Through the Lens

by StangStar06

Copyright© 2013 by StangStar06

Sex Story: A photographer catches his wife at a party

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Celebrity   Humor   Tear Jerker   Cheating   2nd POV   .

Hi folks. Last week's story drummed up a lot of controversy. That can be fun sometimes and I love hearing your opinions on stories. We all have differing views on what is and isn't morally acceptable. And it's good to have a forum to air our opinions. This week's story is shorter and more fun. I hope you enjoy the lighter tone. Next week's story will of course be far different from thie one so if you don't like it, don't worry. Thanks as always to the incredible Mikothebaby for her editing magic. SS06

As I walked up the walkway to our condo, following my wife, I shook my head. When I got to the door, she slammed it in my face. I let out a sigh and turned around to go back to my car. Just as I got to the end of the walkway, I heard her screaming again.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" she yelled. "We're not done talking about this."

"Connie, you slammed the door in my face," I said calmly. "I just thought that I'd go back to the studio and work on the photo's I shot this afternoon. That way you could calm down and I could get some work done."

"I don't need to calm down," she hissed. "I'm perfectly fucking fine. You're the one who has a problem. You let that whore lean all over you. Do you think I didn't notice her rubbing her tits on you? And you just sat there smiling. I wonder what she'd have done if I wasn't standing there. There will be no cheating in this marriage. If you cheat you're gone. No excuses; no mercy, goodbye."

"Connie, she only gave me a hug," I said. "There's no need for you to go ballistic. Everyone I work with sees my wedding ring. They all know that I'm married and very happily. Plus, there's the fact that Serena saw you standing there. If there had been anything going on between us I doubt that she'd have come over and hugged me right in front of you."

"Whores are whores," she hissed. "And you need to let yours know that you're married. And you need to let them know that your wife takes her marriage vows really seriously. I hear about and read about that shit all of the time. People in the media and the entertainment industry just think they're on a different level than the rest of the fucking world."

I squeezed past her and into the house so our neighbors didn't have to listen to the rest of her rant.

"And you need to know, that whore is as fake as they come. She probably has breast implants, butt implants, a nose job, collagen in her lips, her cheek bones re-sculpted, her teeth capped, her hair is bleached and leg extensions," she spat. "Not one thing on her is genuine. Shit, I could look that good if I'd had all of that work done on me too."

"Leg extensions?" I said, shaking my head. "I thought that was an exercise."

"Don't be stupid, Rob," she said. "You know how they do it. That whore is almost six feet tall and bone thin. She has almost no hips but she's got a bubble butt. That is not natural."

"Connie, she played volleyball and basketball in college," I said. "That's why she's tall and thin. It's all of the exercise."

Connie was staring at me like I was on a slide and she was looking at me under a microscope. This is a good time for me to pause and introduce the players in our little drama.

My name is Rob, short for Robin Delgado. I'm a photographer. I started out when I was a kid with a cheap Kodak camera that my folks had bought me as a Christmas present. I won numerous photo contests throughout my teens and knew by the time I was old enough to think about college that photography would be my major.

All during high school I didn't join any of the clubs or teams but I was at any and all big events for the school. I had to be at them so I could take pictures. It was the same at the parties I went to. I was never there with a girl or friends, but I was always there with a camera.

There was one girl, Melissa Mulligan, who thought I was cute. She often asked me why I didn't participate in anything. She thought it was kind of creepy that instead of joining in and experiencing life, I preferred to watch it from the sidelines.

I've often thought about that and it wasn't until recently that I had an answer to her question. It wasn't that I didn't participate in life. Each of us has his or her part to play in the grand drama that makes up life. My part in that drama is to photographically record events so that people who weren't present can witness great, beautiful or tragic events and see them through their own eyes.

In my particular case, I've noticed that life is gritty and ugly, even at its best. And even when you do have those truly beautiful or transcendent moments, they look better to me when focused through the lens of my camera. Everything just seems to look better through the lens.

