Suzie Goes Dogging

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Erotica Sex Story: After she finds pictures of her husband and her best friend, Suzie decides to get her own: she'd been fascinated by the practice of 'dogging' that she ran across on the internet. She found a 'dogging' location and her adventures began.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slut Wife   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Exhibitionism   .

(Wikipedia: Dogging is a British English euphemism for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so.[1] There may be more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging.)

Suzie slowly left the interstate, when she realized that her mind was still jumbled with the discovery of the photos. She lectured herself at that point sternly to simply back off and enjoy what she was about to do.

It had been an accident, a fortuitous event. She was getting laundry ready and an sd card from a digital camera fell out of Jason's pocket. It peaked her interest and she went to her computer and loaded the card. For a bit of time, she just stared, just stared.

There were photos of Jason, her loving husband, and Ilie, her best friend, and they were fucking! That is, they were fucking, when they weren't doing other things: like Ilie kneeling and sucking Jason's cock, or Ilie taking Jason's cock in her ass.

The last of the photos were the proverbial 'last straw'. The shot, taken from a tripod setup, showed Ilie kneeling in the bathroom on the floor. (Susie recognized the towels as theirs.) Jason was standing, a huge grin on his face and pissing into Ilie's mouth.

Susie sat for a long time and just thought about it, that's all, thought about it. She felt a huge mixture of emotions. One of the things that assaulted her mind was the fact that, if he'd mentioned it, asked, or anything like that, she probably would have been fine with it, as long as she got to watch. But with this! With this she was devastated.

She got herself a cup of coffee and sat at her computer trying to think of what to do. Her first thought was to download the photos, which she did and made copies. She was determined that there would be a reckoning about this. Having made the copies of the photos, and printed a set of them out, she carefully put the sd card back in Jason's shirt pocket.

It was then that she thought of 'dogging'. At first, she couldn't possibly understand why that topic came to her mind but she settled in with the thought pretty quickly.

"Of course," she said to herself, "Dogging. Why not? Give yourself a break, Suse!"

She was smiling, when she finished.

Susie and Jason Timbler had been married for 6 years. They had, what she thought was a great sex life. She hadn't expected this. They had even approached the topic of swinging a little bit, and both seemed interested but also both of them approached the subject carefully. And then there was this.

They'd married in their mid 20s, each pursuing a career. Susie Timbler was petite but large breasted, one of the things that Jason always said turned him on about her. He called her at times his 'short stuff', and it always made her giggle. He was frequently full of praise for her: her lovely auburn hair, nicely rounded ass and large, 36c tits.

Susie also had a very active sexual inquisitiveness. She roamed the net freely and looked in on all sorts of sites and practices, enjoying most of them. It was on one such foray that she'd run across the British practice of 'dogging'. It inflamed her imagination immediately. She went to various sites to see videos and photos of the practice, and even began to turn over in her mind various ways to get Jason to agree to let her go and try it. She was sure that a university town like this must have a 'dogging' area.

The idea, until now, had been left there. But now it was front and center in her mind. She went to a site that she'd only recently found and discovered that it was so exciting that it made her immediately horny. It was a site that gave directions about where to find 'dogging' areas in major metro areas.

Susie had been positively turned on by the fact that, her own metro area was one of those included. She had, at the time, bookmarked the site and left it. She was that excited about it that she wanted to play with herself immediately, and get back to the site some other time.

Now she logged into the site and began to navigate around it. It talked about a main dogging area that was on the outskirts of town, in an area that Susie vaguely knew from doing some antiquing there.

In the description it indicated that groups of guys would routinely go to the area and wait, hoping for women, eager for some 'dogging' experience, to show up.

There was also a blog that she discovered from a woman that gave instructions and hints about getting ready for a dogging experience.

All that she read on the blog pleased Susie. It spoke of dressing sexy, a dress, stockings, no pantyhose, garter belt. It also gave the blogger a chance to talk about what really turned her on. She spoke about being in the midst of a bunch of guys, and being the only one stripped naked. She spoke about liking the fact that everyone was eager to get a hand on her nakedness, get a cock in her mouth and fuck her. It pleased her to have photos taken off the dogging event. She even talked about them 'wilding' a bit, and gathering to piss on her, when they were finished. She also mentioned that it was a good idea to do some negotiating, if certain practices really turned you on or if you absolutely refused to engage in others.

