Down and Dirty at the Motel

by Marzy Dotes

Copyright© 2012 by Marzy Dotes

Sex Story: Ruby's been keeping a secret from her best friend. And it's waiting at the motel.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   .

Tiffany and I entered the boutique as best friends shopping for our boyfriends. We were going places tonight and wanted to look hot.

The new dresses had come off the truck that morning and we wanted to be among the first to check them out. I really needed a nice dress, maybe something in blue and definitely a cocktail dress. When we walked into the boutique I saw it right away, feeling the silky fabric with my fingers. I pulled it off the rack and draped it over myself to check out in the mirror.

"So fucking hot girl," Tiffany said, "You've got the right body for it. I on the other hand..."

I thought she looked damn fine but Ned her current flavor was acting the prick by comparing her to every woman around her. That left her feeling hurt and not good enough, I just wanted so much for her to kick his ass to the curb.

"Where are you wearing that dress?"

I still held onto it a moment before sliding it back on the rack.

"Maybe out to dinner, drinks if I ever get a date."

Tiffany chuckled as I checked out a red number on another circular rack. I loved it too, but then I like how dresses feel when they slide over my body when I pull them on and even more when my man teases them off of me.

"You're too damn picky girl," she said, "You just need to get over that and find someone."

I sighed as I went to search for another dress. Damn it wasn't like that at all. I just couldn't tell her the truth about him. If I did, she'd disown me for sure after calling me every name in the book.

Slut, tramp, harlot, bitch, skank and home wrecker just for starters.

I did have a lover. It just happened to be her daddy. It'd been two weeks since he popped my sweet cherry in the cabana by the pool in back of the house he shared with his family. You see, it had been his birthday and I had wanted to give him a very, very special present.

I had waited to do it for quite a while to give my body to him to do with what he pleased. I took a picture of myself buck naked save for a red silky bow covering my pussy. The part of myself that had gotten his attention ... and when I gave him his present, he spent the night in the cabana enjoying it.

Afterward, I had left the cabana first and slipped back into the house and into the bedroom I shared with Tiffany. I'd changed out of my swimsuit, cleaning him off of me and then slid under the covers to fall asleep, my body throbbing from what it had just done.

Just thinking about that night right now in the shop, made my body tingle but I kept myself under control. I hadn't seen him since but we kept in touch.

Texting all kinds of naughty things we wanted to do to one another, pictures and words to keep us wanting it until the next time. This morning I sent him a photo of myself in a sheer nightie without panties on.

I hadn't heard back from him since. But right now, I tried to focus on buying myself a new style of wrapping. Tiffany's eyes widened when she saw the red cocktail dress, the right combination of lace and silk. She went to try it on and it fit her perfectly.

"I think I'll take it."

"It looks beautiful on you..."

She looked pleased at my words.

"Yeah and if Ned doesn't like it, I'll find a guy who does."

She laughed as she went to take it off before going to the cashier to pay for it. I couldn't find what I wanted in dresses so I settled for buying some royal blue panties and a matching sheer bra that didn't hide much.

Then my phone vibrated against my jean clad ass and I pulled it out. My man had texted me ... finally.

"Hey baby, I'm thinking of you right now at my desk."

I typed back.

"Bought new bra and panties ... want me to model?"

A brief pause followed.

"At a motel ... got all night."

I didn't need to hesitate and I knew what motel he meant. The one on the outskirts of the town where many secrets were kept.

All I could think of while Tiffany and I paid for our items was him there waiting for me ... to fuck me all night long.

I should have thought of her ... I know it and how much it could hurt her ... but I wanted it bad. I wanted him bad. God I couldn't think at all anymore, all I wanted to do was to feel his hands on me and his cock inside, sliding in and out so deliciously while I begged him to do his worst.

I'd been a good girl long enough.

He stood by the queen sized bed as I walked inside the motel room. He had turned on some soft jazz on an entertainment system and had drawn the shades closed.

Better that way ... the small town where we lived. Even the walls talked. But I wanted him so badly at that point and yet ... the look in his eyes. I felt sometimes as if I didn't know him.

