Turning Paige

by dirtycopper

Copyright© 2012 by dirtycopper

Sex Story: A cheating wife story with a twist. Does Paige's infidelity destroy her marriage, or her? Can her husband forgive her for what she's done? If so, what is it going to cost her?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

"Oopsie," Paige giggled as she tripped on the threshold and grabbed for the doorknob, the wall, anything to keep from falling, again. She couldn't remember when she'd had this much to drink and it was hitting her hard. She was trying to be quiet so as not to wake Dale, her husband, but knew she was being WAY too loud.

Something caught her and hauled her upright, holding her as she swayed. Her high heels dangled from one hand and her keys from another as she blinked the haze from her eyes and stared into Dale's. "Uh oh," she muttered as she saw the anger there. "Honey I'm home," she giggled, breaking off when he didn't smile.

She'd only meant to have one drink with the girls. It was Holly's birthday and they were going to stop by the pub for a drink to celebrate and then go home. But one had turned into one dozen, or more, she really couldn't remember now, and she knew it was late, just not how late.

"Where the hell have you been?" Dale asked and even through the alcohol she could hear the anger, and the worry, in his tone. "I've been calling your cell phone for hours. I called the police, the hospitals, everywhere. I thought you'd been in an accident or murdered or something."

"I'm fine," Paige said, trying to stand without leaning on her irate hubby. "We just had a drink or two, what's the big deal?"

"A drink or two?" Dale asked through clenched teeth. "It's two fucking o'clock in the God Damn MORNING!!" Paige blinked rapidly as she tried to process the information she'd just received. "Just how big were those fucking drinks anyway?" he asked sarcastically.

"Huh?" Paige asked, totally missing his sarcasm. "Aww, don't be mad baby, it was Holly's birthday and we wanted to celebrate." She tried to remember what all she'd done but really couldn't, images flashed behind her eyes but the details escaped her. "I'm sorry, I should have called," she tried to whisper in a seductive voice, but it just came out slurred.

Leaning toward Dale she tried to kiss him and his eyes went wide as the smell on her breath hit him. Bewildered by his response she gasped as he jerked away, his eyes narrowing with anger. "You fucking cunt, where the fuck have you been?" Dale shouted. Paige smelled quite strongly of sex and his heart thundered in his chest as his gut began to roil.

"Did you fucking cheat on me?" he asked, stunned, hurt and getting madder by the second.

"W-w-w-what?" Paige asked in a bewildered voice. Her eyes grew misty as she tried to recall the events of the evening. The shock as she recalled some of them showed on her face, along with her guilt. Had she been watching Dale she would have seen his face change also, from one of worry and hurt to anger. Raw unbridled passionate anger that blazed in his eyes at the thought of his wife in another man's arms changed his countenance as his lips thinned and his nostrils flared.

"You fucking cunt!" Dale roared. Turning his back to her he slammed his fist into the wall, leaving a dent in the drywall. The pain in his hand was a welcome diversion from the agony of his heart breaking and he pulled back to hit the wall again, harder this time. Paige, realizing she'd fucked up royally, reached for him, desperate to set right whatever it was she'd done, although she didn't really remember what it was.

Dale spun away from her touch and Paige fell, sprawling onto the hardwood floor with a thump. Rolling over she shook her head, trying to clear the alcohol fog from her brain as Dale looked on in horror. He skirt had flown up as she fell and Paige's shaved pussy was on display, glistening with moisture that coated her lips and the insides of her thighs.

Dale believed that a man should never hit a woman but in that moment he understood why some did. His rage was a tangible thing, so strong that he knew if he didn't get out of the room he was going to do something he shouldn't. Wordlessly, hands clenched in rage and teeth grinding to bite back the words that wanted to come, Dale fled the house.

Paige heard the slamming of the door and tried to sit up. She knew something had happened, something really bad, and when her thoughts, slowed by alcohol, finally caught up with events transpiring around her, she called out to him in desperation, even as one part of her mind knew it was too late.

She heard the roar of the exhaust on his diesel pickup and the squeal of the tires on the concrete driveway as he backed out of the drive. Rising up on her elbows she looked past her feet toward the closed door, blinking as she heard his truck drive away. Glancing down at herself and her splayed legs her stomach lurched.

