Catch Me if You Can

by Alicia Bishop

Copyright© 2012 by Alicia Bishop

Erotica Sex Story: They had meant it to be road trip for them to get away for a week, a chance to kindle their waning sex life. How quickly things can change. Instead, an old fantasy came to life!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Cuckold   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

They had pulled out of Houston about six in the morning.

Even though it was early, the promise of another Texas July sun was already making its way into what was surely to be another scorching day. Their hopes were to clear their way out of the Houston traffic before it was too heavy.

Her great aunt was in the very back of their van, already strapped in and back to sleep as they drove. Good. With her state of health it was if they were by themselves. Aunt Marie noticed little and remembered nothing.

Robin looked out into the flat fields that marked that part of Texas. Nothing to see here. They were on their way to Red River, New Mexico. They were dropping Aunt Marie off in El Paso to visit relatives before they continued on to their destination. It had been a tradeoff. Her mother kept the kids in exchange for them safely allowing the older lady to travel with them with what was probably her last family visit.

The couple couldn't decide what they were looking forward to the most ... the cooler weather or the fantastic scenery that they so anticipated.

Next to her, Aaron was doing the same. He stole glances at the dreary landscape as he drove but mostly he stole sideway glances at her. He mentally crossed his fingers. It had been a while since they had made their last road trip like this and he could only hope that it was even half as exciting as the last. He had made a few preparations, hopefully tantalizing enough to pique her sexual urges. Aunt Marie was a harmless intervention easily skirted.

Robin felt his glances. She knew he was excited about it all and that she was the center of his anticipation, not the vacation itself.

She, too, remembered the last time. It couldn't be described any other way but a "suck and fuck" getaway that left them both on a sexual edge that took a week to wear off! Unfortunately for them, it did wear off!

She smiled. He was already priming her. At his request, she was wearing a very short, very thin white summer dress that buttoned all the way up the front and clearly allowed her white thong to show through. Low cut on top, there would be no bra today. And for any of the other days, she imagined with a smile.

He didn't want to push it. Timing was everything. Yet again, he didn't want to have half the day pass by before he invited her to play. For him, the drive there and back was anticipated even more than their stay in New Mexico. The elderly lady in the back would sleep most of the time and was not a factor.

So, before the sun was bright enough to awaken the sleeper in the back and leaving her deep in her peaceful slumber, he eased a small battery powered DVD player out from under his seat. He handed it to her and instructed her to lower their glove compartment lid. He already knew that it would sit perfectly on the lowered lid.

Robin assumed they were about to enjoy a movie together and was a little concerned about him driving with the distraction.

Instead, he handed her a headset with a long cord. All of this was equipment was now standard stuff carried on their trips. Thank god for DVD players and children's movies because, even though neither child had reached their tenth birthday, seldom could they ever decide on one movie. They learned early to give each their own DVD player and to plug in headsets. Aunt Marie was not much different. The few times she was awake she would absorb herself in an old movie, never knowing at the end how it had started.

But for now, evidently Robin was about to watch a movie on her own. Actually, she was relieved that he wasn't going to be jeopardizing them by trying to watch it with her.

He never said a word after that. She pushed the play button.

It took no time to realize that this was a soft porn movie.

Twenty minutes later she was totally involved in the movie. Still, she couldn't miss that Aaron was trying to hide the little sideways glances he was giving her. That's when she glanced down and saw that he was rock hard.

That he had already watched the movie should have been no surprise to her. If fact, he had already seen the movie several times and, even without sound, knew what was going on by the quick glances he gave it.

The movie was about a sexually bored young couple Robin and Aaron's age with two small children who began to tease each other about the possibilities of slipping into the wild side. They joined an internet club for swingers and began to get all kinds of responses. After careful consideration given to the many responses, they received one that they were unable to resist and agreed to meet a very attractive couple at an erotic Lounge.

As the movie went on, the innocent couple both quickly got in over their heads with this sophisticated, experienced couple and ended up a week later in their fabulous penthouse.

That's where the real action started.

And that's where Robin's ass started a tiny, slow undulation in her seat.

