Miss Karen

by f451

Copyright© 2012 by f451

Erotica Sex Story: Jeff finds a letter written by Karen, his wife, that no one was ever meant to see.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

Erica, something incredible happened to me and I can't tell anyone. I can't keep it inside me though so I'll write you this letter, though I'll never mail it...

Jeff read the first two lines of the letter and they sent chills through him. What could it be that his wife Karen could not tell him about? He had found the letter inadvertantly while searching for some tax receipts. Karen was a 5th grade teacher, 29 years old, a sweet, slightly shy, but beautiful woman. Jeff couldn't imagine what she could be ashamed of.

... A couple of months ago, I attended a convention of primary school educators in Las Vegas. It was an international conference with wonderful speakers and exhibits and training sessions. It really expanded my horizons in thinking about education. But that wasn't what I wanted to tell you about.

After spending all day in the conference talking to colleagues, I didn't feel like spending the evening talking shop too, so I went out alone. I wandered through one of the big new casinos, but didn't feel like gambling so I went into a bar and ordered a glass of Chardonnay. The bar had a dance floor and live music. The music was slow, relaxing and romantic. Several couples were dancing and I liked watching them.

I was almost finished with my glass of wine when a man approached my table. I realized I had seen him at the conference. He was difficult to miss. He was a tall, very very dark black man with a shaved head. He asked me to dance in the most polite graceful way. He had an upper-class British accent with an African lilt to it. I probably would have turned him down, but his impeccable dress and elegant speech made me feel like a prig if I refused him.

He danced wonderfully too, like a ballroom dancer. He seemed light on his feet and athletic. We chatted while dancing and I found out he was from Senegal and was attending the conference as a speaker. His name was James Otchombe. He is a high official in the Senegalese Education ministry. He got his British accent while attending school at Oxford. He always called me "Miss Karen" in what sounded like an echo of Africa's colonialist past.

Erica, maybe you as another woman can understand how sensual it is to simply dance with a man who really knows how. Most men don't get it. After 45 minutes of dancing and talking, I felt very attracted to him. His hand on my back felt like subtle foreplay. The light touch of the fronts our bodies was warm and tingly. "Miss Karen, would you like to go somewhere quiet and talk, maybe have a glass of champagne?" I agreed without thinking. Then he said he had a very nice bottle in his suite, would I like to go there? I knew what I should do, but I didn't want to say no. I didn't want sex with him, but I was dying of curiousity to see what it would be like if he kissed me. I said that would be fine, knowing it might not be fine at all and as a married woman I should be going back to my room...

My God, thought Jeff. Karen had an affair with a Black man? He imagined his blonde wife, small and slender, but very shapely, with a tall African and his mind rebelled. It didn't seem possible.

... His suite was in that hotel and we walked back to the elevators. I caught a couple of people looking at us. My fair skin and blonde hair made a stark contrast to James' very black skin. When one woman frowned at me slightly, I realized what they must think, that we were going upstairs to bed. With a shock I realized that woman might think I was hooker. I still had no intention of sleeping with James, but the thoughts excited me. I was going to have a glass of champagne, let James kiss me a little bit and then excuse myself. He was such a gentle man that I was sure he would let me go.

When we entered the double doors to James' suite, I was awed by what I saw. The suite was two floors high and had full length windows overlooking Las Vegas from about 30 floors up. The lights were beautiful. "The education ministry pays for this?"

"No, my family is in the oil business. I have an uncle who is a well known high roller here and in Monaco. He got the hotel to give me the room as a gesture of friendship."

James brought two glasses of champagne to the couch and we sat sipping and talking and looking at the lights. James was exotic to me, completely outside my experience. He was like something out of a romance novel, a tall, elegant African with a British accent. I watched his full lips sip champagne and longed for him to kiss me. I had no close experience with African-Americans and had never kissed or dated one. I knew James' full lips would feel different than kissing Jeff. For the first time in my marriage I was thinking about the thrill of kissing a man I had never kissed before.

When he did lean over toward me, I tilted my head back slightly and watched him rather than close my eyes. He kissed my lips very lightly and then again a little harder. He brushed his lips on my cheek and then kissed it. A tiny sound escaped my throat. I was anticipating the real kiss to come and couldn't keep calm. His lips came back to mine and pressed harder this time, nipping at my lower lip, pressing harder. His lips were parted and I opened my mine as well and his tongue entered my mouth.

The pent up sensuality of the dancing came roaring out as we kissed passionately. His hand held the back of my head and his other hand caressed my neck as we explored each other's lips and tongue. My arms went around him to pull him close too. I had underestimated my attraction to him. I realized I wanted him badly. I was going to have to break away and get back to my room before it was too late.

Then his hand slipped down from my neck to my chest. His palm covered my breast through my blouse and bra. I moved my hand to take his away, but instead I just covered it and held it in place. He began to slowly unbutton my blouse. As each button slipped open, I shivered a little more. I wanted to feel his hands and lips on my bare flesh. My stomach muscles quivered uncontrollably as he gently removed my blouse and bra. My small nipples were already stiff. When he took one of them into his mouth, I stifled a moan. It felt like my nipple was a direct link to the pleasure centers of my brain. I held his head while he sucked and licked my breasts. He could tell how much I enjoyed it and he kept it up for what seemed like forever.

