A Rocky Start

by JustDan

Copyright© 2013 by JustDan

Sex Story: I meet the girl of my dreams, and she's everything I ever wanted. But am I everything SHE'S ever wanted?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Rough   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Size   Big Breasts   .

They say you should always start at the beginning, though I've never really been sure who "they" were. But I have to start somewhere, I guess.

When I turned 16 years old, my mom tossed me in the car and took me to the local burger joint and got me a job. I never even talked to the manager, except to confirm that I'd be there the next day and to thank her. I can't say I was too upset about it, though, since the manager was a short, very stacked blonde with a cute face. I blushed a bit with the sort of improper thoughts that are always inhabiting a sixteen year old mind, and looked forward to the next day of work.

Working at a burger joint is about as unglamorous as it gets, but generally speaking all of your coworkers are roughly your same age, and the managers are young as well. It makes integration fairly simple, but the same sort of class warfare that you see in high school tends to crop up. Cliques form, crude language gets thrown around, hazing occurs, and so on. I was a good kid, but not too good. As they say, I'd fractured an ordinance or two in my time, but generally was fairly harmless.

The manager's name was Jen, and I ogled her every chance I got. The uniforms were anything but flattering, but curves like hers were impossible to hide. She had a truly amazing rack, even through that bulky mesh polo shirt. Black jeans were the standard, and hers were never overly tight, except where they covered her ass. She was cute enough in the face, but the body is what constantly drew my attention.

In the time-honored tradition of sixteen year olds everywhere, I set out to gain her attentions in about the worst way possible. I began acting like a damn fool, trying my damndest to make her laugh, and therefore like me. I guess that was pretty well established as my favorite method by that point. As a teenager, I was a string bean, hovering near six feet, but only about 130 pounds or so. I wasn't ugly or handsome, just sort of middle of the road. I certainly couldn't compete with the upper echelon of jocks for the cheerleader set on looks alone. I did, though, have a knack for making people laugh, which became my defense mechanism and tool of choice for wooing the opposite sex.

It worked about as well as you'd think. It got me a few dates, but none of them were with any of the 'beautiful people'. It got me laid a few times, but usually with girls that were pretty low-hanging fruit, which is to say they were quite experienced and not very discerning. To my surprise, though, those girls were generally very kind, and took to my sexual education with gusto. I got some pretty top-notch training, as far as I was concerned, and got to enjoy myself in the process. Sure, none of the dalliances could qualify for the 'relationship' moniker, but when you're a young teenager, a roll in the hay is always welcome.

Jen wasn't amused. Not even a little bit. She wasn't that much older than us, but she was a lot more mature, and didn't have a lot of patience for foolishness. In a stunning fit of immaturity, I had my best friend pass word to her that I liked her. Her response was as blunt and as harsh as I had feared. She made it quite clear that she wasn't impressed, wasn't flattered, and that it was never going to happen.

Well then. I died the death of the broken-hearted teenager and quickly moved on. So did she, come to find out. We had another coworker at the burger joint by the name of Rocky. As far as I knew that really was his name, but I never got close enough to him to find out. He and I were civil to each other, but he was a loud, large, rough-around-the-edges type. Whenever we had trouble with a customer or a drunk who had wandered in, Rocky was the guy we called to handle it. He would make the trouble disappear in a pretty big hurry. He wasn't ridiculously muscled, just very, very big. Six and a half feet or so, and just heavy all over. You could say he was carrying a beer belly, but you'd be pretty sure to say it where he couldn't hear.

Rumors started flying around the burger joint that Rocky and Jen were seeing each other. At first none of us believed it, me least of all. He was nothing like what we all assumed her type would be, after all. But then one day she showed up to work with him, riding in his truck, and they kissed right in front of everyone as she slid out of the seat and came in to start her shift. Rocky peeled out of the parking lot, and Jen came in blushing, but grinning at the same time.

