The Ept Test: Alternate Story

by DG Hear

Copyright© 2013 by DG Hear

Sex Story: I found the test in the garbage. Who did it belong to?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   .

Thank you to everyone who read my story 'The EPT Test'. It could have gone many different directions. I received dozens of comments with different scenarios. This is an alternative story and is a stand alone story for those who didn't read the original. Much of the first story is incorporated in this one. Thank you to Mr. Wolf for editing this story.

I know most of us have regrets in life and like me often think about them but know there is nothing we can do about them. There are no do over's. My life is filled with good and bad times. I often wonder which outweigh the other.

A little background; I had a good childhood, three sisters and two brothers. We fought a lot but that's what siblings do. High school was ok but nothing special for me. I changed schools a couple of times so never got involved in extracurricular activities.

Even though I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life I started college and met a girl my freshman year. As luck would have it she got pregnant and we both dropped out of college and got married. I couldn't afford college and provide for a family too. I had to make a choice. I liked Shannon a lot and wanted to do what was right by her.

Shannon was three years older than me but was only going to college part time taking a few courses each semester. She lived with one of her girlfriends; they shared an apartment and both had jobs as waitresses. Her family was even larger than mine; she had three brothers and three sisters.

Life really wasn't that bad. My dad got me a job at the auto factory and it paid good money. One of my sisters had apartments that they rented out so we had a place to live at a reasonable price.

I worked the afternoon shift at the factory so I saw Shannon during the day. She usually waited up for me till I came home unless I worked over, which I did quite often. The money was too good to pass up; I had a family to support.

I worked all the overtime I could get and worked a lot of weekends. I was glad that Shannon had a lot of family around because I didn't want her to be alone all the time. We did our best to do things together when I wasn't working. We were lucky and after a few years were eventually able to buy a home. Shannon's parents helped us with the down payment.

One thing we did a lot was make love. Shannon rarely denied me. We had three kids in five years. After the last one I had a vasectomy. Shannon and I both decided that three kids were enough. We had two girls, Cindy and Chris, and our son we named Jimmy. Shannon was a great mother and lover.

While being a stay at home mom, until all the kids started school, she decided to take college courses on line from a local University. She did attend a few classes and her mother watched the kids. Shannon was bound and determined to get her degree. Her parents knew that money was tight for a young married couple and did pay for the courses that Shannon took.

When our son, Jimmy turned five Shannon had received her degree in Business Management. I was proud of her and we attended her graduation.

She said she was going to look for a part-time job since all the kids were in school.

We argued about it a little but Shannon was right; she spent the last ten years of her life changing diapers and being home with the kids. She wanted to be around some adults once in a while.

I was an ok father and did help watch the kids when I was home. I spent most of my time working and trying to provide for my family. I remembered that I hardly did much with my dad while growing up. He was always working too. I guess I developed that trait.

Shannon did get a part-time job at a real estate and insurance agency. It was a decent sized firm with over thirty employees. She was a secretary that answered the phones and did some of the accounting work. She said she loved her job.

The company worked with her so that she was always there for the kids to help them off to school. Her mom would come over when the kids returned home from school. Shannon would be home usually by five o'clock or so. She started out working three days a week, but eventually worked five.

It was working out quite well. I would get up early so I could at least see the kids before they were off to school. Shannon wasn't waiting up for me most nights since she started working. Maybe once a week we did get together to make love.

On weekends when I didn't work, which wasn't very often, we would take the kids somewhere so we could be a family for the day. We went to the aquarium, zoo, amusement parks, movies and to other local events. I really loved Shannon and the kids.

Most guys at work would go to the bar for drinks after getting off of work but I always came home. I wanted to see my family in the morning even when I finished at three in the morning. I would often go lay back down after Shannon left for work but I tried to do what was right.

During the holiday season between Thanksgiving and New Years I did get some days off. We spent them shopping and visiting family. One particular weekend Shannon asked me to go to her company Christmas party. It was a weekend that I had a chance to work. We had gone to my company Christmas party the week before so when I told Shannon I had to work during hers, she got mad at me.

She said she was going anyway and her mom said she would watch the kids. I told her I didn't want her drinking and driving. I really didn't want her to go at all, but that was her decision to make. She was somewhat of a happy drunk but I didn't want her on the road. The party was being held at the Ramada Inn, which was about thirty miles away. She said she and her friend Anna were getting a room for the night, so they could have a good time and not drive anywhere.

Again she told me to call off work and I could share the room with her and Anna could find her own room. I told her we could use the money and I wasn't calling off work. Needless to say she was pissed at me.

I hadn't met most of the people that Shannon worked with. She had only worked there since September. I had met Anna when she came by to pick Shannon up for work a couple of times. It was when Shannon needed her car repaired and Anna offered to give her a ride to work.