Aaron didn't miss the little circles. He was rock hard! Success!

As she watched the slow seduction of the innocent wife, Robin couldn't stem the sexual response flooding her senses. And her rotating ass had taken a life of its own. She couldn't control it and knew from past experiences that Aaron didn't want her to.

Each scene drew her into the characters. She didn't think about the fact that her headsets were preventing her from hearing her own little moans and heavy breathing expelled from her sagging mouth.

Aaron did. He couldn't miss her reaction to the story. He kept glancing back to the rear of the van. So far, so good!

Twenty five minutes. That's how long it took for her right hand that had been resting on her knee to start a slow, steady, sensitive climb up the inner thigh of her right leg. In a few minutes, the short skirt was rising slowly to give way to her exploring fingers.

When she reached her thong, she exhaled a long, mournful breath.

Aaron almost came on the spot.

The early sun allowed him to watch her fingers tease under the tiny thong. Tiny strokes at first, then faster ... stronger.

Still, it took about another fifteen minutes before she succumbed to her knowing fingers.

Suddenly she glanced back at the sleeping lady, looked out the passenger window, and then jammed her feet hard into the floorboard, lifting her convulsing ass off her seat.

She could certainly feel it when she came, the orgasm washing over her in an erotic flood. She just couldn't hear it. The headsets prevented that.

Aaron could. He glanced back at the sleeper. Safe so far!

Robin pitched, ground, moaned, expelled.

He dared not touch himself. Surely the slightest stroke would send him over. He wanted to milk this as long as possible.

Then she slumped in the seat, staring out her window.

Her ass never stopped twitching.

Within a few minutes she was pulled back into the movie.

It would happen again before the movie was over. The second time seemed to be more explosive than the one before. In between, he slid his hand under her blouse and teased her pointed nipples without mercy.

He wasn't exactly sure when she had unbuttoned her lower buttons on the dress. During the movie he had skillfully maneuvered their car as to stay out of view from the trucks. It would damper the moment. Now that the movie was over, though, that opened dress would be part of the game.

Finally the Madame in the back seat stirred and then came alive. Time for a restaurant and breakfast!

She was pretty predictable. Once fed and back in the van she was ready for a movie. Sitting in the back, her vision was blocked from the front seat activities and she certainly couldn't decipher the lowered, suggestive voices up front.

And there was definitely a suggestive voice.

As soon as Robin came down off her high and her movie was over, out it came.

"What would you think?"

Aaron whispered it.

Not what "DID" you think? What "WOULD" you think?

It was subtle but she caught the idea. He didn't want to know about the movie she had just watched, even though it had tantalized her into multiple orgasms. He wanted to know about her ... and her current frame of mind concerning an always interesting subject.

He wanted to know what she thought about being seduced by another man.

That had come up quite a bit lately. Subtle at first, then stronger and stronger insinuations over time.

A strange suggestion but both knew there had been precedence. It was hard to plead innocent.

It had been a few years back. Isolated ... a one shot deal. But it was as it was, nevertheless.

Several years after they were married and after their second child, the two of them had gotten away at an all paid resort in the islands. The last night there culminated a week of nonstop alcohol and sex that had eventually allowed their minds and eyes to wander. By that last evening, it had resulted in "too many the margaritas and too little the common sense."

In their late twenties, their sex life had become mundane over the years and those few days there with all those "beautiful people" had sparked a sexual fervor in both of them that overrode sensibility.

While they were hopped up on liquor and days of constant sex, an especially attractive couple working as bartenders eased them right out of their complacency and into an early morning "sexcapade." What started out as a friendly visit to their cabin somehow ended up as a "no holds" event with the young wife being seduced by another man while her own husband watched, the beautiful blonde stranger slowly stroking Aaron as he watched his wife succumb.

The fact that he never joined in or made any serious advances to the blonde should have sent Robin a message. Her husband was more interested in seeing her with another man than he was with having sex with a gorgeous woman!