It was a definite scandal, but in a place like that, much as in high school, scandal only lasts so long. By the next week, it was sort of accepted, and we all just rolled our eyes at their frequent displays of affection. Rocky was crude, loud, and domineering, and Jen seemed to be loving it. She grinned all the time, snuggled up to him during their breaks, and generally cooed about him to anyone who would listen. She would regale us with stories of the things he had bought her, or the places they had gone together. We were happy for her, for the most part, though I was still intensely jealous.

It was a hot flame, and it died out quickly. Within a month, they were 'broken up', and Jen was backtracking like mad. She said that they had never really been 'together', but had just gone out a few times. Neither one of them was inclined to talk about the reason for their separation, but rumor flew rampant that he had hit her, or cheated on her, or something like that. With Rocky, just about everything was on the table, and the fact that she refused to talk was extremely interesting to a bored immature workforce.

I got a call at home one day, and was shocked to hear that it was Jen, and that she was wondering if I was free for dinner. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I told her I'd be happy to meet her wherever she liked. I couldn't believe it ... what was this all about? Only one way to find out, I suppose.

I showed up an hour early. I might have been a little overexcited. She showed up right on time, and we smiled at each other and headed in together. I held the doors for her, and pulled out her chair for her, just like my mommy had taught me. She was all smiles, but not saying much beyond trivialities. We ordered, and then I put it to her bluntly.

"So ... what's this all about?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, I can't recall us ever doing this before, I don't think you've ever gone to dinner with any of the other employees, except for Rocky, and you made it pretty clear a while back that you weren't interested in me in any way, shape or form. All of which makes me wonder ... what's this all about?"

Jen blushed at the mention of Rocky's name and looked down.

"You know, I'm only 23 years old", she said. At this point I was 19, so she was only 4 years up on me. I hadn't known that, but also couldn't see the relevance.

"OK... ?"

"I guess what I'm saying is that I'm far from perfect, and that I make mistakes that I'd really like to take back sometimes."

Gulp. Was she saying what I thought she was saying? The question must have been clear on my face.

"The thing is ... I haven't been on a whole lot of dates until now. I made manager really early, and have been working hard at it. They're talking about moving me to Corporate headquarters and making me a district manager, and I'd be the youngest one in the history of the company! And while that's great, it doesn't really leave a whole lot of time for ... other stuff."

"I guess I can see that. But ... what sort of 'other stuff' did you have in mind when you asked me to dinner?"

She flushed again and looked off to her left for a long moment.

"You know about Rocky and me, right?"

"Everyone knew about you and Rocky, but you guys are broken up, right?"

"Well, we were never really together, so broken up is a bit strong, but we're not seeing each other, if that's what you mean."

"That's good enough, I guess ... since we're talking though ... what happened between you two? You seemed like you were really happy with him, and then one day, nothing."

Jen grimaced a bit, then took a long breath.

"I wasn't willing to sleep with him, so he went and hooked up with some other girl. He didn't even bother trying to hide it ... as a matter of fact he did it while I was still in the same room asleep."

I was beyond shocked. Talk about a loaded statement! She wasn't willing to have sex with him, but she was apparently literally sleeping with him at some point. And Rocky had cheated on her! And done it right in front of her face!

"Holy shit", I mumbled.


"I'm really sorry ... Rocky's a dick on roller skates. That's a fucked up thing to do to someone..."

"I know. That's why I broke it off. I told him I didn't want to see him any more outside of work."

"I know it's sort of none of my business and all, but did you guys, uh ... fool around?"

She chuckled a little bit, but the laugh didn't reach her eyes.

"Not really, no. He wanted to, for sure, but I was pretty firm about it. I'm a virgin, and it's really important to me to save all that stuff for after marriage."

Wince. That was NOT the sort of thing I wanted to hear right at this particular juncture. After all, it wasn't like I was in love with the girl, but I was damn sure in lust with her.

"I can understand that, I guess, and I think it's awesome that you stuck to your guns on that."

"Thanks. I know it's sort of an outdated stance, but I can't help it. That's how I feel."

At that point the waitress showed up and took our orders. We chatted for a couple of hours, and those hours flew by. To my surprise, I was able to make her laugh quite easily, and she seemed much more relaxed with me than she ever had previously. I was mildly surprised to find myself having a really good time, and was sorry to see the evening end.

