A Loving Wife Dies: Bora Bora

by Duna

Copyright© 2013 by Duna

Fiction Story: A short revenge story with ANR benefit.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Revenge   Lactation   .

First of all, special thanks to my helper Szilvi for-correcting my story to improve it. This is my 4th story, and is my version of H2Owader's story "A Loving Wife Dies". My version is an answer to Ohio's version "Loving Wife Dies: Painful Truths". These stories are on LIT in LW hub ... My special thanks to chilleywilley for making me write something. My story contains ANR sex. The reader can find information about ANR on the net. My story has not been edited, so I am sorry for my mistakes.

Max was a sixty-four year old retired man and he assisted his sick wife, Martha. He went to the hospice every day to strengthen his wife with his presence. She was in the final stage of breast cancer. Martha waited for him with pleasure and she was grateful to him. He helped her with water, he read something to her, and he was beside her. He always came at two o'clock, but today he was late. Her two children were sitting in the ward with her, but Max was late and she did not understand why.

Max had read his wife's letter the previous evening and he was very angry. He felt devastated, and could not sleep until one o'clock after midnight. He was just moaning the words "whore", "bitch", "skank", "slut", "cunt" and other expressions like these before he finally managed to fall asleep. However, in the morning he got up early, despite having slept so little. He urgently wanted to speak to one of his acquaintances at the lawyer firm. Fortunately he knew the lawyers connected with his workplace, where he used to be a troubleshooter before he retired. He found the mobile number of John Collins, one of the family law experts. He called him to ask for an emergency appointment.

As John could only schedule Max for two o'clock, Martha waited in vain for her husband that day. Max made some copies of Martha's letter and looked up the addresses of three persons in his notebook. He also checked on the net if they still lived there. They did. All of them lived in this state where he lived too. There was also a fourth person, whose address he knew, as he was his brother. He reminded himself that he should not be devastated; after all he had been a troubleshooter earlier, and retired only for sake of his dying wife.

As he preferred low fat milk to beer in his all life, he avoided alcoholic drinks even now when he was feeling depressed. He took a box of canned milk from the fridge and he drank half of it with a banana. He did not eat more for lunch, he had no appetite. He went to the appointment in his car and did not mind not going to the hospice in the regular time. His mind was working as fast as it used to in his job in the bank. The assistant of the family law section took him to John Collins.

The assistant closed the door and Max remained with the family law expert in tête-à-tête.

They greeted each other and Collins asked, "Why was this meeting so urgent? Have you got any emergency problem?"

"I'd like to take legal advice. I'll pay the expenses, and if my chances are high, I'll ask for advocacy," Max answered." All right. What's your problem?" Collins asked.

Instead of an answer Max gave his wife's letter to him.

Collins read it and he looked at Max with a wink, "I can understand you. You don't want any divorce at all, because your kind wife is in hospice.

"Exactly," said Max shortly.

Then Collins started to explain, "You are lucky, because the modern science results arrived in the family law of our state. The DNA test is almost 100% sure, so you can have some legal possibilities. Your wife wrote you had been clueless. If you want me to be your advocate, my first advice would be the next: I ask you not to disturb her in her last weeks with heartless scenes as spitting to her face or calling her a slut or a whore. She is a skank whore, but if you want legal success, you should listen to me."

Max was uncomprehending, "I don't understand you exactly..."

Collins continued, "She will be the first solid point at the court against four lawyers of the four biological fathers. I could organize a quick testifying with an attesting notary."

Max was a little ignorant so he asked, "Why is this so important?"

"The lawyers of the biological fathers will want to show that you were a willing cuckold, who didn't care about the fatherhood of his children. She will be our most important witness after her death," Collins said.

"Won't her letter be enough?" Max asked with amazement.

Collins answered with convincing arguments, "I think we want to win, so we must overkill four lawyers for the sure triumph. You will have three evidences to the court. The first is your wife's letter, naturally. The second is the testifying of your wife in front of the attesting notary."

Max was convinced, but he had a last doubt, "What'll be the third evidence?"

Collins drew the last trump, "You should involve your children."

Max understood, because he had thought of this, too, "I've thought about it already. I must ask for DNA samples from them, so I want to give the 33% of the settlement to them.

Collins was very definite, "Not only for the DNA samples, but your children are the closest witnesses for justifying that you were clueless."

Max asked in an astonished voice, "Should I tell to my whore that I will forgive her?"

Collins explained, "Your kind wife lied for 45 years, so you could bewilder her for some weeks. She will be dead soon. You don't have to say, "I forgive you", but you should be polite. I think your politeness will be enough for her. She is in such a state that the help she gave us for the lawsuit may cause such emotional feelings to her like your forgiveness would."

Max moaned, "Max moaned, "Don't I have to forgive this ugly betrayal with some words? Have I understood you correctly?"

The lawyer reconfirmed, "Yes, you don't have to forgive her with words. She could think you're well with her if you speak in a polite way. I think that will be enough. I know this is difficult for you, but I recommend this behavior for the sake of your triumph."

Max agreed," All right, we can start the lawsuit. You will be my lawyer."

"Naturally, the DNA is the objective evidence, but the lawyers will want to decrease the sum of the settlement, and the willing cuckold husband image could earn you 50% less money than the clueless father image," Collins said.

Max heartened himself, "It will be difficult, but I try what you have recommended."

Collins explained, "We'll make some copies of the letter and retain the original for the lawsuit."

Max's brain worked hard.

"Couldn't you offer a good PI company?" he asked.

