Helping Hand

by Ellen

Copyright© 2012 by Ellen

Flash Sex Story: Emma is at it again this time she is finding the joy of youth and helping out a voyeur.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Food   Voyeurism   .

Emma was rummaging through her dresser drawers, throwing bikini tops, bottoms, tankini tops and bottoms and one piece suits flying onto the bed behind her. Her friend Terri had called 30 minutes ago to say that she was bring her youngest daughter, Beth, over to Emma's subdivision pool for a play date with another 10 year old girl who lived in the development. Terri wanted Emma to come and lay by the pool with her and catch up on what was happening with Emma and Doctor Robert Goode (Emma's newest fling). The friends had gotten very close in the last few months since Emma had a couple of ménage à trois with Terri and her husband Paul; they now joked they were BFF's (Best Friends Forever). In truth, they had found a mutual friendship and bond in sharing their sexual secrets. Emma was new to the idea of exploring and giving into her sexual desires, while Terri had been a sexual free spirit for most of her life.

Back to trying to figure out what to wear to the neighborhood pool. This is the thing about women: they put so much pressure on themselves about their appearance because they are very tough judges on each other. Women take notice of each other's physical appearance and judge each other very harshly, so Emma wanted to look good at the pool not just because of Terri, but because of all of the other neighbors who would be there. Not that Emma had any reason to worry about her appearance. While still in her 40's, she was in the best shape she had been in for years. She was working out and her body looked great: she was petite and very well proportioned. Her long waist, and well-toned, slim legs gave the illusion that she was taller than her 5' 4" inches. Her breast were full, round, and firm: her abs, while not totally flat, were toned and did not distract from her small waist. Her ass was firm, round, and the envy or all her friends. Even her daughter's college friends had commented on what a "great ass her mother had". But still, she was worried about what to wear and how she was going to look to everyone else.

When her children had been younger, Emma use to spend most of the summer at the community pool with them, but when they had reached their teens, Emma had convinced Adam to put a pool put in the backyard. Since then, Emma hardly ever went to the community pool, and since the kids had left for college, she hardly ever wore a swimsuit. She had discovered the joys of swimming in the nude and the absence of tan lines. Emma had even found that she could perform a good deed for an elderly neighbor at the same time.

It was last summer when Emma had realized that old Mr. Snead from next door had been enjoying her nude swims as well. She had been laying by the pool sunning when she noticed a bright light hitting the side of the house and started to look around for its origin. She had been surprised to find Mr. Snead at his second story bathroom window with his big old binoculars focused on her. She started to grab a towel to cover herself and wave to let him know he had been caught. Then, she decided to let him have his little bit of innocent entertainment. The poor old guy lived all alone and rarely had company; his wife had died the year before Emma and Adam had built their house. So now, Emma would see him most days that she was around the pool he would be standing at the window with his binoculars watching her intently.

This summer, in her current state of mind, Emma had even done some things just for old Snead's viewing pleasure. A couple of weeks ago, she had taken great pains to deliberately apply her suntan lotion very slowly, making erotic moves, gestures and poses as she caressed each part of her body. She spent extra time massaging her breast, rubbing and pulling at her nipples. And, she had spread the lotion leisurely down to her stomach and then down to her legs. She consciously worked her way up to her inner thighs and slowly she had spread her legs wide, giving him a full view of her cunt. Emma had rubbed the lotion slowly up to the side of her pussy and then gently started to rub each lip. She then pulled the lips of her cunt open and gradually rubbed the inner lips. She became so excited, she then began to masturbate wildly, bring herself to a marvelous orgasm that caused her to spasm so uncontrollably she had worried that old Mr. Snead would think she was having some sort of seizure and call an ambulance. Instead, when she had gotten up and jumped into the cool, refreshing pool, she had heard Mr. Snead hollow over the six foot privacy fence "Thank you, my sweet neighbor."

Finally, back to the task at hand, Emma decided on a fairly modest little red polka- dot bikini. The top covered her breast while leaving just enough cleavage, and the bottom had high-cut legs with little strings on the side. Throwing on a thin white cover-up shirt, she then grabbed her suntan lotion, towel, pool key, car keys and she was off.

Terri was already sat up in the far corner of the pool with an extra lounge chair pulled beside her for Emma. As usual, Terri looked great: she was in a one piece, but it was very high cut on the sides and very low cut on the top, which showed off Terri's two best physical assets: her wonderfully firm, perky and perfect breast.

The friends greeted each other with a quick kiss on the cheek. "Emma, you look fantastic" Terri said.

"You look great too, Terri, but then you always do," replied Emma. They got settled in their seats and had just started to talk about what was going on with each of them when Emma heard a familiar voice in the distance.