Susie was over the moon with enthusiasm for it. It was allowing her to channel her anger about the photos, and go ahead with the plan that was forming in her mind. She was determined to deal with Jason and Ilie about this but wanted her own ammunition before she did.

She was aware that Jason was going to visit his Mom, out of state, that weekend. It would be an overnight, and Susie decided that it would be her chance. She got a map to make sure that she knew exactly where the 'dogging' spot was, and she was set.

She saw Jason off and asked him to give his Mom a kiss for her. Then she was alone.

Her preparations were elaborate for that evening, her revenge evening, her 'dogging' evening. She showered and put on perfume. She went to the bottom of her lingerie drawer and found a pair of dark, almost black, thigh high stockings, and a lacy black garter belt. She put those on and then a pair of lacy black panties and a matching bra. Then it was as shortish skirt and an over blouse, finished off by what Jason always referred to as her 'fuck me' heels, with their 4 inch lifts.

She was ready.

She returned to her present reality at that point, and realized that she was indeed closing in on her destination. She had looked the map over a number of times and knew what to expect. She drove the SUV slowly up a by lane that was out in the middle, it seemed, of nowhere.

Slowly she began to discern in the not too far distance a light glowing. As she neared the lighted area, she found herself to be totally turned on. Her panties were wet with anticipation and she was in an 'anything goes' kind of mood.

That's the ways she was feeling, as she pulled into the makeshift parking lot and stopped. She immediately saw that there was a group of five guys there, standing around and drinking.

"Five of them!" Susie said to herself, "Party time, girl!"

All eyes were on Susie's SUV as she pulled in and stopped. The talking and the drinking had, for the moment, stopped and they were staring at Susie's vehicle.

When she emerged, she was thrilled by the noises that they made, once they saw that it was indeed a lovely, lovely woman, who was getting out of the SUV.

"Holy shit!" someone said.

"Oh fuck yes!" came another voice only to be followed by a third voice saying:

"Watch your language, guys, a lady is present."

Susie approached and said: "Hi, guys!" in a very bright voice.

"Lost sweetheart?" someone asked.

"Gee, five lovely men, and only me; if I'm lost then I want to stay lost!" Susie said, and they cheered.

"What you guys doin' out here?" she asked softly.

"Just drinkin' and talkin'," one voice said but another chimed in immediately:

"Waiting for you, love!"

Susie grinned and said: "Well, guys, here I am!"

"Drink?" someone asked, offering her a drink.

"Well, I might have one or two," Susie said.

"Problem is," the one with the bottle of scotch said, "We've all pitched in to buy the booze and you haven't. You'll need to pay for it."

Susie got a concerned look on her face and said: "Well, that's only fair; how much for a drink?"

A voice took up her question immediately and declared: "Your blouse will do!"

Susie's response to this was to giggle; it set them all off laughing too.

There were grins all around as she continued: "Well, I'm really thirsty; hope I have enough clothes!"

"There are other things that you can pay with," a voice said.

"Yes," she said softly, "I guess there are but here's for the drink."

She unbuttoned the blouse and slipped it off of her shoulders, exposing her large tits and their lacy black holder. They clapped and cheered. Susie curtsied for them and took a drink.

"I'm Susie," she said, and they told her their names: "Jim, Chuck, Sammy, Will and Ronnie."

"Pleased to meet you, Jim, Chuck, Sammy, Will and Ronnie," she said raising her drink in a toast.

After she took a swig of her drink she said: "Guys, I have rules but they are my rules."

"What's that," she was asked.

"I want photos of everything, and no ass!!" she said.

And with a laugh, a voice said: "You've got it."

She took her camera out of her purse and handed it over, and the photo taking began. They posed her standing in the middle of the guys, each with a drink. Then they posed her kneeling in the middle of them. Then they proposed to take a photo of her lying across the arms of four of them

She quipped: "You just want to look up my skirt!'