Anna was a good looking woman who had been divorced a couple of years. She didn't have any kids and she seemed quite nice. She and Shannon became good friends. I remember thinking when I saw her, "I'd do her", but most guys always thought like that.

I've seen a lot of women that I wouldn't mind having sex with but I would never cheat on Shannon. I'd only been with a couple of women before meeting Shannon so my sexual history was pretty limited.

Shannon never talked about her past boyfriends but I know she wasn't a virgin when we were first together. One of her sisters kind of let it slip out saying, "He's cute, have you slept with him yet?" I knew it embarrassed Shannon but I could kind of read between the lines.

On Saturday, the day of her Christmas party, I kissed her and apologized again for having to work. She wasn't very happy with me as I left for work. She said she would be home before noon the next day.

I went to work and had to work over. I called my mother in law and told her I would pick the kids up in the morning. There was no reason to wake the kids in the middle of the night.

After getting home, I went straight to bed; boy was I tired. I woke up Sunday around ten o'clock and quickly got dressed and went to pick up the kids at their grandmother's house. They were eating breakfast and she asked me if I would like some pancakes.

Needless to say I hadn't eaten and ate some eggs and pancakes. I thanked my mother in law for watching the kids. She really liked the kids and said it was never a problem to watch them.

When we arrived back at the house Shannon was home. She hugged all the kids but was a bit distant with me. I figured she was still a bit mad at me. I did ask her how the party went and she said it was fine although she got tired of explaining to everyone why her husband didn't come.

Again I apologized but I figured she was just throwing digs my way. She said she had a lot of dance partners and really enjoyed herself. I asked her if she drank too much and she told me she limited her drinking since I wasn't there to protect her and she had to drive home this morning.

That was about all she said about the party. She seemed to stay mad for a couple of days, then things were pretty much back to normal. Wednesday night she had waited up for me and we had sex. I couldn't believe that she initiated it. After I got out of the shower and into bed she began to rub my cock through my briefs.

She pulled down my briefs and began to give me oral sex. This was fairly rare to get oral sex from Shannon. Usually it didn't happen unless she had drunk too much. She sat up and pulled up her nightgown; she wasn't wearing any panties.

I watched her get up and lower herself onto my cock. Damn! It felt so good. As she was riding my cock I reached up and slid my hands under her nightgown and rubbed her tits. I lasted all of five minutes before coming hard and shooting my load deep into her pussy. I knew she was having an orgasm by her actions and the pulsating of her pussy.

After coming she lay on my chest. I asked her what brought that on, I wasn't complaining and that it was a great surprise. She told me that she felt that she was a little hard on me for the past week. She understood I worked to provide for the family. It was her way of saying, "I'm sorry".

Life was rather normal for the next couple of months. We made it through the holidays. For New Year's we went to her sister Beth's house. She was having a party. Shannon's mom agreed to watch the kids again.

Shannon got a little drunk but it was alright seeing it was all family. I just had a few beers knowing I had to drive home afterwards. As I mentioned, Shannon was a happy drunk and hot to boot.

We arrived home; this time I started by eating her pussy. She actually had a really nice pink pussy. I spread her lips and shove my tongue in as deep as I could. My whole face was against her pussy. I was busy licking and sucking for all I was worth. She held on to my head and pushed against my face. I knew she had an orgasm and my tongue felt her juices flowing.

By then I was as hard as a rock. She spread her legs and I pushed my cock to the hilt into her pussy. "Oh God, I love it," she was saying. "Fuck me Honey, fuck me hard and deep. It feels so good."

After I came and pulled my cock out of her, she kissed me and told me she loved me. We both turned over and went to sleep. I remember thinking that I should get her drunk more often. Sex with her was always good but she let herself go a little more when she had been drinking.

It was now February and I asked Shannon if she would like to go out for Valentine's Day. I told her we could celebrate it on Saturday. She was happy about it and I asked her if she wanted to have another couple with us. We found out a long time ago that it was more fun and gave us someone else to talk with.

She said she would ask Anna if she wanted to go out with us. She and Anna had become close friends and Shannon mentioned that Anna recently began dating a new guy that she met at a Christmas party. He worked in the actuarial department at the office.

I asked Shannon's mother if she would watch our kids and there was no problem there. Anna got back to Shannon and said she and her boyfriend Ryan would love to go. They left the plans up to me but gave me Ryan's phone number to coordinate any plans I may have.

I decided to really do it up big time. We would be going to the Sheraton Inn. I contacted Ryan and made sure he wouldn't mind spending the extra money for a room. He told me whatever I wanted to set up was fine. He really liked Anna and was hoping there might be a future for them.