After I had paid for both of us (thanks mom), we headed for the parking lot. She had parked right beside me, and we stopped awkwardly in front of the cars and looked at each other. There was a long, uncomfortable silence, then I managed to remember how to form words.

"This was really a lot of fun, Jen. I'm really glad you gave me a call, and that we did this. We should definitely do it again sometime."

She looked at me for a few heartbeats, then leaned up and gave me a very, very light kiss on the lips, then stepped back, blushing but smiling.

"Definitely. How does tomorrow sound to you?"

It was my first real relationship, and it was with a girl who I had pined over for many years. She was built like my dream girl, had a sweet smile, and we seemed to just click. I couldn't believe my good luck, and got swept up in a whirlwind of hormones, lust, and romantic confusion. This was the greatest I had ever felt in my life, and I found myself grinning all the time. We did all the cutesy things, writing notes back and forth, eskimo kisses, tickle fights ... you name it. She stuck to her guns, though, and there was no petting, no fondling, no undressing, and certainly no touching below the neck. She was always up for a good, long, old-fashioned necking session, though, and we frequently occupied our time that way, ending when we were both red-faced and raring to go. That's when she'd call a stop to the festivities, and we'd usually call it a night.

It was frustrating, but I told myself it was a good thing. She was a good girl, and wanted to do things the right way. It wasn't a whole lot of fun for me, but that body was going to be one hell of a reward once she decided to give it up. I felt it every time we hugged, and I know she could feel me, because she'd giggle sometimes and grind her hips against mine, rubbing her pelvis and tummy against my erection. I'd always groan theatrically, and then we'd both smile at each other.

Jen did have one quirk that was pretty annoying when we first started seeing each other regularly. She didn't want anyone at the burger joint to know about it. She said that after her experience with the rumor mill when she and Rocky were ... whatever they were, she didn't want to go through that again. I kinda understood that, but I have to be honest, it kinda stung. I wanted to strut, and to show her off to people! The fact that I had landed someone like her was something I was intensely proud of. But she said no dice, at least for a while. I went along, and just enjoyed getting what I could have. If I just had her in private, then I'd revel in that, for now. Like the gratification of sex, I could wait for the gratification of showing her off.

A couple of months went by, and I felt blindingly happy. I was quite sure that I had found the right person for me, and that we were meant to be together. I felt foolish and nervous, since I wasn't sure if she felt the same. I saved up a few paychecks and bought a tiny little diamond ring. The tiny chip of a stone was bright, and it was in a simple white gold setting. I drove us one night after dinner out to a small footbridge overlooking the river that ran through our town. It was so dark, and the stars were incredibly bright as I hit one knee, scared out of my mind. I babbled out an awful proposal, and then waited for about seven centuries for her reply.

She hesitated for a long, awkward moment, then broke into a smile and teared up as she accepted. And just like that, we were engaged. I was 20, she was 24, but nobody could tell us that we weren't destined to be together. It was the happiest moment of my life as we embraced on that footbridge, tears flowing and both of us laughing and crying at the same time.

The next day was a work day for the both of us, but Jen worked two hours before I did. I was very excited to see everyone's reaction to the ring, and the news. I had it all figured out in my head ... a secret romance that had blossomed into full-bown, perfect love, and two souls that were destined for each other. I showed up to work fifteen minutes early and headed into the back. Grins assaulted me from all sides, and I felt ten feet tall and bulletproof. I headed for the office, peeked my head in at Jen, and whispered to her.

"Good morning, fiancée."

She looked up, beaming, and stood up to hug me. I looked over her head through the glass and saw almost every coworker beaming at us. Everyone except Rocky, actually. He caught my eyes with his and smirked, big time, and went back to work. His jealousy felt like sweet wine on my palate, and my life was complete.