"Got it in one!" a voice said but another said right away:

"Here, drink this." He handed Susie another shot from the bottle of scotch.

She downed it immediately and he said: "See, now there's no problem with anyone looking up your skirt because you owe us your skirt to pay for the drink."

Susie giggle and said: "Sneaky!" Then she unbuttoned the side button of the skirt and began to step out of it. One of them began to hum 'the Stripper' and she swung her hips in time to the music, letting the skirt tumble down and off, leaving her in all her glory in her matching bra and panties.

There were cheers and wolf whistles this time. As she was doing her little strip dance, the guy with the camera was constantly taking photos of her stripping.

Then there were more photos of her in the midst of the guys.

One asked her: "How did you find this place, Susie?"

"I researched it on the net," she said, slurring her words a little due to the scotch. (Susie was not much of a drinker.)

"Motivated," one said.

"I guess!" was her answer.

The one with the bottle held out the shot glass to her and said: "One more."

"Okay, one more," she agreed. Then she smiled at all of them and said:

"And to pay for this one, I'll do anything that I'm told to do!" She giggled as she said it, already almost overwhelmed with the drink.

"As long as you get photos of it!" someone said.

"Right!" she said, "As long as I get photos of it. And guys, I'm not much of a drinker but drinking does make me horny!"

"Yeah!" they were cheering, once they heard this.

"One more little drink," someone asked but at that point Susie said:

"No, I don't want to be drunk and out of it; I want to remember this; it's my fantasy come true. I swear that someone thought up the possibility of 'dogging' just with me in mind. So, no more to drink."

"Okay," one said, "Classic 'dogging' photo now."

He moved into the seat of his car and beckoned Susie to come to where he was sitting. She knew what he was going to do and simply grinned as she moved in his direction. About half way there, she reached around and unhooked her bra, letting her tits swing free. Then she was leaning into the car, and unzipping his pants.

Susie was eager. Her sexual preferences were broad but she was very oral; she loved having a cock in her mouth. It was, with Susie, really something that had developed over a long period of time. She loved lollipops and was a popsicle freak, as an adolescent. Stories whispered about sucking a cock, from girl friend to girl friend, began to turn her on more and more. She was determined and early on, during dates, she 'came across', as the saying went, by giving blow jobs, and loving it. She got a reputation for it and was very popular in high school and college. Sucking cock was her 'thing', and here she was lost in the hard, yet soft, sexy wonder of it.

"Oh, look at him!" she cooed to the guy sitting in the car. "Can I have it? Put it in my mouth? Suck on it?"

"Ask nicely," he said, and she went to her knees so that her head was resting on his thigh, as she knelt on the ground outside of the car.

"Please, sir!" she said, "I'll be good and do what I'm supposed to do; please may I please suck your cock?"

"Do I get to fuck you, if I let you?" he asked.

"Yes, sir! You get to fuck me!" she said, smiling up at him.

"What about my pals?" he asked then.

"Everyone gets to fuck me!" she promised, "If you let me begin the cock sucking with you!"

"Suck on it, then, bitch!" he said with a wide grin, and Susie lowered her head and began. It was a kind of ritual, a thing that she'd done often enough, knew how to do it and loved doing it. She applied all of this to the cock sucking that she was doing right then and there.

As she sucked on the cock, lowering her mouth time after time to take more and more of it into her mouth and almost down to her throat, someone came up behind her and proceeded to take her panties off. It got a throaty grunt of approval from Susie, who hoped that she knew what was going to happen next.

She almost exploded, when one of them pushed his cock head into the entrance to her pussy. She wiggled her ass to encourage him and sucked with greater vigor.

Susie was fairly swept away, she had a cock at both ends and was enjoying it. This wasn't only a fantasy any more, the fantasy of being the slut serving a group of guys. She was actually, presently being fucked from behind and sucking a cock, while it happened.