My wife, Connie, and I have been married for only two years. I own my own agency. I have several photographers on staff and we shoot everything from fashion to magazine work. Often, models or artists who are worried about their image will let us know which parties or events they'll attend. They, or their managers, hire us to photograph them at those events because we'll take hundreds of pictures and let them have control over which shots we release to the magazines or newspapers. That way only pictures that flatter them are ever seen.

On the other hand, when stars are on the way down, magazines often hire us instead of their staff photographers to get pictures of the stars that show them in a bad light. Like pictures of Lindsay Blowhard when she's drunk or high that help the magazine or paper to sell a particular story.

Sometimes, the stars and the magazines will have a bidding war over my work. A magazine wants bad pictures, I get them and the star or their management hear about it and pay me more than the magazine has offered, to make sure the photos never see the light of day.

This morning's shoot was for a magazine ad. One of the models, Serena Vascova, a nearly six foot Russian beauty, as has been mentioned, hugged me when the shoot was done. I've worked with Serena a couple of times before and she's a very nice girl. Her heavy Russian accent makes her seem exotic. Her pale gray eyes and long legs don't hurt either.

For all that Serena calls her a whore, Serena is according to the rumors, a twenty three year old virgin. She's also on her way to becoming a bona fide supermodel. She's making all the right moves and landing a lot of covers. It also doesn't hurt that she asks for me a lot on her shoots. I seriously wouldn't mind riding her coat tails to bigger and better assignments, but that won't happen if Connie creates a scene whenever we work together.

"Just stay the fuck away from that whore," says Connie. "Promise me that?"

She's calmed down so I try to reason with her.

"Okay Connie," I said. "If you don't mind giving up the cruise I wanted us to go on for Christmas; it's fine. We'll do things your way."

"What do you mean?" she says, looking at me curiously.

"Serena asks for me a lot," I begin. "She's on her way to the top as a model. She gets paid a ridiculous amount of money and gets a lot of say as to when, where and how things are done on her shoots. If she asks for me specifically, I get paid more, which means I can buy bigger and better things for YOU. I mean you and I are married. Long after Serena's career as flavor of the month is over, we'll still be together. But if me being on a set with her, even though as you saw today there are always tons of other people there, bothers you, I'll just stop working with her."

"There were a lot of people there," she said hesitantly.

"There were three hair stylists, two make-up artists and their assistants. Her agent was there. Her representative, her personal assistant, all of my assistants, the client's representative, the clothing designer and his assistants and four other models that all had their staff as well," I said. "I think there had to be close to fifty people there and that's the way it always is."

"Well, okay," she said reluctantly. "But I don't want you to ever be around that whore alone. I'm not happy about this at all because you're too obsessed with your cameras and your career to notice the little things, but I'm a woman and I know how women think. And that whore wants you."

"I promise," I said. "I'll never let myself get put into a situation where Serena and I are alone. Now why don't you go make us a nice brunch while I get on the computer and edit the whore's photographs so I can sell them and make us some money?"

I went into my office and go onto the computer. The equipment I had at home was the same editing software I had at the office. That allowed me to work at home when I just didn't feel like going in. As I worked on the photos from the morning's shoot, a call came in on my iPhone.

"Rob, where the hell are you?" asked the caller. "I already told you that we needed test shots ASAP."

It was Friederick Bontemps, Serena's manager. I hate the shit out of him. He is as fake as they come. His French accent, which is also fake, grated on my nerves.

"I should never have allowed you to take the pictures. You aren't well known enough," he said. "You don't have enough history or body of work. Now I'll have to have the whole shoot redone."

"Fred," I said. He hated being called Fred. He preferred to have his name pronounced "Free Drick." That only proved what an idiot he was because pronounced that way, his name was German and there wasn't a lot of love between the French and the Germans. Anyway, it was all academic since it was fake. But I was tired of his shit, so I decided to let him know it.

"It is pronounced Friederick," he snapped. "I am French."

"Fred, the internet is a wonderful place," I said. "If you look there and you know what you're doing you can find out just about anything. Sometimes, you can even find out WHY. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out WHY."