Work was work, and it progressed like it always did. A few people sidled up to me and asked about Jen and I, and I gave them the romantic details. A few people did likewise with her, and she seemed to be telling the story with equal relish. Rocky avoided us both, but smirked at me several more times over the course of the shift. When Jen left, she came up and hugged me from behind and told me she'd call me that evening. I grinned and told her that sounded great.

She hadn't been gone five minutes when I felt a massive CLAP on my back, hard enough to sting through my shirt, and to throw me forward a step. Rocky leaned over my shoulder and whispered into my ear.

"Taking my castoffs, huh? Better hope she doesn't try to wear white to the wedding!"

He laughed, loud and hard enough to hurt my ear as he turned away and headed for the back door. Heading out for a smoke, I assumed, but my temper was rising. He couldn't talk that way about Jen, after what he had done to her! I asked someone to cover my station and headed for the back door myself. Rocky stood there, cigarette in hand and a bemused expression on his face. He saw me and his face molded into a nasty grin.

"Loverboy!" he exclaimed.

"Rocky ... Jen told me what you did to her, and I think it's really fucked up. But I also know that you and she never did anything, and that she's still a virgin, so of course she'll wear white, if she wants to."

Rocky took a long drag on his cigarette, giving me the hard eye.

"So, she told you what I did, huh? She told you everything? You sure?"

"She told me that you got upset when she wouldn't give it up to you, so you fucked another girl in front of her. That's cold, man. Real cold."

"Dude ... you only heard half the story then!" he crowed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that your little princess wanted me bad, but wanted to protect her little cherry. She said she wasn't ever gonna marry me, but that she needed what I had to offer in the worst way. She begged me to let her suck me off, or jack me off, hell she even offered me her tight little asshole, but I told her no cherry, no deal."

Ice ran through my veins, and I almost hit him, but I knew he'd take me apart without even breaking a sweat. I clenched my teeth.

"You're full of shit, Rocky. Jen's not like that at all."

The smirk returned in full force.

"Maybe not for you, little man. But once she saw what I was packing, all that shit went out the window. That's why I called up Justine and fucked her right in front of Jen ... so she could see what she was passing up. In her version of events, did she mention how she was fingering herself like a madwoman while I banged Justine? How she came several times, howling my name and begging me to let her have a go?"

"You're a real asshole, man. You're so full of shit your eyes are brown. Maybe that's your twisted fucking fantasy, but I know Jen a lot better than you ever will. She's not like that, even a little bit. She's a good girl, and you're just pissed because you weren't able to drag her down to your filthy level!"

His eyes narrowed a bit and his smirk turned into a glare.

"You wanna watch your mouth, little man. She comes off all prim and proper, but you need to understand something. If I wanted her, I could have her. She was protecting that little cherry of hers with a passion, but once that's out of the way, she'll be beating down my door."

"You wish, man."

He looked around the back of the store for any witnesses, and then stuck his cigarette in his mouth and started to undo his belt.

"Dude ... what the fuck are you doing?"

"You need to understand, little man. Maybe then you'll get it."

He undid the snap on his jeans and unzipped himself. I started to back away as he dug a hand down the front of his pants, confused about what the hell was going on. Then he started tugging, working hard at something, and looked almost comical. A smile started to spread across my face, but it turned to ice as soon as he managed to work it free.

His dick flopped out. And I mean flopped. He wasn't hard (thank god), but even soft and coming over the waistband of his underwear, it flopped down to lie against his thigh. I couldn't believe it. I mean, I literally couldn't believe it. As a healthy male, I'd seen the standard amount of porn, by which I mean I'd seen an ungodly number of hours of it, and I'd never seen anything like what I was staring at. It was massive. It was huge. It was ugly as sin, too. Mottled with what looked like a birthmark on one side, the veins running all across it in spidery waves, and the head looked slightly twisted to the left. But dear lord it was enormous. He grinned at me and let himself dangle for a few seconds, then started cramming it back into his pants and down the inside of his pant leg. It didn't look nearly as funny this time.