Someone reached around and took hold of her hands, pulling her hands off of the cock that she was holding. They trapped the hands behind her back and held them there. Another one, at the same time reached under Susie and grabbed both of her nipples, squeezing, pinching, pulling and twisting.

"Mmmmmmmmppppffff!" was the only noise that she could make. The one sitting in the car held her by the back of her head and was pushing his hips up into her face, fucking her mouth, as he did.

At almost the same time that Susie felt the one fucking her from behind tense up and begin to shoot his cum, pulling his cock out and covering her ass and lower back with his cum, the one in her mouth exploded and filled her mouth and throat with his cum. She struggled to swallow and was, for the most part, successful, since she'd had so much practice doing this.

They moved then. The one in the car got out and the one who'd just fucked her pussy sat in the car, giving Susie the order to suck his slimy cock. She opened her mouth gladly.

Also, the one who'd been pinching and handling her nipples now slipped behind her to begin to fuck her and the one who'd been holding her hands moved on to her nipples. The one who'd fucked her began to take the photograph, giving the photographer the chance to move in and hold her hands, getting his own place in the rotation that they were using.

Susie made moaning, animal noises, as she was fucked again and sucked on the cock in her mouth. The mistreatment of her nipples was causing her to cum more and more quickly, and kept her hot enough that she sucked the cock in her mouth with wild abandon.

The one in her pussy came and so did the one in her mouth and the rotation began again. They kept at it until they'd all had a chance to manipulate Susie in every way possible. Everyone got to fuck her; everyone got to get his cock sucked. Everyone got to play with her nipples.

They finished and Susie was covered with sweat from the workout that they'd given her. She simply knelt there and sighed.

"Wonderful!" she said. Then: "I'm so tired. This has been a workout."

The guys were standing around and smiling. One of them kind of nodded to the others and they picked Susie up from her kneeling position. They took her a little away from the cars. When they got her where they wanted her, they proceeded to strip off the rest of her clothes, leaving her totally naked.

"Kneel!" one of them said to her.

She groaned and said: "But I'm so tired!"

"You won't have to do anything at all, just kneel, Susie! It's part of the experience."

Susie, still turned on, despite her being so tired, simply agreed to do what they wanted. She hardly expected what was to come next. Once they got her on her knees, in the middle of them, they began to piss on her.

Susie squealed! But lifted her head and let the streams pour over her.

"You fuckers!" she almost shouted. "You magnificent fuckers!"

They laughed at that and yelled at her to open her mouth. At that point in the proceedings, Susie would deny them nothing. She opened her mouth and let the streams, concentrated in that one area by all of them, run into her mouth.

When they were finished, she knelt there and shook her head and said:

"Fucking maniacs!"

They laughed again and said: "But, Susie, you'll come back, won't you?"

She laughed at them and said: "Probably!"

"What am I gonna do now," she wailed then, "I smell like cum and piss!"

Someone opened the trunk of one of their cars and produced two gallon jugs of water. It was fairly cold and they poured it all over Susie to rinse her off. She squealed with absolute delight as they poured the water over her. One even had towel that she could use to clean herself. She smiled at them and gave them a huge 'thank you' for the service and the cleaning.

They laughed: "Amazing, fucking woman!" one said and it was the general opinion that Susie was that indeed.

When she was pretty much cleaned up, she insisted on a hug from each of them and went the round hugging, still naked, and thanking each of them for the experience.

Susie sat in her car, after she'd left them, thankful that they helped her to dress and got her already to go home. She laughed and said to herself:

"Susie went dogging!"

She showered, once she was home and got herself a glass of wine. She was at her computer then with the photos that had been taken. She loved the way that they'd gotten photos of every single part of the events of the evening.

Susie poured over the photographic result of her venture into the world of dogging. She realized quickly that it was every bit as exciting for her as she'd thought it might be. She went through them laughing at herself and sighing, as she saw the evidence of her stripping to pay for the first few drinks. She positively squealed with delight, when she saw the first enlarged photo of herself, bent over, tits hanging down and mouth encountering the first cock that she was going to suck.

"Oh, my," she said out loud, "Photos of Susie's dogging adventure. Won't he be surprised!"