"Why what?" he asked.

"Why a guy who was born Fred Thompson, in Corpus Christi, Texas, would want to pretend to be a French modeling agent. They have all kinds of pictures of you throughout high school. You were in the drama club weren't you? I take it your daddy wasn't too happy with you not being good enough for football. They take their sports pretty damned serious in Texas, don't they?"

There was nothing over the phone but silence.

"I found a video of you in the musical Oklahoma. You were a damned good little singer there Freddy. Besides, why you became Free Dick ... I mean Friederick, which incidentally, I couldn't find. I also couldn't find any record of you actually going to college for that degree in fine arts and fashion design that is on the wall of your office. Even when I searched the college your degree came from. They did have you listed there as a student, but you dropped out. It says that you dropped out for financial reasons. My guess is that daddy didn't want to pay for you to go into fashion design, but I could be wrong..."

"What's your point?" he asked slowly. "I guess you're going to plaster this all over everywhere huh?"

"Nope," I said. "I'm a firm believer in "Live and let live, Friederick. From everything I've heard, with or without a degree or an accent, you're very good at what you do. I am too. Or at least I'm trying to be. All I want you to do is to let me do my job. Believe it or not, I'm working on the test shots even as we speak. I told you you'd have test shots that you could take back to your client by first thing in the morning, didn't I?"

"Yes," he said. A little bit of Texas slipped out when he said it.

"You'll actually have test shots by evening," I said. "As a matter of fact, I'll email you the first five shots right now." I clicked a few files on the computer and emailed them to his office.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes and then. "Holy shit," he said.

"Uh Friederick, that didn't sound French," I said.

"These pictures are great," he said. "I don't know how but ... Hang on." As I waited he was doing something at his desk.

"I don't know, it doesn't seem to be the lighting in the photographs, but Serena has just never looked better. Whatever you're doing, works. I'd really appreciate it if you can get me the rest of the shots on schedule. I won't bother you anymore. And Rob..." he said. " ... what you said before, about keeping my secret ... Thanks."

A little while after I got off of the phone, there was a knock on my office door. I opened it and Connie came in with her best friend, Jessica.

"Where's lunch?" I asked.

"Oh that," said Connie. "I got too busy talking to Jess. Why didn't you tell me about the party tonight at the Dalton Hotel?"

"Because I'm not going to do that one," I said. "I had two parties on the schedule for tonight. I decided to shoot the one at the Book Cadillac. That one is going to have a couple of really important politicians there. History could be made there tonight and..."

"You mean one of those fat cats might actually tell the truth?" she snapped. "That would be historical, but not likely. They all lie, Rob. You should switch and do the other party. Jason Hamsker is going to be there. You know how much I love him. I'd love to have pictures of him. Remember what I told you when we got married?"

"Sorry Honey, but I've already assigned Ed to shoot that party," I said. "My stuff is already at the other hotel. Switching assignments this close to the event would be a mess."

Her face fell. "Next time there's a chance, I'll not only take pictures of him, I'll take you with me and introduce you," I promised her.

She went back and spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Jessica. I never did get lunch.


"God you're lucky," gushed Jessica. "Your husband is hot."

We were just watching as Rob grabbed a couple of camera cases, loaded them into the trunk of his Mustang and headed off to the boring party at the boring hotel.

"And his job is so cool," she continued. "Think about it. He did a fashion shoot with Serena Vascova this morning and a party full of important politicians this evening."

"It's not that great," I said. "That bitch was all over him this morning. Every chance she got, she draped herself across him like a cheap suit. And she even had the gall to look at me with those big gray eyes like some kind of demented cat staking out her territory."

"But Rob loves you, Stupid," said Jessica. "He'd never cheat on you."

"Yeah, I know that," I grumbled. "But she pissed me off. Then there's the fact that if he really loves me he'd have arranged for me to see Jason Hamsker. Now that man is the sexiest thing alive."

