Dancing Fool

by jackieoh

Copyright© 2012 by jackieoh

Erotica Sex Story: Six women meet in Las Vegas to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their high school graduation. They came to flirt and have fun in the anonymity promised by "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" slogan. One is persuaded to deviate from her marriage vows for the first time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Cheating   Size   .

"Look girls, I am not here looking to hook up with someone! If that's what you have in mind, count me out. I'll just hang out with you for awhile and then go back to my room.!"

"Jackie's a party-poop, Jackie's a party-poop!" The other five women harmonized and teased me.

"We're just going to have fun and flirt a little, if that happens!" Sandra said, trying to be helpful.

We had been friends since high school and decided to meet in Las Vegas for a few days in celebration of our twenty-fifth graduation anniversary. Three were currently divorced or widowed and so they were interested in flirting and the possibility of finding some men who wanted to join the fun.

We were in the sumptuous bar when a group of five guys came in. It wasn't long before one had joined our table and, acting as spokesman and tour-guide for his group, invited the others to join us.

"Ah, an odd number." I thought, "I can drop out without causing a problem."

One of them asked me to dance. I love to dance. Always have. And so I found myself on the dance floor with a cute and amusing guy who wasn't a very good dancer. When we came back there was another set of drinks at our place.

From down the table, I heard Betty's voice. "Jackie's the good dancer in our group."

I glanced down and saw a tall man with graying blond hair lean forward and look in my direction. I paid no further attention and a second man invited me to dance. He was inclined to be a little "handy" and I thought he had tried to read all the labels in my clothes by brail by the time we finished two dances. But, the band was really very good. It was an old time swing band and they played a lot of good slow dance numbers between the more athletic modern tunes.

Again, when we got back to the table there was another round of drinks and I was feeling a little bit sweaty from the exertion. It was a lively group and we really were having fun. And so, I didn't leave when I should have, probably.

The tall figure loomed over me and I looked up and smiled into gray-blue eyes and silver temples.

"Could I have this dance?" he said.

Carl was a very good dancer. You can tell immediately when you are going to dance well with a man and this was one of those times. It is just completely different. Every step is perfect. Your body meets his all at once, not a bump at a time. I can't explain it. You just know it when you find it. We were simpatico. Even though he was a foot taller than me, our strides seemed mated.

I should have known this was going to be that kind of evening when he brought me back to the table and there was another round of drinks waiting. I was feeling a little light headed, but he was gracious and I really enjoyed our dance. The second band came in to spell the first one and they were not as good. Our party was getting louder and louder. My friends were having a great time.

I danced with another of the party who liked to brush his hands across my nipples when he twirled me. My nipples were standing out when we returned in spite of my telling them not to respond.

Carl showed up again and again we danced smoothly to a tango beat. It was delicious. If you love to dance, you can't resist your perfect dance partner. We stood and talked between numbers and I discovered he was retired NAVY, so that gave something to talk about. My father had been in the Navy and our early years were spread around the country. We danced again and I felt his cock against my tummy. He moved so that it grazed my tummy from one side to the other as we turned. It wasn't unpleasant. And in fact, it felt warm and ... big.

Carl had big hands, too, and I couldn't help the old wives' tale that if a man's pointing finger was large, his cock would be proportionately large. I giggled self-consciously and felt our bodies smoothly glide together, trapping his poor cock between us. I was having a giggling fit about the strange thoughts running through my mind.

Again, there was another round of drinks. I was having a hard time keeping up with it. And I was definitely feeling the effects. Again they talked me into staying a bit longer. Well, I was really having a good time, I had to admit. So I stayed and made excuses to my inner self.

Again Carl came around to dance and this time, he pushed someone out of the way and sat next to me. Our knees were together under the table, because there just wasn't room to be otherwise. His hand touched my knee. He pretended to be scratching his own knee. Then it was definitely on my knee, squeezing. It was not unpleasant. In fact it felt kind of nice as he fondled my thigh through the stocking.

We danced some more and now the slow numbers we were insinuating our bodies together and his hand found my bottom and pulled me close against his cock. When we turned, my legs parted and rode astride his thigh. As time passed, I made sure to bottom out by pressing my pussy mound against his thigh, and he held me in that position as long as he could reasonably do. Good dancers will know what I mean. It's a delicious feeling. Having your pussy pressed against an athletic male thigh and the top of your thigh against a man's hardness is a powerful aphrodisiac.