Her panties were gone, where or when she'd lost them she didn't know, and her thighs and pussy glistened with drying moisture. Her heart leaped into her throat at the implications and she suddenly felt sick. Too drunk to stand she crawled, bouncing off walls and chairs, into the hall bathroom and threw herself at the stool. Her stomach heaved again and again as she tried to empty it. She began to sob as the realization of what she'd done hit her.

Paige woke feeling sick to her stomach. The condition she found herself in didn't help matters either. Her hand dangled in a stool filled with vomit, and the smell hit her, causing her stomach to try and empty anything that remained in it on top of the mess she'd already made.

When her heaving subsided and she finally, after three times, got the mess in the bowl to flush she looked around, taking stock of herself. She sat on the cold bathroom tile in a puddle of her own piss, the urine smell cloying and she puked again, barely getting her head over the bowl in time.

Nothing but bile came up as she heaved again and again until her stomach hurt almost as bad as her head. Paige's heart ached the most and she sobbed as she remembered the condition she'd arrived home in. Dale was her world and now she'd destroyed that, ruined it all for some drunken fun she didn't even remember.

Or did she? As she finally made it to her feet and peeled the urine soaked clothes from her body she tried to piece together the fragments of memory from the night before. She remembered, of course, arriving at the pub and having several drinks. She'd meant to stop at one but they were having so much fun she'd had several more.

She vaguely remembered a taxi ride; in one of those minivan taxi's and ... her heart lurched as she clapped a hand that smelled of piss and vomit to her mouth to catch the gasp that tore from her chest. The strip club, she remembered that. It had been ladies night, which meant all the strippers were male. Gagging from the smell of her hand she stepped into the shower, turning the water on as hot as she could stand it.

She remembered more drinks and guys dancing around naked, and ... struggling to remember more she sobbed as the hot water cascaded over her body. Had she fucked one of the strippers? She honestly couldn't remember but all the evidence said she had. Remembering this she cupped her hand to her pussy, it felt, well, used, like it did the morning after she and Dale had fucked.

Instinct brought her fingers to her nose but she didn't smell the odor of stale semen like she normally did after sex with Dale. Her fingers smelled like pussy, a highly aroused pussy, but she didn't detect the odor of semen there. Sticking her fingers inside herself she shoved them up so far it hurt, but again, she didn't find any traces of semen inside her. "At least he used a condom or pulled out," she told herself, knowing that didn't really make things better.

She scrubbed her hair four times, washed her body five, even shoving soapy fingers into her cunt as she tried to wash away her guilt. When her knuckles brushed her asshole a vivid memory stood out and a cry of anguish tore from her throat.

Someone had licked her there and then shoved fingers into her ass, something she'd never let even Dale, the love of her life, do. Leaning against the shower wall as the hot water turned her skin bright red she cried until she couldn't cry anymore.

The water had long since turned cold by the time she stepped from the shower. Operating on autopilot she dried off and slipped into her robe, the soft one Dale had bought her for their first anniversary. This set off more crying and tears she'd thought had run dry dripped from her face onto the white cloth as she made her way down the hall toward the bedroom.

Paige suddenly remembered her cell phone and taking pictures with it at the strip club. Rushing back to the front of the house she found her purse where she'd dropped it when she fell. The dent in the drywall reminded her of Dale's anger and she sobbed anew as she dug the phone from her purse.

Tears blurred her eyes but the pictures didn't lie. They showed all the girls dancing and cavorting with the strippers. There was even on of Holly jacking a well hung guy off, her tit's pulled out of her top for everyone to see. Caroline was in one, her lips wrapped around a large cock and Paige frantically searched through the rest, hoping that there wasn't any of her.

"Well duh," she told herself a few moments later, "It's your phone, of course there aren't any pictures of you." There were pictures of all the other women though, engaged in playing with or sucking on one of the strippers' cocks. She wondered just what kind of photo's the other girls had on their phones of her.

"I knew I should have just come home last night," Paige lamented. She'd told the others that since she was married she wouldn't stay long but had ended up spending most of the night with them. Now she trembled in fear and shame as she realized her mistake may have cost her the love of the man she adored.