Instead, it took them about two months down the road before either of them even had the nerve to approach what had happened to them. Until then, both acted like it had never happened. It would be only then, after the silent period of regret, that their conversation would turn in that direction. It took no time for Robin to realize that Aaron had been much more turned on by her performance with the bronzed bartender than he was with the sex he could have had with the voluptuous blonde. In a strange way, it pleased her.

When all of this finally surfaced, it wasn't something he threw in her face. Instead, he put her on a pedestal, wistful thoughts whispered at times into her ears about a repeat of that night. In those moments of ecstasy she allowed herself to answer his suggestions in a way that would please him, knowing that as soon as they came off their sexual high all bets were off.

Still, as time went by, more and more he was mentioning it. He wanted her to have sex with another man. If he couldn't watch, he wanted her to tell him about it ... in exquisite detail!

To Robin, it was nothing more than a sexual ploy to turn her on. To Aaron, it was a much sought after prize!!

And here it was again. Whispered to her as she looked out the car window and continued a slow, erotic squirming in her seat.

"What WOULD you think?"

Maybe the situation was just right. Maybe the moon that had already long disappeared over the horizon was in the right place.

Maybe she didn't want to break the wonderful sexual spell already cast over them.


"I don't know." Very softly.

There it was.

Aaron couldn't miss it.

Not "NO."

And for the first time she wasn't being coerced with a hard cock buried deep inside her to impair her judgment.

"I don't know."

She whispered it again.

Aaron breathed hard. Already, the trip was a huge success!

San Antonio had come and gone.

They were back to an Interstate 10 that was as desolate as it was long.

He never allowed her nipples to relax. She responded with another self induced orgasm, this time with her dress unbuttoned up to her waist and spread wide for his viewing pleasure.

During that time it started. The games.


Passing them slowly, allowing the gawking drivers to admire the scenery in an otherwise desolate drive.

He loved it. She turned her head in embarrassment. No telling what was being said on those CB's.

Of course, she always removed her hand from her crotch before she was being observed. All the lucky driver saw was her dress opened nearly up to her waist. As the show ended, her hand would go back to its teasing.

Finally, they got in a constant groove with one particular truck. A purple Peterbilt, they would pass, slow down, and then be passed again, always with the truck on the right side of the car so that the driver had a view. Neither could see the driver. Robin because her eyes were closed. Aaron was in the wrong position to see into the window.

Finally, at his insistence, she peeked.


The driver wasn't the old man she expected. Instead, he was about twenty five and really good looking!

And she definitely had his attention!!

There was no doubt in her mind that the expression on the stranger's face was partnered with a massive hard on she couldn't see.

Aaron didn't miss anything. He knew she had finally made eye contact.


She hesitated.

"Really nice looking," she finally breathed. If they were going to play the game she would play fair.


Her voice shook a little.

Aaron needed nothing else. The next fifty miles or so was a vehicular jousting, each changing speed to allow as much exposure as possible. In addition to all the passing, there were times of extended side by side exposure on the desolate freeway.

Aaron was hard as a rock. The stranger in the truck matched him.

Robin was surprised and slightly appalled that she was reacting as she was. Now, those tiny sparks permeating her body and soul wasn't being caused by her exploring fingers. It was a result of admiring eyes!

Back to earth.

"I'm hungry."

That announcement from the back brought everything to real life. Caught in their sexual game, they had lost track of the time.

They had brought an ice chest full of food and drinks for that first day. Aunt Marie didn't do well in restaurants and they needed to let her stretch her legs.

They looked for the first rest area with restrooms. It was in Sonora, a few miles down the road.

By then, the purple Peterbilt was reluctantly a thing of the past. The recent memories left two hard cocks and a wet, receptive pussy.

It wasn't so unusual that the rest area was so nice. Texas maintains them well. It was unusual, however, that it was so empty. There weren't more than six cars or so there in addition to the idling trucks. They were happy to find a clean table in the very back of the area so the elderly lady could take herself a mini nature walk without disturbing others.

It came as a shock when, a few minutes later, that purple Peterbilt pulled into the lot.

Robin gulped. What an unexpected turn of events. Surely he wouldn't see them back there.

She couldn't deny the fluttering inside of her.

Aaron went even harder.

