debt is paid, right," He asked?

"Yes, after this we are square," Ron agreed.

True to his word Tim got the information Ron requested. The file on Larry Denton showed that he was arrested for attempting to rape his step sister Carla. At the time Tim was 16, and Carla was only 15. It appeared that she somehow managed to escape from him, but in the process her dress was torn, and she was beaten up pretty badly. Since there was never any penetration, it turned into a he said, she said battle, which resulted in her being taken away and put in foster care, while Larry remained living with his father. The strangest thing about the whole situation was how much the picture of Larry's step sister resembled that of his wife Sharon. Maybe the two couldn't be considered identical twins, but anyone who saw them together would swear they were at least paternal siblings. Ron decided that before he did anything about his estranged wife and her current lover, he needed to find Carla and get her story.

Through a little creative research Jake was able to get an address for Carla Burk. She was not exactly in hiding, but her location wasn't as publicly accessible as most everyone else's tends to be. Ron would occasionally be forced to travel as part of his job requirements, but when he found that Carla only lived about 30 miles from where his company was sending an engineer that following week, he quietly let the boss know that he would be available to make the trip. After completing his work, Ron took first the subway, then a taxi to the address that Jake had given him paying in cash the entire way. He wanted to ensure that there was absolutely no traceable paperwork linking himself to his visit with Carla Burk. When he learned of Carla's identity, and more importantly the uncanny way she resembled his estranged wife, a plan started to formulate inside Ron's head. The only question now is would Carla be willing to cooperate?

As luck would have it Ron didn't have to wait too long for Carla to return to her apartment. He saw her step out of an old junk heap of a car, carrying what appeared to be a sack of groceries from the local supermarket. If her hair had been blond, instead of coal black he'd swear he was looking at his wife.

"Excuse me Miss Burk, but May I have a few moments of your time," Ron asked?

"Do I know you sir," Carla replied clearly trying to place Ron's face, but obviously failing to do so?

"We have never met personally, but I believe we share a common adversary," Ron said not wanting to reveal too much information in a public setting.

"I'm not sure what you are talking about Mr. um," She started to say.

"My name is Ron Morrison," He answered her.

"Well what can I do for you Mr. Morrison," Carla asked, still unsure why this man had come to see her?

"Miss Burk, I know we have just met, but could we possibly go inside. There are some things that I really need to discuss with you," He said

"Mr. Morrison, I don't want to appear rude, but as you have said I don't know you, and I refuse to let a stranger inside my apartment until I have at least some idea of what this whole thing is about. You said that we share a common adversary, but I don't have any enemies. Perhaps you have me confused with someone else," She suggested.

"Miss Burk, this is a picture of my wife," He said handing her the photograph.

As she looked down at the photo, her eyes shot up in the shocking revelation.

"Where did you get this," She asked?

"I took it," Ron replied.

"But this person looks... ," She started to say.

"Like you with blond hair," He finished her sentence.

"Yes, but how can that be? Do you think that your wife and I are somehow related," She asked?

"I thought that at first myself, but was unable to come up with any proof to substantiate it. I have recently concluded that your resemblance to her is just a freak occurrence of nature. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. I believe that you are my wife's," Ron explained.

"Mr. Morrison, as shocking as this photo is, but it still doesn't explain why your wife and I should be adversaries," She said.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that you and my wife were enemies. This is a picture of the man she is currently fucking, sorry I mean having an affair with," He said correcting himself as he handed her the second photo.

"Oh my God it's Larry," Carla exclaimed in horror!

"I take it that you know him," Ron asked?

"He was my step brother," Carla said as a tear streamed down her face.

Miss Burk, I really think that we should go somewhere a bit more private to discuss this," He suggested.

"Mr. Morrison, did Larry send you here to harass me," She asked?

"No ma'am. I have told you nothing but the truth. My name really is Ronald Morrison, and my wife and Mr. Denton are currently having an affair. After meeting you I am more positive than ever that he went after Sharon because of her resemblances to you," Ron answered.

"Alright Mr. Morrison, I will play along. You can come up to my apartment, but let me tell you right now I have taken several self-defense classes, so you had better not try anything funny," She warned him.

"Here, you can carry this, that way I will know where your hands are," She said handing him the sack of groceries as she rummaged through her purse in search of the keys to her apartment.

"Look, Carla, um is it alright if I call you that," He asked?

"I suppose so," She answered.

"Carla, I truly mean you no harm. I am merely trying to collect all the information I can before deciding what to do about my wife's affair with your step brother," He explained.

"Mr. Morrison, please don't call him that," She asked.

"I'll make a deal with you Carla. I won't call Larry your step brother, if you will call me Ron, instead of Mr. Morrison," He asked?

"Alright Ron, follow me into the kitchen, so that I can put away these groceries. Can I get you something to drink," She asked?

"No I'm fine at the moment," he said while taking in her meager living conditions.

"I sorry that my apartment is so small, but it takes a lot of money to live in this city, and my job unfortunately doesn't really pay all that well," She explained.

"Your apartment is cleaner than the house I live in. You are obviously a hard working person, unlike my wife who doesn't have a job, yet still can't find time to clean up after herself," Ron said starting to dwell on how lazy Sharon had become recently.

"Look Ron, before you showed up today, it has been years since I have seen Larry's face outside of my nightmares. I sorry to say that your arrival is not exactly a welcome one," She tried to explain.

"Carla, I know about the rape," Ron said to her utter horror.

"He told you," She gasps?

"Of course not, I have never even met Larry," He told her.

"Then how could you possibly have known about him trying to rape me? Those records were sealed," She questioned?

"Well, as the song says I have friends in low places," Ron told her, obviously referring to the popular Garth Brooks song.

"Mr. Morrison... ," She started to say.

"Ron," He quickly corrected her.

"Ron, if you know about his attempt to rape me, then you also must know that it was his word against mine," She said.

"I am choosing to believe you, especially since that asshole is currently sleeping with my wife," Ron explained.

"Thank you," She said wiping a tear from her eye. "You are the first person to do so," She told him.

"Carla, I know you attended several therapy sessions while you were in foster care," He said noticing the haunted look in her eyes. "Don't worry, I haven't read any of your files. I just wanted you to know that I understand at least some of what you went through," He tried to explain to her.

"Ron, Larry Denton has made my life a living hell. I am afraid to date, socialize or even go to sleep for fear that he will be there waiting to finish what he started fifteen years ago. I hate that man more than I can possibly express into mere words. He developed some type of sick obsession over me. I am not normally a vengeful person, but the world would be a far safer place if Larry Denton was no longer a part of it," She exclaimed!

"If that's the way you truly feel Carla, then how would you like to help me make it happen," Ron asked?

"Are you suggesting that I help you kill Larry," Carla asked in horror?

"Is that truly such an outrageous though? The man is obviously still obsessed with you. It is only a matter of time before he gets tired of playing with your clone, and comes after the real thing again. Wouldn't it be nice to know that he is out of your life for good," Ron asked?

"Look Ron, I hate Larry enough to want to see him dead, but I'm not a murderer," She exclaimed!

"Don't worry. If all goes as planned my wife will be the one who murders Larry, at least that is what everyone will think," He said.

"You want to frame your wife for Ron's murder," She asked?

"With your help I think that could be possible," Ron told her.

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