"Paige!" Dale's voice startled her and she jumped from the bed where she'd been setting. She hadn't even heard him come in and she shook with renewed guilt and fear. Fear that he'd come to get his things and was leaving her made fresh tears spill down her cheeks, but it wasn't the only fear she felt.

A shiver ran down her spine as she recalled his anger the night before. Paige had never seen Dale that angry and worried what he would do to her. She didn't believe he would hit her but he was so angry last night. Pulling her robe tight she moved tentatively to the open bedroom door, listening for sounds from the rest of the house.

"Paige, get your slutty, lying, cheating, whore ass out here right this instant!!" Dale's strident voice filled the house making Paige jump. Trembling in fear she quietly made her way down the hall, stopping at the opening to the living room. Dale stood in the center of the room looking rough. Paige would have wagered a year's salary he'd slept little at all, if any, the night before.

"Well, at least you washed yourself slut," Dale said, his scathing voice like a razor across her heart. Paige couldn't even look him in the eye as she stopped, leaning against the wall for support. "So, who was he, just some guy you just met or has this been going on for a while?" Dale wanted to know. His tone crushed her already broken heart, but having no answer was even worse.

"I ... I ... I don't know Dale," Paige answered in a defeated tone. "I don't remember much of last night at all, I guess I got pretty drunk."

"YOU GUESS?" Dale almost screamed. Paige held her pounding head as he went on. "You fuck some guy ... God only knows who, come home drunk and reeking of sex at two o'clock in the fucking morning after I've been waiting since SEVEN o'clock the night before, and all you can say is you don't remember and you GUESS you were drunk?"

"I'm sorry," Paige whispered softly.

"That's it, just I'm sorry?" Dale asked in an icy voice. "You fuck around on me and all you can say is "I'm sorry." You should be down on your knees begging me to forgive you not just saying "I'm sorry." I wish I'd known what a slut you were before I married you."

Paige sobbed as she tried to meet Dale's eyes through the haze of tears in her own. Would he forgive her if she crawled to him she wondered. Realizing there was only one way to find out she dropped to her knees in the hall and began to crawl toward Dale. If he wanted her to crawl, to beg for forgiveness, she'd do it.

Dale watched, shocked, as his wife who'd always been a proud take charge kind of girl, crawled like a wounded animal toward him sobbing all the way. Dale had never seen Paige like this and he felt his anger slip a little to be replaced by, lust? It was an angry lust but he couldn't deny the swelling of his cock in his jeans. As he watched her full breasts sway in the gap at the neck of her robe Dale wanted nothing more than to fuck the bitch into submission.

He wanted to reclaim her, to fuck her so hard that she'd be his for eternity, to hear her screaming as he plowed his cock into her cunt over and over, or even better, into her tight asshole which she'd always denied him. But before he could do that Dale had to exorcise the specter of the man she'd fucked the night before. It was something he didn't know if he could do.

"Dale, please forgive me!" Paige sobbed as she finally arrived at his feet. "I'm so sorry baby, I'll do anything to make this up to you. I love you Dale and I never would have done anything if I wasn't drunk, I swear it baby. Please don't leave me, I'm so sorry."

"Before I can even think about forgiving you I need to know EXACTLY what I'm forgiving you for," Dale said coldly.

"For cheating on you," Paige blurted. "Please forgive me for cheating on you."

"That's not good enough," Dale snorted. "I want details. Who was he? What did you do with him and I want DETAILS. Was there more than one? Did you tell him you loved him?" His voice caught on the last one and he turned away for a moment, staring at the wall.

"But I don't remember!" Paige wailed.

"Then you might want to call your friends and find out," Dale spat. He was angry with her, but also with her friends. A true friend would have stopped his wife from doing something stupid while under the influence of alcohol. Of course, his wife shouldn't have drunk like that when he wasn't around, just to be safe. He didn't drink much if she wasn't with him as he knew his own past record regarding such things.

Paige started to rise to retrieve her phone from the bedroom but Dale grunted and she froze, looking up at him. "You crawl if you need to go somewhere," he snapped. "Besides, you didn't ask me permission to go anywhere slut."