Especially when he saw the driver walking towards the building. She was right! He was about 25 years old and very good looking.

She turned her attention to her aunt.

He turned his thoughts towards that guy.There was little hesitation. Sometimes luck has to be invited.

"I gotta go. I'll be right back."

He didn't allow an answer. Hopefully, this was going to be too good.

He was in and out of the rest room as soon as possible. Nobody there. He found the young driver standing in front of some vending machines, a perplexed look on his face.

Aaron took a chance.

"Out of drinks?" he laughed.

"Nope. I'm out of change," the stranger joked back. He had a strong voice.

Later, Aaron wouldn't know where he got the idea ... or the nerve.

"We've got some iced tea over here. Have some of ours."

He expected a "no." There was certainly a hesitation. He held his breath.

"You know, don't mind if I do. These cokes get awful sweet after a while."

Aaron was floored. He offered his hand.

"I'm Aaron."

"Roger," was the reply.

Just the short walk to the picnic table told Aaron this guy didn't seem a typical truck driver.

"Been driving long?" he asked.

"Na-a-a. I do it during the summer. I teach in a high school."

By that time they were within a few yards of Robin.

She turned around and faced the stranger.

Aaron wondered whose face reddened the most ... Roger's or Robin's.

He knew one thing for sure. They recognized each other. Just minutes before Roger had been staring straight into her thong covered crotch and they both knew it. And they both knew it had been an invitation, not an accident.

Introductions were made, including the wandering aunt. Turned out he had one like her back in Alabama.

He accepted the tea and the lunch which they insisted.

Roger tried not to stare. Robin's dress was buttoned up except for a couple of the lowest ones but her thong was obvious through the thin dress. When she sat down there was ample leg to admire and when she leaned over her breasts were totally bared, her hard nipples unfettered with any bra.

His hard was more and more obvious.

So was Aarons. He was trying not to cum on himself.

Robin was embarrassed. Not just with her situation and the fact that the stranger could obviously admire her body. It was the fact that she was a faucet!

The certain nervous tingle she felt at the time had happened once before. It was precisely how she had felt just before being seduced by that bar tender. How could she be so turned on by all of this?

And she couldn't miss how excited both men were! It was obvious.

Roger paid attention to the older lady for a few minutes. He was good with older folks.

Aaron took advantage of the distraction and quickly avoided her protective hands to release two more bottom buttons on her dress.

Now, when she moved on the picnic bench it couldn't avoid riding high. She knew that when she walked it would open up way past mid thigh, not to mention the gentle breeze.

When Roger returned she turned red again. He didn't gawk but he didn't miss anything, either. Her demeanor and the newly introduced leg show had definitely been done on purpose. He was sure of it.

Suddenly it dawned on him.

They were playing a game and he was an invited partner! It may have started innocently on the highway but this was different. He wasn't too sure about the sexy lady but her husband was obviously proud to share!

And he didn't mind sharing one teensy bit. He hadn't seen his wife in two weeks.

Robin found it all so surreal. Two hours ago she didn't know this guy existed. Now, not only had he seen almost all she had to offer but her husband was obviously bent on exposing more.

My god, it was exciting!

Not only could she not stop the tingling throughout, she was starting to shake.

That wasn't missed by either man.

Roger was pulled aside by an older lady who wanted to show him something.

Aaron couldn't miss the opportunity. It was crazy but... ?

"I'll be right back," he whispered.

While he was talking he glanced around to make sure they weren't being watched.

Quickly he slipped his hand under her dress and under her thong.

It was too quick for her to avoid.

"U-m-m-m," she moaned.

There was no secret now about how she was reacting to all of this.

She was totally slushy down there. Now they both knew it.

Aaron's confidence grew as he quickly walked away. Before he did, he unbuttoned two more buttons, this time from the top.

She protested. She did nothing about it.

Less than two minutes later he showed back up with a yellow writing tablet and a pen.

He handed it to her, whispering in her ear.

She shook her head, totally shocked at what he was suggesting.

No way!!

When nobody was looking, he slipped a hand inside her top and rubbed her left nipple between his fingers.