She went through them all; pleased to see herself being fucked at the same time as sucking, always sucking someone's cock. There were even pictures of her being pissed on and then being rinsed off, and dressing.

"A complete chronicle!" she said with almost joyful satisfaction. "A complete chronicle!"

She made copies, getting them printed. Her plan was coming along.

It was while she was working on the photos, that Jason called. He asked her what she was doing.

"Just working on some iPhoto stuff before bed time," she answered.

"Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Susie answered and they went on to talk about his trip and his family, his Mom and such things.

They broke off the conversation with Jason telling Susie how much he loved her and she returning the sentiment. She heard the seriousness in his voice, and was sure that something was working on him.

She sat and thought, once the call was over, hoping that her carefully developed plan, which had allowed her to have her 'dogging' experience would work for them and for their marriage.

She was planning to talk to him about all of this on Sunday night, once he was back but part of her plan was also active.

Jason did come back early on Sunday afternoon. She was ready for him. As he pulled into the garage, she went to the door from the kitchen to the garage. She heard the garage door go down, and it was then that she entered. She wore a pair of red high heels, 'fuck me's' and a pair of bikini panties.

"Oh fuck, look at you!" he said, with a kind of smile on his face. Susie thought that she detected a certain amount of guilt on his part and hoped that was the case, since it would set the scene for their talk, that she had planned for that evening. But she had other things in mind first.

She went to where he was standing and launched herself at him. His hands were wandering down to her ass cheeks immediately.

"Went golfing with Dad," he said, "Didn't take time to shower or clean up. I'm dirty!"

"It's the way I want you!" was Susie's reply. "I want you dirty and right now."

She already had his knit shirt up and off, with him chuckling about it. She had often been playful and sexually outgoing but this was kind of new even for Susie. He was entranced, as she took his shorts off too, and his underwear followed. She quickly reduced him to nudity and was smiling a huge smile at him.

"Want you dirty, want you dirty, want you dirty, here in the garage!" she said in a sing song voice, forcing his arms up into the air.

He let out a huge sigh as she began to run her tongue over the surface of his arm pits, one after another.

"Salty, tasty, Jason tasty!" she said softly, going from one arm pit to the next.

"Love the salty taste!" she said, grabbing his rigid cock with one of her hands. "Is he as salty and tasty? I wonder!"

She knelt and Jason was only good for a loud moan. She grabbed him by his hips and opened her mouth wide. She was looking up at him, as he stared at her. This was a kind of new sensuality even for her, who'd always been open and honest about loving sex with him.

"Ohhhhhh, Suse!!!!!!!!!!" he moaned, as she captured the head of his cock in her mouth.

"Tastes good," she said, "Tastes like cock, not soap, not body lotion, just Jason cock! Favorite taste!"

She was sucking him earnestly then bringing him closer and closer to an orgasm. She stopped suddenly and went to the car door, opening it. She leaned in and put her arms and her head on the car seat, presenting him with her now naked ass, the panties having been discarded.

He plunged into her with abandon.

"Fuck me hard, Jay," she wailed at him. "Hard!"

He did. He didn't care what had gotten into her, he fucked her eagerly and totally, collapsing against her, when he was done.

"Wow!" he said. "What a home coming that was!"

She had turned and was grinning up at him.

"That's the new me!" she said. "Like me!"

"Love you!" he said, "Especially this new you. Wondering what's gotten into you!"

"You have," she quipped, picking up his clothing and her panties and striding toward the door to the kitchen. "No clothes for my toy boy!"

He laughed and followed her.

She'd dressed after that, wearing a short silk robe and a pair of beige panties, and she prepared a good dinner for them and he helped her clean up afterwards. Then she thought that she was ready for the 'talk'.

'Jay," she said to him, after the dinner dishes were over, he had his arms around her at the time and was slowly moving against her. "Come here, honey, I want to show you something."

They went to the dining room table, and Susie produced two envelopes, setting one aside and getting out the other first.

