What My Roommate Didn't Know

by Marzy Dotes

Copyright© 2012 by Marzy Dotes

Erotica Sex Story: I had the hots for my roommate's boyfriend so what's a girl to do when he shows up in her bedroom one night?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Cheating   Voyeurism   .

I heard a knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in," I said, thinking it was Becca, my roommate.

After the door opened, I realized it was not a woman standing there. It was Michael, dressed in briefs. His tanned chest had whorls of dark hair on it and his physique honed from hours spent outdoors working construction.

"What are you doing here," I said.

"Becca's gone to sleep," he said, "I thought I would see if you were still up."

"Why," I said, "This is my bedroom. Not hers. You should really just leave."

He laughed.

"We're just talking right," he said, sitting on the edge of her bed, "Becca doesn't have to know about everything I do."

I felt my body trembling because I knew there was no innocent reason for him to be here now. I knew he knew that too. He'd left his girlfriend's bed to come into my room. When I had arrived home from the movies, I had seen their clothes strewn in the living room on the way to Becca's bedroom.

"You know how pretty you are don't you?"

I looked up at him.


"I bet you're hot too..."

That confused me even as it excited me. What was going on with him? He seemed so happy with her more vivacious roommate.

"Michael I really don't think..."

My face blushed.

"Then don't think," he said, "Oh I, I..."

His voice grew soft, its tone completely foreign to her. I gathered her covers around me.

"Michael, I don't think you coming here is a good idea."

He shrugged, and then sat on the bed causing the mattress to squeak from his weight.

"What are you doing," I said.

He then gently pushed me down on her bed and kissed my mouth while slipping his fingers under myshirt so he'd stroke my breasts. I closed my eyes, all kinds of sensations assaulting me at once. His hands groped me, sending a charge through me. I barely breathed.

"No bra," he said, "Very nice."

"Get off of me," I said, "You're supposed to be Becca's boyfriend."

"Not tonight..."

He started pinching my nipples, that made them tingle and when he rubbed one of them with his thumb, I couldn't catch my breath but this was so wrong...

"I want you I ... so damn much..."


"Just shut up okay ... you want this too I know it..."

His lips probed my mouth, trying to part my lips as he kept rubbing my nipple with one hand. It started to get real hard and so so sensitive.

"Michael ... Becca's in the other room," I said, "You're supposed to be with her."

"I'm with you ... and oh ... your mouth ... so hot..."

He pressed his lips against mine again and this time, his tongue nursed the seam of my lips because I knew he wanted to slide it inside my mouth.

"Michael ... oh god ... I can't do this ... not to her..."

He traced the hollow between my breasts under mytop while looking at me.

"Becca's a fucking slut," he said, "I came up to me with another man's scent on her."

That shocked me. No it couldn't be true, not Becca. There had to be some kind of misunderstanding.

"No ... you're wrong ... no..."

"I don't know..."

"I do ... and I know she's lying to me."

He kept playing with my breasts.

"What does that have to do with me Michael?"

"Just relax ... baby ... oh you feel good ... I can make it better."

I tensed. I had no doubt about that ... just his hands on me did all kinds of things, made me hot, made me wet made me want him but he was Becca's lover not mine. I tried to move away from him.

"Michael why are you in my bed?"

He sighed.

"I think it's obvious I ... I came here to fuck you..."

I just looked at him and damn, I couldn't believe what I'd just heard. But this wasn't about her ... no ... it was about Becca and what he thought I'd done.

"No Michael ... you came here to get back at Becca..."

He rubbed his hands against mybreasts and then raised my top so they were exposed. My breasts, with their pert pink nipples stood bared and I felt his hands on them, his fingers rubbing them. I felt him move down her body, until I felt him place his lips around one of my nipples. A jolt coursed straight to my groin and I felt heat coursing there.

"You like that ... you want that don't deny it," he said, "I ... just let me fuck you ... and then I'll leave..."

I bit my lip looking at him, the expression in his eyes. The hunger, the way he had of stripping me bare just by looking at me. The way my nipples responded as he mouthed them. What we were doing was already so naughty. If Becca knew...

"Michael ... I can't ... oh ... please just go..."

"I can't ... I ... and it's what you really want..."

Now I felt irritated as well as turned on.

"Who the fuck are you to tell me what I want?"

I said this even as he tongued a nipple and slipped it inside his mouth ... the heat, the dampness, his ability to suck it ... I gripped the bed sheet.

"Right now you want me to fuck you I," he said, "right here ... who gives a damn about Becca? I'm going to make you feel so damn good you forget all about her..."

He reached to slide my bottoms off of her so my panties were visible.


"What... ?"

"This is so wrong ... god it's wrong..."

He started easing my panties down my legs.

"It can't be wrong because it feels too fucking good..."

I squirmed beneath his fingers which grazed my inner thighs as he worked my panties off of me. Myskin felt hot, needing relief but how could I ... Becca was myfriend ... His fingers felt rough against my skin and after my panties were past my knees, his fingers on one hand rode back up until he started caressing one of my inner thighs. I bit my lip, feeling so sensitive there.

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