She looked around to see Brandon, the kid that always bagged her groceries at the store. He had become a bit smitten with her after she had flashed him the sight of her freshly waxed pussy a few months back as she was getting into the car. Ever since then when she stopped by the market, he would follow her, asking if he could help her find anything, and he always made sure he was the one to carry her bags to the car. Emma had enjoyed subtly flirting with him and they were now on a first name basis. Emma thought it was sweet that this handsome young boy had a crush on her. Emma also, thought he was probably still a virgin even though he was a senior in high school. He was shy and seemed to be a bit of a nerd, even though he was extremely good looking. In fact, Terri said she thought he looked like the kid that played Clark Kent on the Smallville TV show. Emma had not noticed that before, but Terri was right. Maybe it was the fact he was in nothing but swim trunks and Emma could see how well defined his young body was for the first time.

"Is that the bag boy you flashed?" Terri asked. "Wow, he is a doll," Terri said, salaciously licking her lips.

"You are a dirty old woman," Emma said laughing at Terri. "I would love to take you to your house and show you some of the dirty things I have been thinking about when it comes to you," Terri whispered to Emma. Emma could feel herself blush a bit; the fact was that Terri had made multiple comments in the past few weeks about wanting to have sex with Emma without Paul being involved, and this made Emma more than a little uncomfortable. She was just not sure she was ready for a full on lesbian encounter, or maybe it would technically be a bi-sexual encounter; whatever, Emma was just not there yet.

Brandon had spotted her. "Hey, Miss Emma," he yelled as he came running over. "Wow, I did not know you lived in this neighborhood", he said.

"I do, and this is my good friend Terri."

"Hi, Miss Terri," Brandon answered. He chattered on for a while until his friends came over and got him dragging him back into the pool.

When he left he, Terri told Emma "Man he has got a big old crush on you. You should throw him a bone, or maybe I should say let him throw you a boner."

"What on earth are you thinking," Emma said in surprise.

"Oh, my god, just get him to come do some yard work or something and screw the kid—it's not like he is not legal," Terri fussed at Emma. Emma thought Terri had lost her mind, but as they lay there and she watched Brandon romping in the pool with his friends, she had to admit the thought of making love to him, made her really hot and excited.

Emma and Terri got up and walked into the pool. Emma lay back and started to backstroke into the deep end of the pool. As she reached the side of the pool and was turning to swim back, Brandon came up beside her. "Miss Emma, you look very pretty today," he said.

"Thank you, Brandon. Now, may I ask you something: do you ever do any type of yard work?" Emma ask.

"Oh yes, do you need something done?" Brandon ask excitedly.

"We have a yard service that does all the major things, but I do have some plants I would like moved around our pool. Could you help me with that?" Emma ask.

"Of course just tell me when."

"Could you come by tomorrow afternoon around 2:00?"

"I will be there at two sharp, Miss Emma," Brandon answered grinning ear to ear.

He really is a doll and I must be losing my mind. I cannot believe I just did that, Emma thought to herself, as she walked out of the pool and back to her chair. Terri was grinning and laughing softly as Emma sat down.

"You did it didn't you," Terri winked at Emma.

"Yes, and I don't know what I was thinking he will be at the house at 2 tomorrow. Dear God, here he comes again," Emma groaned.

"I need your address and phone number," Brandon said as he stood by her chair dripping wet. As she rolled to her side and looked up at him, she could see that he had the start of a nice hard-on, She gave him her information and gave Terri a dirty look because she was making suggestive little noises under her breath the whole time.

"If you need any help with that, I would be glad to come over tomorrow," Terri said with a giggle.

"I will be fine, thank you. We will probably just move some plants. I am not sure I can go through with deflowering someone," Emma said, thinking maybe should call Dr. Robert to make sure it would not mess Brandon up for life if something did happen between them tomorrow.

On her way home, that is just what Emma did. She hit the name of the OBGYN office on her cell phone and, when the receptionist said, "How may I help you," Emma asked for Dr. Goode and instructed the girl on the other end of the phone to let him know it was Emma calling. She could hear the surprise in the girl's voice when she returned and told Emma that Dr. Goode would be right with her.

"Hey, Emma, my love, you are not calling to cancel our session are you?" Dr. Goode ask.

"No, nothing like that. You know I am dedicated to helping you with your very important research. But, I do need some advice, and this will also help us with the research we are doing, too. I just need to know if I was to have sex with a young 17 year old who I think is a virgin, with his consistent, of course, would that be a bad thing for him?" Emma ask shyly.

"God, Emma, I would of given my right nut to have had someone as sensuous and as sexually confident as you be my first. I am so envious of this young lad. You both have a wonderful experience, and you and I will enjoy reliving it together when I see you in a few days. I've got to run but, you know I love you." With that Dr. Robert Goode had left the line.

The conversation did make Emma feel better and she really did get hot, excited and very wet just thinking about having sex with this good-looking lad. She would have to think up something special for him and make sure Adam was not coming home until day after tomorrow, as planned.

Emma woke at 8 AM. She was nervous and excited at the same time. She had decided to go for the dreaded waxing, even though she was not due till end of next week. So, she would need to call to make sure to get the earliest appointment, stop by the Home Depot to get some plants (just in case) and figure out some kind of snacks or food. It had not been that long ago that her own son and his friends were eating her out of house and home. She knew that a teenage boy is always hungry.

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