"That's what I mean, little man. She got a good feel of that on the first date, and started to beg for it right away. She offered me everything under the sun, but said I couldn't have her cherry. So naturally I told her that was the price. We used to go out a few times a week, and she'd dress as slutty as she could, make me every nasty promise under the sun, but I told her ... no cherry, no dick."

I didn't know what to say. It seemed impossible ... Jen didn't even KNOW how to dress slutty, much less make nasty promises. When we talked about sex, she called it "doing it", and used euphemisms for everything. The nastiest thing I think I'd heard her say to me was that she 'was a little curious to try ... you know ... the thing with the mouth on Junior'. I'd beaten off to that three times that night.

"When I brought Justine in, Jen had been sleeping in my bed for two nights in a row. She was wearing almost nothing, and kept pushing those huge titties up against me. She fondled my dick in my sleep, and when I woke up with morning wood, she almost cried trying to get at it. I couldn't have that, so I told her that this was it. I'd show her what she was missing and give her one chance to change her mind. Justine jumped at the chance for some of my dick, and she has never minded an audience, so we put on a little show. It didn't take a whole lot of acting on her part, though. She screamed her damn head off and passed out a couple times, I think. Not that I gave a shit. I pounded the hell out of her little twat, then when she got too sore for that, I fucked her ass for a while. After I came, I grabbed the bitch by the hair and made her clean me off with her mouth. I was staring hard at your little princess the whole time, and she knelt on my bed, naked, pinching one of her titties and frigging that little pussy of hers for all she was worth. I gave her one last chance, waving my hard dick at her. I told her it was time to choose ... cherry, or get the fuck out. She cried, man. Big time. But said she couldn't give up her cherry. So I kicked her dumb ass out and told her not to bug me any more."

I was reeling. This couldn't be true. I KNEW Jen. I had talked with her so much more than this Neanderthal ever had. I understood her, what made her tick. We had discussed everything under the sun, up to and including sex, though it was naturally discussed very carefully. She was as reserved about it as she was about everything else, and the mental image of her begging this jerk for his big dick, or fingering herself in front of some stranger, just didn't compute at all. I looked at him for a long minute, silent, and he just puffed on his cigarette and grinned at me.

"You're lying." I said at last.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yep. I know Jen. I love her. And she's not like that. That's your sick fantasy that you dreamed up."

"Then tell me how I know that she has a freckle above her right nipple and that when she comes, she squeaks like a mouse for a second, then holds her breath, and lets it out in a growling roar?"

I just stared at him.

"You're ... lying..."

He didn't say anything more, just flicked his cigarette away and shouldered past me to head back in to work. He left me with the quiet, and with my thoughts.

I confronted Jen the next day. I had to, in my head. I hadn't been able to sleep, and the thought of that damn snake that Rocky had showed me haunted my thoughts. Maybe the rules were different when you had something like that swinging between your legs? Maybe women DID change when they got a look at it. I had never really thought too hard about things like that. I was average-sized ... maybe a tad more. 7 inches or so, per last measurement, and I had never gotten anything but compliments from the girls who had sampled me, so I thought I was pretty well-equipped. But Rocky's hammer was something else entirely.

Jen sat and listened as I related the whole story to her. I told her everything Rocky had said to me, but left out the part where he had showed me his dick. She sat and cried as I talked, and continued to cry when I was done. I felt frozen. What did the tears mean? Was she ashamed because it was true? Oh god ... I felt my stomach start to lurch inside me, and felt like I might throw up.

"He's such an ASSHOLE!" she hollered out of nowhere.

"He ... what?"

"I can't believe he's saying that kind of shit about me!" she moaned. Tears continued to flow, and she started to hiccup. Some women, I've heard, can look beautiful when they cry. Jen was a mess.

"So it's not true?"

She whipped her head up and glared at me, hard.

"Of COURSE it's not true! Don't tell me you believe that shit! I thought you knew meeeeee!" her words tailed off into a wail and she buried her face in her hands.