"I don't know," said Jessica. "He seems a little fruity to me. He seems like the kind of dude who'd bail on you at the first sign of trouble. I could see the two of you getting into arguments about using each other's makeup. What I can't see is the two of you growing old together or him wrapping his arms around you and making you feel safe. And you have to admit, Rob is daddy material. I just don't see Jason Hamsker that way."

"Well, you're right about all of that," I said. "Besides I don't like Jason in a really serious way it's just a fantasy. But you do know that Jason Hamsker is my wild card, right?"

"What do you mean your wild card?" she asked.

"When Rob and I were first dating, we exchanged fantasy people. He told me who his dream woman was and I told him who my dream man was. We laughed about it. I told him that if he ever met Eva Mendes to feel free to go ahead and have sex with her, and if I ever met Jason Hamsker, he couldn't hold it against me."

Jessica and I laughed for a while and then she jumped to her feet. "Come on," she said. We went back to Rob's office. She opened the door and looked on the desk in front of the computer. She held up a photographer's pass.

"Yeah, I know," I said. "Rob gets to go to all of the cool places. I'll ask him if you can have that pass if you want it as a souvenir or something. Sometimes they have to be turned back in even if they aren't used."

"You don't get it do you?" she asked. "There's no picture or name on this pass. It just says photographer from RDI Media. Anyone could use this pass. You should swing by the party and at least get a chance to see Jason Hamsker in the flesh. Who knows, you might even get a chance to meet him."

As she smiled at me, I felt like I'd been struck by lightning. It would definitely work. I knew all of Rob's photographers and most of his staff. So once I got to the party, if there were any questions, I'd just hang out with them for a while. Maybe I would just hang out with them anyway until Jason showed up, if he did, anyway.

Rob was working another party anyway, so he'd never know that I'd done it. And he was usually late getting back from these things anyway because he had to make sure that he got every possible shot and then had to make sure that he got all of his equipment.

"I'm going to do it," I said. Jessica's face lit up.

"Let me know what happens," she said. "I guess I'd better get my ass home and make dinner for my non-glamorous plumber husband. Have fun rubbing elbows with the rich and famous."

I called my hair dresser and told her I had an emergency. I told her I needed my hair and makeup done in a hurry. When I told her why, she agreed to take care of it in exchange for me telling anyone I met where I'd gotten it done.

I snatched my newest, ritziest, designer shoes and a new little black dress that I'd never worn and headed for her salon.

Two hours later, I presented my invitation at the hotel and was escorted into the main hall where the party was being held. Once I showed the photographer's pass, the security people and staff simply ignored me. I noticed that unlike the other guests who were told where they could and could not go, I was simply forgotten.

There were apparently three groups of people at this kind of event. There were non-famous guests who were either rich, had won a contest, or worked for one of the companies sponsoring the event. These people served as background. Their purpose was to fill the hall and make it seem like everyone wanted to be there. There were limits on what they could do and where they could go.

The second group was the truly famous people. They were the ones who made coming to the event special. There were no limits on them and they got VIP treatment. Lastly there were the staff and members of the support crew. That was where they thought I fit. We were only here to work. We could go anywhere and do anything we needed to do to accomplish our jobs.

I went over and said hello to Rob's lead photographer at the party. I'd known Ed since I first started dating Rob. He's an older guy and a very good photographer but he just doesn't have Rob's gift. Ed is, as I said a very good photographer, but Rob is an artist.

I hung out with Ed and his crew for an hour or so until the place started to fill up, then I began to mingle. In the second hour that I was there, my first hour of working the room, I met all kinds of people. It was easy to see when a star or some other famous person came in because they were immediately photographed and kept having cameras shoved in their faces all night long.

I saw several people that I regularly watched on TV, but I wasn't interested in them. I'd come for one reason. All I wanted was to see Jason Hamsker. Getting an autograph or a chance to talk to him were more than I was hoping for.