(To understand what was about to happen, it's necessary to realize that Susie Timbler was, above all, a practical girl. She knew what she wanted. The photos of Jason and Ilie were certainly a shock but mainly because of the deception of it, not really because of the sex that they'd had After all, Susie and Jason had, on a number of occasions, spoken to one another about swinging and bringing others into their sexual relationship. It was that disappointment that had prompted Susie to act on her hidden wish about 'dogging'. It was the little shove that she needed, for the only other plan that came to her mind was to talk Jason into going with her on such an outing, and she wasn't totally sure he would.

But she was practical. She wanted her marriage to work and she wasn't about to let this affair with Ilie ruin that. Both she and Jason were aware of certain facts about their marriage. Susie had brought money to the relationship. Her father had insisted on a pre marriage agreement, and according to it, if all 'went south', Jason would not be able to make any financial gain at all.

Susie was, however, determined not to have to use that kind of argument with him. She wanted the relationship with Ilie 'outed' and, she felt that she wanted some compensation in kind. In confronting Jason with what she knew about him, she was completely prepared to give him information that he didn't have about her, and she wanted to go on from there. It might be a bit risky but Susie felt sure of herself about it, having thought it all through.

There was also the contributing factor of how much she had actually enjoyed the 'dogging' incident. She went over the photos a number of times, remembering each particular moment, when she'd, for instance, paid for the first drink with her blouse and then for the second one with her skirt. And then, and then it just went into high gear for her, naked among the group of totally dressed men. She'd enjoyed it that much that she did want to draw Jason into it, and she certainly wanted it to happen again, and soon.)

He sat and smiled at her, and took the envelope from her. Opening it up, he spilled the contents onto the table and, after looking at the first photo, froze, and stared at Susie.

"How... ? Where... ?" he began.

"Does it really matter, Jay?" she said, jumping in at that point.

"No ... no ... I guess it really doesn't," he said, and hesitated, his face completely red at that point. "Suse," he began but she held up a hand.

"Jay," she said calmly, "I'm not so much angry as disappointed. We've brought up the topic of sex with others any number of times and were probably getting close to some real progress on the subject. I shouldn't have had to find this out by pure accident!"

"No, you're right," he said, "And I can't tell you how sorry that I am!"

He actually gulped at that point and said, holding up his hand: "And I promise, I promise, I promise, I will do anything at all to make it up to you!"

"Then you don't want this to end our relationship?" she asked.

"No, honey," he said earnestly, "I really don't."

She put her hand over his and said: "Good because I don't want it too either. We have much too much in this marriage to let a bitch, whom I thought was my best friend, come between us."

He smiled but it was a sickly kind of smile at best.

"Okay," she continued, "But we're not finished here; there are more photos to show. Now I want to show you these other photos."

She got out the envelope that contained the 'dogging' photos, and emptied them out onto the table. She handed them to Jason in kind of order.

Jason's face showed his complete and utter shock, his total unbelief.

"Holy shit!" he said, over and over and over.

Susie watched him carefully, judging his reaction by his face. She was seeing mostly amazement.

"Suse," he said, struggling to speak, "you? This? I, uh, ... I can't really..."

"I know, Jay," she said softly, putting her hand over his. "This is something that I've wanted to do so badly and I should have, should have told you. I do apologize for that."

She hesitated then; he was staring at her. He still didn't really look angry.

"When I saw those photos of you and Ilie, this was the one thing that I wanted to do more than anything else. Your affair with her kind of gave me the license to do it, so to speak," she continued.

"Jay," she went on then, "I'm determined that these two events, chronicled here, should not be the end for us, need not be the end for us."

"The end?" he said vaguely. "End?" He was almost stammering.

Susie waited. She knew that she'd done the best she could and now needed to see what Jay's reaction would be.

"Suse," he said, still stammering almost, "This is one of the most exciting things that I've ever seen!"

And just like that, she knew it was going to work out. Susie grinned at him.

"Really? Jay, really?" she asked quietly.

"Absolutely!" he said.

He got up quickly then from the table, and was around to her side of the table immediately. He grabbed her and pulled her from her chair. He stripped the robe from her, causing her to positively squeal, when he did it. Then, to add to her consternation and delight, he ripped the panties from her, ripped them right down the seam and flung them away.