"I'm sorry, Please Dale, I need to get my phone if I'm going to call the girls," Paige whimpered.

"Then ASK!" Dale snapped. He felt a thrill of power that he'd never experienced before. Having Paige on her knees and begging him for forgiveness was a huge turn on. Having her ask for permission to do something had his cock straining the physical properties of his zipper.

"Dale, please, can I go get my phone so I can call the girls?" Paige asked in a subdued voice.

"Yes, but you crawl there and you crawl right back here to me," Dale replied.

"Yes Dale," Paige sighed. "Thank you." Dale watched as his wife turned and crawled away from him. The short robe he'd gotten her as a gift rode up, exposing her firm ass and shaved pussy and he smiled, baring his teeth like a wild animal. He fought the urge to pounce on her and bury his cock in her ass, fucking her into submission.

Paige disappeared down the hall and he waited until she returned, her phone in one hand as she crawled back to him, resuming her position kneeling at his feet. "Can I call them now Dale?" she asked a little breathlessly. He nodded and she scrolled through her list of contacts trying to decide who to call first. Making a decision she punched a contact and waited for the phone to ring.

"Hey girl, wow, we thought you'd still be sleeping it off," Caroline said as soon as she answered. "You were so trashed last night."

"I know," Paige answered softly. "God, I didn't do anything stupid did I?" she asked, unable to keep the worry from her voice.

"Nothing the rest of us didn't do," Caroline quipped. "Hey, uhm ... those pictures you took of me sucking on the stripper's cock, can you delete them please?" she asked.

"Sure," Paige said. Dreading the answer she asked the question she had to ask. "Do you, or any of the others, have pictures of me doing something like that?" Caroline could hear the worry in Paige's voice and laughed.

"Wow, you were drunk," she replied. "You don't remember dancing nude on the stage with that well hung black guy?" Paige turned white at her words and made a grunting sound like she'd been kicked in the stomach. Dale cocked an eyebrow at her but she missed it through the tears welling up in her eyes.

"Just kidding girl," Caroline continued with a laugh. "No, you wouldn't even jack one of them off, even though I've never seen you that drunk before. You kept saying you were married and couldn't touch another guy." Paige heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the tears from her face. If she could have reached through the phone and strangled the other woman she gladly would have done so.

"How did I get home?" Paige asked Caroline, wondering who she'd slept with if it hadn't been one of the strippers.

"I don't know," Caroline replied. "I assume Holly took you home since you both got in a cab together." Paige sighed, knowing she'd need to make another phone call to find out what had happened. "So was Dale pissed when you got home?" Caroline wondered.

"God yes, he still is," Paige answered softly. "I didn't get home until like two in the morning or something and he was worried sick about me." She sighed, shoulders slumping in defeat as her eyes met Dale's flat emotionless ones. "Look I need to get off here and call Holly," she told Caroline. "I need to find out just what happened last night."

"You didn't do anything stupid last night after you left us did you Paige?" Caroline asked, suddenly worried by the tone of her friend's voice.

"I don't know, I think so, but I'm just not sure what," Paige replied, unable to stop the sob that escaped from her chest. "Look, I need to call Holly so I need to go," she told her longtime friend.

"Oh hell," Caroline muttered worriedly. "God I'm sorry Paige. I should have taken you home myself but I thought Holly, since she lives out that way, would make sure you got there safely." She sighed as she went on. "Where did you two go after you left the club? We all left there at around 11 last night."

"I don't know," Paige answered, "and that's what's worrying me." Caroline assured her friend she would be there if Paige needed anything and Paige hung up the phone, looking up to see Dale staring coldly down at her.

"Well?" he asked.

"Caroline says we went to a strip club last night and that I was really drunk," Paige saw Dale's face begin to darken with anger and she surged on with her story. "She said I didn't touch any of the guys and that I left there with Holly, she's the new girl whose birthday we were celebrating, around 11 o'clock last night."

"Where did you go after that?" Dale asked, confused.