I did have an unpleasant experience though. I looked over my shoulder and saw a huge crowd of people gathered around one person. As I strained my eyes to see who the person was, I locked eyes with Serena Vascova. Somehow, I should have known that she'd be here. She was surrounded by reporters and even a couple of photographers. Strangely enough, I noticed that Ed wasn't one of them. And with Serena's rising status, he should have been. I did notice one of his staffers there though. I thought at the time that Ed agreed with me. The bitch simply wasn't important enough to waste time on.

After a while, the crowd around her dissipated as other stars came in. Soon she was left with only a few people following her around and trying to speak to her. I kept my eyes firmly riveted to the doorway waiting for Jason to show up. I had forgotten about Serena when I heard her voice behind my back.

"Do they lie to me?" she asked in her heavy Russian accent. I turned to face her and I had to admit the bitch was beautiful. Whoever her surgeon was he'd done a very good job. Even with us standing face to face, I couldn't see any traces of surgery or scars. Her fucking face looked extremely natural. Her boobs did too. As she looked down at me, I almost believed that she was naturally that tall. I hated the bitch even more."

"I'm pretty sure they're all lying to you," I spat, not having a clue of what she was going on about.

"So truly, Rob will not be at this party?" she asked.

"Truly, Rob will not be at this party," I said, rudely mimicking her accent.

"Then why are you here?" she asked. Before she could even finish her nosy assed question, there was a lot of noise coming from the doorway. I turned and my mouth dropped open as Jason Hamsker stepped through it in the flesh. Jason, unlike the other guys in the room, wasn't wearing a suit. He had on a long hockey jersey with his own name on the back of it. Everyone knew that Jason was Canadian. And all Canadians love hockey, except for the ones who don't. His hockey jersey was festooned with rhinestones and it glittered and sparkled.

Jason was also wearing his trademarked low slung pants. He wore his pants like the kids in the inner city. The crotch of his pants hung down near his knees, which forced him to walk like a penguin that needed to take a shit. As he walked with his toes out and waddled from side to side, his arms and hands made all kinds of fake gang signs and he struck a lot of poses like he was Madonna or at least a model on the runway. My heart was stuck in my chest just seeing him. He pursed his lips together blowing kisses in every direction and smiling.

"Yo, ya know what Ah'm sayin' y'all," he said as he walked. Unfortunately, no one did know what he was saying because he wasn't fucking saying anything. It seemed funny that a white kid from Canada who was too small and too wimpy to play hockey spoke like an inner city black kid. But I guess he was just that damned talented.

"Oh, please," spat Serena. "Do not tell me you are fan of Jason Hamsker?"

I just nodded and she shook her head. "Do you know him?" I asked. She nodded her head.

"He tries to talk with me several times," she spat. "His people got together with my people. They thought that a romance between us might generate a lot of publicity and make us both some money."

I stared at her with my eyes bugging out of my head. "Did you and he ever hook up?" I asked.

"Of course not," she spat. "I'm like every other girl. When I fall in love I don't want Jason Hamsker, I want it to be with a man." She looked at me and smiled.

"Come on," she said. "We will wait a few moments for the photographers to move on to the next person and I will introduce you." Suddenly the bitch was my best friend. Maybe she wasn't so bad after all. At least she was introducing me to Jason. That was far more than I could say about my husband.

"Serena, has Rob ever met Jason Hamsker?" I asked.

"Many times," she said. "If we had done the merger ... I mean the fake romance. We would have gotten Rob to take pictures. Rob also took some of the pictures for Jason's CD cover. Wait ... no, I'm wrong. Rob processed the pictures but he didn't take them. I'm sure you know about how Rob feels about Jason. He always makes fun of him. Rob has his own nickname for Jason."

"He does?" I said. "I didn't know that. They must be friends and Rob never told me."

"Rob is friends with a lot of people in the industry of entertainment," she said. "He is a very good photographer and his pictures make us look good."

"So what is Rob's nickname for Jason?" I asked.

"It is a very affectionate nickname," she said. "I wish he had a little nickname for me, but he just calls me Serena."

"So what does he call Jason?" I asked again.