Collins was surprised, "Ah, you've got an idea?

"My whore identified most of her lovers, and if they were married that time and they are still married with the same wives now, the wives could get a copy of my wife's letter..."

Collins agreed, and smiled at Max. "It's a good idea," he admitted.

But Max went on. " ... And you are right about my having to be kind to her. If I am civil with her, I may get information about her affairs, when she was with her lovers. I think the majority of the old wives won't divorce from their husbands but the being-old-together project of the exlovers will be poisoned a little with anger and hate."

Collins gave Max the address of a good PI firm and he telephoned the attesting notary. He told her it was an emergency matter because of the last stage breast cancer, so she set the appointment in the hospice for two o'clock the next day. Collins told Max that he would be there too.

Max went to the PI firm. He asked about investigation possibilities about the addresses, the marital statuses and the exact dates of the weddings. The PI firm could also provide the service of delivering the evidence to the innocent spouses. Max planned to use this service as well. He went to the hospice at five o'clock. On his way he was full of hatred against Martha, but he got into a patient mood in the hospice. He conditioned himself to a polite conversation. He was lucky everybody had gone home, so they were alone when he entered the ward of his wife.

Martha was in her bed and her pain was attenuated by medication. She looked at Max with pleasure. Max wanted to spit right into her face, but he was determined to remain in a polite mood.

"Hi Martha," he greeted her.

"I'm glad you came. I was afraid of you had some problem," Martha said.

Max sat on the chair beside her bed. "I've got your letter," he began calmly.

In the room the silence was dense for a while and Martha looked at her husband with fear.

Max carried on. "I cannot say I was happy when I read your letter, but I had almost one day to digest it."

"My priest told me it's better to be with God without lies. I'd like to have my soul cleaned," Martha replied.

Max swallowed.

"I know it isn't easy to read my confession, but I want to relieve my soul before my death to go to heaven," she added.

Max wanted to yell at his cunt whore "What heaven?! Go to hell!" but he managed to keep cool and an idea formed in his mind. He now knew how to turn the conversation to serve his purpose.

"I think you could get absolution from God, if you assist me in your last time on Earth. Moreover, you could at last do something for me according to your wedding vow."

Martha sighed."Max, I'll do what you ask from me. I want to be your good wife before my death," she said.

Max was boiling inside, "You want to be what? A good wife?! Who do you think you're, you bitch?! Skank! Cunt!" but keeping in mind Collins's advice not to lose his temper he remained polite and reserved, "I'll bring here a lawyer and an attesting notary at two o'clock tomorrow and you must testify that you wrote the truth to me in your letter."

Martha's eyes were full of tears and Max felt that the first time in her life she was honest.

"If this is your wish, I'll testify for you that my letter is true to the last words," she said.

Max knew it was the right time he should venture his next request. He cleared his throat.

"There's also another thing I'd like you to do for me," he croaked.

"Max, I'm soon going to die. You can ask anything, I'll try to accomplish it. I wasn't a good wife to you, but I'd like to be your good wife in my last time."

"You were a skank! A whore! A bitch cunt, you bloody cheater... " thought Max, but he gulped the swearwords down before they could leave his mouth, and revealed his wish instead, "I want to count your lovers, and want to know the exact time when they had the affairs with you. You gave me the names in your letter, but the dates would be important too."

Martha thought for a while, "If I remember the exact dates, I'll tell them to you. I don't understand why you ask, but I've just promised I'd do anything for you. If you want, I'll write down these dates."

Max almost jumped to the ceiling from his chair. He had thought he would have to struggle for days to get this information out of his wife, "Thank you Martha, a written confession with exact dates will just be perfect."

He tried not to show his satisfaction too much, so he talked with Martha about her current state of health and other things before he went home.

He took some sheets of paper and a pen to the hospice next day. He arrived earlier than usual and found his two children there. They were helping their Mother with the lunch. They were Rachael, his youngest daughter, and Paul, his eldest son. He greeted them and his dying wife and he asked their children if they could come to his house on Saturday morning. They accepted the invitation, so everything went according to Max's plans ... When his wife's lunch was over, he asked them to leave him alone with his wife.

Half an hour later the lawyers arrived. Martha testified her letter before the attesting notary and two other witnesses, confirming that it was true and her husband had not known about either her extramarital activities, nor about the fact that he was not the biological father of their four children. When the officials left, Martha made an account of which lovers of hers were married at the time of her infidelity. She wrote a record of her married lovers. Max was polite to Martha, but he had to swallow sometimes during his wife's confessions. He got twelve names of her lovers who were married that time. He went home and phoned their other two children, Patricia and Alfred, to invite them too to the closed family gathering on Saturday.

Saturday morning all his four children came to Max's house. Max told them he had got a letter from their mother and he read his wife's confession out to them. They were not surprised at all, and actually admitted that they had long known from their mom that Max was not their biological father. But they had to keep their mouths shut, as she had made them promise to do so years before.

Max told them he was going to file a lawsuit against the biological fathers for 18 years settlement for upbringing their biological children. He asked for his children's help and promised 33% of the settlement amount in return. He knew it would work. The children promised to help him with the DNA samples and to testify that he was clueless.

Next week Max informed Collins of the good news that he got the help of his children, so the lawsuit could safely be filed against the biological fathers. Max took the list of the twelve names to the PI firm, which was to investigate whether these old lovers of Martha still lived, and if they did, whether they were still married to the same wives as they had had during their affair with Martha. Of course, their addresses had to be found out as well.

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