"I don't know," Paige answered, fear making her voice break a little. "She also wanted me to delete the photos I took of her last night," she added. Dale held out his hand and Paige handed her phone over, her hand trembling as Dale took it and began looking through the pictures. He remained silent and Paige's worry grew until he handed her the phone back with a grunt. "I'd probably find more of you on their phones than yours though, wouldn't I?" he muttered.

"Caroline said I didn't even touch the guys," Paige whined. "She said I kept saying I was a married woman and couldn't."

"That's good, but it still doesn't explain the condition you came home in," Dale snapped. Paige nodded and looked at her phone, unable to meet her husband's eyes. "Well, call Holly and see what she has to say," Dale ordered.

Paige gulped and nodded, dialing the number with trembling fingers. She waited fearfully for Holly to answer.

"Yes?" Holly sounded weird, like she was upset about something, but Paige pushed it aside in her need to know exactly what she'd done the night before.

"Holly, it's Paige," she said. "Look, I can't remember what happened last night and I'm a little worried I did something stupid. I didn't get home until 2 and Caroline says you and I left the strip club at 11 and now ... well, do you know where we went and what we did?"

"Yes," Holly replied in a subdued voice.

"Well?" Paige asked, exasperation creeping into her voice.

"Well, we came back here to my place and just hung out for a while," Holly replied and Paige instantly knew she was lying. Not only did the other woman's tone give her away but that in no way explained her condition when she'd arrived home early in the morning.

"Holly, please, I need to know the truth," Paige whispered into the phone although she knew Dale could hear every word. "I got home last night and ... and, well, I think I had sex last night but I don't remember who it was and ... My husband's really angry and I need to know just how bad I fucked up last night."

"Please, tell me the truth. Did I really do something stupid last night?" Paige waited with bated breath as Holly remained silent. Just when she was about to say something Holly finally answered.

"You didn't do anything stupid I did," Holly said softly. She sounded like she was going to cry. Paige blinked in confusion and opened her mouth to ask what Holly meant with the younger woman went on. "We were both a little drunk and I kissed you and then ... I'm sorry Paige, I don't know what came over me. I mean, I know I like girls but you're married and I shouldn't have taken advantage of you being drunk and all, although you sure didn't fight me or anything."

"I had sex with YOU?" Paige blurted in shock.

"I'm sorry, don't hate me," Holly cried into the phone. "It just happened. I kissed you and you kissed me back and then ... well, I mean ... we you know..." Her voice trailed off as Paige stared at Dale's knees in shock. How was she going to fix this she wondered? Of all the things she'd worried she done last night THIS definitely wasn't one of them.

Paige knew she was attracted to other women and had fooled around with one or two when she was in college, before she and Dale ever met. She'd always attributed those incidents to experimentation as she definitely enjoyed sex with men and with Dale in particular. It was one of the things that had sealed the deal with her as far as marriage was concerned.

Dale had always seen that her needs were met in the bedroom. He'd spend the time to make sure she got off, multiple times, before he did, and she loved that about him. It transferred over to other parts of their life too; as he took special care to make sure her needs were met in all aspects of their lives together.

How had she ended up in another woman's arms last night she wondered? It explained the lack of semen inside her this morning but she'd just thought whoever she'd had sex with had worn a condom. Now she knew that it wasn't a man she'd cheated with, but a woman. A very beautiful and voluptuous woman, but still, it was cheating.

Risking a glance upward she saw the stunned look in Dale's eyes. Had she shot him in the gut he wouldn't have looked much different. Of all the things he expected to hear she imagined this was not one of them. Dropping her eyes again she wiped at the tears streaming down her face and finally remembered Holly on the other end of the phone call.

"I ... look, I've got to go," she told Holly. "I've got to try and fix this with my husband somehow." She sighed, knowing this was going to be hard, very hard.

"Don't hate me," Holly pleaded into the phone and Paige sighed before hanging up. She had enough to deal with right here at home; she didn't have time or the energy into dealing with the young woman right now. Head bowed she waited for Dale to speak, to say something, anything.

"You fucked another woman?" The incredible disbelief in his voice made her sag even further. Maybe, just maybe, if she'd gotten drunk and some guy had taken advantage of her they might have been able to work through it. But even Paige knew that drunk or not, having sex with another woman was something you didn't do unless you were at least a little predisposed to it in the first place.