The moan was low but very easy to hear.

"Spread a little."

She knew it wasn't really a request. He was really getting off on this.

She balked, and then relented. She was totally aware that more and more he wanted to see her with another man. This wasn't that, but it was close. She knew in mere minutes she would never see that guy again.

It would make Aaron's day ... or days, for that matter.

What the hell!!

Slowly, she changed her position on the bench. As she went from one side to the other, her legs spread wider and she didn't bother to close them.

Even from yards away, her white thong was obvious. Up close, one might even recognize that it was soaked ... which it was and had been for hours.

Roger couldn't keep his eyes off her.

Aaron could hardly believe his luck.

He blew her a kiss.

It was stupid but it went straight to her crotch!

She became a little light headed.

She hesitated. Her husband was soliciting her to push her limits.

Aaron looked at her face, knowing Roger was looking a lot lower.

She caught the begging look on his face.

The two men turned their activities back to the other lady for a few seconds.

Robin looked at the yellow pad.

"What the fuck!! If that's what he wants."

She began to write. It was exactly what Aaron asked her to do. Nothing more, nothing less.Then she quietly removed the page and hid it in her basket. She would see. Her mind still wasn't made up about all of this!

Twenty minutes later it was time to go.

Aaron whispered into her ear. She looked quickly back at him.

"You're joking, "she whispered.

He shook his head. He was serious, that begging look again.

She turned her head and looked at the stranger giving such loving attention to Aunt Marie.

What the hell! What could come from it except mental fuel for some wild fucks later ... starting that night!

"I'll be right back."

She left for the bathroom. He glanced at the pad of paper and was disappointed that she had obviously removed the top sheet off the pad of paper. He knew that if she had written anything she was about to trash it in the ladies room.

She returned a few minutes later.

"Here," she whispered.

She pressed something into his hand.

He was so hard it hurt.

In his hand was a very tiny, very damp, white thong.

"Time to go, folks." Robin wanted to get out of there.

They picked everything up and said good-bye.

Roger waved and walked away.

Maybe it was his ass in those tight jeans as he walked away that prompted her ... broke her resistance. Who knows?

In a flash of eroticism she got bold. She wasn't going to let either of the men down.

She looked around before she slipped the yellow sheet out of the basket. She didn't want Aaron to see it.

Quickly she grabbed the pen and scribbled again on the paper.

She walked over to him.

"Give it back," she whispered to Aaron. She stuck her hand out.

Startled, he pressed her thong into her hand. As he walked away he saw her turn her back to everybody, walk to the other side of the table and fumble with it a few seconds.

"She has had a change in heart," he thought. She was putting it back on. This had gone too far. He had planned on somehow passing it to Roger. Just a momento.

As they waved their goodbyes and left, there were two highly sensitized and disappointed men and one gleeful woman. She was the last to walk away from the table.

Roger went to the restroom for a minute.

While he was in there a frazzled Robin watched from a distance and hurried to get them loaded into the car. She was beside herself. Did she have the nerve? It would be so unlike her.

Seconds seemed an hour.

Hell, yes.!!

She grabbed Aaron and gave him a deep kiss.

"Hurry. Go tell Roger he left something on the bench."

"And for God's sake hurry back!"

Aaron suddenly caught on. He almost ran to catch Roger.

"Hey, man. You left something on the bench."

He could hardly blurt it out. Roger would get the thong after all!

He left before Roger could answer.

Roger knew that he hadn't left anything.

Curiosity got the best of him. He went back.

From a distance he could see something white and yellow lying on the bench.

He carefully picked it up.

He could have been knocked over with a feather!

He was holding a very damp white thong. Rolled up and carefully placed inside the thong was a note that had been scribbled on a piece of yellow paper.

The thong had been soaking up wonderful juices just minutes before.

The note was short and to the point.

Roger sniffed the thong, read the note again, laughed, and then ran to his truck.

This was fun if nothing else. What a great day!!

Twenty minutes later the minivan was barreling down the highway at 80 miles per hour. That was the speed limit in that part of Texas.

Aunt Marie was asleep again. They knew she would sleep for hours.

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