I was so relieved I had to bite back a giggle as I took her into my arms and held her close. I rubbed her back, and whispered to her how much I loved her, and how I knew he was full of shit all the time. Rocky got fired the very next day. Jen was off that day, but had placed a call to the district manager and told him that Rocky was sexually harassing her by proxy, spreading awful rumors about her, and that was good enough for Corporate. Jen was their rising star, after all, and her word was good as gold. I heard that Rocky didn't take it well, either, and I saw the evidence when I got into work myself. A very large dent was in the manager's door, right about eye level. I asked someone what had happened, and found out that Rocky had punched it on his way out the door.


Jen and I were married in Forida, on the beach. It was a simple, amazing wedding, and our families were both there to wish us well. Jen looked awesome in her low-cut white dress, which emphasized her amazing cleavage without being TOO risqué. The reception was simple, with a flute player and a small cake, plus a couple of bottles of champagne. Nothing overdone or crazy about it.

By the time the limo took us back to our suite, we had already started the festivities. I got my hands on those huge tits for the first time, and her palm was rubbing up and down my hard cock through my pants. When the driver opened the door, we leapt apart, blushing, then clambered out of the back and rushed into the hotel. When we got to our room, we slammed the door shut and ran for the bed, shedding clothes. She got naked before I did, and I was stunned by what I saw. She had a figure sent straight from heaven. Those tits were enormous, and sat proudly on her chest. Her waist tapered nicely, and her hips flared back out in a delicious hourglass. Her pussy was visibly wet, even from arm's length, and she looked simply incredible. I was hard as iron, and struggled to remove my pants. She groaned when my dick came into view, and grabbed it in her little hand. I returned the groan as I yanked my t-shirt over my head, and we embraced. Her naked body against mine was pure heaven, and her little hand was moving across my hard dick, driving me mad.

"I think ... we'd better head to bed. Otherwise I'm gonna explode too early." I said, sheepishly.

She grinned at me and turned towards the bed, holding my dick like a leash and leading me behind her. I watched her ass undulate as she walked, her hips swaying with each step. I swear I think I might have been drooling. She released me and climbed up onto the bed, then rolled over and spread her legs, ever so slowly. I was close to hyperventilating at the sight. Her skin was so smooth, her little pussy a pale, pale pink, and she was so wet she looked to be dripping with excitement.

"I think I'm ready to lose my cherry, honey," she said, crooking her finger at me.

I laughed and clambered up onto the bed, making an awful squeaking noise. I rolled my eyes and positioned myself over her as we both giggled.

"I love you, my wife," I whispered.

"And I love you, my husband, but right now I need to get screwed!"

I beamed at her and sat back on my haunches, taking my dick in hand and placing it at the entrance to her tight little twat. I looked up at her, looked deep into her eyes.

"You ready?" I asked.

She bit one corner of her lower lip and nodded at me, her eyes gleaming.

I'd thought about it quite a bit, actually. How best to go about business when we got to this point. Jen and I had actually discussed it, and we both agreed that the 'band-aid' route seemed to make the most sense. Yank it off all at once and get past the pain as quick as possible. I took a deep breath and lunged. I felt her hymen, and it was strong. Stronger than I had expected, and I didn't get all the way through the first time. She cried out, and tears came to her eyes, and I hurriedly withdrew a little bit, then pushed harder. There was a definite tearing of the hymen, and then I was through! She gasped at the intrusion, then squeezed her eyes shut tight and put her hands on my abdomen.

"Don't ... don't move" she whined.

"Does it hurt, honey?"

"Yeah, but it's ... going away. Just ... just hold on a minute please..."

"No worries, sexy. I'm not going anywhere."

There was a noise behind me, and Jen's eyes flew open and she gasped. Then there was just pain, and lots of it. I toppled off the bed sideways, my head feeling like it was clasped in a fiery vise of some kind ... pressure and burning sensations and nausea. My vision was swimming, and I closed my eyes to keep from throwing up. Then, mercifully, everything stopped and went dark.

I woke up in the back of an ambulance, with an EMT over me withdrawing smelling salts from under my nose. My right eye was closed, and I had a large icepack covering the right side of my head. I was on a gurney, and my wife was sitting next to me, sobbing and rocking back and forth, holding her stomach.