Dale's mind was racing. The thought of Paige and Holly, his wife's redheaded coworker he'd met but once and lusted after ever since, locked in a passionate embrace had him as hard as steel. He wanted to pull her to her feet and kiss her, telling her how much he loved her and assuring her it was okay.

He wanted to tell her how much the thought of her and another woman making love turned him on, but he didn't. He was still angry, but more because he'd missed out on at least witnessing the event. Of course, her not having called him at all the previous evening, or at least answered her phone, had worried him to the point he was frantic. But his anger wasn't the only reason he didn't immediately forgive his wife.

Watching Paige crawl for him, listening to her beg him for forgiveness, watching her beaten and defeated and wanting to please him made him feel powerful. It was like a drug and he wanted more, much, much more.

"I'm so sorry Dale, I screwed up bad I know. Is there any way you can forgive me?" Paige asked through her tears. Dale, still lost in thought just looked at her, his face devoid of emotions. He was glad he had a good poker face when she went on. "I'll do anything, I mean ANYTHING, if you'll give me another chance. PLEASE?"

"Are you sure you don't like pussy more than you like cock?" Dale asked harshly. Paige shook her head no but she knew she wasn't being totally truthful, and she'd promised herself she wouldn't lie to him, for she knew she'd eventually be found out and that would make matters worse.

"I don't like it MORE," Paige whispered. Dale snorted, and although Paige took it as a bad thing if she could have read Dale's mind her reaction might have been different. As she looked up to read the emotions on her husband's face she saw the bulge in his pants. Had she been thinking clearly she might have realized that the thought of her with another woman excited him, but she wasn't thinking clearly.

Instead she saw an opportunity to prove to Dale that she was sincere and her hands went to his zipper, fumbling with it. Her movements grew more frantic as the idea cemented itself in her mind. If she could just please him and prove to him that she loved him and his cock, instead of Holly and her pussy, maybe then he'd forgive her.

"What are you doing?" Dale asked in a strangled voice.

"I'm sorry Dale, let me show you how much I love you," Paige cried. Tears were blurring her vision but she finally got his jeans open and her hand dove inside. So strong was her need to prove her love to him that when Dale's hand closed on her wrist, stopping her, she sobbed loudly. If he wouldn't let her show her love for him she would lose him she feared.

"Did I give you permission to suck my cock?" Dale asked, trying to keep the hardness from his anger, which had fled to be replaced by lust, in his voice.

"Please Dale, please, let me suck you cock," Paige begged. "I'll even swallow everything." As the words fell from her lips to mingle with her tears she saw the way clear to win Dale's love back. She'd fuck him into loving her again, no matter what it took.

"Go ahead slut, but you better make it good," Dale growled, lust giving his voice a rough tone. Paige freed his cock from his jeans and immediately engulfed the head. She didn't even pay attention to the fact he was already hard. When she felt Dale's hands on the back of her head she started to stiffen, she didn't like it when he shoved his cock into her mouth making her gag.

'Whatever he wants Paige, ' she told herself. 'If he wants you to gag on it, you gag on it. Whatever it takes to show him how much you love him.' Dale felt her stiffen and pull back a little and instantly pulled her forward, hard, onto his cock. Paige gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat and forced herself not to push away from him.

She felt the bile rising in her throat as he jammed his cock into her mouth, pressing hard against the constriction of her throat. Fearful of vomiting around his cock Paige swallowed just as Dale pushed again and to her, and his, surprise his cock slide into her throat. Paige grunted as Dale smashed her nose against his groin, his stiff pubic hair tickling her nose and making her feel like she needed to sneeze.

"That's it slut, take it all," Dale growled. He knew his words were degrading, along with his attitude, but the feeling of power he got when Paige just took it without complaint was intoxicating. Unknowingly Dale had just shifted the balance of power in their relationship. Paige, by allowing him to use her in ways she'd refused before, gave him tactic permission to do so in the future.

She'd also surrendered her own will to his, something she realized as he began to stroke his cock in and out of her throat, totally ignoring her gagging. Spit drooled down her chin to coat his cock, which actually helped by lubricating it. 'God, he's eight inches and I'm taking that down my throat over and over, ' Paige realized.