All of a sudden, the group was breaking up. My girl friends had hooked up with one or the other of Carl's friends and left for parts unknown -- or not discussed. It was just the two of us now and again we danced. He was whispering in my ear. I was listening. His tongue touched my ear and my knees felt weak.

We found a dark corner and stopped moving our feet. Our bodies writhed and swayed to the lovely music, but the only movement was between his cock and my tummy; his hand and my dress and bra; His thigh against my pussy; my hand and the little extra hair at the back of his neck; his hand on my bottom, squeezing, following the line of my panty from my hip to where it disappeared between my legs.

On the elevator, our tongues found each other. I relaxed in his arms and he supported me against that big cock. My back was against the wall and he rubbed against me. We shot up in the glass tube of the elevator for 34 floors and when the door opened we shocked an elderly couple just going down for one last spin of the roulette table. I brushed my skirt down and smiled at them as we got out.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"My room all right?"

"Oh." I said His card didn't work in the slot. Aha, maybe I'm saved, he can't open the door.

But he had picked the wrong door. He kissed me against the real door and then when it opened with a click we were suddenly inside his room. Dark, it was very dark. Reassuring sometimes, the dark.

We finished the kiss full of tongues and groping hands and he opened the drapes on a vast canopy of bright lights from the street below.

We stood close, breathing each other's breath and unbuttoning things. He had my dress unbuttoned to the waist for example. I had unbuttoned his shirt and started on his pants. So, it wasn't just his fault, you see. He stopped and looked down at my breasts in the push-up bra.

It doesn't match my panties," I groaned apologetically.

He laughed.

"Well, you aren't going to have panties on in a minute!" He said it gently, so that was OK. I giggled.

He scooped my breasts out of the bra with his large hands and sat back on the bed to look at them. I fumbled behind me and unsnapped it so he wouldn't' tear it.

"Ohhhh!" his mouth was on my right nipple, sucking; my hands went to his head, an involuntary gesture. It passed though my mind that no one other than David had done this to my breasts in the past 25 years. Not since before that really. Not since Billy Brown in 10th grade. But tonight it felt so good, that I let him continue.

His hands were fondling high up under my skirt, reaching for my bottom along the smooth nylon of my pantyhose. His fingers found the band of my pantyhose and began tugging them down.

"You'll never get them off. Let me use the bathroom first." I whispered hoarsely.

I went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet, an adolescent habit to hide the sound of tinkling. Been doing that since high school, too, I thought ruefully.

I stripped off my pantyhose and paused to think about the panties. I left them on. The dress I hung on a hook behind the door.

Pulling down my non-matching blue panties, I sat on the stool and answered nature's call. I stared around the nicely tiled bathroom and thought about what I was about to do. I can't explain it, but it just seemed OK. I felt OK about myself. Ok about Carl, the stranger waiting for me. What would it be like, having a stranger in me; after all these years? What if he is disappointed in me? I shook my head to clear the thought of inadequacy out of my head.

Finished, I stood up and went to the bathtub. I soaked a washcloth in warm water and spread my pussy.

"Just in case." I muttered. In case he was one of those good lovers who liked ... well, you know." The warm cloth felt good against my vulva and I felt fresher afterwards, more confident in myself. After all the dancing, I wanted a shower, but this would have to do.

A knock at the door. "You OK?"

I put my panties back on and slipped into my dress, leaving the front unbuttoned. I unlocked the door and came out.

"yes, I'm OK."

He was wearing only his shorts, so that was out of the way.

He led me to the bed and slipped his hands under my breasts. He had good hands and I enjoyed the feeling of him lifting them, squeezing them.

"Mmmmm!" I said.

As he kissed me, his hands slipped under my dress and found my panties once again.

"Now don't you know, dear, that those are going to be in our way?" he joked.

I looked in the mirror and saw this stranger, tall and handsome with his hands under my dress and was a little surprised to see my face there. I watched as he took my dress over my head and there was this stranger standing in blue panties, and high heels. I watched as the tall stranger knelt in front of the girl and with hands on her ass, planted a kiss on the blue nylon covering the thatch of hair between her legs.