We would be having dinner and drinks. They also had a lounge where dancing was permitted. All I could think about is getting Shannon a little drunk and having a wonderful night of sex with her.

During the week I ordered two bouquets of flowers and two boxes of candy. I was going all out for Valentine's Day. The flowers and candy would both be placed in our hotel rooms to surprise the girls. I was really getting excited over the whole idea. I haven't gone this far out of the way for Shannon for years. I wanted to show her how much I loved and cared for her.

On Thursday Shannon seemed a little off but maybe I was just pumped up.

I asked her if there was something wrong and she told me that she was just a bit tired and didn't sleep well that night. She left for work and I made sure all our plans were ready for Saturday.

Friday was our garbage pickup day and I usually got up and put the garbage out. A few times I put it out the night before and sometimes the dogs would get into it ripping open the bags.

I called Shannon to let her know I would be working over. She told me she would put out the garbage so I wouldn't have to. I thought it was nice of her because I wouldn't have to get up early and put it out. I just hoped the animals didn't get into it.

She didn't wake me in the morning and when I woke up the kids had already left for school and Shannon had left for work. I looked out the front door and notice two dogs rummaging through our garbage bag. I opened the door and yelled at them and they ran off leaving a busted bag.

I got another garbage bag and put the bulk of the torn bag into it. I then began picking up the garbage left on the ground. I was surprised when I came across two early pregnancy test kits. Why would we have them in our garbage? I looked at them and they both read positive for pregnancy.

I was actually confused. Shannon wouldn't need a test kit because I had a vasectomy. I wasn't sure what to do or how to handle it. I figured the best thing would be to just ask Shannon. Surely there was an easy explanation. I went to work that day and needless to say it bothered me all day.

My head was swimming with what might have happened. Surely Shannon didn't cheat on me. The one thing about not knowing is that you have a tendency to think the worst. Our marriage might not have been perfect but it was a lot better than a lot of others we knew of.

On Saturday I tried to act normal but it wasn't easy. I tried to keep busy and even played with the kids. I took them over to Shannon's mother's house and told her we would see her the next day.

When I got back home Shannon had just gotten out of the shower and had put on her red panties. I went up to her and put my arms around her and even rubbed her belly. She felt so soft and smooth. I had to wonder if there was a baby in there.

"Honey, we can't do this now," thinking I wanted to make love. "There'll be plenty of time for that tonight." She smiled at me and started to get dressed.

She put on this beautiful low cut red dress that she had bought for the occasion. I have to say she looked really sexy. Earlier she had made an appointment to have her hair done. She was one beautiful sexy woman.

I wanted to blurt out, "Look what I found in the trash," but was afraid of what the answer might be. I read stories all the time and life doesn't happen like they do in a lot of these stories. Decision making isn't that easy, at least for me. I can't tell you how much keeping this secret bothered me.

I went ahead and got dressed in my only suit. For all I knew this might be our last night together if what I was thinking was true. If she got pregnant by another man I know I couldn't live with her no matter how much I loved her. I had put the two test strips in a plastic bag and actually put them in my jacket pocket.

Shannon looked at me and said, "Gary, what's the matter? Something has been bothering you all morning." She probably knew me better than I knew myself.

I couldn't hold it in any longer. I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out the test strips. "I found these in the garbage yesterday. What are they doing in our garbage? Are you pregnant?" I asked loudly.

Shannon had a look on her face that I couldn't read. "Gary, we'll talk about this later. Please, not now. We're going out for dinner." She was looking at me but I swear I couldn't read her face.

"What? No! We'll talk about it now!" I exclaimed.

"Why would you even go in the garbage anyway?" asked Shannon.

"The damn dogs went in our trash. All I did was clean up the mess and came across your test results; I can't believe you did this to our marriage."

It looked like she was looking for something to say. Finally she said, "It isn't mine. The strips belong to Anna. Thursday night after work she stopped by and we talked about the dinner. Then, she told me she missed two periods. She had bought the test kit and it was in her car. I mentioned for her to go get it and take the test here. At least she would know."

"So, Anna's pregnant. Why two tests?" I asked.

"They come two in a package so a woman can be sure. After the first positive reading Anna went and took it a second time and then she threw the test strips in the trash."

"Please don't tell her I told you. I promised her I would keep it a secret. I don't want to embarrass her. She's not positive if Ryan is the father. She's trying to figure it out. I don't want to mess up their relationship."

"I promise not to say anything. I wish you would have told me though," I said. "Yesterday and today would have been much easier on me." I took her hands and kissed them. "You're a good friend."

"I didn't tell you because there wasn't any reason to. It isn't our business and I had no idea you found them in the trash. If you would have mentioned it then I would have told you just like I did. Now let's get going. I don't want to be late for dinner."