'This is going to change things, ' Paige realized. 'If I don't stop it now he'll want me to do this more and more and other things too.' She raised her hands to push him away when she realized that in doing that she might be pushing him away forever. 'Is it too much to ask from yourself slut?' she asked herself. 'God, now I'm doing it too," she thought.

"God that feels good slut," Dale growled as he pumped his cock in and out of her throat. She'd finally caught on to his rhythm, relaxing and not fighting him had helped, and the wet gagging sounds she made just inflamed his passion. "Take that cock bitch," Dale groaned. He could feel his balls drawing up as the tightness of her throat and the eroticism of the whole situation drove him relentlessly to a powerful orgasm.

"Fuck," Dale groaned as he pulled from her mouth suddenly, leaving her gasping for air. Paige was surprised to find that her own hands were grasping his hips, actually holding against him as he pulled away. "Open wide cunt," Dale snapped as his hand pumped rapidly on his cock. "You better swallow every drop."

"Yes Dale," Paige said subserviently before opening wide, waiting for his cum. 'I hope it doesn't taste too bad, ' Paige thought as she waited. 'Please God, don't let me gag on it or throw up, I want Dale to love me again.'

The first spurt caught her by surprise, splashing across her cheek and into her hair but she steeled herself and actually grabbed his cock and closed her lips around the head. 'He said I better not spill a drop, ' she remembered as the salty splash of his warm seed filled her mouth. She didn't think he was ever going to stop cumming as she felt splash after splash hit the roof of her mouth.

Dutifully she waited until Dale had finished, milking the last drop from his cock with a wide grin. "Damn Paige, you look hot with a mouthful of cum," Dale chuckled. "Now be a good little slut and swallow it all." Paige closed her mouth and swallowed and without prompting opened wide to show Dale her mouth was now empty. "Damn girl, where have you been hiding your slutty side?" Dale asked.

Paige didn't know what to say. All her life she'd been told that being a slut was a bad thing and now, now her husband, the man she adored, was HAPPY she was acting like a slut? It blew her mind but to see him smile, to see him laugh instead of being angry at her, it made it all worthwhile. If Dale wanted her to act like a slut she would.

"I don't know," she whispered looking up into his eyes and trying to show him how much she loved him. "Dale, I'm so sorry for what I did I just ... I..."

"You want me to forgive you?" Dale asked. Paige nodded and he reached down and stroked her cheek as he met her gaze. "You're on the right track," he said softly. Paige nodded, tears washing against his palm as she rubbed her cheek against his hand.

"Now, I want to know more about what happened between you and Holly last night, and I mean details," Dale said. "I just can't believe you'd cheat on me with a woman out of the blue. There had to be something there, some attraction that you've hidden from me."

"I ... It wasn't the first time I was with a woman," Paige whispered softly. Seeing the shock on Dale's face she plunged ahead, wanting to get it all out. "It was before we met, when I was in college, and I just thought it was experimenting, you know. But I guess ... no, I know that I'm attracted to women. I could live without sex with a woman, and I thought that I was beyond all that."

"Obviously not," Dale snorted and Paige nodded, dropping her eyes in shame. "I won't lie and say I'm not angry anymore Paige," Dale sighed. "I am angry but I want you to know it's not because you were with a woman, it's because you cheated on me."

"If you'd been with a man then ... well, I don't think I could ever have forgotten that, or forgiven it." Paige felt the spark of hope in her heart fanned by his words. Perhaps he could forgive her after all. "It's not going to be easy on you," Dale warned, "and not just because you cheated on me, but because ... well I learned something about myself today. Something I didn't even suspect until now."

"I learned I LIKE treating you like a dirty slut," Dale said, meeting her gaze frankly, "and now that I've had a taste of it, there is no way in hell I'm going back to how things were before." Paige cringed inwardly, did that mean he would want more blowjobs like that one?

"You said you would do anything for my forgiveness," Dale reminded her. "If you meant that, what I want is you, anytime, anyway, anyhow, and anywhere I want." He held her gaze unflinchingly. "You will be sucking my cock a lot slut, and swallowing a lot of cum, so either get used to it or get out."