I knew I should get away, but James had awakened pleasures in me that I did not know existed. I had slept with only one other guy before I met my Jeff and had been faithful ever since. I realized things had gone so far already that it was going to be hard to keep from having sex with James. I knew I had to leave but curiousity and desire were too much for me. I wanted James to take me. I wanted the thrill of sex with an exotic stranger. I hate to admit it, but I was also turned on by the idea of giving my blonde body to an African, a very black one at that. I wanted to feel the thrill of absolute surrender.

After pleasuring my breasts for a long time, James slipped my skirt and panties off. Now I was naked, laying on the couch, thinking he was about to enter me. He stood up and slowly took off his casually elegant clothes. I gasped when he released his penis. It was HUGE! Erica, I have to call it a cock. It was just too big to call it a penis. It was definitely a cock. I thought it was just in stories where cocks were that size, but this was the real thing. It was already rigid.

He stood next to the couch waiting. I realized he wanted to be sucked. I hardly ever do that, though. Jeff likes it, but it always seemed dirty to me. I had decided to give myself to this man though. When I go to an excellent restaurant, I eat everything, believing that the chef might serve something new to me that I might otherwise never discover. I decided to give James what he wanted on the same theory.

I sat up on the edge of the couch and took the giant cock into my mouth. To my surprise I did enjoy sucking it. To be in such intimate contact with his sex was such a turn on! It was so big it absolutely filled my mouth and I could still wrap both hands around the part that didn't fit. When I cupped his balls in my hand he moaned and pushed my head away.

Now he knelt between my legs and began kissing his way from my mouth down to my legs. When his tongue first dipped into my pussy, I cried out. Jeff had kissed me there a few times, but that was all. James' tongue found my clit and began to massage it. I came close to coming several times. Each time he would kiss my thigh and nuzzle around my vagina until I relaxed. Each time I became more excited. Finally he had mercy on me and pushed me over the edge into the best orgasm I think I've ever had. It took me minutes to stop quivering and shaking while he caressed my breasts.

When I had relaxed, he looked me in the eyes and asked me to indulge him. "Miss Karen, I have always had a fantasy of a beautiful blonde woman sucking me. Blondes are incredibly exotic in Africa. Many Africans find them unattractive, but many find them irresistible. Would you do this again for me?" He also shyly admitted that he had not been with a woman for a long time, and wanted very much to satisfy me properly later. He didn't say so, but I think he was afraid he would come too quickly if he entered me in his overheated state.

"If I do this, will you come?"


"In my mouth?"


I shivered. It was just what I was afraid of. I had never let Jeff or any other man come in my mouth. I was afraid it would be gross. James' cock was so big! I felt so grateful for the pleasure he had just given me and I had wanted to do whatever he asked, so I said "yes" in a voice cracking with emotion.

He backed away from the couch and stood. I went to him and we kissed first, his tongue exploring where his cock would enter next. I knelt down and took his black cock in my hands, then slipped my mouth onto it. It was so big, I couldn't do much with it except slide my lips up and down and stroke it with my hands. All the time, I could only think of his cum and what it would taste like. I was going to eat James' cum. I imitated his method with me, backing off whenever he seemed close to coming. Finally he moaned loudly and pushed my head away. "I was going to come. Not yet." he said.

He had me lay on the couch with my head on some pillows against the arm on one end, raising my head to a convenient height. Then, standing next to the couch, he brought his cock to my lips again. He asked me not to use my hands on the shaft any more, just on his balls. He just wanted me to suck on him. He began to fuck my mouth slowly, ever so slowly, moaning all the while. He cock began to throb and swell each time it thrust into my mouth. It gave a particularly large pulse and quivered and I suddenly I had a mouthful of cum. James grabbed his cock and stroked it hard and fast, squeezing the rest of his cum into my mouth, much of it missing and splattering my face. It should be degrading to have a man jacking off on your face, but I was the calm one, the one in control of herself while he was having a whole body electrical storm. I wanted the whole experience, so I savored the taste of the cum as I swallowed it. It was slippery and thick and went down in a single gulp. I didn't care for the taste but it still had a strange effect on me. It turned me on somehow to swallow this man's essence.

He was apologetic as soon as he recovered. He wanted to clean my face. I let him and then was shocked when he kissed me and his tongue came into my mouth. It excited me that he would be willing to taste his own cum in my mouth...

Jeff now realized what had happened to his wife. A couple of months ago she had suddenly begun to use her mouth on his cock more often. He had been thrilled the first time she had made him come with her lips. She had done it a couple of more times and the last time had been the most amazing. She had left the light on and made a show of sucking his cock and taking his cum all over her face. It had been the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him in bed. He had never loved his wife more than at that moment. He now realized that this African had given her the first taste of cum. He wondered if she really liked it or was trying to assuage her guilt. Jeff's own guilt arose as he realized his cock was rock hard reading about his blonde wife sucking a black cock. He couldn't stop reading.

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