Jason pushed her so that she was leaning over a kitchen counter and he rammed his cock home into her pussy, expelling the breath from her in a loud sigh.

He fucked her furiously, intensely!

"Fucking amazing!" he growled as he fucked her. "Sexy bitch, naked with all those guys! Sucking! Fucking! Licking and getting laid!"

"Yesssss," she hissed, as he fucked her, "Fucking and sucking all those guys! Getting laid!"

He fucked her hard, the skin of his thighs smacking against hers and his pelvis slamming against her ass cheeks all the while, until they both came in a rush.

She disengaged from him then and turned around and kissed him, kissed him for all she was worth.

"I need to know, how ... where!" he went on, looking down at her.

She jumped in at that point. "Yes, I'll tell you all about it, but first I think we need to deal with Ilie."

"Yes," he said, Shaking his head, "Ilie."

"Tell me!" Susie went on.

"It was so strange, Suse," he said, "She came over here and--this was about ten days ago--I told her you weren't here but she said she needed to talk to me. She talked about Herb ignoring her and the fact that she'd often witnessed how well you listened and 'obeyed' me. That was her word 'obeyed'. She said that she wanted to try some of that; she wanted to obey. It was strange and sexy ... I guess."

"Obey!?" Susie said.

"Yes," was his answer.

'The first time," he went on, but she interrupted him:

"How many times?"

"We were together twice" he said. A thought seemed to occur to him at that point and he said:

"I guess that means that I really owe you another chance to do this..." He indicated here with his hand her 'dogging' photos.

Susie laughed and said: "What a great idea; 'tit for tat'. It's called 'dogging'."

"Dogging," he said, "Hmmm."

"Continue," she said to him then.

He was monumentally relieved at how this was all turning out, after he'd acted so badly.

"Well, it was weird, the first time all she wanted was to be spanked!"

"Spanked?" Susie said, her curiosity peaked.

"Spanked!" he said.

"Did you?" she asked.

"Yes," was his answer.

"What was she wearing?" Susie asked then.

"Panties," he said.

"That all?" she asked.

"Yes," he said. "Sorry, Suse!"

"No," she said, "Now it's my turn to tell you how exciting this is turning out to be."

"Really?" he asked, and laughed.

"Really!" she said, and went on: "But you eventually fucked her?"

"Yes," he said, "The second time, I spanked her first and she wanted photos for the third time. And I pretended that it was you that I was spanking," he added.

Susie just grinned. She was still holding onto him at that point.

"I'll tell you what I want," she said, "And then we can talk about the 'dogging'."

"Anything!" he said to her.

"I want to watch you strip her, and spank her and fuck her!" Susie said.

"You do?" he asked, surprised.

"Yes," she asserted, "Because I want to spank her too!"

"What?" he asked and grinned. "So cool."

"Do you tie her up?" she asked.

"I haven't but we did talk about it," he said.

"Would it have continued?" she asked.

"Truth?" he asked.

"Truth," she said.

"I don't think so;" he said, "I wasn't that comfortable with her 'needs', I guess we can call them."

"Oh, I am!" Susie said. "I want her here again, and I want you to get her naked and on all fours and tied up. I am going to teach her, the little submissive cunt, about how she should deal with me!"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Simple," she said, "I'm going to get a large fake cock and I'm going to shove it up her ass!"

"Oh," he said.

"And I'm going to get a rod and I'm going to beat her ass; I suspect that she'll love it but we're going to show her who's in charge!"

"Oh dear!" he said.

Susie reached down between then and grabbed his newly stiffened cock in her hand.

"Getting excited, big boy?" she asked.

"Oh, yes!" he said, "I love your plan for Ilie!"

"But what do you want right now? What do you want, Jay?" she asked. "Want me on my knees here for you?"

"Are these photos on your computer?" he asked.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Come, show me!" he said.

They went together to her 'office' and she pulled up the photos. He stopped her, when she got to one that showed her naked and being fucked from behind and sucking the cock of one sitting in the driver's seat of the car.