Dale's heart was pounding in his chest. As angry as he'd been he didn't really want Paige to leave. He felt he was running a giant bluff and hoped like hell she didn't call. He kept his face a blank, like when he was playing poker, and had to hide the surge of emotion he felt when Paige finally spoke.

"If that's what you want baby, I'll do it," Paige answered softly. Dale could see acceptance and just a little fear in her eyes. The acceptance he was happy for but the fear worried him. He didn't want her afraid of him as he knew fear could lead to hate in the long run.

"I won't hurt you baby," he said softly. "Well, I mean I won't deliberately hurt you just to hurt you," he clarified. "Some things, like today, might be uncomfortable at first but I'm not going to cause you pain just to get revenge on you." Paige nodded, her eyes brimming with tears again and he cupped her chin, lifting her face so that she had to meet his eyes.

"What's the matter slut, are you crying because you're still sad? I figured you be happy that I wasn't kicking your ass out."

"I'm crying because I'm happy you aren't kicking me out," Paige sobbed. "I know it's what I deserve," she added. "I'm ... I'm a little scared too," she admitted a few minutes later once she'd settled down some.

"Of what?" Dale asked.

"You're going to put it in my butt aren't you?" she asked in a small voice.

"Yes," Dale said. He started to assure her he would be as gentle as possible but decided to wait and see how she reacted first.

"I figured you would," Paige said with a sigh. "Just ... never mind. Do you want to do it now?" Dale felt a resurge of blood in his cock at her question. There was no doubt she was ready and willing to do whatever he said now.

"Not right this second," he said, chuckling at the relief on her face. "There are some things you need to do first so that it doesn't hurt, or hurt as bad, and so it isn't messy." At her confused look he chuckled. "Just do an internet search later on getting ready for anal sex, you'll learn a lot."

"Okay," Paige said as Dale tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped up. "Right now I'm hungry, go fix me some lunch."

"Yes Dale," Paige replied and got up off her knees. She grabbed her robe from where she'd dropped it and turned to see Dale holding out his hand. Thinking he was going to help her into it she smiled and handed it to him.

"Now go, no clothes for you in the house unless I say so," Dale informed Paige. Paige blinked and then nodded. Heading into the kitchen she glanced over her shoulder and noticed Dale staring at her ass. "I'm so looking forward to fucking that tight little ass of yours baby," he said with a grin.

"It's yours anytime you want it," Paige said, wondering at the sudden moisture between her legs. 'Admit it girl, ' she told herself, 'you've been wet since he grabbed your head and shoved his cock down your throat.' She was glad her back was to Dale so he didn't see her blush at the thought, since she had been aroused by the animalistic way he'd taken her mouth for his own pleasure.

'God if he ever finds out I'm turned on by him using me like that, ' Paige thought as she opened the refrigerator door to see what she could make her man for lunch, 'he'll do all sorts of nasty things to me. Paige felt her cunt twitch at the thought and blushed again. 'Well, I guess since I already agreed to do anything he wants, it doesn't really matter, ' she told herself.

The cold air from the fridge hit her already stiff nipples, tightening them even more. As she looked over the contents of the icebox her hand drifted up and caressed her large breasts, lightly brushing across her hard nipples. 'God, I could cum from just a touch right now, ' Paige thought.

'At least he's an easy man to please as far as food is concerned, ' Paige thought as she dug out some ham from the night before. Slicing it she warmed it and put it on two slices of toast, piled high with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Thinking of kissing him later she put the onion on the side, if he insisted on eating it he could but she hoped he wouldn't.

As she carried the plate back into the living room she had a delightfully wicked thought. Stopping before Dale as he sat on the couch she dropped to her knees and offered the plate up to him in both hands. "Your lunch is ready oh Great Lord and Master," she intoned, trying to interject some levity into the atmosphere.

"Thanks Slave," Dale retorted without batting an eye. He took the plate from her and regarded her with an impish grin. "I like that, having you call me Master. I think we'll stick with that for now." Paige mentally cursed herself but nodded in agreement. "And you'll be Slave until further notice," Dale added before biting into his sandwich.

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