"I'm here Devlin."

He sighed as I approached him dressed in a red dress, after shedding my coat. Silky smooth against the skin if the right man rubbed the fabric ... I bit my lip just at the thought of it.

"I shouldn't be ... she's my best friend ... but I had to see you ... I couldn't stop myself."

He stared at me with such intensity, it almost overwhelmed me.

"She's my daughter and who I fuck is none of her business."

I didn't say anything, what was there to say?

"You look very pretty in that dress."

I looked down at how it flattered my body, clinging to every curve, hugging my breasts and snug around my waist.

"I wore it just for you."

"You do know my job's to get it off? I can't wait to see what's underneath it and to run my hands all over you."

I felt some blush in my cheeks.

"You've already seen it Devlin ... Your hands have touched every inch of skin and your cock..."

The word slid past my lips so naturally now. But he'd used his cock to fuck me so many different ways, dark and exciting, urgent one moment then slow in seducing me the next. Until I had been under his control, without being tied up with the ropes he teased me about while he did it.

I had knelt on the shag carpet of the cabana and slipped my mouth delicately at first but then with greater ardor around his cock ... and then I sucked him until he pushed me down on the shag carpet and fucked me again.

All those memories played out in front of me, and others like how he'd teased the soft lips of my pussy with his tongue while I writhed on the bed. I'd screamed then but there'd been no one to hear me but us.

He read my mind.

"I want to do that all over again and I'm going to do it."

I felt my heartbeat quicken in my chest and my palms grow sweaty. My panties chafed and I felt anticipation, intertwined with nervousness. I wanted him so much it scared me sometimes ... like right now. But I had to play along like he didn't affect me this way.

"Promises, promises ... you got me here, now what are you going to do with me?"

He just looked at me, his expression unreadable before striding over to grab hold of my shoulders.

"You know what happens to girls that tease men..."

"What... ?"

He kissed me hard, almost brutally. His mouth seizing my lips and his tongue in check ... as my lips parted so as not to get bruised. Right now he owned me and I knew it. Nothing gentle about his possession, what he wanted I knew he'd take and my legs weakened from the thought that I'd pushed him too far with my teasing texts, my flirtation and only a taste of what he wanted that night in the cabana.

His tongue moved now, parting my lips so easily and I tasted it inside my mouth coaxing it open wider. He ran his hands, mussing my hair, wrapping it around with one hand and pushing me closer to him. He felt so hard against me from top to bottom.

Then he broke his kiss, still holding onto my waist with one hand and my hair with the other, our faces inches apart. I could feel his warm breath against my face and vice versa.

"Don't tease me ... or I'll..."

I played along, looking at him playfully.

"Or what... ?"

He kissed me again, gentler this time, outlining my lips with his tongue. God, it was when he played this way that I weakened. My legs turned to rubber and my breath ... I couldn't keep up. He released my hair and settled that hand on my waist to join the other.

"I'll punish you."

I kissed him this time, my tongue probing his mouth and when his lips parted, I skimmed his teeth with it. Then I looked at him.

"How are you going to do that?"

His hands moved to my lower thighs hugged by the dress and he slowly moved them up, teasing my dress up with them. The slide of the silk against my warm skin just heightened my anticipation.

"I'm going to push your ass down on that bed and fuck that pussy so hard, so fast you won't blink."

Damn he excited me when he talked like that. It excited me, both the thrill and the danger because he was the most unpredictable person I ever knew.

But I held surprises of my own. He found one of them when he coaxed my silky dress up, skimming my thighs until he reached my ass.

"What the..."

I just licked my lips at the surprised look on his face.

"Where your panties... ?"

I shrugged all casual like.

"At home... ?"

Now his hands scorched my bare ass as he pulled me closer to him. I sighed, trying to control my own breathing as my hands fidgeted as they worked on the buttons on his shirt. Hey, if I were going to get all naked ... and he had one hell of a body. I felt him slide a hand in between my thighs and his fingers lathering up in my wetness. He growled as his fingers tormented my pussy lips ... as I tried to remain standing.

"My little slut ... you want it so bad..."

I arched my brow.

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