"Jen?" I asked.

Her eyes flew to me and she gasped.

"Oh thank God! I thought you were dead, or in a coma, or..."

I gave her the best smile I could and reached out my hand to her. She took it in hers and started to massage the back of it with her little fingers.

"What ... what happened?" I asked.

She looked away, the tears starting to flow harder.

"Jen? Are you OK? What happened?"

She shook her head without looking at me.

"I'll tell you later. Right now we're on the way to the hospital. I was so worried about you!"

The EMT looked up from the monitors above my head and scribbled something on a whiteboard on the side of the ambulance. Then he looked me, looked at Jen, and smiled.

"I think he's going to be fine. It was a hell of a shot to the head, but he appears to have a pretty thick skull. No indications of a concussion, but there's quite a bit of swelling, and you're going to have a monster bruise for a while. We'll get you to the hospital and get them to confirm, but just so you know, I think you're probably going to be OK."

I sighed in relief and rested my head back against the pillow gingerly. I closed my eyes a bit as the pain started to roll in from the right side of my head. I squeezed Jen's hand and we rode in silence to the hospital.

When we got there, I was whisked to urgent care, and Jen was sent to fill out paperwork. I was poked, prodded, measured, and asked multiple times what had happened. The fact that I didn't know either seemed to really worry them, which worried me by association. Finally, though, they conceded that I didn't have any concussion symptoms, and seemed to be just fine. They recommended rest, lots of Tylenol, and no bright lights or loud noises for a while. That all was fine by me, and I was discharged. They even let me forego the assisted-wheelchair-exit that hospitals are so famous for. So I was able to stroll into the waiting room where my new bride sat waiting, her face pale and her expression distant.

"Hey there, wife," I said.

She flinched, then looked up at me and grinned in relief.

"Oh thank God," she said as she jumped up and into my arms. She shook as she clenched me tight, and even lifted her legs up to encircle my midsection. I held her for a long moment, then gently let her down.

"Let's get out of here and back to the suite, sexy, where we can finish what we started," I grinned.

A cloud fell across her expression, and she shook her head, not looking me in the eye.

"We ... we can't." She said.

"What? Why not?"

"We need to talk..." she said quietly.

I looked at her for a long moment, then nodded and took her hand in mine. We walked out of the emergency room together and asked the front desk to call us a cab. We sat in silence and waited for it to arrive, Jen's head on my shoulder. I didn't know what she wanted to talk about, but I got the impression she wanted to do it in private. I know I damn sure wanted to know what had happened to my head, but I guessed that would all come out in the telling. For now, though, I was just fantasizing about how great it had felt having her legs wrapped around me and her body molded against mine.

The cab arrived, and took us to another hotel. We walked in and got a room, and I got a few strange looks. I guessed the bruising must be pretty noticeable.

"Honey, what about all our stuff from the other room? What about our cars? What about... ?" She gave me a look and I tailed off and merely followed her. When we got to our room, we went in and she excused herself to the restroom. I looked around, completely befuddled, and took a seat in the tiny chair at the tiny desk that the room provided.

Jen came out a few minutes later, her features blank, and she sat on the bed, facing me. She took a long, deep breath and let it out, then looked at me.

"Rocky hit you ... that's what happened to your head."

"Rocky!? Like, Rocky from home?"

She nodded, her face sad.

"Holy shit! Why in the hell did he do that? What the hell was he doing there in our room?!?"

She spoke in tight, low tones, her eyes on mine. She was seething.

"He had hidden himself in the closet, waiting for us to get back in the room. He snuck out while we were ... occupied ... and he hit you in the side of the head. He hit you so hard, and I screamed when I saw you ... you were just ... like a marionette with the strings cut."

Her tears started up, and cut off her voice. She struggled to regain her composure as my mind raced.

"What the ... I mean ... why did he do it? What did he say? What did he do?"

She looked away, for a long, long time, and I waited, my stomach in knots. Finally she whispered, not able to make eye contact.

" ... he raped me."

My vision swam again, and I had to clutch the side of the desk for support.