"Her!" he said, his voice hoarse.

"What?" she said.

"I want her, kneeling in front of me; I want to have my cock sucked by the woman who got naked and was gang banged at a 'dogging' site; that's what I want," he all but whispered.

"That slutty cunt is going to her knees right now, sir!" she said.

"Yes, slutty cunt!" he growled at her. "Suck my cock the way that you sucked theirs, and I will give you Ilie as a gift and let you beat her ass raw and then fuck it with your big rubber cock."

"Oh, yes," she said, opening her mouth for him.

"Hands behind your back," he said to her.

"Of course, sir!" she said, taking his cock head into her mouth.

"And soon, I'll take you back there an watch ... watch you perform! You sexy cunt!"

"Yes, yes, I will," she said fervently, as she captured all of his cock head in her mouth, letting it slide along her lips and onto the wetness of her tongue.

The next Saturday, Ilie called, and asked calmly if Susie was there. Jason's reply was that Susie wasn't home that day. She had some kind of woman's club thing that was going to take all day for her. It had to do with gathering clothing for a charity.

"May I come over, sir?" she said. "He's gone on a golfing weekend, as usual, and I need some direction, I think."

"Direction?" he said softly. "Yes, you come ahead and be sure to dress appropriately."

"Oh, of course, sir," she said, "I certainly will."

Both Jason and Susie waited, and soon enough Ilie was pulling into the driveway. She was wearing a tee shirt, a plain white one, and a very short pleated black mini skirt, and heels. She appeared to be bare legged and certainly looking sexy.

"I'll be in the dining room," Susie said, "This is going to be so much fun. You just get her ready and call me."

Jason took time to give Susie a kiss before answering the door.

"Well," he said, after the door was opened, "Look at how foxy you are!"

"Thank you, sir!" Ilie said, kneeling, once the door was closed, and bending forward to kiss his hand.

"Know your place!" he commented,

"Yes, sir, I hope so," she said, "You take such good care of me, I want to be the perfect servant for you."

"Well, the first thing that we need is for you to take off some of those clothes," he ordered her.

"Yes, of course," she responded and began to pull the tee shirt up and over her head.

When the tee shirt was up in the air and her face covered, he stopped her, keeping the tee shirt in place, covering her face, and grasped her nipples, pinching and twisting.

"Eeeeeee!" she squealed, and then went into a breathless 'thank you for that, sir'.

Jason peered over his shoulder and Susie, watching from the dinning room door, gave him an air kiss and a huge smile.

Then Ilie's tee shirt and bra were discarded. She stood quietly waiting for whatever was next from Jason.

"I love this treatment so," she said, barely above a whisper, "It's so exciting."

"Skirt!" he said roughly, "Stop chattering!"

This time she nodded her head in compliance, as the skirt slid to the floor and was put aside with her tee shirt and bra. She wore now only her transparent black, bikini panties and her heels.

"Good," he said, "Sexy! Turn around; show me."

Ilie complied, turning slowly displaying first of all the shadow of pussy hair and then her full ass cheeks.

"Bend, girl!" he barked at her, and Ilie bent from the waist, poking her ass at him in the process.

"Now I have some things for you, to make this the way it should be," Jason said, going to a bag that he had waiting.

He pulled a dog collar from the bag. Once she saw the collar in his hand, Ilie gave a tremendous sigh:

"Oh, you do know, sir! You just do!"

(Actually the dog collar and leash had been Susie's idea but that information would be revealed to Ilie soon.)

When the dog collar was on and fixed in place, he pulled from the bag a dog leash. She reacted in the same way to this revelation.

"You're making me so wet here, sir!" she blurted out, as the leash was fixed to the collar.

"Hands behind your back," Jason ordered and Ilie complied.

His next little surprise from the bag was a pair of hand cuffs, which he fixed onto her hands, while they were still behind her back.

He took hold of her elbow and said: "Now on your knees."

"Yes, sir!" she said softly, "Thank you for helping me and decorating me with these gifts."

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