"Oh," she said. "He calls him, "That little bitch." My eyes popped open in shock. I wonder if it was that English wasn't her native tongue or that I was missing something but it didn't sound like an affectionate nickname to me.

"Come on," she said. "I'll introduce you." She grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd. Everyone seemed to get out of our way when they saw her.

Jason was sneering at the crowd and making faces like a teen aged girl does in the mirror when we got over to him. He was making hand gestures and nodding his head as if he was dancing to a beat that only he could hear.

He looked up as Serena came over to him and smiled. Serena hadn't let go of my hand and I felt electricity as we approached Jason. The spotlight was on us. I was so nervous that I almost forgot to breathe.

"Sheeeiittt, gurl. Ah knew you couldn't stay away from me," he said. Up close, he was a lot shorter than I expected. He was also a lot more delicate. He looked like the kind of kid who was constantly getting his ass kicked. He looked like the kind of kid who got his ass kicked in the suburbs, around nerds. If he ever went to the hood where his videos were shot, he'd probably get his ass kicked by elementary school children.

As the crowd around us wandered off, Serena threw me in front of Jason. "Here's your greatest fan," she said. As she flung me in front of him, I felt like one of those scenes from the zoo, where the animal handler opens the door to the cage and throws a big chunk of meat to the hungry lions. I wasn't the animal handler, I wasn't the lion either. For some reason, I felt like the chunk of meat. The second thing I noticed was that Serena was gone.

"So, Babe," he said, talking to my chest. No he wasn't being rude. That was how tall he was.

"Let's talk about you," he said. "What is YOUR favorite thing about ME?"

I felt that electricity again and noticed that Jason was holding onto my arm. A couple of photographers took pictures of us.

"I like to try to get in touch with my fans," he said. Before I knew it, he had led me out of the party room and into one of the rooms off to the side. His huge hulking body guards were following us at a discrete distance. The room we were in was nice. I remembered Rob telling me about the interview rooms they had at certain events. They used them when a star had promised an exclusive interview to one reporter or writer. Sometimes they had a photographer along too.

Then I noticed that even the body guards weren't in the room with us. It was only Jason and me. He kept talking to me even as he sat me down on the elegant couch in the room. He was sitting really close to me too. He kept rubbing my arm and the next thing I knew he was rubbing my shoulder. He kept talking to me and told me about how tough life was for him and how no one really understood him as an artist.

He told me how he wanted to transcend the limitations of his art form and make music that would be considered the next generation of classic music. He told me that he wanted to do things so that two hundred years from now, people would remember Bach, Beethoven and Hamsker. I never noticed it but sometime during his talk his hand had slipped from my shoulder to my breast. I knew that it was wrong to let him touch me, but it was Jason Hamsker. Shit, he could do whatever he wanted to me. I was sure that Rob would understand.

Jason eased his hand under my dress and strangely enough there were no tingles. I didn't dream about my husband like I did about Jason, but if Rob put his hand on my tit or even on my leg, I was ready to fuck his brains out. I knew then that I should stop him but I didn't. Ron would never find out anyway.

He started talking about his newest song, "I'm thinking about you while making love to her," and even sang a little bit of it while he eased my legs apart. I was in a swoon. I couldn't believe that it was happening to me. The funny thing about it was that I don't remember ever being sexually aroused. I think that in actuality, I was just so star struck by Jason that I never had the chance to say, "No."

The thought of saying, "No," never occurred to me. In fact, I didn't even realize that he was in me until he was out of me. It probably only lasted for about a minute. Maybe that should be the title of his new CD, "Minute Man."

"Damn, gurl," he said. "Dat was some good pussy." It was then that I realized that I had fucked Jason Hamsker. All kinds of things went through my mind. I was a fool. I hadn't thought about it while he was doing it because I was so star struck. I wouldn't be able to describe what it was like for Jessica or my children when I had some.

"Shit," I thought. Maybe I could get him to do it again. I looked down and almost laughed when I saw how tiny his dick was. Then I noticed that his thin watery semen had leaked out of me and stained my little black dress.