"He what?"

"The bastard raped me. Right there in our wedding bed. He was ... a monster."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me! He snuck into our bridal suite somehow, knocked me cold, then rapes you?? He's out of his goddamned mind! I'll kill the sonuvabitch!"

"I called the police right after I called the ambulance," she said in low tones.

"And what did they say? I guess he had left? How long was I out?"

She shook her head. "I'm not sure how long it lasted. It felt like forever, but it could have just been a few minutes. I'm really not sure. It was awful."

"I'm so sorry, honey ... are YOU OK? I mean, like... " My words tailed off. My brain flashed on an image of that damned anaconda Rocky had shown me, and I wondered if he had injured my bride.

"I'm fine," she said quickly. "The police took my statement, and Rocky had already left. I gave them all the information I could think of, and then the EMTs showed up. The police officer on the phone told me that the room was a crime scene, and that we could pick up all our stuff at the precinct later today. That's why we had to come here."

I stood, shaken, and moved next to her on the bed. I put my arms around her and held her tight as she melted down in my embrace.

We returned home that night. My father volunteered to get our stuff from the precinct for us, and Jen called the police to confirm that it was OK to leave the state. They told her that they'd contact us when it was time to prosecute, most likely in a few days, and we could figure out the logistics then. That was good enough for us, and we scurried home, both needing some time to recuperate and heal. We stumbled into our new apartment together, jetlagged and hurting on a lot of levels. My head was killing me ... something about the change in air pressure had thrown me for a loop, and Jen had admitted that she was extremely sore from the rape, and walking was difficult for her. We made quite a pair, and laughed darkly at ourselves as we stumbled to the couch.

We had rented this place before we left, and it was fully furnished. It was to be our starting-out home, and we had so looked forward to moving in together. We had certainly envisioned slightly different circumstances, though. Jen scooted a little closer and put her head on my shoulder, and we both just sat there in silence for a long while.

Jen's cell phone rang, jarring us awake from a semi-slumber, and she fished it out of her pocket.

"Hello?" She listened for a minute, then said "Of course". She put her hand over the mouthpiece and whispered to me "It's the police, and they want me to review my statement with the detective. I'm on hold, and they said it's going to take about fifteen minutes."

I nodded, and got up to head for the bathroom. I desperately needed to use the facilities, and a shower sounded amazing. Besides, I had no desire to hear the details of the rape for myself. I was still greatly troubled by the whole thing, primarily for the damage that had been done to Jen mentally, but I also wondered with a lot of trepidation what he might have done to her physically with that ridiculously big dick. She was definitely sore ... was that normal? I just didn't know, and put it out of my head as I turned on the shower as hot as it would go.

After a shower that felt far better than it should have, I clambered out and put on a robe. None of our clothes had been moved in yet, but there were robes. Good enough for me. I headed out to the living room where Jen sat, her head in her hands.

"Honey? Is everything OK?"

She shook her head, not looking up.

"What's wrong? What did the police say?"

She sighed and leaned back, looking up at the ceiling now.

"They tracked down Rocky and brought him in."

"Excellent! That's good news, right?"

"I wish," she said, bitterly.

"Why? What do you mean?"

"The asshole's apparently saying it was consensual, and that makes it my word against his..."

"He's WHAT!?"

"I know ... I just can't believe it..."

"Well, I can certainly testify to the fact that him assaulting me wasn't consensual!"

"I know, honey, but for the rape, they're saying it's going to be a lot harder to get a conviction without any evidence to back either of us up."

"Shit ... you gotta be fucking kidding me. What kind of fucked up state is Florida?"

She didn't say anything, just kept staring at the ceiling. I plopped into an armchair and let the silence drag on for a while before a thought occurred to me.

"Hey wait ... what about security cameras? Do they have those in the rooms at that hotel?"

"They do, but apparently Rocky disabled it when he first came in. The asshole really covered all his bases."

"Fuck ... So now what?"

"Now I go down for the trial, and testify against him. It's my word against his, so there's no way to tell what's going to happen..."

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