My Dom and Her Mom

by Shoeslayer

Copyright© 2012 by Shoeslayer

Romantic Sex Story: My wife Carol was playing the part of a Dom and I her sex slave. She splits for a while and her mom Agnes drops in, nice things go on. 1 week later I learn of where she went and what she did, which worked well for me and now Agnes is the lady I spend life with.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   Cheating   InLaws   BDSM   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I had been asking my wife Carol if we could get into a bit of bondage, something I read about somewhere and it seemed that having ones wife as a dominatrix could be a hot idea.

Her mom is a damn good looking woman, had I not met her daughter, I could be very content with her. Agnes must be like sixty five and plump. Nice ass and hips;long grey hair and plenty of bosom What I really liked about Agnes though is that I can talk to her about anything. She has a great personality.

What I did not know was, she wanted me, uh huh and my wife Carol knew it and had no problems about Agnes wanting me. So Carol thought it would be quite interesting to be my dom, have me all tied up, split and have Agnes drop in to see me wearing my wifes clothes.

Another thing I did not know was that Agnes liked to play with other women or men dressed as women.

So on Friday, Carol says,

"Don't make plans for tomorrow as I am going to be your dom, starting at five in the afternoon but you have to do everything I tell you or we never do this again. And you shall address me as Madam or Mistress Carol, got that?"



"Hell's that for?" I asked Carol.

"You address me as Madam or Mistress Carol and must ask permission to talk before you actually do so."

Well I had showered to be ready for my dom and was really looking forward to this, I had no idea what Mistress Carol would do. I went into the bedroom and saw her clothes laid out on the bed but she was already dressed in a black full slip, black patent stilettos and she was brandishing a whip, sometimes called a croup.

Also on the bed were a pair of falsies, a gold satin and lace bra and another pair of heels in black patent and a slip and panties in black.

"Mistress Carol wants you to wear the bra and put in the falsies, wear the panties slip and heels too.NOW!"

CRACK! the croup just took off a slice of my skin.

"Mistress Carol, may I speak?"


I was now dressed as she desired I be and was told to lie on the bed which I did. From out of the closet she had a dozen belts most were white but a few in red or pink, double rows of holes. She ties my hands together then to the post of the headboard and my feet tied together then to the post of the footboard.

Madam Carol had a few more pair of blackpatent heels and started to touch me all over down there and it was feeling so good.However I did not know she would take pics! YUP there I was, clad in a lovely bra filled with falsies, black panties an slip and heels.

Mistress Carol seemed quite loving. Are you liking this? want to do this more often? all sorts of things she is asking me as she stuffs my cock into her heels, jerks me off a minute or so takes it out of her heel and rubs my balls with her heels and then, and then, AND THEN!

The phone rings.

"Be right back."

And I thought she would but going by the clock on the wll she was gone for a good twenty minutes. What the fuck Gomer?

"Hey Mistress Carol, where are ya?"

An hour and a quarter later

I am wondering what the hell is going on here as I am all tied up, be my luck there's be a fire. Hmmm sounds like a key in the door, Did she go out? and why did she not tell me?I hear a door open and what sounds like Agnes's voice.

"Hello Carol, Hello Ray." She sort of hollered as she walked through the house.

"Agnes, um in the bedroom!"


"Yeah, thats me."

"What the hell is this?"

"DUH, what's it look like?

"You all tied up in drag, but why?"

"Well your daughter was playing the role of a dominatrix, doing nice too an the phone rings. She said she'd be right back, that was over an hour and a half ago."

"Ray, I don't know if you ever realised it but I could be very happy with you."

"In what way Agnes?" Yeah I liked her alot and is this what I think it is?

"Ray, you look so sexy like that and I am getting ideas, all sorts of ideas."

"Well Agnes, I might just as well tell you that...

"That your married and would not do something for your mother-inlaw who has not had it since who knows when?"

"Actually Agnes, I was gonna say you really turn me on at times and that I have had some real thoughts about what it would be like if we were together."

"You really feel that way, Raymond?"

"Yes I do."

Funny how things work out, Yes I could be very content with Agnes and I had no idea Carol was being double dipped.

Agnes took the heels Carol was touching me with and started to do the same. She took off her blouse and brassiere which I noticed was quite silky and lacey.

Agies silver halfs were hanging from a glass beaded neck chain and I asked her to don those silver half-rounds and she did so.

"Why do you want me to wear my reading glasses?"

"They just turn me on Agnes."

She kept rubbing those heels allover my cock and under my balls and I was loving it.

"Ray, what would you say if I told you, I liked women as well as men?"

"Well, since I am in womens attire, go for it."

"Really?" she asked as though her wish came true and did not know if she could really believe it.

"YES really."

Agnes had her clothes of in a few minutes, she is rather dainty, hangs up her clothes instead of flopping them over the back of a chair. She then got on top of me with her melons on top of mine and started grinding them into me as I kissed her ear lobes and neck.

"Oh Ray, you are such a lover." She said in a voice that left no doubt.

"I wish I met you before you met my daughter, Ray. I sometimes feel you think the same."

"You're right Agnes, I am really not too into going out, I mean I have a nice piano and would rather practice and work on classical music, and if I do go out, it would be to eat or at a piano bar."

"I mean Carol is a hot lookin' woman and she has her job but by the time I get home after working on the railroad, I just wanna wash up eat supper an take it easy. Not shower an get into a suit, for the most part I don't like suits, once in a while is o.k. but not once or twice a week."

Agnes took some skin cream and started rubbing it all over down there and it felt nice.

"Ray, is it true you have a thing for my half-glasses and beaded neck chain?"

"What kind of thing Agnes?"

"I don't know, that's why I am asking you."

"Well, I do like the way you look in them, so serious. I like serious women, not silly scatter brains like Rose Nyland on the golden girls, too dumb for my liking. And I like the way the room lighting reflects off them gives a real granny like appearance, get a pair in black or brown ovals, put your hair up in a bunn and you're part way there to being a librarian."

"Would you ever want to do a librarian, Raymond? asked Agnes.

"I could read up on it I suppose."

Agnes gave me a playful punch in the arm.

"Always joking huh Ray, could read up on it!"

"What would you say if I told you, I want you to blow your load all over my reading glasses and beaded neck chain?"

"I'd have to be ordered to do that and you'd have to watch."

"Well of course Ray, but that is for another time."

Carol had just come in and I could not believe she went out looking like a dominatrix. I asked where she went and she slapped me with her croup, saying,

"You are supposed to ask permission to speak."

So I spoke to her mom, "Agnes, please tell Carol I thought this was over as she split and left me tied up."

"He has a point there Carol, so far as he knows, you gave up the game when you took off to who in hell knows where."

"Well I am back, and Mom you are now going to be in on this, I see you have planned on doing something here without me?"

So Carol got on top of me and started to rub her patent black heels alover my cock and balls and told her mom,

"When I say, you start sucking him off."

Agnes still had her half-glasses on and when Carol gave her the word, Agnes grabbed my cock and started to jerk me off as she was sucking me off and it was rather erotic to see my mother-inlaw jerk me off and suck me off with her half-glasses at the end of her nose. and I came in quarts, well not that much and it felt great.

Oh how Agnes looked, happier then she had been in quite some time all because of some good cock and Carol says,

"Mom, it is so nice to see you so happy and I want you to know that when you need it, just give Ray a holler. I want you to be happy and you brought us up to share."

"O.k. Carol I will keep that in mind."

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