I did my best to put it out of my mind but I guess I still had doubts but did my best not think about it. I really wanted to have a good time with my wife tonight. We met Anna and Ryan at the hotel restaurant. Anna looked beautiful but not at all nervous and seemed happy. Ryan seemed like an all right guy. I shook his hand and we all sat down and ordered drinks.

I couldn't help looking at Anna's belly at times or Shannon's for that fact.

I wasn't talking much but doing a lot of listening. Anna and Shannon did most of the talking. That's why we like to go out with another couple. Shannon kept looking at me but not saying much to me. I was probably acting a bit strange; as I mentioned Shannon knew me better than I knew myself.

I butted in the conversation. "Ryan, do you work with Shannon and Anna?"

"Yes, I work in the actuarial department," he replied.

"Did you make it to the Christmas party last December?" I asked.

He smiled, "Yes I did. It's when Anna and I became close friends. I've known her for awhile but we became better friends at the Christmas party. Too bad you had to work, we had a great time." I looked over at Shannon and she looked away.

We ordered dinner and I was doing my best to act like I was having a good time but thinking about Shannon at her Christmas party was upsetting my stomach a little. After dinner we went into the lounge. The girls went to the restroom. Another reason to go with another couple, women just can't seem to go to the restroom alone.

After they walked away Ryan handed me the money for the flowers and candy. I reminded him that they were put in their room and should be a nice surprise. As far as the room was concerned, Ryan put his on his credit card. We each paid for our own dinner and took turns buying drinks.

"Ryan, I need to ask you something personal. I hope you don't mind. It's about the Christmas party."

"Go ahead, what do you want to know?" asked Ryan.

"Did Anna spend the night with you that night?"

"Damn, Gary! I don't think it's any of your business but yes we spent the night together," replied Ryan sounding a bit agitated.

About that time the girls returned from the restroom and sat down. They both looked a bit nervous. The music began to play and I asked Shannon to dance. She seemed a bit flustered and told me she had something to talk to me about later. It had to do with Anna's baby.

I agreed that we should wait to talk about it. I looked over at Anna and Ryan dancing. They both looked happy and good together. Anna kept looking over at Shannon and me. Now I had promised to keep this from Ryan. Shannon was right, I wish I didn't know anything about it. It wasn't any of my business.

We ordered drinks and both girls were having mixed drinks. I always thought drinking would hurt the baby but didn't say anything. By the time we made it up to our room Shannon was pretty drunk which made me happy. I knew the sex would be good.

She walked into our room and saw the flowers and candy. She smiled and kissed me. "Honey, thank you so much for such a wonderful evening, candy and flowers." She had tears in her eyes.

She kissed me again and I replied, "I love you Shannon!"

"Get undressed and show me how much." She asked me to unzip her dress and she took it off. She had on the red panties that I watched her put on this morning along with a matching bra.

"I want you to make love to me tonight like you never have before. Anna told me that Ryan uses Viagra once in a while and I asked him for one to give to you."

I had brought up a couple of beers. I took one and took the pill she gave me. It was the first time I have ever taken any kind of sex pill.

As I undressed she walked over and smelled the flowers and opened the box of candy and took a piece out and ate it. She slipped of her panties and bra and lay on the bed. She took a piece of chocolate, spread her legs and put it on her mound above her pussy.

She looked at me and said, "Eat it!"

I got between her legs and ate the chocolate and then her pussy like never before. As I held her lips apart I tongue fucked her to an orgasm. I didn't stop until my face was covered with her juices. After getting up I aligned my cock with her pussy opening and rubbed my cock up and down her moist opening.

"What are you going to do to your horny wife?" she asked.

"I'm going to fuck you forever." I pushed my cock all the way into her hot and wet pussy.

"Fuck me you Bastard," she said to me. "Fuck me hard."

I don't know how long it was but she came again. I pulled out and had her turn over. She got on her knees and I plunged my cock deep into her wet pussy. She kept pushing back against me. I knew I was going to come and held onto her hips and pushed in as far as I could with my pelvis hard against her ass and exploded into her.

I felt her pussy grip my cock and knew she was coming again. When I felt her pussy stop pulsating I pulled out. I got my beer and handed one to Shannon along with her box of candy. After drinking her beer and eating a couple of chocolates she went into the bathroom. When she came out she had a damp washcloth and began wiping off my cock.

I began to get hard again. She leaned over and began giving me a blowjob. I watched as my beautiful wife's lips went up and down on my cock. She got up and lowered herself down on my hard cock. It wasn't often that I got hard that quickly and knew it must have been the pill she gave me.

She rode on my cock for a good ten minutes when I saw her juices running down my cock. She was coming for the third time. She leaned forward as I sucked her beautiful tits.

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