"Mmmmmmm," I heard him say. I was glad I had taken a moment to clean up between my legs.

The strange girl was not young anymore. But I looked carefully and her breasts were still not badly sagging. They were opulent looking, nicely swaying above the man so busy with his new discovery between my legs.

The strange girl in the mirror put her hands on his head and pulled him closer, like she wouldn't let him go.

I felt his tongue at that moment. Fingers pried aside my little panties and his wet tip of a tongue slipped into my slit and my nipples went rigid. A tingling sensation enveloped my body. His tongue was probing my tight little slit and I felt myself move one foot to the side. I pinched my nipples and watched him. His tongue was wet and warm and seemingly educated about my anatomy.

I sank to the bed and let him part my legs and continue his exploration. I didn't move quickly enough to keep him from tearing my panties. He jerked them down, but I heard the rip before he got them down my flailing legs. He left it dangling around my ankle and I kicked to get it free.

Her was already eagerly pressing between my open legs. He kissed along both lips of my pussy, his hands holding my knees apart. He nuzzled my patch of hair with his nose and looked up at me. I looked deep in his eyes as his tongue lashed deeper. My eyes opened wider as his tongue found my clitoris and circled it pleasantly. I shuddered all over with pleasure.

"Ohhhh god~" I muttered.

Still kneeling between my legs, Carl pushed me back on the bed and put my legs up on his shoulders. His face he buried against the soft pink flesh of my vulva. His tongue was everywhere, probing, licking, teasing, finding new things that I liked to have touched between my legs. I noticed that there were patches of hair at his shoulders as he opened me wide.

Using my legs for leverage, I tilted my pelvis up for him. He began licking and eating me as if my vulva were a bowl of wonderful jam. His hands cupped my bottom and he seemed to be drinking from my body. He slid his hands along my sides and reached for my breasts.

And there for minutes he worked his magic on me. Squeezing my breasts, tweaking my nipples, lightly touching my breasts all over their surface and all the while licking my cunt like nothing I had ever felt before. I felt light-headed.

He sucked my clitoris so tenderly that while it made the hair on the back of my neck stand right on end, I knew that it would not be sore in the morning. It was like an old friend to him and he treated it with respect and the slipperiest tongue I had ever felt.

I spread my legs as wide as I could, taking them off his shoulders and just holding them straight out to the side to urge him to take more of my pussy.

"Ohmigod!" I moaned. "Wonderful." The word came as a shuddering exclamation, hard bitten at the end.

I was wet throughout the whole area between my legs. Wet and ready. Lubricated for his invasion.

It was awkward for a moment while he helped me scoot higher on the bed, but then there he was, this giant of a man, knee-crawling up between my legs. He had left the hair between my legs plastered wet against my skin. I put my hands over it modestly as he stared at my pussy. But only lightly did I cover it. For I was waiting for this pleasure.

He grabbed a pillow and roughly shoved it under my bottom. I don't think he meant to be rough, it is just awkward to get a pillow under someone.

I looked down over my sprightly jutting nipples, past my tummy and on to the curve of my mound and slowly pulled my hands away...

... so he could see my pussy.

I looked between his legs and saw it. The old wives tale was true enough. There, stemming from a forest of hair was his penis. The gleaming head glistened, moist with his own juices. It was long; longer than David, though I hated myself for comparing. But it was long, if David was 6 inches, Carl's dick was at least an inch and a half or two inches longer and perhaps a little bit wider. He was a big man, though, so it made sense.

"And what was a lady doing having these thoughts?" I asked myself.

He was eager now. I could tell that he was intense, now. He needed me. He had given me a treat down there between my legs and I wanted this to be...

And then he was over me. He was so much bigger than me it was a little frightening. But he was careful not to put his whole weight on me. He kneed closer and I watched with my hands on his shoulders as he held his cock in his right hand and pointed it toward my center,

Then it touched me. The blunt end of the handsome cock touched the hair between my legs. Touched and more. Slowly, he teased along my lips.

"Ohhh, yes..." I said breathlessly.

I watched as he moved the big head along my slit a little deeper each time until he was pushing them aside firmly. Looking eager to kiss it as it passed, my pussy lips wrinkled out of the way, caressing this big slick cock head.

I reached between us and took it from him, letting him rest on both hands tucked close beside my breasts.

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