I remembered then that I hadn't actually felt anything. His dick was about the size of one of my fingers and even when I masturbated, I used two fingers. I thought about it again and wondered to myself if what he'd done to me could come anywhere near close to what Jason gave me four or five times a week. On a purely sexual scale, this was nothing. The only thing that made it vaguely interesting was the fact that I'd just been fucked by Jason Hamsker.

"Can I git dem digits, gurl?" he asked. I was starting to become annoyed by the sound of his voice. His voice was too high pitched and nasal sounding.

"What?" I asked.

"Can I git yo number so I can call you. You can be my little hoe in Michigan. What's yo name, baby?" he asked.

"Connie Delgado," I said. Even as I spoke, I started to realize that he wasn't at all the way I'd imagined him. I also didn't like being called a "hoe." I guess that was some slang version of a whore.

"Did you say Delgado?" he said sitting up. My eyes popped open as he said it because every trace of his accent was gone.

"Did you say Delgado?" he asked again. "Are you related to Robin Delgado, the photographer?"

"I'm his wife," I mumbled.

"Oh fuck," he said. His English was perfect. Every trace of the hood in him was gone.

"You probably shouldn't say anything to him about this," he said. "Oh fuck", he repeated. "Rob is a friend of mine. He's taken the cover pictures for every CD that I have that's gone platinum. Having him pissed at me would not be a good thing. Some of the concepts he designed for my covers are like art. We need to keep this covered up. Why the hell would you even do this?" he asked. Then he slapped his head as if a light bulb had just gone on.

"It was that tall assed Russian giraffe chick wasn't it? I knew that bitch didn't like me. Those Russian women just don't like black men at all," he said.

"But, uhm, Jason..." I said cautiously. "You're not black."

"Whatever," he spat.

He reached down in his pocket and pulled out a phone. He pushed one button and the two big burly bodyguards opened the door.

"Get me the fuck out of here," he said. The body guards looked at each other strangely.

"Ah mean, yo dog, git me outta this bitch," he said. "We got ta head fo the crib, befo dis shit git serious."

The hulking men grabbed him by one arm each and pulled him out of the room. They looked at me as if I was somehow a threat to him. I pulled my panties up and tried to cover the stain on my dress.

As I went back into the main room where the party was still going strong, I looked for the exit. Before I got halfway across the room, Serena stood in front of me.

"How was it?" she asked.

"I ... I ... nothing happened," I spat. She smirked and nodded her head.

"You just spilled milk on your dress, right?" she asked.

"Did you ever..." I began. She looked at me as if I was stupid.

"I'm a virgin," she said. "There's no way I wanted my first time to be with that troll. When I do give it up, it will be for someone worth it. Someone I love."

"I'll bet you'll go running home and have your manager call Rob and tell him, huh?" I said. "But what you don't know is that this won't matter. Rob and I have an agreement. If he ever met Eva Mendes he could have sex with her. And I could have sex with Jason Hamsker."

"Rob has met Eva Mendes several times," she said. "I'm pretty sure he probably told her the same thing he told me."

"What did he tell you?" I asked.

"He told me that he was married to the most beautiful, most special woman in the world," she said. "He told me that all of this showbiz stuff was an illusion and he needed to have something real with a real woman. Not just something to get a few lines in print in the newspaper."

"My God," I said. "I'm such a fool."

"I need to go home now so I can tell him my side of it before you get to him," I said. I tried to push past her and found her blocking my path.

"You don't have to run off on my account," she said. "Maybe you can fuck a couple of more famous people. Besides, I'm not going to tell him. I can't afford to for a couple of reasons."

I just looked at her. "My manager is the Frenchman, Friederick Bontemps. He saw the test shots that we took today and told me that I have never looked better in my life. I need to have Rob continue to photograph me. Even the Frenchman says that he brings something out in me that none of the other photographers do. People tend to ... shoot the messenger. So, if I were to tell Rob about what you have done, I might lose a photographer. You have nothing to worry about from me. I cannot vouch for everyone else here. Nor can I vouch for the photos of you and Jason that were taken when I introduced you. Good luck. You will need it."

