Adultery II

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2012 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Story: Adulterous couple stops at roadside lookout for a taste.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Cheating   .

After breakfast, when they were back in the car, the talk slowed and Joan moved her seat to a reclined position. Her eyes fell shut.

"A nap?" Gary asked.

"Naw, just relaxing, you know?"

He put the car in gear, they had some seventy miles to go before their destination and he heard her breathing grow steady as he turned onto the highway. Joan dozed but didn't sleep, opening her eyes and sitting forward at turns and stops. After a while she found the steady soft vibration of the car arousing her. She opened her eyes just a crack. Gary had put on sunglasses and was driving with a steady, relaxed watchfulness. Now and then turning his head to look at passing attractions that she couldn't see from her low position.

She reached out and put a hand on his thigh.

"Uh-oh," he said. He glanced at her and grinned. "The animal is alive."

"Just thinking," she said. She stroked his thigh, her eyes were closed again, letting herself feel the coarse weave of his jeans.

"Dammit," Gary said after a few more minutes, "my dick is going to break off." He pushed himself up in the seat, reached down the front of his pants and changed things around.

Joan laughed, and when he sat down, she put her hand back in his lap. He was erect. His penis reaching up beneath his fly to his belt.

"Oooo, to bad we're in the car," she giggled.

He looked over at her, grinned and said, "You've played this game before?"

"What game?" She stroked and he pushed the hand away.

"You're done," he said. "It's my turn. Take off the pantyhose."

"Gary..." she said, sounding shocked. But she sat upright and looked out the car windows. They were alone on the rural highway.

"Come on chicken. Off with the pants."

Joan looked at the speedometer. A steady sixty-five miles per hour. "You could kill us."

"Nope, I've played before."

"Mr. Experience, huh?"

"Come on. You're bullshitting me, now off with the pants. Or live with the consequences."

"What consequences?"

"Deep in your heart you'll know I know that you were chicken."

"Damn you, Gary!" she gasped and pushed herself off the seat, and with some difficulty, pulled off her pantyhose.

"Now the thingy," he said.

"Thingy? You mean my thongy?"

"Whatever, take 'em off."

Joan pushed herself up again and peeled off her thong.

"Here, I'll take them," Gary said. Without thinking, she handed them to him. He rolled down his window and tossed them out.

"Gary! For Christ's sakes..." she was looking back down the highway where the thong had disappeared into a ditch.

"I'll but you new ones."

"Goddamn right you will," she said.

"so now just lean back and close your eyes." She looked at him and felt a blush crawling up her face.

"Come on," he said.

Joan leaned back and his hand touched her thighs, the fingers just trailing along, from the joint of her hip to her knee, and back again. It was warm in the car and Joan felt the blood moving to her groin. Her mouth dropped open and the warmth continued to build.

"Oh, boy," she said after a minute or so. "Boy..."

"Moan for me," he said.


"Moan for me. One good moan and I'll stop the car."

She reached over and touched him. He felt huge under the jeans and she giggled. "I've got to stop this giggling," she said lazily. She reached out again; then Gary hit the brake and she rocked forward.

"What?" she said, looking out the window.

"It's a lookout point. We can see for a hundred miles or more.

"What?" Joan was breathing hard. The car rocked as Gary pulled onto a grass covered parking area. Joan pulled her skirt down.

"We can't ... not in public," she protested.

Gary got out of the car and Joan followed on her side.

In the distance, across a fence, they could see a half dozen people looking over the edge of the cliff to better see the panoramic view.

"They must have climbed the fence," he said..."Come on."

He helped Joan climb over the lowest point of the fencing.

"Christ, this is the last time I wear a dress with you, Gary. I feel naked ... you and you're fucking games.

"You look good in that dress," he said as they walked up a graveled path.

"You look terrific. And you look great without the thongy thing."

They spent ten minutes with the other gawkers admiring the fantastic view, before heading back to the car.

Some of the others were settling down at nearby tables preparing to enjoy the view along with a lunch, or snack.

As they walked back toward the car, the wind picked up blowing Joan's hair around her face. At the fence, she put one foot on the wire, and Gary caught her from behind and squeezed.

"One small kiss," he said.

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