I looked around the room as she turned and walked away. The party was in full swing and would probably go on until after midnight. It was barely ten. I left the building and drove home. Once I got home, for some reason, guilt perhaps, I started drinking.

This was all the fault of that Russian whore. I started the day out hating her. She had flounced into the shoot that morning as if she was some kind of Russian princess. She had ignored all of the stylists who'd been waiting for her and sat down to start talking to Rob. I guess that she thought that I was one of Rob's assistants because she never paid me any attention until she tried to send me out for coffee.

Then Rob had told her who I was. Every time she changed outfits, she ignored the stylists and the designers and went over and asked Rob what he thought of how she looked. Finally, when they were done shooting, she waltzed over and draped herself bodily over my husband with me sitting right there. She knew who I was and just draped herself over him anyway. It was like watching a cat in heat.

Then when I got to this fucking party, she introduced me to Jason Hamsker. Since she had a history with him, I'm pretty sure she knew what an asshole he was. That feeling I had of being thrown to the lions was more than a little bit true. I really believe that she did it on purpose.

The vodka seemed to make me understand Russians better. Serena had told me that there were a couple of reasons that she wouldn't rat me out. But she'd only given me one of them. The vodka made it all clear. Serena hadn't been lying to me but she'd hid the most important reason. She couldn't afford to tell Rob but it wasn't because she was afraid to lose a photographer. The bitch didn't want to lose Rob. It had been staring at me in the face all the time. Serena was in love with my fucking husband. She didn't want to tell him about me because if he reacted the way she'd said, he wouldn't want to have anything to do with her. And she wanted to swoop in and pick of the pieces after my fuck up.

It was all as clear as day. The reason that Rob supposedly brought out things in her that no other photographer did was because whether he knew it or not, he put them there. The light in her eyes came from the fact that the bitch loved him. That was also why she constantly flounced her ass over to him to see if he liked the clothes she wore in the pictures.

As I sat there drinking, I thought about all of the things I'd done wrong during the day. I'd heard for most of the time that Rob and I had been together how spoiled and childish famous people could be. He'd told me time after time that their attitudes were fucked up and they weren't like normal people. He also told me that they weren't real people, there was usually something missing in them. They were more like caricatures than real people.

I wondered then about a lot of things. Rob had met Eva Mendes several times according to Serena. Serena had been sure that Rob had never done anything with her if the chance had come up. The biggest slap in my face was that Rob had turned Serena herself down. It shocked me to think that he'd turned down one of the most beautiful women in the world and told her about how beautiful he thought I was instead.

He loved me that much and I just spread my legs and fucked Jason Hamsker without giving him a thought. Jason Hamsker had fucked me and called me a whore and then practically ran from the room when he found out that I was married to Rob. He was more afraid of losing Rob as a photographer than he was about hurting my feelings. He never gave me a moment's thought. It was as if I was nothing.

Despite all of those fucking songs he mumbled about true love and sacrifice, Jason Hamsker was an asshole. Rob was so much better in every sense of the word than Jason Hamsker would ever be. Jessica had been right all along. I don't know if I ever actually got drunk. But I passed out.


The emergency call from Ed made a terrible night worse. Ed's wife was pregnant and just before the party he was shooting got started, his wife had gone into labor. He called me and I told him to leave the guys in position and that as soon as all of the guests had arrived for the party I was shooting, I'd hop in my Mustang and come over there and grab a few special shots of all of the most important guests at the party he was covering. He thanked me and ran off to meet his wife and her parents at the hospital.

Ed was a good guy. If I'd been working for someone and Connie had gone into labor, I'd have been out of there like a bat out of hell. I'd have told my colleagues on the scene what was going on and after that, I'd have let the chips fall. If I got fired for trying to be present for the birth of my child, then whoever I was working for didn't deserve me.

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